Xtreme Shorts - 2

by XTremeInk

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Sadistic, Torture, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A little play time for husband and wife. If by play you mean torture...(repost, was removed from site at author request)


Katie looked down at the devices attached to her small breasts, trying to remain very still. She couldn't even take a deep breath because that might set them off. It was going to happen eventually anyway, but it was important to not lose too soon.

Ed stepped back and admired his slave. She was certainly in a very precarious position. He wanted to wait a few more minutes and admire his handiwork before he started in on her. Who knew, perhaps she would lose before he even started. He hoped not.


She was naked, of course. She spent most of her weekends naked. Currently she was standing with her legs spread wide and tied to rings in the floor. This granted him full access to her cunt and asshole. Her hands were cuffed together with wide leather cuffs and attached to a rope over her head.

Katie's smooth, pale body was beautiful to see. Her short, dark red hair framed a pixie-like face. Except for the hair on her head, she had been waxed clean yesterday evening. Since she had no tits to speak of, and was rather short, she looked like she was about 14. Something Ed would remind her of to humiliate her. Between her widespread thighs, he could see her swelling sex. Apparently the suction cup he'd put over her clit and the two metal clips that he'd attached to her inner cunt lips were having an effect. There were strings attached to the clips that were tied to the rings in the floor and they pulled her lips cruelly when she shifted even a little. He smiled knowing just how much an effect it would soon be having as he turned around and plugged in the last connection. He loved the sight of her delicate, pink lips being harshly pulled wide by the clips.

"You're wired for sound now," he said grinning at her. Her deep blue eyes flashed at him. Apparently she didn't appreciated the joke.

He'd placed a dental gag in her mouth which forced it very wide. Drool was starting to drip from her chin as she stood there looking at him. But that wasn't all he'd done. In front of her mouth, attached to the gag, was a small condenser microphone. It was connected to a box, which the wires leading from her sex were also connected to. Any noise that she made would be picked up by the mike. This would activate the box and cause her clit and pussy lips to be shocked. The louder the noise, the harder the shock. If she screamed too loud, the shock would get quite severe.

That wasn't the worst of it though. Nope. The worst was what he was going to do to her small tits. Or more accurately, to her large, pink nipples.

Ed took a fat, pink nipple and began rolling it in his fingers. It was hard in no time. He attached a clamp to it. The clamp made his job easy because the jaws had holes in them. He smiled as he began to push a thick needle into her nipple.

"Ng ... Mmph ... Uh." Despite her best efforts, Katie was unable to keep completely silent. Each small sound translated into a low, buzzing shock to her aroused sex. By the time Ed had pushed a thick bar through the new hole in her nipple, Katie was close to cuming and could feel sticky cream oozing from her sex.

Ed bent and reached between her legs and scooped a thick glob of white cream from her cunt.

"Here you go," he said as he wiped his fingers on her tongue. "I know how much you like the taste of your cunt."

Katie blushed red as he dipped his finger back in her cunt then wiped her slimy mucous under her nose. She blushed because it was true. Katie loved the taste and smell of a hot cunt. Now with every breath she took, her musky scent filled her nostrils.

Ed returned to his work and soon her other nipple had a horizontal bar through it as well. Katie was panting through her nose while small trails of red blood stained the skin of her flat chest. She'd found panting through her mouth caused her cunt to be shocked.

"Almost done," Ed said cheerfully as he moved a table over to where she was standing.

Katie's eyes closed briefly as she fought the pain in her nipples. As much as they hurt, she knew they'd be hurting a lot more later. Katie was a pain slut, but wondered if this was going to be too much for her. Ed positioned the table very carefully, then adjusted it's height so that the top was just under her nipples. Then he moved it until it was touching her chest. Katie looked down at the two instruments of torture that would be applied to her nipples.

Ed continued humming to himself as he set up and attached the last element of Katie's bondage. It was really quite clever, he thought and would be quite painful in the end. Each nipple bar had a string looped around it. The string was then pulled, causing the nipple to be painfully stretched. The other end of the string was attached to the trigger of a mouse trap.

Ed had modified each trap so that simply pulling on the trigger wouldn't set it off. Side to side motion would though. Each trap had been screwed into the table top and he'd added a wide piece of metal on each of the bars that would be slamming down on her nipples when the traps were sprung.

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