by Thesandman

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Sister, BDSM, Rough, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Rick finds the perfect consulting firm to work with.

Rick Smith was feeling pretty good as he stood contentedly in the hot shower. He was still smiling after remembering his meeting yesterday with Larry his boss. Rick had done well over the past two years, and his company had recognized it, finally giving him a shot at landing a very important account.

"You've got Cart Blanch on this one Rick," Larry had told him. "Whatever it takes, no matter what it takes, you bring this one home for us. It can make the difference of a good year or a great year!" He'd told him. "And until this one's been put to bed, it's the ONLY assignment I've giving you to work on, it's that important!"

Rick knew it wouldn't be easy, there were three other competitors all vying for this account, but Rick's firm had been selected for the first real go through, so a lot was at stake and he knew it. It would also be the first time that he'd be working with an independent consulting firm to help him look at the overall picture, ensuring that he didn't leave anything out in his final proposal.

Rick stepped out of the shower and checked his watch. He had plenty of time yet. He was to meet over breakfast with the consultant he'd spoken with over the phone. Today's meeting was just to go over the proposed game plan, and then lay out the schedule of the various locations they'd need to travel to and perform some basic site surveys at each location prior to submitting their final proposal.

The other reason he was smiling was that the consultant he'd be meeting with was a woman, and she had sounded sexy as hell when he'd spoken to her on the phone. The only problem with that being, Rick had met with women whose voices sounded sexy, if not downright sultry; only to discover that the image he created of them in his mind fell far short of reality when he actually did meet them. So it was that he was half expecting it to be the same thing this time, though when they'd spoken, there was a flirtatious edge to her tone of voice that he looked forward to hearing again in person, no matter how she looked.

It was his intention to arrive early ahead of her, thus establishing his sincerity and eagerness in working this account, showing her that he was also punctual and professional in doing so.

"Table for one?" he was asked upon arriving.

"No, I'm meeting someone here," he explained to the hostess who had greeted him. "Diane Davenport?"

"Ah yes, she's already here," the hostess informed him. "Follow me please."

Rick smiled to himself upon hearing that, she was thirty-minutes early for their meeting, which told him she was serious about this joint assignment as well.

The hostess led him outside to the patio area that though open, was secluded with each of the tables secreted away in their own private little garden booths that had been uniquely structured to separate each of the tables from one another without seeming crowded, yet still giving the appearance of an airy openness and relaxation as well as privacy.

"Miss Davenport?" The hostess addressed her, she sat smiling, taking his hand as he sat down. He didn't know what he was expecting really, having gone through a number of possible scenarios in his mind, none of which had even come close to the vision of loveliness he was looking at now however.

Diane had long auburn hair that fell comfortably around her shoulders, her eyes appearing almost emerald green with a full set of lips that hinted at just a touch of lipstick that complemented the deep burgundy dress she was wearing. It was tasteful as he'd expected it to be, but there was still a deep though close "V" that hinted at a pair of extremely full breasts hidden beneath.

"Nice to finally meet you," he said still shaking her hand, finally letting go when he realized he'd been shaking it far too long than normal. "You look very nice," he complimented, then hit the back of his head mentally, fearing that he had sounded like some kind of lovesick puppy rather than a professional. But to be honest, her beauty had taken him by surprise, leaving him a bit flustered and off balance as he sat down.

"It's nice to finally meet you too!" She said smiling, her face even more beautiful when she did, and her voice just as alluringly sensual if not more so than he remembered it.

She had already ordered coffee and two large glasses of orange juice. Picking her glass of OJ up, she offered a toast with it. "To a successful relationship," she said clinking her glass against his. Rick repeated her sentiment, sipping from his. "Though tonight over dinner, we'll make it a bit more formal with Champaign," she informed him. "We're meeting with the clients at The Five All's," which was an elegant, old style restaurant that was difficult getting reservations for on so short of a notice.

"Wow, how'd you manage that?" He asked already impressed enough as it was, beginning to feel that perhaps this whole adventure was a bit out of his league and suddenly feeling a bit less self confident than he had been earlier in the shower.

"Trade secret," she half-whispered conspiratorially. "My sister knows the owner," she grinned easing his insecurity somewhat. "As long as I give them at least forty-eight hours, they can usually get me in," she added.

"Wow, but still," Rick said grinning back at her. "They should be impressed by that at the very least."

"Let's hope so," she added, and then pulled out a tentative schedule from her brief case that she wanted to go over with him. Diane slid her chair over a bit closer to his so they could look at the proposed schedule without having to read it sideways or even upside down. As she did so, Rick saw the front of her dress part slightly at the angle she'd chosen to sit, revealing even more of her lace covered breasts that continued to peek at him tantalizingly so. He found himself having to concentrate on what she was saying and showing him, rather than the remarkable smooth flesh that was and had been arousing him from the very beginning.

"Rick? You'd don't mind if I record our discussions do you?" She asked. "It helps me to remember and review everything we've gone over later so that I don't forget anything."

"No, of course not," he said, thinking to himself that it was probably a damn good idea to do that, and to purchase a small recorder for himself as soon as possible.

Diane smiled that alluring sexy smile at him, and then leaned over to reach for her briefcase, which she'd sat down between them. As she did so, the front of her dress opened again, giving him yet again another spectacular view of her breasts. She placed the recorder on the table, turning it on, and then accidentally bumped the table leg as she scooted her chair, knocking it off.

"Fuck!" she said irritated, and then, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I hope I didn't offend you with my language!"

Rick was already leaning over sideways in his chair, groping for the errant recorder. "No, certainly not," he assured her. "I've been known to use that same word myself on occasion." He grinned, still looking at her but not finding the device. "Here, if you'll excuse me," he said, and then left his chair completely having no other choice but to slip beneath the table in order to locate it. "Ah ... there it is," he informed her, "just beneath your chair!"

Diane scooted her chair back slightly so as to allow him access to retrieve it, but as she did so, he glanced up briefly, seeing her legs part as she scooted. Her dress certainly wasn't short, but it had risen up enough on her chair as she sat, and now scooting backwards as her legs spread, giving him an entirely unobstructed view up her dress. Even as he reached for the recorder, missing it at first, he saw the briefest, thinnest of thongs that was nearly the same color of her dress, barely covering her pussy mound.

"Got it!" he announced a moment later, almost bumping his head as he stood back up replacing it on the table, once again sitting down.

"I'm so sorry," she said reaching over to cover his hand with hers. "Sometimes I can be so clumsy," she added with a flirtatious wink. "Though thank God I'm not as clumsy in some of the other things I'm good at," she added once again smiling towards him.

Rick wasn't sure how to take that, or how she'd even meant it to sound, but he wasn't about to make inquiry either as the last thing he wanted to do was to get off on the wrong foot with her. Larry would have his ass if he screwed this one up.

"Like I said, no problem."

They soon after finished their breakfast as well as their meeting. "See you around seven then?" she asked. "Oh, and I've booked a room at the Marriott, which is just around the corner from the restaurant. I live quite a ways away from here, and if I have anything to drink, which I know we will, I'd rather be safe than sorry. And besides, we can go there after dinner tonight, relax, have a drink and talk about how the meeting went."

Rick made a mental note to himself to consider doing the same thing as well if needed or necessary. Larry had said he had "Cart Blanche" to do whatever he thought was needed and necessary, which included in his mind taking a room for the very same reasons that Diane had given him. No sense getting pulled over, getting sited for a DUI, and risk jeopardizing his ability to work on this account.

Rick returned back to work to let his boss know how things went, and what sort of evening had been planned for their clients, the vision of Diane's sweet breasts filling his mind's eye however as he drove, not to mention the brief glance he'd had between her legs.

Dinner had gone perfectly, delicious food, atmosphere, and presentation, all of which had left their clients properly impressed, as had Diane in the black dinner dress she'd chosen to wear that had again hinted at a bit of full cleavage without going too far, but which had been just enough that Rick had caught the two men they'd met with, casting repeated glances at her chest throughout the evening as they sat discussing their business.

"Well, I think that went pretty good!" Diane stated as they left the restaurant walking back towards the hotel. Rick smiled, noticing earlier how Diane had secretly turned on her tape-recorder during their meeting, then discreetly turning it off just before they left. "There were a couple of points they made that we need to address however," she said sounding professional. "When we get back to the room, we can replay part of what they stated, and then discuss it and see what we need to do to satisfy their concerns."

Moments later Rick and Diane stood inside her room, which was more like a suite, spacious in its appearance for one thing, but looking almost homey in a way for another. "Almost looks like you live here!" He told her as they entered.

"In a way, I do," she told him. "Too damn far to commute in every day from my apartment, so for the time being, I'm planning on working out of here for the next two weeks until we've finished the project. Make yourself at home," she added as she headed back into one of two bedrooms. "I'm going to make myself comfortable and get out of this dress. Feel free to help yourself at the bar with whatever you'd like to drink, and pour me a Merlot if you wouldn't mind."

Rick walked around behind the bar, taking down two wine glasses, then selecting a Merlot from several differing vineyards that she had in stock. Glancing up in the direction she had gone while he poured, Rick noticed that she hadn't closed the door to her bedroom when entering. He could see her reflection in a large floor-length vanity mirror as she stood in front of her closet, just then slipping out of her dress. He glanced away from looking at her briefly, wrestling with his thoughts, glancing back just in time to see her hanging up her dress, now standing in nothing more than a black lacy bra and a matching pair of lace panties. She turned, reaching up and behind herself as she did, her hands quickly undoing the bra she was wearing, letting it fall down her arms as she removed it, tossing it onto the bed, then cupping and massaging her full breasts momentarily with her hands.

He couldn't help but stand there and stare at her, knowing that for the moment at least, she was unaware he was looking or could see her so clearly from where he currently stood. Her breasts were indeed beautiful and full, having a bit of an exotic tear-drop shape to them, each one capped with a nice sized almost caramel colored nipple that punctuated the briefest of tan-lines where her breasts remained white just barely above her nipples, and just hugging the lower portion of each of her well rounded breasts.

He now watched as she slipped off the tiniest of thongs she'd been wearing too, also black which came away in her hands, leaving him another quick view of her femininity, though unlike before, uncovered now, and completely shaved as she stood there. She disappeared from view at that point, obviously heading into the bathroom. Rick took advantage of that opportunity to carry in their drinks, placing them on the table between two single chairs, taking one for himself that was well out of the line of site of her bedroom.

Diane emerged back into the room a few minutes later, and in doing so, nearly took his breath away. "I hope you don't mind," she said walking immediately over to take the seat separating the two of them, picking up her glass of wine along the way, "but this is how I prefer to get comfy and relax in the evenings," she explained. "And even this is almost too much," she near giggled, "as usually I just walk around the room naked."

She was wearing a bright red silk-like robe that was short, barely covering the cheeks of her ass, the front already threatening to unleash her full breasts at any moment, the twin points of each clearly pressing against the thin material as she sat sipping her drink. The stark contrast of her dark auburn hair falling against the bright red material of the robe giving her a sultry appearance that soon had Rick's cock twitching with renewed interest. "You however, are making me uncomfortable though," she'd added before Rick could even reply to her previous statement.

"I am?" he said worriedly, wondering how.

"Yeah, sitting there with your coat and tie on," she laughed. "I told you when we came in to make yourself comfortable, so I really wish that you would."

Rick stood removing his tie, and then his jacket, tossing each over the back of one of the chairs. Diane had also stood, heading back to where she'd placed her small delicate purse on the counter when they'd come in, retrieving the tape recorder, turning it on. Bringing it over, she sat it down on the table between them leaning over when she did, her breasts billowing forwards against the loose fitting gown she was wearing, one actually appearing briefly, falling out as she leaned over.

"Ooops!" she grinned looking at him. "They're always doing that whenever I wear this," she told him, "hope that didn't embarrass you any!"

"Ah, not at all," he grinned back at her. "And I hope you don't take offense at this either, but you really do have lovely breasts!"

"Why thank you!" she beamed sincerely. "I'm glad you admire them, I like it when a man expresses what he likes rather than pretending he hasn't noticed or doesn't appreciate what he sees. It's nice to be complimented."

"Well, they really are pretty!" he stated again meaning it.

"So, it really wouldn't bother you if I skinny dipped here in the living room?" she asked. "That really is the way I enjoy relaxing the most after a hard day at work.

"Be my guest!" Rick said in near disbelief, realizing as he said it, and as Diane suddenly shrugged out of her small fitting robe, that she now sat naked before him.

"Ah yes ... much better, much, much better," she said giving him a thankful sigh, once again sipping her drink. "But..."


"Yeah, but ... you're still making me uncomfortable," she told him. "Here I am all cozy naked, and you're still sitting there with all your clothes on!"

It was certainly the first time, and perhaps even the only time that Rick would sit naked while actually entertaining business. And though he wasn't entirely naked, having chosen to keep his bikini style shorts on, he still felt just as naked as she was, as they sat there listening to the tape and actually discussing possible solutions to the concerns that had been raised. Rick was grateful for that however, as he knew that had he been naked, the chances were he'd have had a full-blown erection too, which wouldn't have been exactly conducive to have while they discussed business. In a weird way, he was happy with that however, though he wasn't completely erect by any means, he knew from glancing down at himself that he was a bit fuller and thicker, thus giving him a nice curious bulge to look at as he periodically refilled their drinks.

Glancing at his watch, it was already well after midnight, and though they didn't have to be at the first site on their list until late in the afternoon the next day, he was already feeling the effects of the wine which had made him a bit tipsy and light-headed. He was just about to tell her that perhaps he should think about going when she stood asking him to excuse her while she used the restroom. He did, watching her walk from the room, now openly admiring her equally beautiful ass as she all but strolled with a seductive little walk, which he wondered briefly wasn't also showing her to be a bit tipsy, if not more so than himself.

A full minute or more had gone by without her return, and he was beginning to worry about her, wondering if she had in fact had too much to drink and had gotten sick or something. Though the last thing he wanted to do was find her passed out on the bathroom floor. Even so, he stood just as he heard his name being called out, bringing him a sense of relief.

"Yeah?" he said taking a few tentative steps down the hallway, wondering what it was that she wanted.

"You planning on staying up all night? Or are you coming to bed?" she asked, then giggled, "Or both?"

There was no way that Rick could misconstrue or misinterpret what Diane had said, which he quickly confirmed a moment later as he walked into her bedroom. A small bedside lamp cast a dim glow about the room, particularly upon the bed where she lay, dead center within it. She was on her back, legs spread, her pussy open and vulnerable, her fingers busily toying with herself as he walked in.

"Maybe it's a bit premature to celebrate yet," she spoke still lazily touching herself, "But I see no reason not to celebrate just a little, especially after the wonderful evening we've had," she finished looking up at him expectantly. "Do you?"

Rick answered in the only way that he could at the moment, grabbing the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down, kicking them off to one side and then moving towards the bed as his erection rose in perfect harmony as he did so.

He slid into bed next to her where they kissed, her hand already reaching down to fondle his hard firm erection, teasing the head of it with a gentle caressing finger, just as his own hands soon found her breast, likewise fingering the taut erect nipple that greeted him.

Diane soon pushed him over onto his back, slithering down his chest leaving a trail of gentle kisses as she did so, then setting out to explore a new trail of uncharted territory as she licked, kissed, and half-nipped with her teeth, the super sensitized area around his cock, his balls, and even his ass without touching any of them.

Rick groaned expectantly, delirious now with pleasure and desire as she teased him, her finger tips sprinkling butter-fly tickles up and down his shaft, fleetingly quick at times around the top of his prick, then down across his balls, brushing lightly, quickly against his ass, and back again, over and over until he thought he would scream with the sheer exquisite torture of it all, which is when he then felt her mouth engulf him, drawing him fully, sucking, holding, sucking and licking the head of his prick, his shaft until the feelings of arousal and desire had increased ten-fold.

When her tongue and mouth threatened to bring about his climax all too soon, he wrestled himself away from her, now pinning her back, his hands interlocking with hers, forcing them above her head as he kissed her again, then kissing her neck, leaving an equally wet, soft trail of gentle tongue flicks across her flesh until he'd reached the twin peaks of her hard-capped breasts, her nipples straining for his touch, for his lips and mouth to suckle, lick and caress, which he soon did, alternating back and forth between the two as she squirmed excitedly beneath him, moaning pleasurably all the while, urging him on.

Letting go of her hands, he reluctantly quit paying homage to her exquisite breasts, his lips and tongue now furthering their explorations, finding her belly button, which he now tongue-fucked, treating it like her pussy which he kissed, nipped and again licked as though having found her clit there instead. She reacted in a way as though he had, squirming even more passionately beneath him than she had before, her hands seeking and finding his head, the gentle guiding pressure of them pushing him lower against herself, which he did torturously so before finding the sweetness of her sex that so wonderfully greeted him.

Finding her hard little clitoris, Rick allowed the tip of his tongue to gently probe, flicking it softly for a moment.

"Oh yeah that's it! Lick it!" She moaned unabashedly. "Soft ... now hard ... now soft," she instructed him, breathing harshly through each word, holding her breath as she spoke, then moaning her approval as she continued. "Now suck it ... suck it, hold it ... oh yeah, yeah, now flick it again with your tongue, harder, harder, harder, faster, faster, faster!" she cried out, thrashing almost wildly now beneath him as he latched onto her clit, his fingers penetrating the wetness of her sex, her split welcoming the hoped for, anticipated intrusion, two fingers now seeking, finding the joy of her 'G-spot', his tongue lashing out at her blood-engorged clitoris like a bull-whip across a man's back.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she screamed still thrashing, her hands now claws upon his back, raking him, leaving deep trails of reddened flesh that stung slightly, yet thrilled wantonly all at the same time. For the briefest of moments, her breath caught, her moans ceased, her body suddenly arching upwards beneath him with such intensity and strength that she lifted him up with her, though his mouth remained firmly attached, his lips and tongue suctioned about her stiff hard clitoris until she exploded with a sudden release that caught them both by surprise.

"Arrrrg!" she groaned unintelligibly, the sudden unexpected onrush of her pussy juice spraying outwards from her cunt, the at first misty-like wetness that almost felt caressing, soon followed by a thin sliver of pure sweetness that spurted far more forcefully, followed up soon after by another, and then another, and another.

His face was drenched, the sheets soaked, his hands slippery with her essence as she came over and over again, her high-pitched scream of delight, briefly worrying him that someone might hear, think her as being harmed in some way, until she calmed, slowly coming down from her exquisite bliss into oblivion, her hands no longer digging into his skin, nor tearing away at flesh that he knew would be streaked with lines of red in the morning.

She had no sooner finished climaxing than she suddenly sat up, rolling Rick onto his back, mounting him in one smooth fluid motion, capturing his turgid stiff prick deep inside her cunt, which she proceeded to fuck then at a near maddening pace, her head flailing from side to side as she did so, his prick spearing deeply inside, in and out until his orgasm arrived almost before he realized it had. Rick felt the explosive discharge of his spunk bathing the walls of her cunt, saw stars suddenly filling his head as the pleasure seized him, bringing an eerie sensation of blackness and then nothing.

Rick woke with the sensation of sunlight peering in through the windows, the smell of sex still clinging to the sheets. His eyes opened, he rolled expecting to find her lying next to him, but the bed was empty save for a half-folded sheet of paper. Rick quickly rubbed the sleep from his eyes, focusing as he opened the paper, then reading what she'd written there.

"Out for my morning run," she began. "I'll be back with fresh coffee and Danish, after our shower," she'd added including a 'smiley', which she'd placed beneath the sentence. "Should be back around 7:30, I'll meet you in the shower... 'hint' - 'hint'!"

Rick glanced at the alarm, it was already 7:20. Obviously she had every intention of starting the day off with another fuck, and not that he minded, or wasn't already looking forward to that, but as he sat, swinging his legs out of bed, he felt the soreness in his back alerting him as well as reminding him of the near torturous pleasure from the night before.

Even standing in the hot shower, the subtle sting of red welts was a reminder of their intensity together. Hearing the door to the bathroom opening, then closing, followed a moment later by the sound of the tub enclosure door opening as well, hands now coming around his back, reaching for and finding his flaccid prick as he stood allowing the water to splash against his face as she stood pressing her breasts warmly against his back.

"Good morning sleepy-head she half purred. So ... did you enjoy last night?" she asked.

"Fucking incredible," he answered only then turning. Amazingly, she looked as refreshed and alert as she had when they'd met. He'd seen his own reflection in the mirror as he stood to pee, seeing the darkness around his eyes from too much wine, and not enough sleep, and yet here she stood looking ever the vision of loveliness, having even come back from a morning jog on top of everything else. "How do you fucking do it?" He asked.

"Do what?"

"Look so damn beautiful in the morning," he told her. "I look like something the cat dragged in."

She laughed, "Plenty of good sex," she said simply, still fondling his now rapidly growing prick. "You'd be surprised what a few good orgasms can do for your complexion too!" she added smiling.

"I don't doubt that for a minute," he told her, seeing just how smooth and unblemished her skin really was.

"Plus, using some of this on your face from time to time doesn't hurt either," she added all the while wiggling Rick's prick with her hand by way of emphasizing just what she meant. "And since it's been a while since I've given myself a facial, I was sort of hoping we could this morning before heading out to the site later."

"Your wish is my command," he said grinning at her, quickly trading her places so she could wash as he stepped out to dry.

"Oh my ... did I do that?" she asked only now seeing his back for the first time which was criss-crossed with angry looking welts. "I'm sorry, I'll try to watch that next time," she added apologetically. "I tend to get carried away when I'm aroused."

"Yeah, I noticed," Rick grinned broadly. "But I'm fine really, sort of a nice reminder anyway, something I'm sure I'll continue to feel and remind myself about throughout the day!"

Unlike the night before, their lovemaking was far less frantic, though equally as passionate, the slowness of their coupling erotic, sensual as they moved together. Diane was delicately careful, her fingers caressed his back, taking special care not to dig or drag her fingernails against him as she had. Even as she came, she did so almost quietly, a soft murmuring purr of contentment and physical joy as she climaxed. Knowing that he too was on the verge, she soon slipped from beneath him, taking his cock in hand, rubbing her face with it, sucking and licking it urging him ever closer to the moment.

"I'd like my facial now," she grinned sliding his cock back and forth across her face, occasionally sucking the sides, or licking, all the while slow-stroking it until the eruption began, which seemed to continue for an eternity as Diane gleefully got what she'd wanted.

"So? How'd it go last night?" Larry asked, after Rick had come back into the office early that afternoon, an hour before he was to meet Diane out at the first sight.

"It went well," he told him, "Really well."

"How's the consultant?" he asked curiously. "Heard a lot about her, which is why we hired them, heard they're amongst the very best at what they do."

"Oh, you can say that again," Rick said meaning something else entirely, causing Larry to toss him a curious look, to which he then smiled.

"Don't tell me."

"Ok then, I won't," Rick said, telling him everything in doing so.

"Holy shit!" He exclaimed. "Really?"

"Yeah really, best damn fuck I've ever had before in my life Larry!"

"Well, maybe so, and I really don't care one way or the other, just as long as you fuck her, and not fuck up the project."

"No worries," I assured him. "She is truly a professional, you should have seen her with the clients, she really knows her stuff, and knew all the right questions to ask, and between the two of us, had all the right answers to give, even on a couple that we weren't prepared for. But she's also given me a few new ideas, tricks of the trade as it were, some of which I think we should incorporate here!" Rick added.

They continued to discuss a few points, then when Larry was satisfied that things truly were moving ahead even better than he'd hoped for, he walked over, closing the door to his office. "Ok, so tell me ... just how good was she anyway?"

"I'm not kidding you Larry," Rick said. "Most amazing woman I've ever been with! The night before she was this wild uncontrollable tiger in bed, and then in the morning..."

"You stayed the night and fucked her in the morning too!" He asked incredulously.

"Hell yes!" Rick burst out laughing. "Are you kidding? But like I was saying, and then this morning, she's this erotic, sensual little fuck that just wants to make you melt inside her and stay there for the whole rest of the day! I swear it Larry, I just wanted to turn into cum-soup and sit on a slow boil between her legs and never go anywhere. That's how good it was!"

"Fuck me," he moaned appreciatively. "Any chance..."

"No fucking chance at all," I told him. "Not until this is over with at least," I reminded him, "Which reminds me, I'm due out to the site. I'll call you later after we've had a chance to look at it and see what sort of things we're still going to need to bring in."

"Ok, keep me posted Rick," Larry said as he headed out the door. "On everything!" he yelled out towards him a moment after that.

Diane as he'd half expected was already at the site as he pulled in next to her car, a sleek looking black Mercedes convertible with a personalized license plate reading 'ACS-2', "Ah, Angels Consulting Solutions", he thought to himself, and then grinned upon realizing that she was obviously second ranked, and thus pretty high up in her place of employment to be able to drive a car like that.

She was talking to the foreman and two other guys who'd come out to have a look before construction started. Unlike the way he'd seen her earlier, this time she looked more like the way he'd first expected her to, her long dark hair currently stuffed up beneath a hard-hat, the pants suit she was wearing looking every bit professional with no hint of the smoldering sensuality that hid beneath it. Had she been wearing large round eye-glasses, she might have indeed appeared much like he'd first imagined she might, though even then, she was still far too beautiful for even the glasses to diminish that much.

Diane saw Rick's approach, though at first not really acknowledging she had, he found that initially surprising, but then realized this wasn't the bedroom, this was work and she had given him that very same look in the fraction of a moment, telling him so in no uncertain terms.

Only when he had finally drawn near her did she again turn, giving him a brief welcoming smile, and then making more formal introductions. "Rick? This is Steven Mason, he's going to be the foreman for three of the five sites," she said introducing him. "I've already told him what Jeff and Bill Bradford want to add by way of design, which is in your area of expertise, so I'll let the two of you take it from here. I'm going to do a walk around the area and look at the view from the two side's they spoke about last night and make sure we understand what it was they want to see in the finished product."

Diane's mannerism had taken Rick off guard to some degree, but he treated her with the same professional courtesy that she had given him, as he proceeded to paint a visual picture of the type of structures they were planning on putting here, rolling out the first of several blue-prints he'd brought along with him for the foreman to look at and ask questions about if he had any.

Thankfully, he didn't have too many, so the time was brief, with he and the two men with him soon after leaving. Rick had watched Diane out of the corner of his eye as she'd wandered off through the tree line, which in a few short weeks would be pushed back another hundred yards or so. It took him a moment to locate her, and when he finally did, she had once again surprised the hell out of him.

"Diane?" Rick called out as he wandered through the trees, hopefully heading off in the same direction he'd seen her go.

"Over here!" He heard her call out a second later, turning that way, walking a few additional feet until he suddenly found her sitting on a rock, naked, her feet dangling in a stream of crystal clear cold water. "Beautiful place isn't it?" she said as he reached her.

"Very, as are you," he added grateful to see much more of a familiar smile on her face, though with her hair drawn up tightly against the back of her head in the bun she was wearing, she still looked a bit different than he was used to seeing. "Pretty gutsy though," Rick said picking his way down the slope until he was standing next to her. "What if those other three had come with me so they could see the view and perspective we were talking about from down here?"

"Then I guess they'd have been in for a bit of a surprise to be sure," she grinned, then laughing. "But I could see you coming down," she added, "So I knew you were all alone."

Even seeing her naked, he still wasn't sure what to expect here, though he obviously had an idea.

"Always loved fucking outside," she said as though reading his mind. "One of my favorite places to do it is out in the middle of nowhere, and though this isn't exactly nowhere, in a few weeks we certainly wouldn't be able to!"

She was right about that.

"Well? You just going to stand there and gawk at me? Or are you going to take off your clothes and fuck me?" she asked.

Rick began to remove his clothing, watching as she immediately separated his belt from his pants, holding it almost impatiently.

"Here, use this to bind me to the tree with," she said.

"You serious?" he asked. Her look told him that she was, walking over and picking one out which she now stood against.

"Use your belt to tie my hands behind it," she said handing it back to him. "Then use my blouse to tie my feet together with as well, just leave me enough room to spread my legs apart a little bit," she grinned. Then use the rest of my blouse to blindfold me with."

"The rest of your blouse?" He asked.

"Yeah, you'll have to rip it apart of course," she told him simply. "Now come on, I'm fucking horny so let's get a move on here!"

He quickly did as she had asked, once her hands were well wrapped and bound behind her as she leaned against the tree, he tore her blouse in half, using part of it to secure her feet with, and then the rest of it to wrap tightly around her head.

"Perfect," she said struggling, trying to see if there was any way she could free herself, then moments later satisfied that she couldn't once again spoke. "Ok Rick, get over here and rape me if you would please."

"Ra ... rape you?" He stammered.

"Yeah, rape me! Fuck the living shit out of me, nice, hard and fast! Make it hurt a little too, slap my ass, my tits, push me against the tree and even scrape my back up a little. That should even things out a little for what I did to your back."

"You really sure about this?" He asked her once again.

"Either do it, or I'll call the other three guys and get them back here," she told him seriously. "I'm sure the three of them might enjoy a really nasty gang-bang!"

He leaned over kissing her breast, cupping it in his hand.

"No!" she said almost angrily. "Nothing sweet, sexy. Mean ... nasty!" she clarified. "Think of it this way, you grabbed me off the street, blindfolded me and brought me up here. I have no idea where we are, or who you are. You've now stripped me of my clothing, bound me to this tree here, and now you're going to have your way with me, however you want it, regardless of what I say or do from this moment on, think you can get into that?"

Her demeanor frightened him to some degree, but Rick found himself oddly aroused by it too. She had told him in no uncertain terms how she wanted it, rough, wild passionate yes, but he was to be in full control, which she wanted to experience without having any say in the matter. This time, he slapped her tit, hitting it with the palm of his hand before leaning over, once again capturing her nipple between his teeth, nipping it.

"Ouch!" she screamed loudly, once again confusing him for a moment. "That was perfect, now ... do it again."

Rick stood for several minutes, pinching and twisting her nipples, sometimes slapping her breasts, seeing them begin to redden as he did so, likewise her ass, which he grabbed, twisting her painfully away from the tree in order to do so.

"Fucking cunt!" he called her, cupping her mound, then almost painfully pressing his palm upwards against her, once again nipping at her flesh. "Fucking whore!" he said again. "Fucking cock-tease!"

She was panting, her arousal obvious, so Rick relaxed somewhat actually getting into this bizarre little head game of hers.

"Here, you like cock so much, how about this one?" he asked pressing his hard stiff prick against the opening of her sex, which she tried to dislodge, moving herself away until he pressed even harder against her, grabbing her ass from behind within his hands, holding her still, shoving, feeling the tip of his prick just enter her, to which even then she fought back, trying to kick him, but finding with her legs so perfectly bound that she could not. She screamed out.

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