Girls Night Out

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jessica's obsession with cum leads her into a wild adventure of passion and delight far beyond her greatest fantasy.

She heard the alarm go off at 5:30, just as it had every day now for the past couple of months ever since her brother had begun attending classes at a local university. She waited until hearing the sounds of him pad down the hallway towards the bathroom which was directly across the hall from her own room, moments later the sound of the shower being turned on and the sliding door opening, closing. And like every morning since she'd first learned her brothers little secret, she rolled out of bed and quietly made her way to the bathroom easily picking the lock which she'd also learned how to do, cracking it open slightly and stood there waiting.

Jessica was the typical beautiful teenage woman who had only recently graduated from high school herself, one year behind her brother. With long blond hair, green eyes and a tight firm figure, Jessica easily attracted looks from a lot of men, so it wasn't that she had any problems meeting men, nor that she had a "thing" for her own brother either. It wasn't that at all, but Jessica did have her own little secret, something that she'd discovered quite by accident really, but something that now fascinated her, almost consumed her beyond reason. Jessica had a thing for cum.

She now stood with the door slightly ajar peering into the bathroom where her brother stood inside the shower, just steamy enough to prevent him from realizing the door was cracked open, but not so steamy that she couldn't see the movements of her brothers hand as he stood jacking himself off, just as he did every single day before heading off to school. She stood there in the doorway fingering her dark colored nipples, enjoying the sensation that it brought her in doing so while she stood there becoming more and more aroused with each passing moment.

The first time she had caught her brother jerking off had been quite by accident, she had gone to the bathroom, opening the door, which he'd forgotten to lock. Only then, he had stood over the toilet, his dick pointed down towards the bowl as the first streamer of spunk flew from his cock towards it the very moment that Jessica had walked in. She stood there watching it, watching him as another, then another leapt from his prick, though his orgasm long forgotten, eyes wild with shock and embarrassment as his sister simply stood there watching the jettison of cream with her own wide-eyed surprised interest. He had fled past her in a hurry, not even bothering to flush, the sound of his bedroom door slamming moments later, though in truth, she didn't even remember hearing it. She had walked over looking down into the toilet to see the milky-white curdles of his spunk still floating about lazily down inside the bowl.

Jessica certainly wasn't naive, but she'd never seen a man cum either, aside from a few video's she had seen, and the one half-blurred moment when she'd actually caught her brother, she'd never really seen a man actually climax, never got a good look at the creamy substance that spurted, nor did she know how it felt, tasted, or even smelled.

She smiled, remembering, just as she'd done before, now watching, waiting for the telltale signs that her brother was nearing his orgasm. She watched one hand come up bracing himself against the wall of the shower, the other still fisting his prick, which he now pointed down towards the drain, spreading his legs. She wished she could actually see his cum spurt, but it was nearly impossible for her to do so at this angle, and with the fall of the water concealing most of it when he did. And as much as she'd have liked to see it cum, it was enough to know he was about to. Turning the little lock with her fingers, Jessica quietly closed the door hearing the soft click, and then stood for a few moments more before pounding on the door with her fist.

"Come on Jared! Hurry up in there! I've got to pee!" she demanded impatiently.

He answered by turning off the shower, signaling to her as he did so that he'd had his little climax, unbeknownst to his sister, and stepped out of the shower once again opening and then closing the shower stall door.

"Hurry up," she added without knocking this time, though it was only moments before her brother stepped out, a towel wrapped around his still dripping body.

"Why is it you've always gotta pee when I'm showering anyway?" he asked her.

"Because of the shower running," Jessica said pushing past him, and then entered the bathroom closing and locking the door behind her. She heard her brother quickly head down the hall back towards his room, swiftly opening the shower stall door, smiling to herself when she looked down and saw what she hoped to find. "And today's was a good one too!" she thought to herself, finding a nice curdily wad of cum gathered around the plugged drain.

Scooping up as much of it as she could with two fingers, Jessica quickly sat down on the lid of the toilet stripping off her panties as she did so, lifting her night shirt up and over her full perky breasts where she parked the white splotch of curdled cum momentarily. Grabbing the hand mirror off the sink counter, she now held it between her legs, the closeness of her trimmed cunt staring at her, her pink lips already swollen with arousal and anticipation as she now took a portion of her white little treasure, applying it to her clit, which she now smeared, enjoying the sensation of it as it caressed her exposed hard little nubbin.

Jessica watched herself in the mirror, watched as she teased her stiff little girl prick using the almost egg-white textured sperm from her brother as she masturbated herself with it, moments later slicing off a bit more from her breast where it still sat, applying a bit of this to each of her nipples, feeling them harden and grow even more than they already were before taking the last of his spunk, once again back to her clit as she folded it between her lips, running her fingers up and down her now juicy split until the sensation of climax alerted her she was nearly there.

Still watching, she saw the first trickle of lubrication, her own feminine cum cream begin to run from the depths of her cunt, capturing this with the tips of her fingers as well, which she licked, and then sucked cleaning herself off thoroughly before gathering more, which she now used to tenderly tap the head of her clitty with, mixing her own juices with the last of that of her brothers.

As always, her orgasm was intensely satisfying, her tiny little wet spurts of pleasure soaking her hands which she cupped against her mound, feeling the warmth and throbbing spasms of release as she came, the image of seeing her brother fisting himself as he straddled the toilet firmly etched within her mind.

Jessica loved Wednesdays, it was almost a free day for her, though she often used it for study, having only a single class herself that day, though late in the afternoon. And though she wasn't so enthusiastic about the history class she was required to take, she often sat near enough to someone that she was interested in, a football star who was very popular and very good looking. The only problem with that being, he was two years her senior and had an attractive looking girlfriend, though even this hadn't stopped him from chatting with her in class, even flirting a little, unless his girlfriend came with him which she sometimes did, casting warning glances in Jessica's direction, though even that never stopped her from at least saying "hi" to him, eliciting a brief smile from him, and another warning scowl from her.

Still, it was the thought of seeing him later that had her bouncing happily downstairs to the kitchen where she quickly made one of her favorite breakfasts consisting of a bowl of fresh strawberries and a splash of thick cream. Had her mother not been sitting there enjoying a morning cup of coffee herself, she'd have been tempted to use some of that cream on herself, still aroused, still horny, and half tempted to secretly slip a dollop or two down between her legs anyway, even with her mother sitting close by.

"You're starting to really irritate your brother you know," her mother said looking up from the paper. "We do have another bathroom downstairs," she added once again reminding her that in addition to that, there was another room, though currently being used as a guest bedroom that Jessica could move into if she wanted. It was too "frilly" looking for Jared, or he might have done so himself. And like always, Jessica used the same excuse she always had in not moving into it herself.

"I would mom, but its only half the size of my own room, and doesn't have near the closet space!" she said once again fending her mother off.

"Then maybe you ought to give some thought to getting up before your brother does," she said letting the matter drop. Jessica merely smiled, knowing she had no intention of ever doing that, not for the moment anyway. "Well, I'd best get going myself," her mother said standing up from the table. "I have the late shift tonight," she added, "but I've put some meatloaf in the fridge that you can heat up in the microwave for you and your father when he gets home," she said.

It was another reason that Jessica liked Wednesdays, her mother usually worked late at the clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays, her father taking advantage of that as well, bowling on two different leagues each of those nights, bringing him home late on both evenings.

"Ok, have a good day mom," Jessica said giving her mother an affectionate kiss on the cheek as she left, finishing the last of her creamy strawberries before taking her plate to the sink, watching through the window as her mother backed out down the drive heading towards work. "Finally!" Jessica said aloud to herself, this time pouring a much larger quantity of the nearly pure cream into a glass, which she now took with her downstairs and into the den.

She was grinning excitedly when she arrived, setting the large glass of cream down on the coffee table, and then heading towards the entertainment center, turning on the TV. From there, she opened the large storage cabinet beneath, carefully rummaging through the tapes that she knew she would find there.

She laughed inwardly. It seemed everyone had their own naughty little secrets, including her father. His was a collection of dirty movies which he kept hidden, disguised as "war movies" by their covers, and kept on old VCR tapes which no-one else ever watched now that everything else was on CD's. Something else she had inadvertently stumbled onto years ago, and now going specifically to one of her favorites which she often watched more times than the rest. Popping it into the VCR, she hit play, then settled back onto the couch quickly stripping off her tee-shirt and panties, now comfortably nude as she picked up the remote and fast-forwarded through the opening moments of women inviting you to call this number or that one, pretending to be interested in you while you paid them money to jerk yourself off. Even so, Jessica had found some of these advertisements interesting, but only because there was usually a series of guy's cocks happily spurting their loads over the anxious women who were waiting to take your call.

There were several mini-movies on the tape, but there was one in particular she was really in the mood to watch at the moment. She even knew the name of all the actors by heart, eight men and one woman in this one, which she quickly found, once again hitting the play button and settling back into the couch to watch, legs lifted, bent at the knee, her pussy already throbbing in expectation of what was to come.

The movie began, and though she had watched it countless times already, it never failed to stir emotions and excitement in her every time that she did. A young blond headed girl that looked a little like herself was walking down the street late at night, suddenly a van pulls over next to her, and two men jump out abducting her. She is quickly thrown into the back of the van where terrified, she sees several other men who quickly blindfold her and bind her hands, along with gagging her preventing her from screaming. The next scene shows them arriving at some distant spot up in the mountains where she is again dragged from the van, her clothing removed, and where she is now secured to a nearby tree. Only then is her blindfold and gag removed where she is free to scream out all she wants, though she doesn't of course realizing the futility of it all, and now fearful as eight men surround her, each with enormous pricks that they begin rubbing against her nude body from all sides.

The young woman watches as all eight men stand stroking themselves, though Jessica always finds it amusing that none of them actually intend to rape or abuse her in anyway, choosing instead to merely whack themselves off against her, which the first of the men soon begin doing.

One of the main reasons that Jessica enjoys this particular video is that she doesn't have to pause or slow it down herself. The director, has chosen to slow each one of the deliciously thick creamy cumshots himself, showing them in slow motion, "An artsy attempt at decadence" Jessica muses to herself, though she welcomes it as she is now treated to one magnificent slow-motion cum spurting, one after the other as the terrified woman still bound to the tree, receives massive amounts of the men's cream which splashes against nearly every square inch of her beautiful body over a reasonably nice period of time. Just enough that Jessica can sit there envisioning herself as the woman, taking some of the cream she has brought with her in her glass, pouring it against herself in the exact places that the men stand, shooting their wads against the young woman, first her breasts of course, as well as her pussy, though towards the end, many of them ejaculating forcefully against the poor girls face until it is thick, sticky and covered in copious amounts of their cum-cream. By now, Jessica too has near emptied the entire glass on herself, frigging her cunt furiously with her fingers all the while, the last shot ... and one of her favorites still coming up, where the young girl is finally released.

It is expected perhaps that now being free she might try to run off and escape, even though she is naked. But the transformation is obvious, she is aroused, excited, and now in need of some relief herself. With cum running down her body everywhere, her breasts sticky with the delicious treat, she kneels, pleading with the men to give her more, to allow her to suck them, to fuck them, and have them come again. They are obviously delighted and pleased by this, soon granting her most decadent of desires, so that now the abduction turns into an all out orgy suck-fest as she kneels in a circle of men, all of whom which are again jerking themselves, waiting for their turn to be sucked off, with even more copious amounts of spray being shot against her face, her tits, as well as her ass and pussy as she accommodates and welcomes each and every one. She eventually comes herself, somehow doing so without even being touched as she shudders almost violently, cum streaking her face and entire body.

Jessica wonders if that's even possible, though she knows through personal experience she has been close to orgasm herself merely by playing with her own breasts over an extended period of time. But she has also known erotic dreams and orgasm without having done so, waking to the memory of it, to the quickly fading images of enormous cocks squirting large thick streamers of spunk against her body.

She has made herself come three times during the course of the movie, savoring each and every climax, each one a bit more intense, a bit more satisfying than the last one. But even this has only served to heat her passion even higher, her thoughts of "Robert" the football star tying her to a tree somewhere, then standing there squirting against her, over and over again until he finally kneels before her, licking and sucking her cunt until she screams out with the sweetest of pleasure, the salty taste of his semen still running down her face where she stands licking her lips as her orgasm finally begins to ebb.

Jessica quickly puts the video away back where it goes, ensuring that nothing in the room looks disturbed or out of place. Even the mess she has made with the cream is taken care of with the towel she had carefully placed and used beneath her. No curious stains mar her mother's couch beyond those of normal wear and tear.

Satisfied for the moment, it is now time to shower and dress herself in preparation for attending class. Jessica wonders hopefully so, that Robert will be alone today, she intends to dress even a bit more provocatively for him than she has usually done, tease and flirt with him a bit more perhaps and do whenever she can, while the all too often boring lecture goes on. She is glad that they sit so far in the back in the large auditorium, where they can quietly whisper on occasion without disturbing the professor or the rest of the class.

It is indeed her intent to tease him, see if she can get a reaction out of him today, more than the simple friendly smiles and cautious knowing looks and winks he has given her before.

It is an easy choice, selecting a tight form fitting tube-top that will perfectly mold her not overly large, but well-rounded breasts. She also selects a short denim skirt, electing to not wear any panties beneath it, though she is uncertain that he will ever know that, depending on circumstance more than anything else. Yet just the thought of her not wearing any helps to keep her aroused as she finishes dressing, putting on a pair of high heels that make her feel even sluttier before heading off to class.

Jessica was amongst the first to arrive, which was a bit of a risk for her in doing so. Robert could in fact arrive late, and be forced to take another seat sitting away from her, though she did have an option of moving if she needed to. But her biggest fear of course was that he would take a seat elsewhere away from her, though he never had, or worse, that his girlfriend would be with there with him, thus spoiling her plans entirely.

She watched nervously as the auditorium gradually began to fill, relieved when she saw him come through the door, alone ... actually looking up towards the back where she sat, smiling at her, even tossing her a quick wave before walking up towards her. She smiled happily to herself as he entered the row, already the moisture forming between her legs, worried a moment later as he took a seat, leaving an empty one between them. It wasn't unusual for his girlfriend to arrive late, sometimes even midway through the class, so she couldn't help but wonder if he was in fact saving her a seat.

Jessica was determined however, so even if she only had a little time to tease him some, and see where she might take this, she was going to use whatever time she had to the best of her advantage.

She was almost relieved when class started. Opening her binder, she cradled it in her arms, using one side of it to shield herself away from any prying eyes of those who sat on the same row, again only a few seats away from her. Having done so, Jessica lifted the bottom edge of her tube-top completely exposing a breast momentarily, making sure of course that Robert eventually saw that she had, which took a moment before he had glanced her way, then did a double-take doing so again when he realized what he was looking at. Jessica giggled, putting her boob back where it belonged and pretended to take interest in what the professor was saying, all the while looking over towards where Robert sat using her peripheral vision. He was busy scribbling something down on his note pad, which he quickly tore off and leaned over handing it to her.

"That was gusty!" He'd written, and then just beneath that another sentence. "And I don't mind telling you, you've really got nice tits!"

Having read the note, Jessica smiled, and then lifted her tube top up once again, this time baring them both briefly, and then penned some words on the same paper that he'd handed her, passing it back.

"The word should have been tit ... not tits. But now since I showed you both of them, you can say that. And speaking of which, since I showed you mine, how about you show me yours?" She added a smiley face to that, and then handed over the note.

Rob read it, grinning almost as widely as she was, pointed at his chest as though wondering if that's what she'd meant. Jessica shook her head "no" and looked down towards his crotch, letting him know in no uncertain terms as she did so what she'd meant.

He chuckled quietly shaking his head, though he looked over towards her. Jessica held the bottom of her tube top in her hands once again, lifting it just enough to show the well-rounded bottoms of her breasts without revealing them completely, then shook her head "no", once again pointing at his crotch before covering them up again.

Robert looked nervously around for a moment, then positioned his own large binder so that the side flap also concealed what he was doing as he quickly unzipped himself with his free hand, reaching in, and then producing his rather hard cock, though this too he allowed to be exposed for only a moment before hurriedly putting it away again.

Once again she scribbled him a message. "I'll keep my boobs out for as long as you keep your cock out," she challenged him.

Robert read the note and shook his head. He might be tempted, but he was obviously nervous too. In a way, it was like having a fish on the hook, if she weren't careful here, she'd lose him.

Jessica waited until she was sure he was looking at her, then she slipped her hand down between her legs, turning his way just enough so that he could see she was indeed sitting there without any panties on. She ran her fingers up and down her split, and then lifted them to her lips, sucking the two of them off as she did so. Robert's eyes were wide open in disbelief, but she saw him once again unzipping his pants, removing his even harder looking cock, allowing it to stand there much to her delight though he was careful to keep himself shielded behind his binder. Jessica continued to finger herself, ensuring that he had an even better view of her now totally exposed pussy as she did so. Robert continued to sit, watching her, until she made a motion with her hand that she wanted to see him jerking himself off. She added exposing her right breast to him as further incentive as she continued fingering her cunt, showing him the glistening moisture that she withdrew on her fingers, before spreading it across her lips seductively as well as to the hard tiny little surface of her dark colored areolas.

As she'd hoped, Robert began stroking himself, slowly at first, and then much more quickly as it became obvious that they did need to hurry things along for whatever reason, though Jessica had a pretty good idea what that reason might be as Robert looked periodically forward, not towards the professor who continued to lecture oblivious to what the two of them were doing, but down towards the side door that led into the auditorium. Obviously, Robert had indeed been expecting his girlfriend to show up at any moment.

"You gonna cum for me?" She mouthed towards him, and then grinned hopefully.

Robert gave her a quick nod of his head, obviously he was pretty close already, he took one last quick glance around to ensure no one was aware of what he or she were doing, and then tore off another sheet of paper, making a pocket out of it to which he pointed the head of his dick at. Jessica nodded her head excitedly, urging him on. In the next instant he was shooting his spunk into the paper, which he carefully folded in half, then into thirds afterwards, scribbling something on it before handing it off to her to read. She read the quick note he had scribbled on the cum-filled paper.

"Lick it," he'd written.

She quickly unfolded the note, saw the creamy thick wad of sperm contained within, lifting it to her face which she first inhaled, then licked, and then stuffed fully inside her mouth chewing it up entirely. Robert's eyes had grown as big around as saucers as he sat there watching her do this, finally stuffing his still semi-hard prick back into his pants as he did.

He had just finished tucking himself away when he glanced up and frantically noted that his girlfriend had just then entered the chamber. Jessica followed his gaze, turning back around in her seat, but she couldn't help but wonder what if anything Amanda had noticed, though from her vantage point, it couldn't have been much of anything as she saw it. Even so, Jessica once again sat demurely, her breasts once again discreetly covered, though her hard pointed little nipples continued to poke through the material. She almost laughed as she watched Robert quickly wipe a few traces of his cum from his fingers on the edge of his seat, as Amanda began making her way up the side railing towards them. Reaching the isle, she looked down the row, not at Robert who sat smiling, patting the empty chair for her, but at Jessica, giving her a daggerous look.

"Pardon me," she said quietly as she stood next to where Jessica sat, forced to sit up slightly in order for Amanda to get by, though she could have done so without requiring her to do that. She took her seat next to Robert, gave him a look, and then leaned forward in her chair effectively blocking either Jessica's or Robert's view of one another, making it too obvious if they were to try looking with Amanda sitting the way she had chosen to do.

As the class finally came to an end, Jessica sat pretending to take notes, even after it had. Amanda stood, as did Robert, "Excuse ... us," she added giving the word "us" additional emphasis. Jessica didn't bother looking up at the woman, though she did sit up giving her more room just as she did the first time, but this time, as Robert began to go by, she slipped a piece of paper into his back pocket, feeling sure that he felt her do that, especially as his hand came back to touch his pocket briefly once they'd reached the isle, though he didn't look back at her, following Amanda down the stairs instead, and who was in fact looking back towards her.

"That was interesting," Jessica mused to herself delightedly, but it certainly hadn't quenched her desires any. If anything, it had only inflamed them even more. "I need a night out," she thought to herself, and simultaneously thought of Jenny.

Jenny was her brother's ex-girlfriend. They'd broken up nearly a year ago now, but she had liked the woman and had remained close friends with her even after the split up with her brother. One of the reasons they had, was that Jenny tended to be a bit more on the wild side, something her idiot brother had been attracted to in the beginning, then got irritated over towards the end when Jenny kept being Jenny, and refused to become something other than what she'd been in the beginning. If anything, Jessica admired her for that, and had remained in close contact with her ever since.

Even though Jenny was two years older than she was, they got along fabulously, thinking alike in many ways. "Yes ... it had been a while," Jessica told her self, and she knew that Jenny would have a few ideas about that if she were to call her."

"Hey sweetie! How've you been?" Jenny answered excitedly when Jessica called her. "What's up?"

"Well, I decided that I wanted to let my hair down a little," Jessica told her. "Actually ... a lot!" she added. "Last time we went out together, I bailed on you because you were going into that club where you said things could get a little rough, a little wild."

"You sure?" Jenny asked pointedly. "Because I'm going there Friday night in fact, and you're welcome to come with. Still have that I.D. I got you?"

"Yep," Jessica said. "And yes ... I'm sure." She added with finality.

"Cool, want me to pick you up? Might be better since you're under age anyway, and don't want you caught out on the road driving. Besides, you can tell that stupid brother of yours that I'm coming by to pick you up, that should irritate him a little!"

Jessica laughed at that, especially knowing that it would when she told him. "That sounds great, what time?"

"I'll be there around nine, nine-thirty," Jenny said. "Plan on it being a late one though, the real fun doesn't even start until after midnight."

Jessica wore a tight fitting pair of jeans with heels, showing off her tight ass, and giving her five foot eight height a little extra, making her appear even taller. She wore a loose-fitting white blouse, though somewhat sheer with no bra, a hint of her dark chocolate colored nipples occasionally winking through the material as she moved about.

Jenny pulled up into the drive right on time as Jessica's brother stood peering out the window. "What's she doing here?" he asked

"We're going out," Jessica told him. "Don't wait up."

Jessica quickly jumped into the seat next to Jenny who'd given her an appreciative look. "Well, you look dressed to kill," she told her. "Just keep in mind though, dressed like that, you're going to get hit on a lot tonight."

"Isn't that the reason we're going?" Jessica laughed.

"It is, as long as you realize that these guys won't put up with a prick-teaser," she cautioned. "Don't flirt, just to be flirting, they won't take kindly to that. If you let someone start buying you drinks, or allow someone to hang around you all night, they'll be expecting a lot more than a simple goodnight kiss. You ok with that?" Jenny asked once again.

"I'll just follow your lead," Jessica said. "But yeah, I'm in a rather horny mood myself tonight, so I have no intention of ending the evening with a simple kiss from anyone, unless it's planted right on my pussy," she laughed.

"I wouldn't mind seeing that myself," Jenny said giving Jessica's leg an affectionate little squeeze.

Jessica hadn't been with another woman before either, but suddenly the notion of doing that didn't seem entirely out of the question either, especially if it was with Jenny, and perhaps another guy or two or even three as well.

They arrived at the club and went inside, quickly locating a table. "It's not as busy as I thought it would be," Jessica said already eyeing the few single men that were there, many of which were shooting pool on the other side of the room.

"It's early yet," Jenny responded doing the same, then added as she spotted someone just coming in. "Oh, this should be good, Red's here!"

Jessica looked over to where Jenny was looking, but she didn't see anyone fitting that description, only a big muscular biker with bright white hair that he wore long in a ponytail down his back. He had entered the bar with two other friends, both of who were black, and one looking an awful lot like Isaac Hayes, though even bigger. "Who you looking at?" She asked. But it became a mute point as Red spotted Jenny immediately coming towards her.

"Well, well ... look who' s here!" He said reaching down and lifting Jenny right up out of her seat and almost over his head, kissing her full on the mouth before setting her back down again.

"And who's this?" He said looking at Jessica appreciatively. "Not jail-bate I hope," he said leering at her.

"She's legal as far as that goes," Jenny assured him. "Jessica? Meet Red." Once again Red reached down picking Jessica straight up into the air with no more effort than it would take to lift a piece of paper. He kissed her as well before setting her down, Jessica in turn accepting the kiss and returning it fully.

"Why do they call you Red?" she found herself asking, though it was Jenny who answered.

"Because when he gets angry, his entire face turns bright red, that's why!" She laughed. "And trust me, you don't ever want to get Red angry."

Red shoved his face two inches before Jessica's staring her right in the eye, his face all tight and mean looking, "Yeah ... you don't want to piss me off!" he told her, and then smiled, his face suddenly all warm and friendly again, giving her another kiss on the forehead before taking a chair, spinning it around, and using the back of it to lean on.

"You two going to be here for a while?" he asked.

"We're planning on it," Jenny told him.

"Good, I've got some easy money over there that I want to go get," he said nodding his head over towards where the pool area was and where his two friends had already headed. "Maybe later we can hook up for a little fun if you're interested," he suggested, and then stood and wandered off before she could even answer.

Jessica had to admit, Red had been a little intimidating, but he still seemed nice enough, and wasn't bad looking either, even under all that rough exterior. "I take it you've been with him before," Jessica asked.

"Couple of times," Jenny admitted, as well as M.D, and Big D who are with him. But he's more like an occasional fuck-buddy when neither one of us can find anyone else we might be interested in," she told her, then leaned over half-whispering, "though it wouldn't hurt you to be nice to him yourself if you decide to. Having Red as a friend, rather than an enemy wouldn't do you any harm, especially with this crowd."

"So what's M.D. and Big D stand for?" She asked curiously, watching Red as he stood laughing and talking to his friends.

"Well, most everyone call's him Mad Dog, or MD for short. But the truth of the matter is, the guy actually does have a doctorate, imagine, a guy with a Ph d who enjoys riding around on a Harley!"

"And Big D?"

"Oh, that one's easy. Stands for Big Dick! And honey, does he ever have one too, biggest fucking prick you've ever seen in your entire life, can't even begin to possibly take it myself, though God knows I've tried!"

Jessica thought about it and smiled. "Hmm, maybe we should party with them later," she suggested openly. Jenny's eyes widened at that, and she grinned.

"Maybe I'll mention it to him then," Jenny said once again reaching over to fondly caress Jessica's upper thigh beneath the table. "I think they just might like that, I certainly know I would!"

It was a little while later when Jenny wandered off to use the restroom, stopping by the pool-tables on her way, talking to Red briefly as she did so. He glanced back to where Jessica was sitting and smiled, nodding his head.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

Jessica turned, a tall, not unattractive guy was standing next to her, already reaching out to take one of the available seats.

"Ah, no thanks," she said quickly. "I'm with someone."

"Yeah, I noticed, but if that other girl is the someone your with, you're in the wrong place."

Jessica smiled, trying to keep it friendly, but once again refusing his offer.

"How about a dance then?" He asked, though he reached for her, pulling her to her feet trying to kiss her simultaneously.

"We having a problem here?"

Jessica felt herself being let go, turning to find Red, MD and Big D as well as Jenny standing nearby.

"Red!" The guy said suddenly, sounding like Red was some close buddy of his he'd known for years or something. "No, no problems here, was just asking if the lady would let me buy her a drink."

Red stood smiling at the guy, but it wasn't exactly a friendly smile. "Mighty nice of you, in fact ... maybe you can buy us all a drink," he suggested with just a hint of "you'd better if you know what's good for you," thrown in with it as he spoke.

Nervously, he motioned for one of the waitresses to come over to the table. "Set them up for whatever it is they're drinking, on me..." he added, then sheepishly wandered back over towards his friends, all of which had suddenly turned away becoming interested in some other subject.

"Thanks," Jessica said.

"Best you stay close to Jenny," Red told her. "Or me," he added once again smiling. "Jenny mentioned you might like to party later," he asked curiously. Jessica returned the smile, nodding her head.

"Well, I've got a few more suckers to clean out first," he told them, "But I wouldn't mind a little appetizer before that if you two've got nothing better to do at the moment."

Red stood leading the girls over towards the bar. "Hey Mike, need to use the office for a few minutes," he stated simply not even waiting for a reply. The guy standing behind the bar merely nodded his head smiling. "Thanks," Red said and again led them down the hallway past the bathrooms to a back room where he produced a set of keys, unlocking it and let himself in. Jessica grinned at Jenny realizing that Red obviously had done this before, several times in fact if he had his own keys.

The room wasn't anything like Jessica had expected, it was clean with expensive looking furniture along with a working desk that was also almost as neat and orderly as the rest of the place. Red immediately took a seat on the massive couch, motioning for the girls to sit down on either side of him.

Jessica continued to stand for a moment eyeing the room. "What? Surprised?" Red asked. "You expecting a big stinky mess?" he laughed.

"Yes, well, sorta," She admitted to him. "Well, maybe another time I'll take you up to our spot if you'd like."

"Your spot?"

"Yeah, a place we like to go and party," he told her. "Outside!"

Just hearing that made Jessica even more wet between the legs. "I'd like that!" she told him. "I'd like that ... a lot!"

"Well then, I'll take you there, but for now, lets see some tit!" he said simply. Jenny didn't even hesitate, already beginning to unbutton her blouse. Seeing her, Jessica immediately began doing the same until the two of them sat there to either side of Red, their breasts bare and inviting as he reached out to fondle and compare the two of them simultaneously. "Very nice, very, very nice." he again smiled continuing to caress their breasts, playing with them like a kid with a new toy. "Unzip me," he added a moment later, it wasn't a suggestion.

Jessica was the first to respond this time, immediately slipping off the couch down on her knees, the zipper to his pants already coming down as Jenny now fumbled with his belt, undoing it. The moment she'd done so, it made it far easier for Jessica to take hold of Red's prick releasing it from the tight fitting pair of black leathers he was wearing.

"Oh my!" Jessica exclaimed the moment she had done so. "You sure this isn't the real reason they call you Red?" she asked. "It's all angry and Red looking!" she giggled waving his rock-hard prick back and forth.

Red burst out laughing. "I think I'm getting to like this one," he told Jenny.

"Thought you might," she responded already licking along one side of his massive swollen cock. Jessica took the hint and quickly began doing the same to the other.

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