It's Only a Game

by WaywardOne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two couples get carried away playing an adult version of a very old children's game. The title is meant to be taken literally. There's not much of a plot here apart from the game itself, but that game seems to have some seriously erotic potential.

It was getting to be a habit, but a nice one. Every Saturday evening we'd get together with Bob and Peggy, either at their place or ours. We'd have dinner together, play some cards, and just enjoy the company. Fran and I agreed they'd become our best friends, and I think they felt the same about us. There wasn't anything overtly sexual about our relationship -- we were just friends, or so we thought until last week.

We'd gone over to their house this time. They both greeted us at the door; Bob gave my Fran a big hug, and I did the same to Peggy. There was nothing unusual in that, we always hugged when we got together and when we said good night. And yet, there was something different about it for me this time. I've heard people talk about perfume being "alluring". Well, now I know what they mean. Whatever it was that Peggy had used that night really turned me on. I flushed and broke the embrace somewhat abruptly. 'Shame on you, ' I thought to myself.

Peggy had fixed a really nice dinner, pot roast with all the trimmings, and had some excellent red wine to go with it. Fran and I usually don't drink at all, but we each had two glasses this time. I don't know, maybe it was the wine, but I kept smelling that perfume and I kept watching Peggy out of the corner of my eye. I'm sure it was the wine that had us all giggling by the end of the meal.

After the girls had cleared the dishes we all sat back down for a game of cards.

"What'll it be, Hearts?"

"Naw, I'm tired of that, how about Canasta?"

"We can't, we only have one deck."

"Well, we could always play Poker."

"But I didn't bring any money," Fran objected.

"No problem," I threw in, "we could play Strip Poker." Whatever possessed me to say that I'll never know. The wine and the perfume, I guess.

Bob and Peggy both laughed, but Fran looked shocked. "Ted! Shame on you!"

"I was only joking," I protested.

But then Fran giggled a bit herself. "Do people actually play that, or is it just a joke?"

"Oh, I understand people actually do." Bob said. "Hell, I know they do. In fact," he lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper "I played it once myself."

"You did? And just exactly when was that?" his wife demanded.

"It was long before I met you," Bob explained. "In fact I was just a kid. And to tell the truth, it wasn't all that great. I mean, you'd probably guess it was very sexy, and ended in an orgy or something. But it was really mostly just embarrassing."

"So, what happened?" I prodded him.

"Well, one of the gals did have to take off her bra, and that should have been a real turn on for the guys, but she was so embarrassed about it that we ended up feeling sorry for her instead."

Fran asked, "Did you stop playing at that point?"

"No, not really, but ... oh, hell, let's change the subject."

"Oh, no," we were all pushing him now, "you gotta tell us how it ended."

Bob was obviously very reluctant to finish the story, but he finally admitted, "Uh, the game ended when I got cleaned out and had to take off my under shorts. I was dreading it so much that by the time it happened I was totally limp, and everybody teased me about how small I was."

We all had a good laugh over that, except Bob, who was quite red in the face.

"Well, I guess we can forget about that one," Peggy finally declared, "so what can we play?"

"Actually," Bob said a bit hesitantly, "a guy at work told me about game that he said was a lot better than Strip Poker."

I was all ears. "All right, tell us more."

"Well, OK, but it's kinda raunchy."

The girls both giggled.

"Hey, we're grownups, we can handle it," Fran threw in.

Now it was my turn to be shocked at her, but I didn't say anything.

"All right, you asked for it. The game is called 'Peter, Pill, and Mary' for that folk singing trio back in the sixties, but it's really an adult version of the old children's game called 'Paper, Scissors and Stone'."

"I remember that," Fran said, "and it sounds pretty boring."

"Oh, I don't think you'll find this boring," Bob replied with a wicked smile. "If you remember that game, you do this thing of two people pounding their fists into the palms of their other hand in a rhythm together as they both say 'one, two, three', but on 'three' they may change their fist to another shape. Well, in this version the shapes are Peter, pill, and Mary.

"Maybe you can guess what shape Peter is."

We all snickered a bit nervously at that.

"Yep, it's the famous Finger," which he proceeded to produce.

"Pill is the birth control pill, which you show as a flat hand, and Mary is, well just a woman, but you show it as an open fist with your thumb and forefinger making a circle like this. It's supposed to represent her cu ... umm, vagina." We all giggled again, even more nervously.

"See, the thing is," he went on, "Peter wins over Mary because he can penetrate her."

This with a rather graphic demonstration as he made Peter with one hand and Mary with the other, and ran Peter in and out, in and out, of the hole.

"See, I told you it was raunchy."

The girls were both tittering but trying to hide it.

Me, I felt just bold enough from the wine to say, "Go on, tell us more."

"Well, the pill wins over Peter, because it can thwart his primary purpose in life." Another demonstration followed, of Peter being stopped by the flat hand. More titters from the girls.

"Finally, Mary wins over the pill, because she's the one who decides whether to take it or not."

Bob paused and looked around the table. He was apparently satisfied by what he saw.

"Now, time to get started. You and I can go first, Peggy."

"OK, what do I do," she giggled.

"Just decide which shape you are going with ... Now make a fist and here we go: one, two, three." On three, Bob came down with Peter and Peggy came down with pill.

"OK, you win. That means you get a point. All you have to do is get eight points and you've won the game. Now you do it with Ted."

I thought I heard my Fran breathe a sigh of relief at that point. I imagined her thinking, 'That shouldn't be too hard.' But I was quickly diverted to other thoughts ... thoughts of peters and perfumes and cunts. Guessing that Peggy might try the same thing again, on three I opened my hand to be Mary. I looked at her hand, and yes, it was flat.

"Ted wins," Bob declared. "You have to name something you are wearing, and let him take it off from you."

"You didn't tell us about that part!" Peggy was obviously flustered.

I was grinning from ear to ear. "Come on," I said, "what'll it be?"

She flushed, but then said, "a shoe".

She and Bob were sitting on one side of the table, with Fran and I on the other. Peggy was across from me, and Bob across from Fran. I got up, walked around the table, and knelt beside Peggy's chair. She cautiously slid her foot out from under the table and I slipped her shoe off.

"Now what do I do with it?"

"Go sit down, and put it on the table in front of you," Bob replied.

"So now it's my turn with Fran, right?"

Bob shook his head. "Nope, Peggy keeps playing now until she gets fully dressed again. So here we go, Peggy. Are you ready? One, two, three."

She decided it was time for a change in her game plan, and tried Mary this time. But Bob once more produced Peter.

"Yes!" he said as he ran his finger in and out of her open fist. "Now what do I get to take off?"

"My other shoe, I guess," she said a bit shakily, and he proceeded to slide his chair out, kneel beside her, and remove her other shoe.

Then she turned back to me, biting her lip in nervousness. My mind raced. What would she pick? Maybe Peter? I went with pill, and so did she.

"A tie," Bob declared. "Nothing happens, and it's my turn again." One, two, three came up Mary for both of them.

Back to me: Mary for me, Peter for her!

"Oh my," she breathed as she ran her finger in and out of my hand. "I get to put my shoe back on now, right?"

After she did she turned to Bob. Peter/pill for him/her. She blocked his finger thrust then retrieved her other shoe.

"OK, Fran, now it's your turn. Since I did the last round with Peggy, you start with Ted."

I turned to her, and our eyes locked. What would she come up with? One, two, three: Peter/Mary.

"Do I get your shoe now?" I grinned as I pumped my finger in and out of her fist.

"I guess so."

I took it off her foot and she turned to Bob. This one came up Mary/Mary, so it was back to me. Peter/pill meant she blocked my finger, got her shoe back, and it was the end of her turn.

Bob and Peggy came up pill/Peter so he took her shoe off. Peggy and I did the same thing with the same result. I'm sure she thought Bob would never expect her to do the same thing three times in a row, so she did peter again. But Bob did keep his "winning hand", leaving him grinning widely and asking, "Now what can I have?"

Both girls were dressed casually in slacks. Peggy was wearing a white blouse with large violet flowers in a pattern on it. Fran had a pale yellow pullover sweater on. I happened to know that she had a lacy white bra under it, and pale yellow panties with a bit of lace at the leg holes.

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