Best Laid Plans

by niteowluk99

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Light Bond, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A mid thirties couple begin role play fantasises and when the wife agrees to act as a whore there are conditions to be repaid.

John and Sarah were an average mid thirties couple from Essex. Having been married now for some 9 years they had found their love life tapering off. To rekindle their flame of passion they had been spicing up their lovemaking with role play for some six months now but even that was beginning to fail them.

John, Six foot tall medium set clean shaven guy, was more than adequately equipped or so he thought, for being his wife's first and only lover he was sure she was happy with his five inches. He constantly told himself it's not the size but what you do with it that counts.

Sarah a five foot eight inch tall slim blonde with large breasts boasting a 44DD longed for children but so far her hopes had been dashed. Despite her having numerous tests she was declared to be in fine fettle and there was no medical reason for her not conceiving. However not so her husband for he had an extremely low sperm count which he made up for with a high sex drive. If he had his way he would have sex three times a day and all day long on Sundays. Just lately though Sarah had been having these wild passionate wet dreams where she was fucked by a twelve in cock that was a thick as her wrist; not only that but this cock always left her with child.

It was on the Monday night as they lay in bed arguing as to whose turn it was to relate the fantasy scenario they were going to play out when John first mentioned his idea of involving someone else in their love making. He thinly disguised his hope that Sarah would invite another woman into their bed to spice up their love life, Sarah seized on the suggestion but in her mind it was another male, a very well endowed male!

Eventually she lost the argument and as John suggested she play the role of a novice prostitute and asked her to wear fish net stockings, a satin Basque and bright red lipstick as well as six inch high fuck me red shoes. Sarah seized the chance and said she would play the role all week on one condition. John rather shocked at his wife's offer enquired what that condition was! That next week you invite a man to join our bed and a man with a very large cock at that.

Faced with the chance to experience his current fantasy for a whole week, John instantly agreed but asked how he was supposed to deliver his promise next week. Sarah well ahead of the game suggested placing a discreet ad in one of the papers, which offered love lines. So Sarah slipped off to the bathroom and doused herself in sweet sickly perfume, like a cheap whore would, she put on all the things John requested and even put lipstick on her nipples to make them stand out more against her pale skin.

John's imagination ran riot as he waited lying naked on the bed, his half erect cock sprang to attention as his slut looking wife entered the room. She approached the bed and stopped some three feet from it and demanded, "Full sex will cost you £15.00, a wank is £3.00 and oral is £6.00!"

John instantly reached for his wallet and pulled out a £20 note, Sarah responded with, "shit I don't have any change so how about I suck you off then let you fuck me and we will call it a straight £20!"

John nodded and Sarah climbed on to the bed and placed her heavily made up lips over John's cock head. In an instant she had his cock fully in her mouth, rueing the fact that even at full stretch his cock barely reached the entrance to her throat. He cheeks huffed and puffed as she worked overtime to bring him off. When he began humping with his hips she knew he was so close that at that point she flicked her tongue across the underside of his cock and instantly felt the first spurt hitting the back of her mouth. She took his entire load in her mouth without swallowing and then sat back on her heels as she opened her mouth to show John her catch. Then out of the blue she leaned forward and kissed John, forcing her coated tongue into his mouth before swapping half the load from her mouth into his. Then she pinched his nose till he swallowed his on sperm. She now swallowed the rest in her mouth.

At first John looked annoyed and shocked at her actions but suddenly he smiled and said, "Wow, I never thought of tasting my own spunk, but after the initial shock I must say it did not taste that bad, a little salty yes but quite a nice texture and flavour!"

Then for the next hour Sarah allowed John to fuck her cunt, she even kept quiet when he switched to fucking her arse, although in her mind she was already picturing this ten inch plus cock. Eventually after both experienced good strong orgasms, they lay there and discussed what the advertisement should say.

They decided on ... Young Couple see a third, preferably well endowed male to join their love making. Only ten inch cocks or over need apply, discretion an absolute must no bar on creed or colour.

Next day John placed the ad in a local paper and waited it was due to be printed and on sale the next day. That night Sarah kept her word and was even better at her act of being a slutty whore only this time she had John suck her spunked up cunt clean. Again a first for John but again an experience he found not disagreeable.

Next morning Sarah rushed to the paper shop and purchase the local paper and had found and read the ad before she had left the shop, she hurried home to John and showed him it was there. Neither of them quite knew what to expect as they waited for the replies they hoped for. One day became two then three without any response and now John had only three more days before he would have to make good his promise.

Then on his fifth day, five glorious days of living his fantasy of having his own personal whore to do what he wanted the postman delivered a large package; when they opened the pack out fell thirty seven envelopes. Gathering them up they sat around the kitchen table and both began to open them. Both John and Sarah simply placed the letters the envelopes contained on to a pile to read later. Most had thoughtfully provided pictures and all of them were undraped photos of men's erect penises. Sarah licked her lips at some she sneaked a peek at. She made a mental note of three of the pictures which showed impressive rock hard long cocks and she even managed to surprise herself as two of the one she noted were black cocks, something she had been brought up to think of as below her standing. Sarah knew she would have a problem getting John to agree to her trying a big black juicy cock, but she also knew she would die trying to persuade him to accept this.

That night in bed as she played her last role as a whore, she suggested that to add to their excitement they try something different. She would still play the cheap little whore but this time John should play her pimp and punish her for declining a client because of his colour. She further hinted that to be more realistic john should play the role as a big Jamaican pimp. John laughed at her and said but my cock isn't black; anticipating this she suddenly produced some body chocolate and coated his weedy cock in the thick layer of brown sickly chocolate. "Now it is!" she announced with a flourish.

John did his best to fake a Jamaican accent although sometimes he sounded more Irish than Jamaican. But the seed of the idea was planted in his mind and after an energetic fuck session it was John who suggested getting the photos out and picking the one to contact. Sarah had already expected this and had formed a plan in her own mind; if she could discredit all the white cocks then all that would be left would be the larger black ones.

Firstly together they pawed through all the photos and picked out nice looking cocks putting them in one pile and discarded ones in a separate pile. This was done irrespective of colour although Sarah did have to insist on some coloured cocks being put on the considered pile. Eventually the consider pile was down to twelve cocks and five of them were black; now they discussed the individual cocks and in the case of all the white cocks Sarah hinted that as these were much larger than John's would he not feel inhibited by their presence where as a black cock would be a different matter as it could be claimed to be a ethnic thing.

John soon realised where this argument was going and to be totally honest he was intrigued with the idea of his wife sampling only her second different cock and was turned on by the idea that that cock should be a black one, like his wife was hinting at.

Eventually after much debate, they settled on two cocks both black and both in excess of thirteen inches; they now read the two accompanying letters and decided that Richard was the more discrete of the two for reading between the lines of Leroy's letter the thought he showed arrogant traits.

John with Sarah's help drafted a letter of introduction and even invited Richard to select a meeting venue. Next morning they popped the letter in the post to Richard and eagerly awaited his response. Unbeknown to John, Sarah took the letters and photos to work with her and three times during the morning found herself in the toilets, rubbing her cunt as she read a letter and looked at the rampant prick photo. The afternoon was even worse for she found herself going to masturbate almost every half hour and always to a different picture and letter. Even her work colleague Janet made comment about her having a weak bladder today. Sarah trusted Janet and eventually told her what john had agreed in return for her playing the whore last week; Janet did not believe her friend until Sarah showed her some of the replies. Then it was Janet's turn to nip off to the loo, such was Sarah's sexual state that she almost offered to go with Janet but thought better of that. She did how ever promise Janet that if they decided to have a threesome with a woman she would be their instant choice.

For three days they waited for a response from Richard and Sarah's anticipation reached fever pitch and she nearly wore her fingers out rubbing her cunt at work. The letter finally arrived and Richard agreed to the meet and suggested a country pub some one hour from their home. So Saturday afternoon, they dressed sexily and set off to meet Richard arriving an hour and half later at the pub mentioned. No sooner had they stepped from the car than they were surrounded by six large fierce looking afro Caribbean men, two of whom grabbed John and carried over to a van where he was tossed unceremoniously inside. There sat Richard who immediately told him of a change of plan. His white bitch of a wife was going to get her fill of black cock and he was going to watch her take it all. John started to say something when a big black hand swatted him flat on his face and as he came round he found himself bound and gagged.

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