On the Side of the Road

by CGLewis

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Fiction, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Babysitter, .

Desc: Sex Story: Troy never realized just how frustrated he was until he met his kid's new babysitter, Sarah. Tempted and teased, Troy found excuses to take his wife out just to call Sarah in for a job. But one night--Sarah needed a ride home and Troy got a wicked idea. After all---no one knows what happens on the side of the road.

"You know honey," Karen Johnson said as she finished her dessert. "You've enjoyed going out more and more lately, perhaps that marriage counseling is working!" Not wanting to spoil his wife's fine mood, Troy would nod and smile a bit as he took another bite of his Key Lime Pie. He couldn't tell his wife the only reason they were eating out four days a week was so that he could call in their new babysitter, Sarah.

Sarah McCormick was a college junior at a school in Branson. She was home for the summer. One after Karen had lost their youngest, Sammy, in a Wal-Mart. Sarah had been the one to find him and bring him back to his mother. Afterwards Karen had offered Sarah a job babysitting whenever she and her husband went out. A job that she had begun to do more and more often. Remembering the night he'd first seen her, Troy hid his groan by taking another bite of his dessert.

It had taken every last one of Karen's nagging techniques to convince him to take her out to dinner. Troy wasn't even concerned about what the outcome would be so long as it meant he'd get his rocks off before he passed out in bed. Yet when Sarah walked in the door Troy had froze in his footsteps from the kitchen. A lithe young lady--standing only 5'3 with long curly red hair that was fanned over her shoulders framed a pretty face with green eyes. His eyes traveled down her body he noted her C-cup breasts, small waist and shapely hips he could find himself already imagining what he could do with her.

And she didn't make it easy on the man. Nearly every time Troy called her over she was dressed for the heavy summertime weather. Usually he drooled over her low-cut tank tops and shorts, or else he'd find her in a short sundress. The worst by far had to be the night she had come over in a white collared shirt and plaid skirt. Troy remembered the two hour shower he'd taken that night just thinking of what he could do with an outfit like that.

Yet Sarah never seemed to notice just what she did to the married man she brushed by every night on her way out. She hardly ever gave him a glance. That thought burned through Troy like a wildfire every night. Couldn't she see the sidelong glances or feel his hard-on whenever he 'accidentally' brushed into her? Apparently not as Sarah had come and gone, the only discussion the two of them had in private was when she described a fight between Jacob and Angela. No, the girl was not interested in him and so far Troy hadn't been tested...

But he had no idea of the test put on him tonight when he and Karen finally got home. They'd arrived late because of Troy's daydreaming so it was no surprise to find Sarah sitting up with the children draped across her lap, Sammy curled up against that magnificent chest. She flashed them both a smile when they arrived. "Hey--how was dinner?"

Karen of course 'ooh'ed and 'ahh'ed about the restaurant and the food as she picked up the children one by one to carry into bed. Troy took up Sammy himself, sighing a bit as he brushed the tender flesh of Sarah's breasts. Looking down to his little son, Troy walked him into bed, whispering that he was one lucky bastard before tucking him in and returning to the living room.

Sarah had her back to him and he sighed again taking in the view from behind. Tonight she'd dressed in that little plaid skirt again with a white tank top and if Troy looked hard enough he could swear he could see some of her taut little ass peaking out the back.

"Excuse me--" he murmured as he slipped by her, taking in a whiff of her fruit-scented perfume before heading for his bathroom to jerk off when his wife stopped him. "Oh, Troy honey Sarah's ride can't come for her--would you mind taking her home?"

Oh as if this night couldn't get much better...

At first Troy wants to pass the buck and send his wife along before he realizes--he'd be all alone with Sarah for the ride home. He could get to talk to her alone and maybe ... just maybe ... Troy's eyes would light up as he grabbed his keys and nodded. "Sure, honey ... C'mon Sarah."

He could hardly contain his excitement as he assessed the situation with all the eagerness of a school boy. Reaching the back of his truck, he'd search it for anything that might work with this plan. Surprised with himself, Troy found a small coil of rope he'd been using to string up a swing from their oak tree in the yard. Testing it's strength, Troy would make a slip knot at the end of it before seeing Sarah come out. Stashing it with him as he moved up to the front seat he watched in obvious delight as Sarah stepped up to slip into the seat.

Troy tried to hold back his excitement as he cranked up the car and pulled out of the driveway. Sarah was stirring next to him. It appeared she couldn't sit still as she folded and refolded her legs, hiking that skirt up to reveal the smooth side of her outer thigh more and more with each refolding. Already Troy could feel his hard-on rising to press painfully against the fly of his jeans. Soon ... god I hope soon he thought to himself as he glanced to Sarah again who was now brushing back a few of her curls, flashing him a sweet smile. "I really appreciate you driving me home, Mr. Johnson," she offered with a bite of her full lower lip. Troy did his best to smile and nod. "No problem Sarah ... and please, you can call me Troy. But--Hold on a second--"

Pulling off to head down a side street Troy could feel himself begin throbbing again, especially as Sarah sat up on the edge of the seat to look around as the street lamps disappeared, leaving the headlights their only source of light. "Is--Is something wrong, Mr. Joh--Troy?" Hearing her say his name nearly set Troy off then but he was able to come to a stop slowly. "Oh--It's nothing, Sarah," he said lightly with a smile. "I just noticed your--well your bra is unhooked..."

Being a ball-faced lie Sarah arched her form and turned her back to him as she reached behind herself to check. Troy, with rope in hand, looped the slip knot around her wrists and pulled it tight, starting to wrap them as she immediately grew startled and tried to wiggle herself free. "T-Troy! "she shouted then as he tugged the ropes taut getting her to yelp softly. "Hold still--" he barked in an order that didn't sound like his own voice. Immediately her form stiffened and once her hands were secured he pulled Sarah's back to his chest as he began to wrap the rope around her stomach and knot it at her side where she couldn't reach it.

"You think you're so cute--" he whispered in her ear as she shuddered against him. His trembling hands swept back her hair as he lay a kiss to her neck. "You goddamn tease," he continued as his fingers expertly undid her white top. Sarah would shake her head as he freed her magnificent breasts from their top. Troy would smirk then as he cupped them in his hands, giving them a squeeze hard enough to make her cry out which got him to groan audibly against her neck.

"St-Stop please--Troy," Sarah begged softly as he pried off her shirt and his hand traveled down her taut stomach to pull back her skirt. She started to jerk against him again, a little more violently as his hand touched the damp front of her white cotton panties. Troy chuckled wickedly in her ear as he started to rub her wet core, sliding a finger slowly up and down her slit. "I don't think you want me to stop, Sarah," he teased her before her knees clamped to trap his hand between her legs.

Wriggling his hand free Troy twisted Sarah around to face him, getting a rather terrified glare from the young woman. "Let me go or I swear to it--I'll scream so loud--" she began, trying to sound threatening but her threat only made Troy smirk more as he lay her down over his lap. "Oh baby--" Troy hissed as he repositioned her, "I'm betting on it. Her warm breasts were jammed against his throbbing cock now as he lay her down, despite her squirming. Flipping up her skirt, Troy would pull her panties into a thong and give her ass a hard smack.

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