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Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Sister, BDSM, Rough, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Rick finds the perfect consulting firm to work with.

Rick Smith was feeling pretty good as he stood contentedly in the hot shower. He was still smiling after remembering his meeting yesterday with Larry his boss. Rick had done well over the past two years, and his company had recognized it, finally giving him a shot at landing a very important account.

"You've got Cart Blanch on this one Rick," Larry had told him. "Whatever it takes, no matter what it takes, you bring this one home for us. It can make the difference of a good year or a great year!" He'd told him. "And until this one's been put to bed, it's the ONLY assignment I've giving you to work on, it's that important!"

Rick knew it wouldn't be easy, there were three other competitors all vying for this account, but Rick's firm had been selected for the first real go through, so a lot was at stake and he knew it. It would also be the first time that he'd be working with an independent consulting firm to help him look at the overall picture, ensuring that he didn't leave anything out in his final proposal.

Rick stepped out of the shower and checked his watch. He had plenty of time yet. He was to meet over breakfast with the consultant he'd spoken with over the phone. Today's meeting was just to go over the proposed game plan, and then lay out the schedule of the various locations they'd need to travel to and perform some basic site surveys at each location prior to submitting their final proposal.

The other reason he was smiling was that the consultant he'd be meeting with was a woman, and she had sounded sexy as hell when he'd spoken to her on the phone. The only problem with that being, Rick had met with women whose voices sounded sexy, if not downright sultry; only to discover that the image he created of them in his mind fell far short of reality when he actually did meet them. So it was that he was half expecting it to be the same thing this time, though when they'd spoken, there was a flirtatious edge to her tone of voice that he looked forward to hearing again in person, no matter how she looked.

It was his intention to arrive early ahead of her, thus establishing his sincerity and eagerness in working this account, showing her that he was also punctual and professional in doing so.

"Table for one?" he was asked upon arriving.

"No, I'm meeting someone here," he explained to the hostess who had greeted him. "Diane Davenport?"

"Ah yes, she's already here," the hostess informed him. "Follow me please."

Rick smiled to himself upon hearing that, she was thirty-minutes early for their meeting, which told him she was serious about this joint assignment as well.

The hostess led him outside to the patio area that though open, was secluded with each of the tables secreted away in their own private little garden booths that had been uniquely structured to separate each of the tables from one another without seeming crowded, yet still giving the appearance of an airy openness and relaxation as well as privacy.

"Miss Davenport?" The hostess addressed her, she sat smiling, taking his hand as he sat down. He didn't know what he was expecting really, having gone through a number of possible scenarios in his mind, none of which had even come close to the vision of loveliness he was looking at now however.

Diane had long auburn hair that fell comfortably around her shoulders, her eyes appearing almost emerald green with a full set of lips that hinted at just a touch of lipstick that complemented the deep burgundy dress she was wearing. It was tasteful as he'd expected it to be, but there was still a deep though close "V" that hinted at a pair of extremely full breasts hidden beneath.

"Nice to finally meet you," he said still shaking her hand, finally letting go when he realized he'd been shaking it far too long than normal. "You look very nice," he complimented, then hit the back of his head mentally, fearing that he had sounded like some kind of lovesick puppy rather than a professional. But to be honest, her beauty had taken him by surprise, leaving him a bit flustered and off balance as he sat down.

"It's nice to finally meet you too!" She said smiling, her face even more beautiful when she did, and her voice just as alluringly sensual if not more so than he remembered it.

She had already ordered coffee and two large glasses of orange juice. Picking her glass of OJ up, she offered a toast with it. "To a successful relationship," she said clinking her glass against his. Rick repeated her sentiment, sipping from his. "Though tonight over dinner, we'll make it a bit more formal with Champaign," she informed him. "We're meeting with the clients at The Five All's," which was an elegant, old style restaurant that was difficult getting reservations for on so short of a notice.

"Wow, how'd you manage that?" He asked already impressed enough as it was, beginning to feel that perhaps this whole adventure was a bit out of his league and suddenly feeling a bit less self confident than he had been earlier in the shower.

"Trade secret," she half-whispered conspiratorially. "My sister knows the owner," she grinned easing his insecurity somewhat. "As long as I give them at least forty-eight hours, they can usually get me in," she added.

"Wow, but still," Rick said grinning back at her. "They should be impressed by that at the very least."

"Let's hope so," she added, and then pulled out a tentative schedule from her brief case that she wanted to go over with him. Diane slid her chair over a bit closer to his so they could look at the proposed schedule without having to read it sideways or even upside down. As she did so, Rick saw the front of her dress part slightly at the angle she'd chosen to sit, revealing even more of her lace covered breasts that continued to peek at him tantalizingly so. He found himself having to concentrate on what she was saying and showing him, rather than the remarkable smooth flesh that was and had been arousing him from the very beginning.

"Rick? You'd don't mind if I record our discussions do you?" She asked. "It helps me to remember and review everything we've gone over later so that I don't forget anything."

"No, of course not," he said, thinking to himself that it was probably a damn good idea to do that, and to purchase a small recorder for himself as soon as possible.

Diane smiled that alluring sexy smile at him, and then leaned over to reach for her briefcase, which she'd sat down between them. As she did so, the front of her dress opened again, giving him yet again another spectacular view of her breasts. She placed the recorder on the table, turning it on, and then accidentally bumped the table leg as she scooted her chair, knocking it off.

"Fuck!" she said irritated, and then, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I hope I didn't offend you with my language!"

Rick was already leaning over sideways in his chair, groping for the errant recorder. "No, certainly not," he assured her. "I've been known to use that same word myself on occasion." He grinned, still looking at her but not finding the device. "Here, if you'll excuse me," he said, and then left his chair completely having no other choice but to slip beneath the table in order to locate it. "Ah ... there it is," he informed her, "just beneath your chair!"

Diane scooted her chair back slightly so as to allow him access to retrieve it, but as she did so, he glanced up briefly, seeing her legs part as she scooted. Her dress certainly wasn't short, but it had risen up enough on her chair as she sat, and now scooting backwards as her legs spread, giving him an entirely unobstructed view up her dress. Even as he reached for the recorder, missing it at first, he saw the briefest, thinnest of thongs that was nearly the same color of her dress, barely covering her pussy mound.

"Got it!" he announced a moment later, almost bumping his head as he stood back up replacing it on the table, once again sitting down.

"I'm so sorry," she said reaching over to cover his hand with hers. "Sometimes I can be so clumsy," she added with a flirtatious wink. "Though thank God I'm not as clumsy in some of the other things I'm good at," she added once again smiling towards him.

Rick wasn't sure how to take that, or how she'd even meant it to sound, but he wasn't about to make inquiry either as the last thing he wanted to do was to get off on the wrong foot with her. Larry would have his ass if he screwed this one up.

"Like I said, no problem."

They soon after finished their breakfast as well as their meeting. "See you around seven then?" she asked. "Oh, and I've booked a room at the Marriott, which is just around the corner from the restaurant. I live quite a ways away from here, and if I have anything to drink, which I know we will, I'd rather be safe than sorry. And besides, we can go there after dinner tonight, relax, have a drink and talk about how the meeting went."

Rick made a mental note to himself to consider doing the same thing as well if needed or necessary. Larry had said he had "Cart Blanche" to do whatever he thought was needed and necessary, which included in his mind taking a room for the very same reasons that Diane had given him. No sense getting pulled over, getting sited for a DUI, and risk jeopardizing his ability to work on this account.

Rick returned back to work to let his boss know how things went, and what sort of evening had been planned for their clients, the vision of Diane's sweet breasts filling his mind's eye however as he drove, not to mention the brief glance he'd had between her legs.

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