The Telescope

by crotalusw

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A stargazer finds something a little more interesting in his view.

I've long been a fan of astronomy. Back when I was in elementary school, I was the one who'd create the model of the Solar System as my science project. I learned the names of the moons of the planets as well as all of the major constellations and many of the stars.

Going through my teen years, I sort of lost interest, but picked it back up again as an adult. When I saw the telescope, I knew I had to get it and seriously renew my search of the Cosmos.

That first night, I set up the telescope on my deck and started looking at the sky, restoring my familiarity with what I saw up there. It was exciting and brought back a lot of the joy of my childhood.

As I was glancing at my star charts, I happened to look over at my neighbor's house. She's always left her blinds open on her back door and I've often seen her working or playing with her kids or her many animals. We'd smile and wave, shouting greetings whenever we'd see each other over our fence.

Tonight, however, her kids were nowhere to be seen. She was apparently getting ready to watch a movie and wasn't wearing very much at all. I felt a twitch in my jeans as I saw her sensuous walk across the living room to get a snack. She had a cut-off tank top and panties on, which hugged her curves rather nicely. Her breasts were pushing the tank top away from her belly, accenting the lack of cloth covering her body.

She walked back to the couch and sat down to watch. From where I was, I couldn't see the movie, but she was quickly engrossed in what was being shown on the screen.

I couldn't see her reactions quite as well as I would have liked so I turned my telescope from the heavens and trained it on the angel in the house next door. It was like I was in the room with her and my penis immediately sprung to attention.

I've had a voyeur streak in me for many years and this was playing right into my fantasies.

Her breathing began to quicken and grew shallow. I was pleasantly surprised to see her nipples harden under her top. She had very luscious nipples that appeared to be begging for attention.

When she leaned back to move her legs, she ran her hands along her supple skin. That simple movement sent my heart into overdrive. I could feel my cock pulsing in time to her movements.

She let her hand trail around her tummy then work its way up under her top. She moved the cloth up and over her breast, revealing it to my view. It was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen. She was obviously turned on by whatever she was watching and her movements seemed to just accentuate her feelings. She began to cup her left breast, kneading it, her thumb and finger pinching her nipple occasionally. It was incredibly erotic to see her caress her breast that way. She began to work her breast with more fervor as her other hand slipped down and began to slip inside of her panties.

I could see her hand slide deep between her legs and knew she was sliding her fingers between her wet lips. I could see moisture on her panties, which pointed at her incredible excitement.

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