A Bigger Bed

by Thesandman

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Tragedy brings a family closer together

Never in a million years did I ever think I'd end up in the situation that I had along with three other sisters, one of whom was my fraternal twin. At twenty-four years of age, I had suddenly become more than a brother; I'd become father too and head of the household.

It had been over a year now since a horrible accident had claimed the lives of our parents. Penny and I had immediately assumed the role of guardianship though it certainly wasn't anything we'd ever planned for or expected to have to do. Bonnie who had just turned twenty had elected to stay at home and help around the house while attending a local university in her spare time. Penny and I both had steady jobs, and provided enough for the four of us to live on, but it meant a lot of personal sacrifice on our parts for doing so.

Gwen, the youngest at eighteen would soon graduate from high school, but had done well enough in school that scholarships, and a part-time job that she had would enable her to eventually continue her education as well.

Certainly the tragedy had brought us even closer together, but I again never suspected that it would eventually lead in the direction that it soon would either.

We had been going through a particularly hard time financially, dealing with some unexpected and certainly unanticipated home repairs. And though we'd inherited a little money from our parents after the accident, most of that was in trust for education and as supplement for meeting the required day-to-day needs of our little family.

We had just managed to get through the recent crisis and saw better days looming ahead. To celebrate, we'd actually ordered in pizza, something we hadn't been able to do for quite some time. In addition, I'd even stopped by the local video store to pick up a movie to watch while we ate it.

It was funny in a weird sort of way, I had actually begun to find myself being the over protective parent. Prior to the accident, I could have cared less what my sisters did when they were out and away from home, afterwards, I tended to question everything they did, and every place they went until Penny, who had assumed the role of mother, put her foot down.

"Brad, you're being too over protective," she told me. "You need to lighten up a little and cut them some slack, they're good kids, hell ... they're really not even kids any more, and you need to quit treating them like that!"

She was right of course, Bonnie was an adult in her own right and could certainly come and go as she please, the fact she'd remained here at home helping around the house which had relieved some of the burden and stress off of Penny was something I had to continually remind myself of. And though Gwen was still in high school, she'd be graduating in less than two months and was every bit as mature as her sisters where in that respect.

After we'd enjoyed our rare pizza treat together and had watched the movie I'd brought home along with it, Both Bonnie and Gwen had headed out on "dates" leaving Penny and I alone in the house which had also become a rarity. They were barely both out the door when Penny turned to me asking, "Ok Brad, so where's the other movie you brought home?" she asked.

Stupidly, I tried to pretend I had no idea what she was talking about, which is when she stood up, walked over to the coat-closet, and reached into my jacket pocket producing the second movie I'd secretly, or thought secretly rather, that I'd brought home.

"Ah, now I see why you tried to hide this one," she said holding it up and reading it.

It wasn't exactly a hard-core porn video, but it was about as close a thing as you could get. Simple plot, lots of skin and an arousal factor that I was in desperate need of. I couldn't even remember the last time I'd been out on a date, let alone slept with a woman either.

"Put it in!" Penny said handing me the CD.


"Oh come on Brad, neither one of us has been out lately, and I think we both could use a little stimulation! Besides, with the two of them gone, we can watch it without feeling guilty about it or worrying about them!"

It was true. On the one hand Penny and I had always been a lot closer being fraternal twins and all anyway, growing up we'd often confided in one another, even exploring curiosities about one another along the way as most kids often did. That had continued on most of our spent life together with Penny being there to talk to when I first lost my virginity, and she hers. So it wasn't like we had a lot of secrets that we kept from one another, but now in the new roles we'd suddenly been put in, that intimate friendly relationship we'd always had, had all but disappeared.

"You sure?" I asked. "It's pretty naughty," I added as a final additional warning.

"Good! The naughtier the better!" she told me. "It's been a while!"

I had to laugh at that knowingly. "Yeah, I know what you mean, been like that for me too."

At first I felt a bit awkward and uncomfortable as the movie began, going into a rather steamy sex-scene almost immediately, though its intent was to set up the rest of the story-line and plot which I commented on being really interested in.

"Ah huh," was all she said smiling at me. "You just want to see a bunch of women's boobs!" she said catching me in the lie. Which again was true, but I wasn't about to admit it to her either.

Midway through the movie, I was really beginning to feel uncomfortable, and not because of what we'd been watching, that had more or less evened itself out as we actually did both get interested in the storyline along with all the hot arousing sex-scenes. The real problem was, I had an erection that was giving me fits. And my own sister wasn't helping much either, though I tried very hard not to think about that.

Living as we had been, occasional glimpses of nudity around the house wasn't all that uncommon, especially as we only had two bathrooms that seemed to be constantly in use while the four of us where there. At night, Penny wore what she usually did once she'd gotten comfortable which was a simple pair of panties and either a tee shirt or tank top, which she then wore to bed to sleep in. So the problem for me at the moment was my sister sitting on the couch next to me with what I'd discovered a short time ago, as her hard little nipples had peaked, pressing against the tight form fitting tank top she was wearing anyway as the movie continued and obviously had aroused us both. Luckily for me in a way, my arousal, though less noticeable and far more uncomfortable, didn't stand out like a lighthouse beacon the way Penny's were.

I found myself periodically using my peripheral vision to look at her, or look directly whenever we spoke or commented about something we were watching. I know I shouldn't have, but under the circumstances I was allowing my arousal to guide my thoughts rather than in ignoring them as I otherwise might have done. Penny really did have nice looking breasts, I had seen them a couple of times when we'd either inadvertently run into one another in various stages of undress, or when she'd leaned over while doing something which had on occasion given me a view of her near perfect orbs. But here they were now, the tank top she was wearing almost too tight anyway, perfectly molding them with twin hard little points pressed against the all too thin material, making my own situation more and more uncomfortable to try and deal with. I'd actually begun to look forward to the movie finally ending so I could make the excuse that it was time for bed, then relieve the stress and arousal which I'd been doing for several month's now. Then out of the blue, she turned towards me and asked.

"Brad? You ever watch any of those old movies dad had?"

I had in fact, once. A few of them, though not nearly all. My father had a pretty extensive collection of 8mm black and white movies, though there were a few later colored movies as well, most of those of which I had watched. He'd kept them locked up in a large metal box however, with the only key that existed being the one on his key ring. The one time that he and my mother had gone away for the weekend together, he'd actually left his keys behind, and finding myself also alone as all three of my sisters had quickly scattered into the night on adventures of their own, had left me with "idle" hands and a curiosity about that secretly locked box that I couldn't overcome. I had been surprised of course to discover my father's collection of early-on porn videos, found many of them fascinating even though a lot of them if not most were without sound. Still, it had been an unbelievable adventure for me to spend time watching them, and then getting nervously worried about it having done so, and carefully putting them all back just the way I had found them. I'd never looked at them or watched them again.

"Once," I told Penny truthfully.

"Were they any good? You know, I've never even seen an X-rated movie before," she added curiously.

I really wasn't sure how to respond to that. I mean they were good in the respect that they'd given me plenty of jerk-off material to think on for a while, but did she mean good as in story lines or production capability? Probably not.

"You even know where they're at now?" she asked before I could answer her last question.

Even after a year there was a lot we hadn't dealt with yet, some things we needed to, but had procrastinated in doing for one reason or another. One of which was going through the attic where a lot of things were still kept in storage, including a lot of old clothes, furniture, and an old metal box with dad's movies sitting in it.

"Yeah, in the attic," I said simply. "Why?"

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