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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Teacher/Student, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes, being a professor definitely has its benefits. A young, female student takes time after class to thank her professor for his lecture.

I looked up from my desk as you entered the room and felt a twitch in my pants. I really try my best to not get excited by my students, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Every so often, I get a student as lovely as you and my cock gets a mind of its own. As it began to harden, my heart skipped a beat to see you wink at me as you walked by my desk to your seat.

The rest of class went by in a haze. I had to struggle to keep my mind focused on the subject at hand so as not to let the other students see my excitement. I definitely didn't want to be lecturing with a hard-on tenting my slacks.

You made it so difficult, though, with how you kept crossing your legs, then opening them to cross them the other way. By the twinkle in your eyes, I knew you had no doubt about the effect you had on me.

As the class neared its end, you uncrossed your legs and let them open further. I tried not to look, but couldn't seem to stop my eyes from dropping down to wander up your luscious thighs to where I expected to see your white panties. To my shock, you were wearing red, crotchless panties. The lacy frills along either side of your pussy lips were widening as your pussy opened in excitement. I could see the lips glisten from the moisture that was gathering there. My cock lurched and I quickly found a reason to sit at my desk to hide my rapidly hardening cock. Luckily, I had my reading hours after this class so I could calm down (and likely relieve myself) before my next lecture.

The students began gathering their belongings as the bell rang. Several of the girls threw me winks as they walked past my desk to leave the room. I guess I wasn't as good at hiding my discomfort as I'd hoped. Some of the guys looked at me strangely, but most just wandered outside, oblivious to the world around them.

Taking a large breath to calm my heart, I looked up to see you staring into my eyes. You were the last one in the room and sat there with a smile on your soft lips that invited me to further our play. I swallowed hard and took another look around the room to make sure we were alone. I started to stand and walk towards the door, saying something about reading hours and offering help.

To your pleasant surprise, I locked the door and walked back towards you, my cock thrusting out before me. I had succumbed to the feelings and decided that it was time to explore what you had in mind.

As I neared your desk, you looked up at me with your gorgeous eyes and said, "Professor, I could really use your help with the information from today. I was terribly distracted by your body and spent most of the lecture wondering about your cock. Will you please go over some of this again?"

I leaned down towards you, smiled, looked deep into your eyes, and kissed you tenderly. Well, it started as a tender kiss. Very soon, my body was overcome by passion and I wanted to explore you deeply. My kiss deepened, my mouth opening wider, my tongue darting out to tease your soft lips, to run along your wonderful teeth and delve deeply into your mouth to caress your tongue. I pulled you up out of your seat and crushed your body against mine. I had to feel you, had to have your body. I was beyond reason at this point and was embroiled in the passion you'd raised with your teasing throughout the lecture.

As we kissed, my hands began to wander over your incredibly sexy body. I've seen bodies like yours in my dreams, but to hold one in my arms and to caress it was beyond heavenly. I could feel your hardening nipples pressing against my chest. Your hips seemed to welcome further exloration by my hands. Your ass was so tight within my grasp. I ran my hands down to the bottom of your skirt and felt the tender, smooth skin of your thighs. My body ached to feel more of your skin and I ran my hands up under your skirt to cup your ass. It felt absolutely wonderful.

Before long, I brought one hand up between us to undo the buttons of your shirt. Your ample breasts seemed to beg for release and attention. Your breathing had quickened and your breasts heaved with each breath, causing my breathing to become shallow and intense. With both hands, I undid your shirt and happily noticed the clasp in the front of your bra. I easily undid the clasp and released your lovely breasts to my ministrations. I cupped your breasts and began to knead them. They were extremely exciting and I knew I just had to taste your flesh.

I sat you down on your desk and leaned over to pull one of your nipples into my mouth. It hardened even more and created a sense of great pleasure within me. I rolled your nipple around with my tongue, but felt you pull my mouth harder into you. I began to really suck on your nipples, pulling them almost painfully into my mouth ... as much of your breast as I could get. I let my teeth bite down on you and pull on your nipples. It was incredibly exciting to hear you call out in pleasure as I increased the pressure I exerted on your nipples. After some time with one, I switched to the other and gave it the same biting, pulling, twisting action, my hand rising to pinch and twist the other nipple.

Our heat was rising and I wanted even more. I started to move down you body, kissing and nibbling your flesh, leaving no doubt where I was headed. I lifted your skirt to bunch it around your waist and smelled the lovely, erotic aroma rising from your pussy. I could feel the humid heat you'd generated between your legs. I wanted to taste your juices.

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