Charlady's Bout of Sexual Roulette

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Charlady tries out a new special bed/table which spins and is surprised by the others attending for the evening.

After Charlady's last epic adventure, (Charlady's Jamboree), Master Ray revamped the play room, he had a specially made table built to his own design. This Table was six feet six, circular in size and shape and with a standard double mattress would adequately stand in as a double bed although a little quirky in its design. When I explain you will see why, for the whole table top was designed to rotate about a central axis.

Further features we also incorporated like slots fro wrist and ankle straps, removable sections where the head and butt would be. But the piece de resistance was the retarding mechanism which slowed the table top to a stop when it was spun freestyle.

In theory then this bed or table was like a giant roulette wheel which would spin to a stop and support more than one body on its surface.

So every thing was set for Charlady's next visit to London, which was due in four weeks after her initial return to Scotland, this time though she would be here for only a weekend arriving Friday night and returning Sunday night. The week before her arrival, Master Ray began laying plans for the weekend.

Master Ray met his six foot tall blonde sub missive charge at the station and whisked her away to a restaurant for a late meal before heading back to his home. As it was after 2 am when they arrived they retired straight to bed where for over two hours Master Ray licked Charlady's cunt to several climaxes before allowing her to suck his rigid cock and swallow his load. Then exhausted they dropped off to sleep and woke around 10 am cradled in each others arms.

A lazy day ensued until around four pm when Master Ray ordered Charlady to return to the master bedroom, remove all her clothes and stand legs spread and await his arrival. After some thirty minutes he slowly walked up stairs and into the master bedroom, where he observed Charlady's erect nipples and glistening cunt. He knew the anticipation of something about to happen would increase her level of horniness, he was right for as he slid his finger along her cunt crack she sighed and his finger became slick with her juices.

Next he went to the wardrobe and removed a blindfold and ear plugs, quickly applying the blindfold he told Charlady enjoy your sight and sound depravation, my little fuck slut. After she was wearing her blindfold and ear plug he carefully led her through to the play room. Turning her to face him he backed her up till she felt the hard edge of the table. Carefully and gently he lowered her till she was laid out on the table and then he stretched out her left arm and snapped it into the Velcro restraint. He repeated this with her right arm and likewise with her legs. Charlady was not now unable to move nor was she able to close her legs.

Ray left the room and all Charlady knew about this was the draft she felt on her hypertensive body, her skin actually trembled when it was blown with the slightest of breeze. Again she shivered when she felt the second draft as he entered the room again. Charlady was unaware of the six others who also entered the room. Master Ray removed her ear plugs and said, "Charlady, I am going to tell you the rules for tonight! Listen carefully for if you mess up you will be punished severely!"

Charlady mumbled, "Yes Master!"

"You are fastened to my spinning table top, and you will be spun round. Further more whilst you are spinning your clit ring and this silver bullet will be vibrating because of the vibrating nipple clamp device!" Master Ray continued. At this point he opened her cunt lips and she felt a slight tug on her clit ring as he fastened the nipple clamp to it, then she felt something solid and cold pressing against her anal ring. "Relax, my bitch, or you will find this uncomfortable, this is a special device it is conical shaped with an off centre weight inside which the vibrations of the nipple clamp will cause some good effects on!"

As soon as the device was fully inserted into her anal chute, Master Ray turned on the nipple clamps and Charlady became alive to the sensations of the vibrations beginning inside her arse and shooting to her clit. Then just as soon as they started they were gone as Master Ray switched off the clamps. "Right, my little slut! When each spin ends the vibrations will end and you will have to suck cock or take cock up your cunt! And for five minutes you will be fucked or sucking until the next spin." Master Ray explained.

Then he slipped her ear plugs back into her ears and deprived her of any sound, turning to the people in the room he began to explain to them their roles in the proceedings. "Right Tom, you stand here, Jackie, you stand here next to Tom, Jack your next, John then you Annette then you and finally there is your place Rob. Now gents remove your trousers and underpants, ladies remove your tops and any bra's also remove your skirts but keep your panties on just now." Master Ray instructed.

"Now gents whilst the table is spinning you will have the ladies playing with your cocks, and you are allowed to play with any tit you can reach! When the table stops, I will tell you what to do and when!" Master Ray confirmed.

Charlady had been laid there waiting for something to start to happen, she thought some twenty minutes had lapsed but in fact it was less then five. Suddenly she felt the vibrations start and sensed the table begin to rotate as a fair speed. She felt rather than heard the clicking mechanism slowing her spinning down. When the table finally stopped so did the vibrations; her head finished closest to Rob which put her cunt nearest to Jack. Jack smiled but it was short lived when I told him not to touch Charlady but I instructed Rob to rub his cock over her mouth. Instantly Charlady opened her mouth and tried to guide his cock into her mouth. I can only assume she thought this was my cock as she was still unaware of there being more than just the two of us in the room.

For five minutes Charlady licked and tried to suck the cock at her mouth, but as directed by me Rob played hard to get. I also explained to Jack that I would ensure he got to fuck her but not right now, for I wanted to build up her anticipations first. Then the vibrations and spinning started again, this time it finished with her head nearest to Jackie and her cunt nearest to Annette, I told Jackie to kiss her French style but to be sure to keep her tits away from catching Charlady's body. I also allowed Annette to finger Charlady's cunt for five minutes. Then once again the vibrations and spinning started again.

As the table spun Jackie and Annette had both their hands full of eager cock and some sharp fingers pinching their nipples. This time Rob was nearest to her cunt and Jack nearest to her mouth. He was just about to stick his cock into her mouth when I stopped him and ordered Rob to probe her cunt with his cock but not to insert it fully into her. Jack turned and was about to complain when I held my hand up and as soon as Rob's cock was pushing at charlady's cunt I ordered Jack to now fuck her mouth. Suddenly Charlady went rigid when she realised that there was a second real live flesh and blood cock present. Her shock lasted all of ten seconds before she was eagerly gobbling on one cock whilst a second was trying to fuck her cunt.

Another spin and vibrations led to her mouth closest to Tom and her cunt closest to John. Again she was now taking a cock in her mouth and one in her cunt when I ordered Jack and rob to now begin sucking her tits. Again you could see the surprise experienced by Charlady as she now realised that either there were four people present of two very double jointed gymnastic males. I quickly whispered to Jackie and Annette to remove their panties as all the men were busy. When they slipped them off the two women revealed their own stiff pricks, it was not until the next spin of the table that the guys realised the two women were transsexuals.

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