Jumping at Shadows

by Allan Joyal

Tags: Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, Slow, School,

Desc: Romantic Story: A man reflects on his adventures in college and how they changed his life

I thank Asylumseeker for his patience and editing skills.

If anyone tells me that life is supposed to be simple, I might just start crying. For me life, and especially relationships with women, has been a never-ending mystery.

My story starts when I was in grade school. My father was a struggling building contractor with a lot of experience in framing, but lacked the depth of experience in dry-walling. One day he ran into Steven, another struggling contractor who knew a lot about dry-walling but otherwise was very weak in his building skills.

Needless to say, my father and Steven soon realized that they would do a lot better if they worked together, and before I was in junior high they had turned their partnership into a thriving local business. Naturally my father Dave and Steven were thrilled and brought the two families closer together.

For me this became a problem because Steven had a daughter Janet who was in the same grade as I at school. Of course our fathers decided that they had to start living in a nicer neighborhood, and the summer before I started seventh grade, both families moved to one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Fresno and took up residence in adjoining houses. I found myself always subtly pushed to spend time with Janet.

Well, spending time with Janet was not terrible. She kept her brunette hair in a short and sassy arrangement. Thanks to an energetic younger brother she tended to get out and run, so her body was slender, even if she had only a hint of breasts when we started school that first year.

As we journeyed up through high school Janet and I seemed to naturally drift into a relationship and dated exclusively throughout the intervening years. I enjoyed her company and was looking forward to living with her once we completed college.

Unfortunately the worm decided to reveal itself during our first term at UCLA. I had talked with my father and was pretty sure that a degree in architecture and drafting would help move the business forward and increase profits, and both he and Steven loved the idea.

Janet was not sure what career path she wanted to take, but was also attending UCLA, although we accepted our parents' edict that we not live together during our freshman year.

I honestly can say that I did not see it coming. I had just completed my last mid-term and wanted to take advantage of a night without studying so I gave Janet a call. She begged off claiming that she needed the evening to complete a term paper she was working on. Since she was not available I found myself at the student center shooting pool with several guys from my dorm.

We were in a back corner so I guess Janet did not notice me when she wandered in about an hour after we had started playing. I would have been a bit upset that she showed up without telling me she finished early, but the fact that she was draped over some hoodlum wearing a biker jacket really got my blood boiling. My opponent was tapping me on the shoulder to alert me that it was my shot when I saw Janet's hand slide down the guy's front and give a squeeze to his crotch.

I would have slammed the cue down, but my roommate had finally realized what I was looking at and snatched it away before I could do any damage to it or the tables. He had a hand on my arm and was trying to say something, but I stormed over to the table where Janet and her date were sitting. They were so absorbed in their petting that it was a couple of moments before Janet looked up and noticed me with a gasp.

"Interesting term paper you're working on Janet," I hissed. "I'm figuring that it's either a class on Human Sexuality, or you decided to write some paper about 'Cuckolding Throughout the Ages' and wanted to test your thesis."

Janet had been sitting on the inside of the booth and was struggling to get free of her boyfriend as I removed her class ring from my finger and then unhooked the necklace she had gifted me for graduation. I put the ring on the chain and then dropped the jewelry on the table in front of the guy who seemed to be clueless to the situation.

"Well Janet, I'll let your new man take these. I could never wear them with pride after seeing how loyal you are. Have a wonderful life."

I turned and walked away as Janet continued to try to climb over the guy. He must have figured out that he was in the middle of a domestic problem because I soon heard a new voice join in the calls for me to stop, but other than grabbing my jacket from my pool opponent I did not stop until I reached my dorm room.

Ten minutes later I was sitting on my bed and wondering what I had done wrong when the pounding started on my door. I could hear Janet screaming through it.

"Nate, please. Talk to me. It was a mistake. It meant nothing. Please!"

At first I listened, but my thoughts kept going back to the fact that she had outright lied to me when I had called earlier. I could hear her words, but I had little to no trust in them and my anger at her was enough that I feared what I might do if I opened the door.

The pounding continued and I finally had to hunt down my i-pod and turn the sound up to drown out Janet's increasingly hysteric cries. I could not relax and finally pulled out my math text, figuring that some intense study might help take my mind off the disaster, which my social life had just become.

I guess it worked, because the next thing I remember my roommate was gently shaking me to wake up as I slumped over my desk.

"Dude, your girlfriend is sleeping just outside. I had to sneak into another room on the floor, she spent hours trying to get in," he whispered.

I thought for a moment and realized that I could get away with missing my one Friday class for a week, and nodded. "Sounds like I need to disappear for the weekend. Let's hope the slut stays asleep for a few more minutes."

My roommate looked a bit shocked. "Aren't you going to talk to her?"

I shook my head. "I've had plenty of girls offer their pussies to me since my junior year in high school. I never accepted those offers because I respected Janet and our relationship. Now I find that she didn't have enough respect for me to admit that she was stepping out with other guys. And don't try to claim she didn't have her hands all over him. You saw her squeeze that bastard's cock," I snarled back, trying very hard to stay quiet.

Janet must have been tired, because she never woke as I stumbled around grabbing a few items of clothing and then stormed out of the room. My roommate later told me that her wails of despair when she woke up and learned I had left for the weekend were heard throughout the dorm and handed me an envelope signed by Janet's hand. That letter ended up thrown in a drawer, to be ignored.

Janet did try to get in touch with me for the rest of the term, but she lived in another dorm and the building guard soon figured out that I no longer welcomed her visits because he forced her to get someone to sign her in which gave me time to sneak out. Of course my parents and hers quickly became involved and I was to hear constant remarks like "She really loves you" or "You are being unfair" throughout the term and into the winter break.

The next term allowed me to relax as Janet seemed to back off. My roommate and the other guys in the dorm also decided that a nice guy like me needed to get out, and I soon found myself dragged to a couple of frat parties. At one I ran into a cute dark-haired charmer named Trish and soon was dating her regularly.

Trish proved to be a wild yet wonderful date, and by the end of the school year we were near-constant companions. Summer was going to be difficult, but we worked out a plan where she would visit me for a couple weeks, and then I would spend a week up at her parents' place.

The plan worked nearly perfectly, except that Trish happened to be visiting when my father hosted the annual summer picnic for the business. I knew that Steven and Mildred would attend, and had little doubt that Janet would also show up, so I tried hard to find a way to avoid showing up.

My father insisted, and so on that warm July Saturday found Trish and I sitting at a picnic table watching a bunch of kids when Janet walked up to me.

"Can we talk? Can we finally talk?" Janet demanded. I felt myself tense and Trish put a gentle hand on my shoulder.

"Talk about what? About how you lied to me that night when you said you were going to study? About how it was some accident when your hand squeezed that bastard's cock as you walked into the student center? Or perhaps you want to somehow make me believe that you always study with no bra on and your blouse unbuttoned almost to your waist?"

I heard a hiss from Trish and a loud shout of "Don how could you?" from my father as Janet ran away covering her face.

"How could I what, father?" I asked as I turned to him. "How could I tell the truth about what Janet did that caused our breakup? How could I be so vindictive towards a cheating slut? I told you that I did not want to be here because I knew she'd try to talk to me. You insisted, so you have to accept the consequences."

Trish seemed a little saddened as I got up and stormed off towards my car, half dragging her as she refused to release my arm. We ended up spending the night in a hotel where at first I used her like a whore before her patience and love brought me back to sanity. We woke up the next morning cuddled together, and somehow she was wearing my class ring.

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