by WaywardOne

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Mind Control, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Mark was having the wildest dreams, dreams about his wife with other men, and he couldn't believe how it was turning him on. He kept wanting the dreams to be more and more, and in the end his wildest dreams became his new reality.

Mark woke suddenly in a cold sweat. God, what a horrible nightmare! He started to try to piece it together, but realized he had a much more urgent problem. His cock was hard as a steel bar, and jerking like it was about to explode. That would never do; Mark slept in the nude and, if he went off like he was sure he was about to, the bed would be a total mess.

He looked over at the shape of his wife sleeping next to him. She was out cold. There was no way he could get her awake and ready for action before he blew; not the way he was feeling. He needed sex, and he needed it right now. That left only one option.

Mark rolled out from under the covers and put his feet down. The cassette player clattered to the floor, yanking the speaker bud from his ear. He'd handle that later. Right now he needed to be in the bathroom. He grabbed his cock and pinched it to keep it from squirting, then staggered to the bathroom door.

He managed to close the door quietly before sprinting to the toilet and jerking the lid up. Oh shit! Oh fuck! It was coming. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuuuuck!

The next thing he was aware of was the hard cold feel of porcelain against his forehead. He gradually realized he was bent over the toilet with his head pressed against the top of the tank. His knees felt like they were made of Jello, but at least they were holding him up. He gradually pushed himself away from the toilet and stood up.

Oh, shit, what a mess. There was cum everywhere; gobs of it dripping down the underside of the toilet lid; white blobs floating in the water; more on the floor beside the toilet; some on top of the tank lid; even dots of cum on the wall behind the toilet.

Mark shook his head in disbelief. He had never ever come like that in his entire life.

He pulled a big wad of paper off the toilet paper roll and started the first round of cleaning, knowing he'd have to go back over everything later with a wet washcloth. But what was it that had wakened him in the first place? Oh, yeah, the nightmare.

It wasn't totally logical - dreams never are - but this one seemed a lot clearer than most. He and Julie had gone to a night club to dance. Somehow he was sitting at their table drinking, and watching her dancing with someone else. It was no one they knew, he was pretty sure of that, but she seemed to be getting awfully friendly with him.

It seemed like they were dancing a lot, and he was drinking a lot. Finally he had to go piss. When he got back he scanned the room, but couldn't see them anywhere. About then things got kinda weird, and he was wandering through a bunch of hallways and rooms at the back of the night club looking for her. He was getting really panicked, but finally went outside, he wasn't sure why. Thinking back, it would have been a logical thing to do, to see if she might have gone out to the car.

He remembered, in the dream, looking around vaguely at the parking lot, as if he couldn't remember where his car was, or something. Then he thought he heard her voice. It was coming from around behind the club.

He walked around the corner, and sure enough there was someone standing there in the dark against the building. He couldn't see who it was, but then he heard, "Ohhhh!"

That was her voice. And he realized something else. Although there was only one pair of feet on the ground, there were two heads. His eyes were getting better adjusted to the dark, now, and he could see that she had her back against the wall, but her legs wrapped around some guy. And the guy wasn't just standing there, he was starting to pump his ass back and forth, and that could mean only one thing.

Mark tried to scream and run to tear the guy away from his Julie, but his voice wouldn't work, and neither would his legs. He felt like he was totally immersed in some kind of thick syrup. But the view of Julie and the shithead fucking her was getting clearer and clearer. It was like he was watching them through a zoom lens. He could now see the white of her naked legs wrapped around his ass and the way her skirt was wadded up nearly to her waist. He could see her shoes and panty hose discarded at the guy's feet. And he could hear them both panting with their exertions.

Then it happened. She screamed, and the dream dissolved. He hadn't realized that he had stopped cleaning, and was jacking off, but with that scream he blasted again. This time his legs did give out, and he sank to the floor. When he came back to reality he saw that he was going to have to start cleaning all over again.

What kind of a sick perversion was this, anyway? He'd had a nightmare, not a wet dream. A nightmare of someone fucking his wife, and being powerless to stop it, no matter how hard he tried. By the time he finished cleaning and tiptoed back to bed he was feeling totally ashamed of himself. This was one dream he was never going to share with Julie.

When he got to his side of the bed he stubbed his toe on the cassette player. Reaching down, he felt around until he was able to get hold of it. He picked it up and slipped it under the pillow where it had been. The subliminal motivational tape he'd been listening to in his sleep would be over by now, so he didn't try to find the speaker and put it back in his ear.

As he drifted off to sleep, Mark thought, "That's a good one. When Bob gave me that tape I'm sure he had no idea what it would motivate me to do." Bob was his boss, and there was no way HE was ever going to hear about the dream, either.

The next night it happened again. As soon as he was awake he knew his cock was loaded and ready to fire. He jerked the bud out of his ear and lurched to the floor. He barely made it to the toilet before he started coming. It was a mind-blowing climax, just like the night before, but this time when it was over he realized he was still hard. He had a pretty good notion there was more to cum, so to speak, so he didn't even start to clean up. He just stood there holding his dong as he tried to think what the dream had been this time.

They were standing in the living room, he and Julie, and their neighbor Tom. It seemed like he and Julie had just come in, and Tom had come in with them. Tom whispered something to her, and she giggled and nodded, then left the room. Tom was telling Mark how he owed him a payback for some trick Mark had played on him. Maybe about cheating on a game, but that part wasn't clear. Tom said that tonight he was going to get even.

About then Julie came in with a chair from the kitchen table. Tom said, "rope," and she nodded and left again. He kept ranting at Mark about whatever had been done to him. Shortly Julie came back, and they pushed Mark down on the chair and started tying him up.

Once they were satisfied, they turned the chair to face the sofa, and went over and sat there, side by side. Tom took Julie's hand and asked her if she was sure she was OK with this. Julie just nodded.

Then Tom turned to Mark with a sadistic smirk and said, "I hope you enjoy the torture." After that neither of them looked at Mark again.

Tom leaned against Julie and started whispering in her ear. Soon the whisper turned into kisses on her ear and neck. The kisses moved down to her shoulder, and then back to her neck. Now he started kissing around to her throat. Mark noticed that he had to put his hand on her thigh to balance himself, but Julie didn't object. His kisses moved up her throat toward her chin, and she tilted her chin up to assist him.

When his mouth rounded the point of her chin and continued upward, Mark knew where it was heading, and so did Julie. She seemed still to be passive, but Mark wasn't sure. He glanced down at her lap and saw that Tom was stroking her thigh. Her hands were hanging at her side, but he could see the far one was clenched in a fist. They probably both were, but Tom's body blocked the view of the one on his side. When Mark saw Julie's fist start clenching and relaxing he knew she wasn't totally passive, and when he looked up, they were kissing rather ardently.

Mark in the bathroom was licking his lips now, and pumping his cock. He knew the dream wasn't over, not by a long shot. He knew he was probably adding details that weren't there in his sleep, but he didn't care. He just needed to see it keep on happening.

Julie moaned and wrapped her arms around Tom's neck as their kiss became sloppy and noisy. Tom brought his leg over her lap, and moved his hand up to her chest. She moaned her appreciation, and pulled his head more tightly to her. Mark was sure their tongues were fully involved by now. Tom quickly unbuttoned her blouse and slipped his hand inside to squeeze her bra.

Her pelvis was pumping against his leg, and Mark was beginning to wonder how far this was going to go. Then suddenly Tom pulled away from her.

"No... ," she moaned, but she needn't have worried.

Tom positioned himself on his knees on the floor, directly in front of her, and she promptly spread her legs so he could lean forward between them. He started kissing her bra, and she started sliding forward, spreading her legs wider and letting her skirt bunch up as her crotch moved closer and closer to his. Her pussy finally reached its destination, and she started rubbing it against his cock, through his pants and her panties.

Meanwhile, he had slipped his hands behind her, and managed to unhook her bra. When his lips met her nipples the fireworks really began. She pulled her knees up and out to her armpits, spreading her pussy lips as much as possible.

She gasped, "Yes, Yes, Yes," over and over again.

No man could have resisted that, and Tom bought his face down to her panties, kissing all over them.

"MORE!" she moaned, and reached down to her pussy.

With a violent jerk she tore her panties completely apart at the crotch. Tom wasted no time, taking long tongue slurps the length of her pussy. Then he homed in on her clit, and sucked.

She came with a roar, and in the bathroom Mark came too.

But Mark in the dream had his hands tied behind him, and could do nothing but stare wide-eyed at his slutty wife. His cock was so hard it was nearly ripping his pants apart. Incredibly, the Mark who was awake was still hard, too. There was more to come.

Julie moaned, "I want it. I need it. IN me. NOW!"

Tom unzipped as he came up onto his knees again, and her cunt was right there, wide open, waiting for his cock. One thrust, and it was all the way inside. Two more thrusts and he blew. The feel of his cum filling her cunt pushed Julie over the top again, and she screamed. That scream set the real Mark off, and both real and dream Mark seemed to be pumping out gallons of cum.

This night as Mark cleaned up the mess in the bathroom he couldn't bring himself to feel guilty. All he could feel was the warm afterglow of incredible sex.

As Mark drifted off to sleep the next night he wondered if he was going to have another one of those dreams, and part of him wanted it to happen.

It did. He woke up with his cock jerking and made the now familiar trip with the same immediate and unbelievably intense result. As soon as he came down from that he started pumping with his hand and thinking back over the dream.

He and Julie were walking home from the corner bar, both half soused. He somehow sensed that they were being followed, but he was afraid to look back to check. When they got to the door it took him longer than usual to find the right key. The damn thing didn't want to go into the slot. He kept turning it and changing the angle, and finally he got it in.

By the time he got the door unlocked he knew there was someone right behind them. He tried to push Julie inside quickly, and then slip in himself and slam the door, but a man's foot jammed itself into the crack, and soon the door was being pushed open despite his best efforts.

There were two of them. One grabbed him and got his arm in a hammer lock. The other kicked the door shut and grabbed Julie. He tried to struggle, but a gravelly voice behind him told him to calm down if he didn't want to have the shit kicked out of him.

The voice went on, "This slut has been tempting us all night, with her short skirt and her tits nearly hangin' out. And now we're gonna git some of what she's been offering. Ain't nothin you or her can do about it, so you best just relax and let it happen. If you resist yer gonna git hurt, maybe bad."

Mark hadn't gotten a look at the guy holding him, but the foul smell of his breath was enough to turn his stomach. The other guy had a fairly young face hiding behind a straggly beard. He was average height, but clearly out of shape, with a pronounced beer belly. His clothes were rumpled, but not ragged. He might be a drunk, but he wasn't a bum living on the street.

Beard-guy wasted no time, starting to rip Julie's blouse off. She tried to scratch his face and bite his arm, but he slapped her, saying, "Weren't you listening to what Al said? That goes for you, too. You're going to get fucked no matter what you do, but it's up to you whether you get cut." With that he pulled out a switchblade and flicked it open.

Julie gasped and cringed away from him, beaten, nothing but a whimper coming from her. Beard-guy already had her blouse open; now he used the knife to slice her bra in half between her tits. She gasped again, but said nothing.

"OK, now I think we've got an understanding," he said, collapsing the blade and putting it in his pocket. "You saw how fast that came out before. It can come out just as fast next time, and what it cuts next time probably won't be your clothing. Understood?"

She nodded.

"Good. I love your tits, but now I want to see what's under that little skirt. Unfasten it and slip it off before I rip it off."

Julie obeyed immediately.

"Oh, yeah! Take a look at what we've got here, Al. We are going to have one fucking hot time here tonight."

"Don't take all fuckin' night," Al growled behind Mark. "Git her stripped and fucked so I can have my turn."

"You heard the man," the guy with a beard demanded. "Get the rest of your clothes off, and get your slutty ass down on the floor so I can fuck you."

Julie gave Mark a quick sidelong look, a mixed plea for help and an apology for what she was about to do, then stripped the rest of her clothes off and lay on her back with her legs apart.

The guy didn't even take his pants off. He just unzipped them, yanked out his cock, and landed on her with a roar. He started pumping immediately, even though it didn't look like he was hitting her cunt. After a few false thrusts he found the target and started ramming into her. He had a really fat one. Much thicker, Mark realized, than what Julie was used to.

"No, stop!" she cried. "It's too big; you're hurting me."

"Shut up. I need a cunt, and I need it now, and yours is the only one I see around here. It's hurting me, too, 'cause you're dry as a bone, but I don't give a shit. I'm going to ram this all the way up into you if it kills us both."

"Yes, give it to her," Mark whispered in the bathroom, pumping frantically, "fuck her as hard as you can. Ram it all the way in."

Soon it WAS all the way in, and the guy pumped a few more times, then came with another roar. In the bathroom, Mark came at the same time.

The guy was still panting and jerking when Al said, "OK, that's enough, Jack, git up here and hold this guy. It's my turn, now."

Jack rolled off, exposing Julie's abused pussy to the other two guys. It was gaping and red, not from passion but just from abrasion. Jack's cum was leaking out, but she made no move to do anything about it. She just lay there, sobbing quietly, her legs still spread.

Jack took over the arm lock, and Al stepped around Mark toward Julie. This guy was OLD, Mark realized with a shock. His head was bald, and his arms were wrinkled and splotchy. When he got his dick out it was not very impressive, but it was erect, and he wasted no time getting it where he wanted it.

The combination of his small size and the lubrication Jack had left behind meant he had no trouble getting it in as far as it was going to go on the first stroke. Julie sighed in relief. By comparison this was going to be easy. What she hadn't counted on, though, was the amount of work that was going to be required before his ancient balls produced. Five minutes of pumping and he still hadn't come. The constant in-and-out was starting to get to her, despite her initial revulsion. She brought her knees up on each side of his body, and started pushing up on every stroke. That soon did the trick, and with a grunt he buried himself in her cunt and started pumping.

When it was over, he pulled out, and she said, "Oh, my."

"Get back up here, Al," Jack said from behind Mark. "You've had her ten times as long as I did, and I'm dying to fuck her again."

As he stepped up for his turn he dropped his pants, and it was obvious he was ready for a second round. Julie looked up at that monster cock and groaned, though Mark wasn't sure whether it was in dread, as he expected, or in anticipation, as it almost seemed to sound.

Her cunt, at least, seemed to be anticipating. Her knees were still up, and her legs spread, exposing a wide open shiny cavern. And when he started to slide into it she threw her head back and said, "Oh, my GOD!"

He slowly slid all the way in, and when he bottomed out she threw her arms around his neck and shuddered.

He slid out a ways, and she moaned, "Oh, no," then, "ahh!" as he slammed back in.

His strokes started picking up pace, and she vocalized every one.

"Ohh... ahh ... ohh... ahh, ohh, ahh, ohh, ahh, ohh AHH, ohh AHH, ohh AHH ohh AHH ohh AHH ohhAHH ohhAHHohhAHHohh IEEEEEEYY!"

When she screamed all three guys in the room came, and the Mark in the bathroom came, too.

Bob poked his head into Mark's cubicle the next day, and said, "I hope you haven't forgotten about my party tonight."

"Of course not, boss," Mark lied. "We'll be there."

Then he quickly dialed home. There was no answer, so he tried Julie's cell phone. Thank God she answered.

"Hi, Mark."

"Hi, Julie. I just called to remind you of Bob's party tonight. You know how he is about those. His invitations are really commands."

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