Breeder Escape

by fertile_kitty

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Rough, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A male breeder from the re-population colony at New Singapore escapes from custody and tries to maintain his composure with the women who are trying to smuggle him out to freedom...

Jacklyn looked slightly intimidated as she explained the set of instructions to the male breeder sitting nervously across the table from her. "Right now you are still all over the news but we have to move you to the countryside before the police sweep comes into our area" Jackie and two other members of the "Free to Live" underground movement - a human rights group opposed to the idea of male breeder internment. It had been 3 days since Jake had been declared missing from the colony and was now considered a federal fugitive by the New Singapore Authorities. Police cordon and search sweeps had been taking place round the clock since then and Jackie considered it somewhat of a miracle that the bribe they paid the border guard ended up working perfectly as planned. They had slipped out without incident on the first day and now had much more room to hide among the massive refugee population which lived right outside the city walls. Now they were in a safe house - a small run down apartment in a friendly neighborhood of the refugee ghetto.

If any police were coming by, she would be long gone before they could get a chance to search her building. She had met another underground contact, Jennifer who had brought food, clothing, false identification papers, and the group's escape plan for the breeder. The plan, saw the breeder being driven out to the countryside where local transportation had been arranged to take him by boat to Australia where he could seek asylum and hopefully live quietly in peace. Now all that was left was to implement the plan.

Jackie pointed out the locations on the map once again as she looked up the muscular man and felt sympathetic sorrow as he tried to make sense of the detailed instructions that were written out. "My name is Jake by the way" said the breeder as he looked up and gave a polite smile, making the conversation a little less formal. "Jackie" said Jackie immediately as she looked up at him, then spontaneously gave him the big hug she felt he was longing for. She knew that he had basically thrown his whole life away, his friends, his family, and his former self. If he got caught by the authorities, which was very possible, the authorities would try to make an example of him to deter future defections. A loss of moral at the breeder colony could be devastating to the re population efforts of the government. Jake was caught a bit off guard when he felt Jackie's arms wrap around him. He closed his eyes and returned the hug, wrapping his muscular biceps around her soft bouncy frame and tucking his head into her neck, hoping to escape for a moment all the problems that came with the giant can of worms he had just opened.

She felt good ... really good in his arms as he rubbed his skin against hers. Although there was a small fan eking out a breeze in the room, it was simply no match for the tropical heat wave that swept this area of the globe every year. Jackie's heart raced as she felt the breeder eagerly embrace her timid advance. She nestled her head under the tuck of his neck and breathed out deeply as her breasts pushed against his massive pectoral muscles. Jackie's heart skipped again as she felt him instinctively kissing her neck and slipping his hands under her shirt fondling the small of her back. "Mmmmm" groaned the breeder softly as he pushed his thickening meat against her inner thighs, loosing himself at that moment in the curves of her body. Jackie stepped back a bit in slight shock as she felt how quickly his shaft had hardened to rocky hardness against her lower tummy. "I'm ... I'm sorry" said Jake, shaking his head in regret as he snapped back to reality. "Its ... its ok" said Jackie as she realized that he had not been "relieved" in 4 days, agony for a male pumped up on a lifetime regimen of male hormones and other pharmaceuticals. Chastising herself internally for not for seeing this "problem" sooner, Jackie summoned her confidence and knelt down to free his aching shaft.

It was beautiful. Long, thick, and extremely warm, pulsating in her small hands pre-cum started flowing onto her fingers. "Ughhhh" groaned Jake as closed his eyes and took in the sweet and intoxicating feeling of her lips polishing his head as her fingers pumped their way up and down the shaft, getting it nice and lubricated. Before she had time to even get fully up to speed, Jake was already starting to thrust himself into her throat, a habit which had been trained into him from years of breeding. Hearing Jackie gag and choke slightly, Jake opened his eyes and snapped out of his routine, withdrawing himself from her and lifting her back up before turning her hips, arching her back and pushing her torso up against the old wooden wall.

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