Girls Night Out

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Jessica's obsession with cum leads her into a wild adventure of passion and delight far beyond her greatest fantasy.

She heard the alarm go off at 5:30, just as it had every day now for the past couple of months ever since her brother had begun attending classes at a local university. She waited until hearing the sounds of him pad down the hallway towards the bathroom which was directly across the hall from her own room, moments later the sound of the shower being turned on and the sliding door opening, closing. And like every morning since she'd first learned her brothers little secret, she rolled out of bed and quietly made her way to the bathroom easily picking the lock which she'd also learned how to do, cracking it open slightly and stood there waiting.

Jessica was the typical beautiful teenage woman who had only recently graduated from high school herself, one year behind her brother. With long blond hair, green eyes and a tight firm figure, Jessica easily attracted looks from a lot of men, so it wasn't that she had any problems meeting men, nor that she had a "thing" for her own brother either. It wasn't that at all, but Jessica did have her own little secret, something that she'd discovered quite by accident really, but something that now fascinated her, almost consumed her beyond reason. Jessica had a thing for cum.

She now stood with the door slightly ajar peering into the bathroom where her brother stood inside the shower, just steamy enough to prevent him from realizing the door was cracked open, but not so steamy that she couldn't see the movements of her brothers hand as he stood jacking himself off, just as he did every single day before heading off to school. She stood there in the doorway fingering her dark colored nipples, enjoying the sensation that it brought her in doing so while she stood there becoming more and more aroused with each passing moment.

The first time she had caught her brother jerking off had been quite by accident, she had gone to the bathroom, opening the door, which he'd forgotten to lock. Only then, he had stood over the toilet, his dick pointed down towards the bowl as the first streamer of spunk flew from his cock towards it the very moment that Jessica had walked in. She stood there watching it, watching him as another, then another leapt from his prick, though his orgasm long forgotten, eyes wild with shock and embarrassment as his sister simply stood there watching the jettison of cream with her own wide-eyed surprised interest. He had fled past her in a hurry, not even bothering to flush, the sound of his bedroom door slamming moments later, though in truth, she didn't even remember hearing it. She had walked over looking down into the toilet to see the milky-white curdles of his spunk still floating about lazily down inside the bowl.

Jessica certainly wasn't naive, but she'd never seen a man cum either, aside from a few video's she had seen, and the one half-blurred moment when she'd actually caught her brother, she'd never really seen a man actually climax, never got a good look at the creamy substance that spurted, nor did she know how it felt, tasted, or even smelled.

She smiled, remembering, just as she'd done before, now watching, waiting for the telltale signs that her brother was nearing his orgasm. She watched one hand come up bracing himself against the wall of the shower, the other still fisting his prick, which he now pointed down towards the drain, spreading his legs. She wished she could actually see his cum spurt, but it was nearly impossible for her to do so at this angle, and with the fall of the water concealing most of it when he did. And as much as she'd have liked to see it cum, it was enough to know he was about to. Turning the little lock with her fingers, Jessica quietly closed the door hearing the soft click, and then stood for a few moments more before pounding on the door with her fist.

"Come on Jared! Hurry up in there! I've got to pee!" she demanded impatiently.

He answered by turning off the shower, signaling to her as he did so that he'd had his little climax, unbeknownst to his sister, and stepped out of the shower once again opening and then closing the shower stall door.

"Hurry up," she added without knocking this time, though it was only moments before her brother stepped out, a towel wrapped around his still dripping body.

"Why is it you've always gotta pee when I'm showering anyway?" he asked her.

"Because of the shower running," Jessica said pushing past him, and then entered the bathroom closing and locking the door behind her. She heard her brother quickly head down the hall back towards his room, swiftly opening the shower stall door, smiling to herself when she looked down and saw what she hoped to find. "And today's was a good one too!" she thought to herself, finding a nice curdily wad of cum gathered around the plugged drain.

Scooping up as much of it as she could with two fingers, Jessica quickly sat down on the lid of the toilet stripping off her panties as she did so, lifting her night shirt up and over her full perky breasts where she parked the white splotch of curdled cum momentarily. Grabbing the hand mirror off the sink counter, she now held it between her legs, the closeness of her trimmed cunt staring at her, her pink lips already swollen with arousal and anticipation as she now took a portion of her white little treasure, applying it to her clit, which she now smeared, enjoying the sensation of it as it caressed her exposed hard little nubbin.

Jessica watched herself in the mirror, watched as she teased her stiff little girl prick using the almost egg-white textured sperm from her brother as she masturbated herself with it, moments later slicing off a bit more from her breast where it still sat, applying a bit of this to each of her nipples, feeling them harden and grow even more than they already were before taking the last of his spunk, once again back to her clit as she folded it between her lips, running her fingers up and down her now juicy split until the sensation of climax alerted her she was nearly there.

Still watching, she saw the first trickle of lubrication, her own feminine cum cream begin to run from the depths of her cunt, capturing this with the tips of her fingers as well, which she licked, and then sucked cleaning herself off thoroughly before gathering more, which she now used to tenderly tap the head of her clitty with, mixing her own juices with the last of that of her brothers.

As always, her orgasm was intensely satisfying, her tiny little wet spurts of pleasure soaking her hands which she cupped against her mound, feeling the warmth and throbbing spasms of release as she came, the image of seeing her brother fisting himself as he straddled the toilet firmly etched within her mind.

Jessica loved Wednesdays, it was almost a free day for her, though she often used it for study, having only a single class herself that day, though late in the afternoon. And though she wasn't so enthusiastic about the history class she was required to take, she often sat near enough to someone that she was interested in, a football star who was very popular and very good looking. The only problem with that being, he was two years her senior and had an attractive looking girlfriend, though even this hadn't stopped him from chatting with her in class, even flirting a little, unless his girlfriend came with him which she sometimes did, casting warning glances in Jessica's direction, though even that never stopped her from at least saying "hi" to him, eliciting a brief smile from him, and another warning scowl from her.

Still, it was the thought of seeing him later that had her bouncing happily downstairs to the kitchen where she quickly made one of her favorite breakfasts consisting of a bowl of fresh strawberries and a splash of thick cream. Had her mother not been sitting there enjoying a morning cup of coffee herself, she'd have been tempted to use some of that cream on herself, still aroused, still horny, and half tempted to secretly slip a dollop or two down between her legs anyway, even with her mother sitting close by.

"You're starting to really irritate your brother you know," her mother said looking up from the paper. "We do have another bathroom downstairs," she added once again reminding her that in addition to that, there was another room, though currently being used as a guest bedroom that Jessica could move into if she wanted. It was too "frilly" looking for Jared, or he might have done so himself. And like always, Jessica used the same excuse she always had in not moving into it herself.

"I would mom, but its only half the size of my own room, and doesn't have near the closet space!" she said once again fending her mother off.

"Then maybe you ought to give some thought to getting up before your brother does," she said letting the matter drop. Jessica merely smiled, knowing she had no intention of ever doing that, not for the moment anyway. "Well, I'd best get going myself," her mother said standing up from the table. "I have the late shift tonight," she added, "but I've put some meatloaf in the fridge that you can heat up in the microwave for you and your father when he gets home," she said.

It was another reason that Jessica liked Wednesdays, her mother usually worked late at the clinic on Wednesdays and Fridays, her father taking advantage of that as well, bowling on two different leagues each of those nights, bringing him home late on both evenings.

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