Margie's Night Out

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: A short tale about what you might find out if you get too curious.

I never thought that I would be one of those guys who gets off on seeing his wife with another man, but it turns out that I am.

Margie was a virgin when we married and over the six years that we had been married I don't believe that I had given her any reason to be less than sexually satisfied. God knows that once I showed her what to do she took to making love like a duck took to water. She does anal and oral both in addition to fucking me damn near to death with her pussy and we were having sex five or six times a week. I had absolutely no reason to believe that she wasn't getting enough at home. One night Margie asked me if it would be all right for her to go with some women she works with to a women's only night at one of the local tittie bars. My initial reaction was, "No fucking way!" but then I wondered how she would react to a bunch of naked men since I was the only man she had ever seen undressed. In the end I said yes and she gave me a big kiss and thanked me. The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted to know how she would react, so the next day on my way home from work I stopped by the bar and had a long talk with the bartender. For a hundred bucks and the promise of a hundred more he agreed to put Margie and her friends at a table up front and to set up my video camera so that it would tape them.

It was three in the morning when the garage door opened up and brought me out of a sound sleep and I watched through half shut eyes and pretended to be asleep when she came into the bedroom. Her hair was mussed and her clothes were wrinkled and looked like they had stains on them. She went right to the bathroom, undressed, showered and came to bed. The next day I stopped by the bar, paid the bartender the other hundred and picked up the video camera.

"You sure you want to see what's on that tape?" he asked.

"Why do you ask me that?" I wanted to know.

"Dunno Mac, I guess it depends on what kind of marriage the two of you got."

Curious as to what he meant I raced home and put the tape in the VCR and turned on the TV. The tape opened on what I expected, a bunch of screaming, giggling women watching male strippers shaking their buns and my wife and her friends were yelling the loudest. About twenty minutes went by with stripper after stripper pushing his g-string covered cock into the faces of the women up front and the women were sticking dollar bills in the g-strings. The tape went black and I figured that the bartender must have turned off the camera to save film. When the picture came back it was on the same scene that I had just watched, but the time stamp showed it was an hour later. Another five minutes of the girls stuffing bills in the dancer's g-strings and taunting them to,


"Take it off, take it all off."

Suddenly I saw Margie reach out and grab the cock of one of the dancers and all of her girl friends went nuts. I heard some one yell, "Lock the door!" and a minute or so later the dancer that Margie had grabbed stepped in front of her, took off his g-string to expose his erect cock and said:

"Go ahead sweetie, kiss it."

Margie's girl friends went even crazier yelling, "Kiss it Margie" and "Suck it Margie" and the dancer said, "Come on sweetie, you wanted it when it was covered and now it's in the open and it's all yours."

"Kiss it Margie, kiss it" and "Suck on it Margie, suck on it" came the cries from her girl friends.

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