Addie's Babies

by Sakka

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Mother, Son, Grand Parent, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Horny, lonely grandmother seduces grandson and unwittingly gets herself pregnant; later, son also managesto impregnate his mother, with his grandmother's connivance.

For Addie, it all began simply enough--a comment overheard when her grandson Jimmy and his friend Joey were staying over at her house three years earlier. They had come to San Francisco to see a rock concert, but stayed at her house the night before; going upstairs to check on them, Addie blushed when she overheard their conversation.

"Jimmy, I'm sorry, but your grandma is hot!"

"What do you mean?"

"What do you mean, 'what do I mean?' Have you seen those tits on her? Damn!"

"Dude, you're sick--that's my grandma you're talking about!"

"Yeah, well, don't tell me you haven't noticed."

"Well, okay, maybe I noticed ... but it's still sick!"

Addie felt her heart race, and she could still remember that feeling three years later, waiting for Jimmy at the airport. Jimmy was starting college in the city soon, and Addie had offered to let him stay at her house until he found another place. On the face of it, it seemed like a simple proposition; however--standing in the airport in a pair of red spike-heeled sandals--Addie felt a strange passion stirring in her chest. Partly, that was because of the way she looked--wearing a tight T-shirt that showed off her boobs, and a short black skirt that showed off her legs--she couldn't help but catch the eye of every guy in the terminal; but mostly it was because of her feelings for her grandson, who was clearly surprised when he first caught sight of her.

"Grandma? Is that you... ?"

Addie's heart raced on seeing her grandson. He was already a good-looking guy in high school, but now he was broad in the shoulders and just a hair taller than her in her heels.

"Oh, Jimmy," she said, embracing him; "don't you recognize your grandma?"

Jimmy certainly couldn't help but recognize her double-D cup breasts, crushed up against him.

"Well, damn," Jimmy said, lowering his voice to a whisper; "everyone's looking at us!"

"They're just jealous," Addie replied, standing up slightly on her tiptoes and kissing Jimmy square on the mouth. He was startled-feeling her tongue slip into his mouth--but then he met her kiss, sucking at her tongue even as his own tongue played across the sensitive tip and underside of hers. He soon had a hard-on--Addie could feel it against her thigh--and she could tell he was losing the fight to avoid being turned on by his 56- year old grandmother. Curiously, the crowd had stopped paying attention to them now, but Jimmy knew they were probably used to seeing things a lot stranger than that in the city.

"Damn, Grandma," Jimmy said, breaking their kiss; "I'm gonna have to jack off now."

"I don't think so," Addie replied, pulling him closer; "I want you to fuck me."


Again, Addie kissed him, then took a step back.

"Come on," she said, taking his hand.

Addie had already surveyed the area, and she knew a nearby kiosk with a boarded-up front was out of service. Ducking inside, she turned her back to Jimmy and lifted up her skirt.

Jimmy nearly fainted--his grandmother wasn't wearing any panties! Of course, in the half-light of the closed-up kiosk, he couldn't get a great look, but he could tell her pussy was completely bare, and he felt his cock straining the fly of his jeans when he reached a hand forward to cup her delicious vulva. She was wet already, and she moaned delightfully as he started to rub her puss.

Grandmother or not, she was hot and ready to be fucked; quickly, he loosened his pants and flopped out seven inches of manly cunt-hungry cock.

"Fuck me... !"

"Give me a second here..."

A moment later, Jimmy had his swollen, drooling cock- head up against the lips of his grandma's pussy, and he slipped his cock into her hole with a sudden driving thrust. Addie gasped, grabbing the counter before her; Jimmy's cock was big, and she could feel it splitting her open even as it pushed inside her. As for Jimmy, it was pure heaven. He hadn't had a lot of sex-- basically just a couple of girls who laid there and made him do all the work--but this was very different; pressing in deep, he felt his cock-head kiss her cervix, and Addie reacted by clenching her cunt-muscles tightly on his shaft.

"Oh, Grandma... !" Jimmy cried, starting to pump her. In his own mind, he couldn't quite believe this was happening; this was his grandmother he was fucking, for God's sake--his own mom's mother! But to give her credit, she was very good--warm, wet and tight, wrapped around his deeply plunging cock. Soon they were getting noisy--Jimmy could feel his balls slapping her cunt with every stroke, and he was sure some cop would hear the SMACK-SMACK-SMACK of his hips slapping into his grandma's ass. But the crowds of people walking by were seemingly oblivious, unaware of the hot incestuous coupling happening just a few feet away from them.

"Oh, Grandma--I think I'm gonna cum..."

"Oh, Baby," Addie purred; "fuck me! Fuck me full of your cum!"

Jimmy responded by thrusting even harder--practically pushing Addie up onto the ledge--and Addie stood on her tiptoes in her sandals as he pounded her. Jimmy was hard as a rock--harder than her late husband had ever been-- and Addie almost felt sorry for her grandson; a cock that hard had to ache like a son-of-a-bitch, and there she was just making it worse, sucking and squeezing the shaft with her pussy...

"Oh, fuck--!" Jimmy cried out, feeling his cock explode inside his grandma; "fuck... !"

Inside herself, Addie felt it--the pulsing, throbbing of his cock in the grip of her pussy--and a sudden rush of wetness as sperm gurgled from their point of contact and poured down the backs of her thighs. Indeed, she could actually feel him cum inside her-- his pulsing jets of cum squirting into her pussy--and she finally trembled with a shuddering climax. Fighting to fill her womb with his potent, youthful seed, Jimmy felt her trembling pleasure, but it was all he could do to concentrate on his own pleasure at the moment; still pressing in deep, he wrapped his arms around her midriff and groaned with the effort to force out the last of his cum.

"Oh, that was good," Addie said, finally feeling Jimmy's cock slip out of her hole; "now let's go get your bags, then we can fuck some more."

Dazed, Jimmy pulled up his pants and followed his grandma out of the kiosk, trying to act as nonchalant as possible. Absently, he noted a trickle of cum drooling down his grandma's leg as they waited at the baggage carousel, but it didn't seem to bother her. Once again, strange men gawked at Addie as she and Jimmy waited to pick up his bags--and their stares followed her right out the terminal as they went to find her car--but there was only one cock she seemed to be interested in.

At the car, Addie thrilled Jimmy with a quick blow job-- slurping his sticky cock until he nearly came--then playfully climbed into the driver's seat. Then on the way home, Addie frigged herself to a climax with her right hand as she steered with her left, and Jimmie joined in by stroking his hard-on, gazing at both her pussy and her legs as she worked the pedals with her tightly bound feet.

Addie could tell he liked her sandals; after they got home, he followed her upstairs and continued to jerk himself even as he watched her heels separating slightly from her soles with every step, her ankles still tightly bound by the straps of her sandals. He was so intent on that, in fact, that he failed to notice her slipping off the rest of her clothes--with the effect that he found himself coming upon his now-naked grandmother at the top of the stairs. Seductively, she spun around once before him, then guided him back to her bedroom.

"You like?" she asked, turning once more, and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"You do look good," Jimmy admitted, watching Addie's gorgeous breasts bounce on her chest. "Can we fuck some more?"

"Oh, yeah," Addie growled, taking hold of Jimmy's cock and pulling him onto her bed. Between her legs now, he struggled to doff his pants and shirt, then once again plunked his cock into Addie's pussy.

"Oh, fuck--!" Addie gasped; "you don't waste any time, do you?"

Jimmy just grunted, slamming a flurry of nut-slapping thrusts into his grandma's belly, then slowing to bend down and sample his grandma's delicious tits.

Although there might have been a slight sag to the pendulous breasts when she was standing, they were still beautifully firm and full, with large areolae fanning out around the hard pink nipples; taking one nipple into his mouth, he sucked intently, even as he continued to grind away at her pussy.

"Oh, that feels good," Addie moaned, cupping and squeezing her breasts; "maybe Grandma can make you some milk..."

"You're kidding," Jimmy said; of course, feeling his grandma's slippery cunt sucking at his cock, he wasn't inclined to doubt much of anything now...

"No, really," Addie said, working her nipples firmly between her thumbs and fingers; sure enough, tiny drops of milk started to dribble from her nipples a moment later.

"Oh, damn... !" Jimmy said, feeling a charge go through his cock even as he watched his grandma lactate; Addie, for her part, seemed very pleased with herself, and smiled up at him.

"I just wish you could make me pregnant," she said, wrapping her legs around his back; "then I could really make some milk for you."

That finally did it; raging-hard, Jimmy punched his cock deep inside his grandmother's pussy, then filled her belly with surge after surge of steaming hot cum.

Yet, to Addie's amazement, Jimmy wasn't nearly sated. After resting a few minutes, Jimmy rolled her over to fuck her from behind--pausing in his fucking to unbuckle her sandals and slip them off her feet--then pushed in deep to fill her with a fresh load of cum. The two of them then took a shower together, ostensibly to clean off, but actually ended up turning each other on all over again; Jimmy ended up resting Addie on a ledge at the rear of the shower, and fucked her even as shower water rolled down his back, ultimately squirting a fourth load of spunk in her pussy.

Afterward, they recovered on Addie's bed in the twilight, but Addie was now feeling a bit hungry and offered to go downstairs to make them something to eat. For his part--hungry as he was, too--Jimmy was still a lot hungrier for his grandma's pussy; watching her slip her sandals back on--reaching down to buckle the little straps around her ankles--then walk away with a short robe barely covering her shapely ass.

Jimmy's cock sprung quickly back to life. Thus, Jimmy followed her downstairs to the kitchen and came up behind her even as she was melting some butter in a skillet; although she knew he was right behind her, she was startled when he lifted up the back of her robe, and gasped as he slipped his hard-on back inside her pussy.

"Oh, fuck... !" Addie exclaimed, grabbing the side of the stove and feeling Jimmy push her forward with his thrust--right up against the front of the stove.

Sensibly, Addie shut off the gas to the burner, but Jimmy kept thrusting insistently, churning the juices in her cum-soaked pussy once again. Standing on tiptoes in her sandals, Addie could feel the vamps digging into her toes even as Jimmy fought to sate his lust with a slamming barrage of driving thrusts. Despite herself, she came--her pussy-juices drooling down her legs in a gush of sudden pleasure--and Jimmy answered a few seconds later, clutching her dangling breasts and squirting his sperm deep inside her belly.

"Maybe you should make us something to eat," Jimmy suggested, playfully pumping her cum-spackled hole; "I'm kind of hungry..."

"Well, if you'll give me a second..."

"Here, I'll help you," Jimmy said, reaching around her-- with his cock still snug in her pussy--to crack an egg into the skillet on top of the stove.

"Ohhh..." Addie moaned, feeling Jimmy still hard in her cunt, "I don't know if I can cook like this..."

"Oh, you can cook all right," Jimmy said, brushing Addie's red hair aside to nibble on her ear, and cracking another egg; "what are we making?"

"I was going to make an omelet," Addie said, turning the gas back on and pushing her buttocks back against his grinding hips; "but scrambled eggs are easier..."

"Especially when you're fucking," Jimmy offered.

"Yeah, especially when you're fucking..."

Somehow, Addie managed to tend the eggs until they were done, adding some diced ham originally meant for the omelet. Pronouncing it done, she then earned another quick flurry of thrusting from Jimmy, and yet another load of youthful spunk squirted into the mouth of her womb.

"Think you're out of cum yet?" Addie asked.

"Yeah, probably."

Yet there was still more left in the young man's balls. Later they cuddled on the downstairs couch watching TV, and sure enough Addie ended up with her ass lifted on a pillow, her legs up in the air and Jimmy pile-driving her sticky-tight cunt.

"When's the last time you fucked someone, Grandma?" Jimmy asked; "you're so damn tight!"

"You--(unph!)--really want to know?"

"Well, you don't have to tell me," Jimmy said, grinding her sweet hole, "if you don't want to..."

"It was your friend Joey," Addie admitted, "three years ago, when you stayed the night here."

"What? Joey--?"

"It was just a quickie," Addie said--adding hastily, "he said he liked my boobs, and I was so lonely..."

But Joey was more amused than upset.

"Grandma, you are such a slut."

"Hey," Addie said, "that's your grandmother you're talking about."

"Sorry," Jimmy said; "you're a slut--and I think I'm in love with you."

"That's better; now give Grandma a kiss."

Jimmy responded by leaning in close to her--even as he continued to fuck her--and kissed her full on the mouth.

"So where did you do it?" Jimmy asked a moment later; "I know it couldn't be when we were there in the bunk beds..."

"It was in the downstairs bathroom," Addie admitted, blushing at the memory; "he was coming out, I was going in, and one thing led to another..."

"What? He just plowed into you, and his dick got stuck in your cunt?"

"Now, Jimmy, you sound like you're jealous."

"Well, no. I'm just curious..."

"Well, he told me liked my boobs, and I said something like, 'I bet you say that to all the girls' and then he fucked me."

"Damn, you are easy."

Addie slapped him playfully for that, and Jimmy intensified his thrusting. It was a steamy image, he had to admit--his best friend plowing his grandma--and it quickly made the sperm boil over in his balls. Pressing in deep, he crushed his nuts against her bottom and squirted his seventh--and as it were, penultimate-- load of the day inside her.

For Jimmy still had one more left, when they went back to sleep upstairs in Addie's bedroom. Curled up in Jimmy's arms, she felt him go stiff yet again against her backside, and started with pleasure as he eased his penis back inside her.

"You're terrible," Addie giggled.

"No, just horny," Jimmy replied, pumping his grandma until he came, then falling asleep with his cock still snug inside her pussy.

Somehow, Jimmy found the willpower to drag himself away from Addie long enough to get his class list and books, but--with several weeks before school actually started-- he mostly fucked his sexy grandmother every chance he got. Although his grandmother worked for a large accounting firm, she had stockpiled several weeks of vacation time and availed herself of most of it so Jimmy could fuck her all day and night. They fucked in a public library, in restaurant bathrooms, on a ferryboat- -and pretty much every other place they thought they could get away with it.

Once, they even fucked at a free concert in the park; while the rest of the crowd rocked out, Jimmy found a tree toward the back of the crowd and sat down with his back against it. Addie then straddled him, covering herself demurely with a large blanket, and impaled herself on his cock.

At least one old hippy noticed, offering a "far out, man!" but nobody paid him much attention. Jimmy, for his part, just sat back and let Addie do all the work for a change, happily feeling her grind her pussy into his cock. Idly, he held onto her feet, wrapping his thumbs around the spike heels of her sandals and stroking her slightly-wrinkled soles with the backs of his fingers; that just made her hump him harder, though--fucking herself with his rigid pole--and she came with a shuddering climax.

"Easy there, Grandma," Jimmy said, lifting his hands to rest them on her hips. "It's a public place, remember?"

"Sorry," Addie replied, falling back against him. Close to her, now, he could smell her perfume and lifted his hands still further to cup her breasts. Even through her blouse and her bra, they were firm and full, and he wondered how big they might have gotten when she was pregnant.

"Ungh... !"

Not for the first time, that thought made him come-- squirting his sperm into the tented depths of her cunt-- and he held his grandma tightly around her waist even as he strained to squeeze out every last drop in his balls.

"What's that about this being a public place?" Addie teased him.

"You're a bad influence, Grandma."

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