Pilot Plant

by crotalusw

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young engineer takes his friend to visit the pilot plant he's been running and the two of them decide to enjoy the privacy of the location.

"Hello," I answered when my phone rang.

"You have a visitor in the lobby," purrs the receptionist. You see, she's seen your glamour shots so she recognized you.

"Hmmm," I thought, "I wonder who it is." My heart started to race as I imagined coming up to the lobby and seeing your smiling face.

Sure enough, as I walked through the door into the lobby, there you were, waiting for me. I invited you back to my cubicle to see where I work. It's a little messy right now since I'm in the middle of a couple of large projects, but at least the stuff is organized in piles so there's some organization to my madness.

We sit and talk in my cubicle for a bit, both knowing that we want to do so much more than talk.

After I show you my area and you tease me for the messiness of it all, we decide to head out to the pilot plant. I call the receptionist to let her know that I'll be at the plant for the rest of the day and then we leave. As we walk towards the elevator, we start teasing more.

Once the elevator doors close, I can't wait any longer. I lean over towards you and pull you close, my lips seeking yours. Our bodies blend together as our lips meet. My hands slide along your back and down to your hips. My tongue parts my lips and slides between yours, tasting and teasing your mouth.

Unfortunately, the elevator ride ends and we must part. We walk to my car in a daze, thoroughly pleased with our kiss. I unlock the door and open it for you to get in the passenger side then walk around to my side and slide in. We're both excited and loving this getaway time together.

I drive over to the treatment plant. Every now and then, our hands meet and we hold each other tightly. My hand starts to caress your thigh at one point and you close your eyes as your heart jumps. You moan as my hand slides higher up your thigh.

Then we reach the plant and I drive through the maze back to the pilot plant building. We hop out of the car and go into the building. It's kind of loud in there with the pumps running, but it's fun to be there together. I start to explain the plant to you, checking various instruments and valves to make sure it's running well. As we move along the area, I slide an arm around your waist and hold you close.

I've got to take the measurements and run the bench tests. We take the samples and run the tests, all the while enjoying the sexual tension in the air. Finally, we've got all the data points recorded.

"So, what do you think," I ask, leaning against the table.

"This really turns me on," you say as you walk up to me. Since I'm leaning against the table, my face is lower and closer to yours. Our arms encircle each other and our lips meet again. We start to kiss deeply. This is the kiss that we know will start more between us. Our hands begin to search each other's bodies. I slide my hands up under your shirt and caress the soft skin of your back. You feel so warm and soft, my body tingles with excitement. I reach the clasp of your bra and deftly undo it. As your bra loosens, you give a little whimper of joy.

My tongue slides between your lips, teasing you into a frenzy. You can't think of anything but our bodies and the feelings you're getting from being so close and finally enjoying each other.

I run my hands along your skin from your back to the front and up under your bra. The moan that escapes your hot mouth as my fingers close on your erect nipples sends me over the edge. I must have you, must please you and feel you completely.

Your nipples feel so hard in my hands, I can hardly wait to taste them, to pull them into my mouth and roll them around with my tongue. I lift my arms to raise your shirt and bra higher and then slide them over your head. You look so sensual with your arms raised that I inhale sharply and gaze longingly at your perfect breasts.

I lower my head and come closer to your hard nipple with my mouth. You feel my hot breath on you for a split second before my moist mouth closes over the little button. You can feel my lips, my teeth and my tongue all exploring around the tip of your breast, pulling, teasing, encircling. All the while, my hand is caressing and enjoying your other breast.

The moans that escape your lips along with your hands holding my head and pulling me close let me know of the power my mouth is having over you ... and it drives me wild with desire. I start to suck harder on your nipple, pulling it further into my mouth. My teeth become more involved as I nibble a bit harder on you. I just want to devour your luscious body.

As a front-loader rumbles past outside, my hands undo your pants and start to slip them down over your hips. You're so hot at this point that you can't resist but push your pants and panties down quickly. I stand and turn around you so your back is to the table and then I lift you onto it.

We push some of the sample bottles and chemicals out of the way so you can recline a bit, spreading your legs as you do so. I kiss and lick down your body, over your stomach and down to your hips. I kiss along your thigh, down to your knee, and then back up your inner thigh. These soft, tender kisses on that sensitive skin send chills up your spine and through your body.

I move my mouth to your glistening pussy and hold it there over you, letting you feel my hot breath on your softest of skin. The anticipation builds inside of you to a towering crescendo. You start to reach down to pull my face towards you, but I finally slide my tongue between my lips and move it closer ... and finally, very lightly, flick my tongue along your lips. Then I pull back, leaving you wanting more. I chuckle as you whimper and moan, "please, eat me now."

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