In Her Own Words

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, DomSub, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: True Sex Story: Prologue - The adventures of my submissive slut who is marreid to another but owned by me. This story is told in her own words and is true!

Her husband has no idea that his conservative, sweet blond wife is my submissive slut. He has no idea that it is I who order her to fuck him or suck his cock or to withhold sex from him. He has no clue what she is really like or what she really desires. Anything from double penetration to same sex encounters, Katherine does as I command. I wonder if he even thinks about the ring on her wedding toe that signifies that she is mine to do with as I please or that her nails have been painted a pearly color at my wish, the color of my cum. Or that she never wears panties to work and once a week inserts a butt plug in her pretty asshole and wears it at work for at least half a day while I turn her on with frequent emails and phone calls until she begs for my permission to cum; to masturbate in the restroom.

Katherine is 44, 5 foot 4 inches of pure sex with a lean body, tight ass, and 36B tits with nipples that are perpetually erect. A sweet mouth and conservative working woman persona hide a bisexual, cocksucking, dp loving, multiorgasmic slut. These are the adventures of my little slut, Katherine, MLS as I call her, in her own words!

"Sir, I am so horny! You know the feeling of having this plug in my asshole, the humiliating aspect of what I am doing and why, is so hot to me. I feel like I just want to lift my dress and show the world what a slut I am and what I'm doing! I wish it was your cock in my ass and not the plug though. Yet, I walk through the office and everyone thinks I'm just a normal working woman."

1. As instructed to by my Dom, I talked to Beth last night. I told her that I wanted to see her and that I wanted to have a little fun if she was up for it. She started talking dirty asking me if I wanted her to lick my kitty. And, she said I was the best lesbian in denial that she knows.

She wanted to know if I was doing this to get at my husband. I told her I love cock and that I was only trying to break free of the same old thing all of the time. I asked her if we could play with her friend. She wanted to know if I would like to just go out with her friend. I told her I wanted to try a three sum. She called me later and told me that I should come over on Friday, and that there will be a big surprise for me. I asked her what was going on and she wouldn't tell me. Now I'm afraid and I'm kind of excited.

After work on Friday, I went home to shave my legs and trim up my bush before going to Beth's. I got over to Beth's place and her friend Carol was there. We had wine and played music and danced in the kitchen, sometimes with a little kissing and touching. Then her other friend Susan showed up too. I didn't know who all was coming. Susan kept talking to a friend of her's on the phone telling her to come over and Beth either talked to her or someone else. I was getting ready to bail because I could tell this was going to be like 10 people and I didn't want that! But, after a bit it was clear that we four were it.

We grilled some salmon and made a really nice meal and had fun doing it so that helped me calm down and I liked all of them. Carol was a little bit of a bitchy type with little tits; A-cup for sure maybe even AA. She is 5' 5" and 120 lbs with a little bit larger butt. She is rough and a bit of a bitch. Heather is close to 6 feet tall, long legs and B-Cup tits. She works out and runs all the time and could pass for a Barbie doll. Everyone looks at her! Playboy would make her a centerfold. She thinks I am a lesbian in denial.

Susan was happy and fun about everything and she is really pretty. She has dark brown hair, I would guess 5' tall, 115 lbs, big tits and very thi, DD is my guess. She is shaved, in fact all of them are. I'm not, just trimmed ... She is very pretty, very sweet, and extremely sexy. Both Susan and Carol were married with kids.

After dinner, we all put on our suits and went out to the hot tub with our wine. We were all feeling pretty good and Susan started things by sliding over to me and kissing me while we all laughed and sort of moved to the music in the tub. Her breasts are so full and nice, I kept looking at them! She put her hand under me and rubbed my pussy through my suit and I was soon all horny and couldn't wait to get started. I pulled her straps off her shoulders and tugged her suit down so her tits popped out and kissed and licked her thick nipples. She was running her hands all over me. Carol took Beth's top off too and was playing with her tits.

Carol came behind me and played with my breasts rolling my nipples between her thumb and forefinger, tugging on them while Susan and I kissed, sucking each others tongue. Susan rubbed my pussy and I did the same to her, and I was licking her nipples; we both got pretty worked up. Beth had gone in the house for more wine and put blankets and pillows in the living room and laid some toys out. She came to the hot tub and suggested we all get our PJ's on. I had a sexy outfit on and each of the ladies went into a bedroom and came out in sexy outfits too.

Carol took no time to go in the bedroom and came out wearing a strap on she brought and was sort of taking charge. She walked up to Susan and told her "panties off." Then she said the same to Beth and me. We were drinking wine and giggling, Beth adjusted the temperature so the room wasn't so cool. Carol kissed Susan deeply with lots of tongue and pushed her back in a chair. Susan laid back and spread her legs and pulled her knees up as Carol shoved her "cock" in and began fucking her! I sat and watched with Beth and got so turned on watching this woman start panting and cumming with loud moans.

I was playing with my clit while I watched. Carol pulled away leaving Susan laying there still cumming and Beth went right down and started licking Susan's gaping pussy. Carol got behind Beth and started fucking her while she was tongue fucking Susan. The room reeked of sex!

So there I was with Susan laying in front of me on her back, Beth burying her face in Susan's pussy and her tits are flying all over as she's cumming, and Carol is fucking Beth from behind. I'm just watching and feeling horny as hell and left out! Carol looks at me, pulls out of Beth and points to Beth's ass, telling me, "get in there and eat her honey." So I get behind Beth and begin slow licks of her pussy from behind as Carol gets behind me and begins fucking my horny cunt, I came!

I tried to lick Beth but I was cumming so hard, I put my ass up and my chest on a pillow and let her fuck me! I don't remember all of what I said but I lost it and was begging her to fuck me hard. Susan and Beth left the room. Carol began to be a little bitch with me, slapping my ass and pinching my butt and my boobs. She would pull out and push fingers in me and call me a slut and a fucking horny bitch. I came at least three times until I saw stars and almost forgot to breathe! She stopped and laid on her back, I helped her get the toy off and went down on her pussy tongue fucking her while she laid there. Once she was close to cumming, she pushed me on my back and straddled my face I pushed my tongue into her pussy and she came.

We showered and went back in the hot tub to relax. Beth and Susan were in the bedroom and joined us in the tub. We were all feeling no pain from the wine. We relaxed and played in the hot tub, then made a fire outside and snuggled in blankets a little. Carol and Beth went in the house and started playing with each other. Carol was being rather bitchy about who did what and more or less told Susan to get her ass in there and join them and to, "bring your little blonde friend too", meaning me. Susan told her she and I were going to bed and we stayed outside talking for a hour or two.

While Carol and Beth were in Beth's bedroom with the door closed, Susan took me by the hand and brought me to the guest bedroom. She undressed and got on top of me kissing me and rubbing me and putting her fingers in my sopping wet pussy! I came on her hand! We then got in the 69 position and she was on top but she didn't stay like that long. Susan has a large clit and I sucked it like a cock! She was pulling my hair while I did that and had an explosive orgasm.

I licked and pushed my tongue deep into her pussy and used my fingers too. We fell asleep and I woke up at 10 in the morning. Beth was the only one still there and she just kissed me and told me to call her this week. I went home and slept most of the day Saturday.

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