Aunt Sioux

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Aunt, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Brian learns a lot more from his Aunt Sioux than just about his heritage.

After graduating from high school, I found myself not entirely sure about what I wanted to do, whether to go back to school, or join the service. And on top of all that, my long-term girlfriend and I had broken up as she was headed off to college, and wanted to be "free" to explore her "options" as she'd put it to me.

I had moped around the house for several days, even the part-time job I'd been working no longer interesting, which made it even more boring for me, and more irritating for my folks.

"Brian? Why don't you go and stay with my sister for a few weeks, give yourself a chance to get away, think and relax a little," she'd suggested.

It really wasn't a half-bad idea. My Aunt Susan was my mother's youngest sister and only sixteen years older than I was, which had always made it a lot easier for me to confide in her at times whenever she'd come for a visit. So we'd always been reasonably close anyway with someone to talk to about my girl-friend problems when we'd sat down and discussed them in the past.

She had been divorced herself now for almost two years, my Uncle, though I really never thought of him like that, was a drunk and an abuser, and when my Aunt had finally had enough of it, she'd sent him packing.

As kids, my mother, aunt, and one other brother had lived on what was back then considered a working ranch, though since then my aunt maintained a small stable of horses, many of which she took care of and fed for other horse-owners as a way to bring in a little extra income, though she lived well enough off the small inheritance they'd all gotten when my grandparents had passed away.

And though I'd only visited the place briefly a few times, it was indeed very peaceful there, though back then, one of the reasons I didn't enjoy going was that it seemed like there was always work to do. Now, the thought of spending some time there, getting my mind off things and head cleared, even if I did work around the ranch, seemed just the ticket.

Mom was pleased by my decision to go, and soon after called my aunt to let her know to meet me at the bus depot the following day.

It had been nearly six month's since I'd seen her last, but when I did, she looked even younger than I remembered, possibly because she was free from all the stress she'd been under herself, and if anything looking far healthier too. Of course, that might have had something to do with the fact she didn't dress, or look like a "mom" either, meeting me at the bus depot with a tight fitting pair of jeans on that molded and sculptured her ass, not to mention the man's white shirt she wore with the shirt-tail tied in a knot just beneath her breasts, leaving her firm belly exposed which I'd found quite attractive when seeing her dressed like that before. My Aunt wore her dark brown hair long in a pony-tail that I'd rarely seen her wear otherwise, the Indian that was in our family, coming out more in her than in anyone else, especially with her high cheekbones and dark, almost coal black eyes which I'd always found very alluring.

"Brian!" she'd grinned, giving me a big hug and a kiss only moments after stepping off the bus. "I'm so glad you came, we have a lot of catching up to do!"

"I'm glad I came too Sioux," I told her. "I really did need to get away from things, so I'm glad you let me come for a visit." My Aunt had formally and purposely had her named changed from Sue to Sioux, which she'd gotten quite a kick out of in writing it on any formal documents, and which had often raised a few curious eyebrows and questions. I loved calling her "Sioux" meaning the word whenever I used it.

"Don't be silly, you damn well know you can come here anytime, for as long as you want anytime too!" She added.

Long ago when I'd first began to confide in her, I'd called her "Aunt Susan", which is also when she told me she felt more comfortable talking to me, if I'd simply refer to her as "Sue", and then later as "Sioux" after she'd changed it. And though not many might have heard the subtle difference in saying her name, I did. But I loved calling her that, that way neither one of us would feel awkward sharing, or discussing some of the things we did back then. So ever since, though she was still my Aunt, I always called her "Sioux" from that day forward, even though at times Mom felt I was being disrespectful until Sioux told her she preferred it that way.

We arrived at the ranch, and Sioux immediately drove over to where the Guest House was, which used to be the old bunk-house back in the old days, which she had now fixed up and even rented out on occasion to guests, so it was really fixed up with a private modern bathroom, kitchenette, and all the conveniences, And though there was plenty of room in the main house, Sioux knew how much I'd appreciate having a little seclusion and privacy for myself.

"And Brian? You can stay here for as long as you'd like," she told me. "Don't have any scheduled guests coming, except for one or two owners who might come by, but other than that, no one else."

"Thanks Sioux," I said honestly, actually feeling relaxed for the first time in recent memory. "I really appreciate it."

"Listen, why don't you go ahead and get settled in, and then when you feel like it, we'll take a couple of the horses out for a ride, how's that sound?"

It sounded great, it had also been a long time since I'd been out riding, and I was really looking forward to it. "I'm ready to go whenever you are!" I said tossing my single bag onto the bed.

She laughed, "Well then, let's go saddle the horses!"

I'd almost forgotten how beautiful the country was around the ranch, especially with the closest neighbors to her almost twenty miles away. As we ambled along the old trail, making our way slowly up one of the mountains that was nearby, Sioux decided to take me on a small detour, a place I hadn't been to for years.

"Lets ride up to Blue Lake," she'd said, "Been a while since I've ridden up there myself."

I was glad we did, it was even more beautiful than I remembered, a small little lake that we'd often fished at, gone swimming in when I was a kid. By the time we arrived, we were both hot and thirsty. Sioux had brought along a small picnic lunch along with a couple of cold bottles of beer that she'd kept in a special insulated compartment she'd made in one of her saddle-bags.


"What?" I asked.

"Just wish I'd thought about coming here before we left, I'd have packed a swim-suit," she told me.

"Yeah, damn is right!" I found myself agreeing, "Would have been nice to go for a swim."

Sioux looked at me. "I won't tell if you don't," she said standing up, and then to my surprise, undid the knot of the shirt she was wearing beneath her breasts, opening her blouse and just like that, removed it. Although she turned her back towards me as she likewise began to work on her jeans, I'd caught myself sitting there staring at her magnificent breasts for a moment, until prudence reminded me not to, though she'd already turned around by that time as well. I realized however, she was also giving me the opportunity and privacy to strip off my own clothing too, which I quickly began doing.

By the time I was naked, Sioux was already in the water, so the last laugh was on me as I ran to the lake, covering my privates with my hands as I did, which must have looked damn funny to her as she laughed hysterically while waiting for me to join her. I dove in, quickly reaching her in a few strokes, surfacing, though catching a pretty good look at her magnificent naked body just before I did.

"Fucking cold isn't it?" She said the moment I surfaced, and it was, the shock of it still tingling against my flesh, though we both knew we'd get used to it in a few minutes when it would suddenly feel good. Still, it wasn't the shock of the cold water against my skin that had taken me by surprise, it was hearing Sioux use the word "Fuck", something I'd never heard come out of her mouth before, though she'd certainly used a few other choice words on occasion.

And as though reading my mind, she smiled. "You can say whatever you'd like while you're here," she told me. "And I also want you to feel comfortable enough to tell me whatever it is that's bothering you too. I may be your Aunt," she said reminding me for a moment that she was, "but while you're here, I'm also a friend."

"Ah, that's good," I said teeth chattering, still not quite used to the cold water, "because otherwise I'd be swimming naked with my aunt, and not my friend," I grinned back at her.

Sioux pushed my head beneath the water at that point, but not before lifting herself out of the water in order to do so, once again giving me a much closer view of her tits, whose nipples now stood hard and firm against the cold as she placed her hands upon my head pushing me down, and then swimming out of reach before I could retaliate.

As refreshing and as much needed as our swim had been, it was still too cold to stay in for very long, so after a few more splashes of water back and forth at one another, along with a dunk of my own on her as payback, we headed back towards the shore. Once again, Sioux reached it before I did, and casually got out, making her way over towards a pile of large rocks and boulders that we used to sit on and fish from, rather than making her way over towards the horses, where our clothing was.

I stood momentarily waist deep still in the water, unsure of what to do at that point. I had a problem, which I only then realized, blushing at my own insecurities. Sioux had of course reached the rocks by now, finding one to sit on and allow the sun to dry her off with, looking towards me, and once again laughing.

"I promise, I won't look," she snickered once again. "I know what happens to men when they've been in cold water," she informed me.

Finding courage, I headed towards her, once again covering myself with my hand, which was far easier to do this time than it had been the first time. She sat with her face turned up towards the sun, eyes closed, once again giving me some measure of privacy perhaps, but certainly making herself very vulnerable to me as I neared her. I couldn't help but gaze at her near flawless body as she sat on the rock, reminding me of a mermaid, without the tail perhaps, as she'd undone her pony-tail, allowing that long thick mane of dark hair to fan out around her shoulders in order to dry.

I placed myself on another rock next to her only a few feet away before she opened her eyes and looked at me. "Better?"

Wasn't sure what she'd actually meant by that, but I answered. "Yeah, much."

She smiled, though continuing to sit there without feeling embarrassed obviously by her nudity, nor mine. "You've grown since I last saw you," she said.

Stupidly, I glanced down at my crotch since I no longer sat covering myself with my hands.

Sioux burst out laughing, "Well ... that too obviously, but that's not what I meant."

Now I really did feel stupid and felt my face turning crimson. "What I meant was ... you've changed a lot since I saw you last, you look ... older even."

"Thanks ... I think," I countered not sure what she meant by that one either really. "You look younger."

She did know what I meant by that. "Yeah, I feel younger, more alive now too. I was dead inside for a while."

"I know. Sort of how I feel now, though not nearly as bad as you," I amended remembering the way she had looked.

Sioux spun around on the rock, now facing me directly, the fact that she was nude suddenly no longer of importance, at least to her anyway. But it was hard not to look when she did that, so for the briefest of moments I did, before focusing on her eyes instead. I was surprised to discover, which was hard not too, that she was completely shaved, yet seemed not at all uncomfortable when presenting herself to me like that. And to be honest, I was surprised that she was.

"So tell me Brian, what happened between you and Chris anyway?"

"It's a long story, and sort of hard to explain it."

Sioux lifted her arms, looked around. "Don't see that we're in any big hurry to go anywhere," she said simply. "So spill it, what happened?"

Lifting her arms merely drew my attention back to her full breasts, I again had to force myself to look away, looking back at the Lake instead as I began. Doing that, made it easier for me to do so too.

"Don't laugh, but the truth is, I'm still a virgin," I told her. She didn't laugh, in fact she didn't say a word, though I looked back towards her and saw a small knowing smile on her face.

"Go on..."

"Not that I want to be either," I admitted. "Nor did Chris, she in fact wanted to very much."

"Well then? Why didn't you?"

"Like I said, long story."

"And like I said ... you in some hurry to get some place?"

Now I laughed. "No, not really."

"Well then?"

"I wanted to, we both did. But I didn't want to just do it in the back seat of the car, or anywhere else where we'd be too nervous or afraid of getting caught or something either."

"Yeah, I understand, looking back, I wish I hadn't done it that way myself! Anyway, please continue."

"Well, believe it or not, Chris got upset with me over it, saying I was the one who was being silly about wanting someplace "perfect" to do it the first time."

"She did?"

"Yeah, seriously, she did. And not that we didn't fool around a lot, we had, done a lot of things," I told my Aunt, surprised to hear myself admitting that to her. "But we'd never gone all the way."

Now she did laugh. "Not laughing at you Brian, just the situation. Usually it's the girls, and not the guys that want the first time to be something magical, and not saying you did exactly, but that you were trying to be considerate enough to realize that's what most women usually want."

"Obviously not."

"Obviously. So then what happened?"

"Well, like we've done before whenever we had an argument, we quit seeing one another for a few days. In the past, we've never said we're breaking up, or anything like that, we'd just sort of avoid one another, then when we'd cooled down, we'd pick it up just like we'd never been apart."

"Except this time," she said beginning to understand.

"Yeah, except this time. And except that this time, I saw her with another one of the guys from school, and when I asked her best friend about it, she told me that as far as Chris was concerned, we were over with. I learned later on, she and this guy had ended up in bed together, which I confirmed a few days later when I ran into her, and she wouldn't even look at me. Not one of those, "I hate you go away looks," either. She looked..."


"Yeah, ashamed, and then I knew."

"Gee, I'm sorry Brian, but maybe it really is for the best. I know you liked Chris, maybe even loved her, but maybe the two of you really did need some time away from one another, give both of you a chance to breathe and not any even bigger mistakes. And trust me, we all make mistakes, I certainly did, but hopefully, we learn from them too. But look at me now!"

I couldn't help but look at her, especially as she sat there naked beneath the sun looking more gorgeous and beautiful than any woman I'd ever seen.

"I'm happy, content, and I'm not even seeing anyone!" She finished saying.

"But don't you ever get..." I swallowed, realizing what I was about to say, to ask her.

"Aroused? Horny?" She laughed. "Of course I do, but girls ... whether you believe it or not Brian, do the same things that boys do all the time to relieve that." She pumped her hand in an up and down motion, making me laugh. "Only we do it just a little differently, but it's still the same, and usually for the same reasons."

I truly did love my Aunt. She made me feel far more comfortable being around her in the nude, than I felt around any of the other girls I knew fully clothed. "Yeah well, it still didn't make it any easier," I said remembering, feeling a bit sorry for myself once again. "Easier now that she just up and took off one day, deciding to go off to college out of town and away from here, well me actually I guess."

"Better for you both. Gives you a chance to decide what you want to do with your life, and gives her a chance to think about what she did with hers."

I thought about that and smiled again. "True, and in the meantime, I can do that here ... with you, my favorite Aunt."

Sioux put her foot in the water and kicked it towards me. "Your ONLY Aunt, you mean!" But as she did that, she also slipped falling pretty hard to the ground as she did, landing on her ass, but scraping her back up pretty good against the rocks when she fell.

"Fuck!" I heard her use the word now for the second time in my life. "That fucking hurt!"

"You ok?"

"I don't know, how's my back?" She turned so I could see it, she had a couple of pretty nasty scrapes that were bleeding and needed to be attended to, plus another pretty raw looking strawberry mark on her ass.

"We should clean those up and bandage them," I told her.

"There's a small first-aid kit in my saddle bags," she said. "Grab that along with the rolled up blanket behind my saddle. We can spread that out on the ground for me to lie on while we play doctor."

I was half way back to the horses already when she said that, turning around to look back at her having heard her comment. She was grinning, obviously remembering a time long, long ago when she'd walked in on me and the next-door neighbor girl whom I'd been doing just exactly that with. She'd never said a word to my mother about the incident, which had permanently cemented my trust in her from that moment on.

I quickly hurried back with the first-aid kit and blanket, spreading it on the ground. I washed her cuts and bruises with some clean water, and then poured some peroxide on them to clean them out even better. She squirmed on the blanket beneath me as I sat beside her.


"No ... it actually tickles," she said. "Well, sorta hurts, but in a good way, just like life can do sometimes," she added. "Life is like..."

"Don't say it," I warned her. Everyone who'd ever seen the movie loved it. Except me, I thought it was dumb beyond reason even though I admired the hell out of Tom Hanks.

She finished it anyway, trying to imitate Forest Gump as she said it. " ... a box of chocolates, you never know which one you're gonna get!"

And just like whenever she'd used that phrase around me before, I would go after her, trying to tickle her into taking it back knowing just how ticklish she really was. Only this time, as I reached out to do that, I realized I had nothing but bare flesh sitting in front of me.

"Ah ha!" She said grinning even more broadly, "And to think, all I'd had to do in the past was remove my blouse, and you'd have given up trying to tickle me!"

I felt my face turning bright red once again. Especially as she'd now rolled over onto her back facing me once again with her beautifully exposed breasts staring me in the face.

"Go ahead, I dare ya!"

Maybe it was that, maybe it was because we were laughing, joking around, playing the way we used to do, even though she was naked, but in the next instant, I had reached out, placing my hands on both of her breasts, though I did nothing more than that, except look up into her eyes.

What I saw there wasn't shock, or fear, or disgust, or any of that. Surprise maybe, but a surprised smile too, which helped.

"You are getting bolder and wiser in your young age too!" she said with a wink. I let go of her tits, once again sitting back on my haunches. Sioux once again rolling over onto her stomach. "Put some more of that ointment on them," she told me, then bandage them up. After that, we'd probably ought to be heading back."

I wasn't sure she wanted me touching her ass, but when I did, she didn't flinch away from me doing it either. She was going to have a pretty sore butt to be sure, which proved itself out as we went a lot slower on the way back than we had getting up here.

Additionally, even after we'd dressed and mounted up again, though Sioux had put the shirt back on she'd been wearing, she didn't button it up this time, just tying it once again beneath her breasts, though telling me it felt better with it loose on her, than chaffing the various scratches on her back.

It took us well over an hour to make it back, unsaddling the horses, then giving them a quick rub down before turning them loose to graze and water.

"Now, go unpack and settle in, meanwhile I'll fix us up some grub," she said shooing me away.

As I did so, I thought about the afternoon, about everything that had happened, things that were said. And of course I couldn't help but remember the way she'd looked, sitting there naked as she was, and how beautiful she truly was too. When I realized I was becoming aroused, very much so, I immediately shook those thoughts from my head, chastising myself for even thinking them, and headed off towards the main house. By the time I got there, Sioux was indeed busily fixing dinner, though she'd changed from the tight fitting jeans she'd been wearing into a simple pair of cotton panties and a loose white fitting tee-shirt.

"Hope you don't mind," she said when she noticed me looking at her. "But this is the way I run around the house most of the time, more comfortable for me at least, unless my being dressed like this makes you uncomfortable."

"It's your house," I said simply. "You could run around in the nude and it wouldn't bother me any!" She glanced over her shoulder towards me when I said that.

"Oh, it wouldn't would it?" she said.

"You know what I mean," I told her. "It's your house, you can wear, or not wear whatever you want. What I mean to say is, you can be naked if you want to, if that's what you usually do, won't bother me if you do, not that seeing you naked bothers me, well ... I mean not the way that sounded of course, just that..."



"You're rambling," she said laughing. "It's ok, I get the point, and this IS the way I like to dress if I'm not outside doing chores, so if you're ok with it."

"I am." I said simply, and let it drop.

We spent most of dinner just catching up on things, what'd I'd been doing, how my folks were, what she'd been doing, things like that without getting into anything too deep or serious. It was a pleasant dinner, and we both enjoyed it immensely. As I stood next to her at the sink washing dishes while she dried, I'd accidentally splashed her with water, soaking the front of her shirt. Naturally, it clung to her like a glove, highlighting her magnificent breasts once again, not to mention hardening her nipples.

"You really enjoy staring at my tits don't you?" She said teasingly. I looked up, realizing I had been. But she laughed once again, easing my embarrassment. "Really has been a while for you hasn't it?" she added, "For me too." She quickly finished drying the last plate, placing it in the cupboard, and then grabbed my hand. "Come on, lets grab a couple of beers and go outside to watch the sunset, it's my favorite time of day."

She had the greatest porch in the world, large enough to spread out in if you wanted without feeling confined, two nice comfy chairs that could have served as semi-formal living room chairs sat outside on the porch with an equally nice antique table between them. Sioux sat our beers down on the table. "Make yourself comfortable," she told me. "I'm going to."

Hell, I figured she already looked comfortable enough to me just wearing the simple panties and tee-shirt, but in the next instant, she'd taken off the tee-shirt, once again sitting next to me with her boobs hanging out.

"What? Surprised?"

"Ah no ... like I said earlier, it's your house."

"Well the way I see it's like this," she began. "Most men like looking at boobs, and I don't mind them being looked at, and the more they're out there to be looked at, the more comfortable you'll be when I am, and pretty soon ... after a while, you'll hardly even notice them any more."

"I seriously doubt that," I told her honestly. Once again she laughed.

"But it seriously does feel good, especially at night when we catch the evening breeze."

I noticed that her nipples had grown stone-cold hard once again.

"Isn't that the most beautiful sight you've ever seen?" she asked looking out towards the sunset, only then did I take my eyes off her boobs.

"Yes, yes it is," I told her. "It truly, truly is."

We sat in silence watching the sun go down, after it had, we found ourselves sitting in near total darkness as there was no moon out tonight, only the stars shining down as she kept only one lantern burning inside the house rather than running the generator which she turned off during the night.

"Now we can talk," she said once again turning towards me. "I'm serious about this Brian," she said using my name in the tone of voice she usually did whenever she was truly serious. "While you're here, I'm not your Aunt. I'm your friend, and as friends, we can sit and talk about anything, anything that's on your mind, or anything you'd like to get off your chest. Which is also why I don't mind sitting here like this with you, think of it as a reminder that I am your friend, and not a relative while you're here."

"Easier said than done," I thought to myself, realizing it far easier to glance at her boobs now in the semi-darkness and not let on that I was that it had been earlier. "Ok," I actually did say, letting the silence settle between us.

"So?" she asked softly a few minutes later.

I hesitated briefly, and then finally asked her the same question I'd been asking myself over and over again ever since Chris and I had broken up.

"I keep wondering," I began, "If I made too big a deal out of it," I told my Aunt. "It's not like we didn't have plenty of opportunities, we did, like I said before, we fooled around quite a bit, we could have done it plenty of times then."

"So why didn't you?" she asked once again reminding me of our earlier conversation.

"I guess, because it just didn't feel right," I told her as much as I told myself.

"Well then, it wasn't," she said simply. "Just like I knew it wasn't when I did, and regretted it every day afterwards for a long, long time."

"What happened with you?" I found myself curiously asking.

Sioux paused for a moment, not as though hesitating to tell me about it, but in obviously remembering and putting all the pieces back together again before telling it. "We were downstairs in his parent's house in the basement, bad enough that his folks were sitting upstairs in the den watching TV. We actually snuck in through the basement window, just to have a place to 'do it', it wasn't even carpeted, just the cold bare, cement floor. Though he did throw a couple of those furniture blankets down on the cement for us to lie on."

"That was nice of him."

"Yeah, I thought so too later on," she said sarcastically speaking. "Anyway, admittedly I was horny, or it probably wouldn't have happened like that, me trying to romanticize the situation, make the best out of it old smelly blankets and all."


"Yeah, no shit," she laughed. "So we strip naked, he climbs on, puts his cock against my cunt and shoves."


"No shit ouch! I scream, I mean I really scream!"

"I can almost hear you," I said trying not to laugh.

"Fucking hurt!"

"I bet!"

"You have no idea."

"Can't even begin to imagine."

"Imagine being kicked in the balls by a horse."

"Ok, now I can imagine."

"Hurt like that."


"BIG Ouch!"

"So then what happened?"

Believe it or not, it still worked, he went right through my hymen, buried himself to the hilt inside of me, which is when the door to the basement opens and down comes his father, mother, two younger sisters, they're all standing there on the steps looking down at us.

"No shit!"

"No shit, of course I'm looking up backwards towards them, dumb-ass who's still lying on top of me, thinking he's giving me the fuck of my life doesn't even realize they're all standing there."

"Oh my God!"

"You're telling me! So now I'm kicking and screaming for him to get off, about the time his mother bolts down the stairs and starts slapping me ... not her son, me!"

"Holy shit!"

"Finally he gets off of course, literally and figuratively speaking, he was actually right in the middle of having an orgasm when the door opens, two seconds if that after plunging inside me. I scramble to my feet trying to locate my clothes with his mother standing there screaming into my face, I've got bloody cum running down my legs at this point, and finally giving up trying to gather all my clothes, settle for my panties and a shirt and run back up the stairs past his family who are still standing there looking at me."

"Fuck Sioux ... I'm sorry."

She shook her head, letting me know it wasn't necessary. "But the really funny part was this, his old man follows me upstairs, tells me that he's taking me home, you know the stern, almost angry-like I'm going to have a word with your folks look."

"Oh shit! I could almost see it, Poor Grandma and Granddad being told their daughter had just been caught fucking their son in the basement.

"Yeah, tell me. So I'm a nervous wreck as it is, scared shitless that's exactly what IS going to happen when we get there."

"So what did happen?"

"What happened was, his father suddenly pulls over on the road, didn't even see or know that he'd taken his cock out of his pants, tries to get me to suck him, keeps grabbing for the back of my head."

"Fucking A!" I exclaimed seeing it in my mind. "Then what?"

For the first time she smiled retelling the story. "I hauled off and slugged him, broke his nose too, cold-cocked him with a single punch, out like a light. Then I got out of the car and walked home the rest of the way. Never saw him again of course, but never heard any more about it not from anyone else either. So ... that's how I lost my virginity."

"Oh my God!"

"You're telling me ... moral of the story? Don't screw on a hard floor, and don't do something when you have no idea what it is that you're doing!"

"Sioux? I'm sorry, but that doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense, how do I not do something without knowing how to do it, unless I do?"

She laughed, "Yeah, sounds confusing doesn't it? But it really isn't. The key here is, you let someone else who does know what they're doing, show you."

I had to think about that. "Well maybe, but like I know anyone," I told her.

She looked me straight in the eyes then and said, "But Brian, you do."

I looked at my Aunt, and though it was dark, I could see the light in her eyes that confirmed what she'd just intimated. Before I could speak however, she stood taking my hand. "Time for you to go back to school Brian, female anatomy 101. First lesson, no hard cement, no hard-packed ground, and no redwood deck either. Follow me."

Speechless, I let her lead me back into the house and then up the spiral staircase that led up to the loft overhanging the main living room which served as the master bedroom where my Aunt slept. The bed was enormous, taking up well half of the spacious upstairs bedroom. The simple push of her hand sent me sitting on the edge of the bed as she finally released my hand and stepped away standing before me as she calmly peeled off her panties to stand before me now entirely naked.

"Ah, should I undress too?" I asked nervously.

"Only if you'd be more comfortable," she told me. "At the moment it's not necessary unless you'd like to."

My nervousness at actually sitting on the edge of the bed with her standing before me in the nude was quickly overcome as I threw caution to the wind, along with my own insecurities and inhibitions. I stood, peeling my own shirt off and then unzipping my jeans as she watched, smiling and giving me a small nod of approval. Once I too was naked, she walked around the opposite side of the bed and climbed in, laying on top of the comforter her head resting comfortably on one of the large oversized pillows. I watched as she then bent her legs at the knees and purposely parted them.

"Come here Brian," she said softly, pointing where she actually wanted me to be, which was directly between her legs. "Either sit, kneel, or lay if you prefer, but I want you close enough to actually see what I'm going to show and explain to you."

I did so, preferring to sit with my legs crossed, which she seemed to approve and accept. "Now then, tell me how much it is that you do know? In other words, what exactly did you and Chris do for one another, and what where your responses?"

"Wow," I said, clearing my throat, "Uh, how specific, how detailed do you want it?" I asked.

"Very, I want you to be completely open and honest with me so I know exactly what you do, or don't really know, and that will tell me where we need to really begin."

I was still hesitant, feeling a bit shy and uncertain momentarily.

"How about I ask a few questions, and you answer as fully and as honestly as you can?" She suggested.

"Ok," I said nodding my head.

"You said that you and Chris did pretty much everything except have intercourse."

Once again I was nodding my head yes.

"So I assume, you performed oral sex on her yes?" I continued nodding. She smiled briefly and continued on herself. "Did she have an orgasm when you went down on her?"

"I don't know, I think she did, yes." This time she laughed, though not laughing at me.

"Oh sweetie, trust me, if a woman has an orgasm, you know, it's not something that you'd be that unsure of."

"Well she moaned a lot while I was doing it."

"Well that's good, but it only means she liked what you were doing and that it felt good, but it doesn't mean that she climaxed necessarily while you did. Did she cry out at some point, or get even wetter down there than she was when you started?"

"Well no, not really," I admitted freely.

"Ok, let's start there then, and begin with the basics. Do you know where a woman's clitoris is? And what it looks like?" she asked.

"Of course!" I said defensively.

"Ok, then where's mine?" she asked.

"Right there," I pointed in general.

"Ah huh. Right where? Touch it and show me."

I was shaking nervously, but excited simultaneously as I actually reached down, parting Sioux's pussy lips with my fingers and rested my finger on the top of her hard little bud.

"Ok, so you do know where it is and what it looks like, now lets see how much you know about it, and how to stimulate it and bring pleasure to a woman."

I was all ears.

"Like a man's cock," she began, "A woman's clit is like a tiny very sensitive penis, and like a man's cock, it can enlarge and become even more sensitive when she's aroused. Sometimes it's almost too sensitive to touch it directly at first, but the more aroused a woman becomes, then it welcomes a bit more direct stimulation and pleasuring. Following so far?"

"Yeah, yes." I said finding my voice though I continued to stare directly between her legs as she held them open with her own hands fully exposing that hard little nubbin of flesh that sat before me.

"So when you went down on Chris, did you lick and pay particular attention to her clit?"

I sat thinking about it, "Yeah ... pretty sure I did." She was smiling again. What exactly did you do to her clit?" Sioux asked, "Even better Brian, why don't you show me?"

I mean I sort of knew this was coming, but even when it did, I wasn't prepared for it. Emotions once again tumbling around inside my head like a load of laundry.

"Remember what I told you Brian, while you're here, and while we're working through all this, I'm your friend, a very special friend perhaps, but not ... I repeat, not ... your Aunt ok?"

"Ok," I said taking a deep breath.

"So now ... show me exactly what it was that you did to Chris."

I quickly repositioned myself between her legs, now laying as I tentatively reached out with my tongue and licked her.

"Go on Brian," she encouraged me. "Just do it the way you did it to her, everything that you did or can remember doing."

I began doing so now, softly licking up and down her wet split, sliding my tongue up and down her pink glistening little furrow with my tongue. I quickly found her clit with my tongue, caressing it as well momentarily, and then continued running my tongue up and down her split for a lengthy period of time.

"Ok, Brian, I think I have enough information now," she said sitting up slightly, forcing my head from between her legs as she did so.

"How'd I do?" I asked curiously.

"What you did felt nice Brian, very nice, but it certainly wasn't enough to get a woman off," she said honestly. "First thing to remember, no two women are alike. What might feel good and pleasurable for one, may not feel equally as good for another. Same thing for a man, a woman may lick and suck your cock just the way you like it, and another may not. So let me also ask this Brian, how many woman have sucked you?"

"Just Chris," I told her.

"And did you enjoy it?"

"Well yeah, it felt good."

"Did you cum?"

"Ah no ... not with her mouth no, she uh ... well you know."

"Finished you with her hand yes?"


"But if she'd continued sucking you the way she had been, do you think you would have?"

"I dunno ... maybe," I said honestly, "But I was sort of feeling a bit numb there for a while and sort of lost the feeling that I might." I added.

"Good," Sioux said nodding her head. She saw the look on my face then. "I mean good that I have an idea what she was doing and what you were feeling, not that it was good you got numb."


"Ok, now back to where we were here a moment ago. I enjoyed what you were doing with your tongue ... for a while. And you did pay some attention to my clit, just enough to get me a bit more aroused, but then you seemed to forget all about it," she told me. "So if that's what you did with Chris, I can see where she moaned and enjoyed it, and where it eventually ended up being far short of an orgasm. Now, as I said you need to be brave enough to ask a woman what she likes, what feels good to her and what doesn't. Listen to her body, let it tell you what she likes, or doesn't like even if she doesn't tell you specifically with words, though if you've vocally asked her, hopefully she'll respond and tell you in her own words what she's enjoying. Did you try that with Chris?"

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