Absence Makes the Lust Grow

by Bakerman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Being in a dull marriage is no fun so when this couple decide to swing they go wild as the inhibitions fly off faster than their clothing. Lots of sex in some different locations.

Mary and Michael are a married couple who are finding their sex life getting a little staid. They had sex on the same night each week, in the same positions with the same foreplay but what they both secretly wanted was to find other couples that liked to swap partners. If only couples talked more these days they may have discovered the pleasure of others sooner. It was only when they separated that they became closer.

Michael is a 40-year-old surveyor with the state roads dept and splits his life between home, the office and out in the field, now he had been away with his work for the past three weeks. He is still physically fit but the strain of work has taken its toll mentally so all he craves when he is home is a simple routine. He has been married and faithful for 10 years and worries that if he voices his ideas of other partners his wife will look badly upon him and possibly leave.

Mary, his wife is 35 and, had only one other sex partner before meeting and marrying Michael. Her fantasy of taking another man to bed stems from the long periods Michael is away with his job. She also is afraid to talk about other partners in case Michael becomes jealous and suspicious of what she does while he is away. With this current trip away being so long Mary had finally decided to make the first move and had taken the idea of swapping and run with it and had actively searched out some swap partners in her area, hoping that Michael would come around later.

The first couple she arranged to meet were Sue and Matt who lived a few minutes drive away. Even though they were a couple that liked to swap they were keen to help Mary fulfil her fantasy and thought one with two was a smoother introduction than joining a large crowd. Mary arrived shortly after 6:30 PM having talked to Michael by phone earlier in the afternoon. She had only mentioned she was visiting some new people and may be home late so not to call her until next morning. Michael sounded unsure about Mary going out by herself but Mary convinced him it was better than being home alone.

It was a warm evening so she had dressed lightly, just her bra and panties under her sundress. Sue and Matt were just wearing towelling robes and suggested they sit by the hot tub, have a glass of wine and talk about what they wanted to happen. Mary admitted she was happy married to Michael but wanted a change in her life; give it a little extra spice.

Sue mentioned some other couples they knew if she wanted a wider choice of partners as well as more women for Michael to pick from. They discussed sex in such an open way that Mary was at first a little nervous to say much but Sue really kicked things along when she went to get some dip and crackers and came back stark naked with just the serving tray. Mary at first looked away but Sue stood right in front of her and graphically described what she enjoyed at their little get togethers.

Sue pointed to her neatly trimmed pubic hair, which she said was easier to maintain than totally bald. She lifted both her boobs and jiggled them in front of Mary's face explaining how her boobs were very sensitive and that it didn't take much to get her nipples hard, and harden they did right in front of Mary. Next Sue turned around and bent to touch her toes, thrusting her arse at Mary, and explaining how she had been introduced to the thrill of anal sex, double penetrations, and being fucked by a woman with a strap-on as part of their sharing adventures. She stood up, legs wide and half tuned to Mary and asked how far she wanted to go.

The glasses of wine took the edge off Mary's nerves and her hand strayed to Matt's leg while she stared at Sue's butt. Matt felt the movement and opened his robe to reveal his naked body, and erect penis underneath. Mary took hold of the penis while her other hand slid across Sue's butt. Sue told her to go for it and danced around a little until she was behind Mary and undid the clasp on her dress and pulled down the zip. Mary now looked at the penis in her hand, it was certainly different to her husbands. Michael's penis was just over 5 inches long, hard, and tended to rise to a 45 degree angle while Matt's was easily longer, thicker and seemed bend upright so it pointed towards his navel.

As Mary gently gripped and flexed Matt's penis Sue slid the dress down from her shoulders, unclipped her bra and reached around to massage her boobs. Mary let go of the penis and stood, stepping out of the dress as she did, now all she had on was a flesh-toned thong. Matt also stood and closed the gap between them, held her head, and kissed her tenderly while his penis was flattened between them. Mary could feel the pulse and heat of it as they stood together.

Sue slipped a finger to each hip and the thong slid down Mary's legs, now they were all naked and ready for whatever happened. Mary succumbed to the erotically charged atmosphere and let the other's take control of her body. Matt continued kissing her lips, her face, and her neck with each kiss pushing Mary's emotions along. Sue wrapped herself around them and kissed her in opposite positions to Matt. Her hand snaked between the embraced couple and found its way to Mary's cunt. Automatically Mary's legs parted to enable Sue to work her magic on her clit. Matt had dipped his head and taken one ripe cherry size nipple into his mouth leaving an opening for Sue and she became the first woman to get her tongue into Mary's mouth.

It was a combination of many thoughts and emotions but after only a few minutes of Sue and Matt working on her Mary was wracked by a powerful orgasm that shuddered its way across her body. Matt held her tight until she was able to control her legs then he led her to a padded pool lounge and lay her down. Mary wanted to repay the favour and took hold of Matt's penis again and bought it to her lips. Little pecks, a couple of licks and then she engulfed the head with her mouth taking as much as she could until she needed a breath. She gripped it like a vice and pumped it in and out of her mouth, feeding it in until her nose was in Matt's pubic hair. She pulled it out with a satisfied plop and then took it in again.

Mary was now firing on all cylinders as she gave Matt the blowjob to end all blowjobs. Strands of spit clung to the penis when she took it out of her mouth, saliva drooled down her chin as her tongue flicked out at the sensitive underside of the head. Her rapid breathing had her chest heaving and Matt took a nipple between his fingers and gave it a tweak. His other hand was entwined in Mary's hair, as he didn't want her mouth to stray far from his penis. Mary was totally engrossed in working over Matt's penis that Sue had faded from her thoughts but she came zooming back in as Sue's mouth locked on Mary's cunt and her tongue forced its way between the folds of skin as it searched for Mary's clit, locked on and slammed home.

Mary arched off the lounge and nearly bit the head off Matt's penis. Electricity coursed through every nerve and she had never felt so alive, a second orgasm was building, so in touch with her emotions. She lay back, her body held rigid, as Sue fucked her like never before. Mary still gripped Matt's penis but she could not split her focus between the two of them so she just let herself go with Sue. The intensity was peaking when Sue stopped and asked Matt to "fill" in for her.

Matt obliged and positioned himself between Mary's legs and let his penis find the mark, a very slippery mark, and thrust with his hips to drive his penis into Mary like a nail. Sue held Mary by the shoulders to prevent her leaping off the lounge again. Mary's cry of pleasure erupted spontaneously and sucked all her breath from her lungs and it was several seconds before she inhaled again. Matt settled into a smooth fucking motion that almost removed his penis from Mary's cunt before sliding in once more. Mary calmed a little as Matt filled her in a different way than her husband had ever done. Mary's legs wrapped around Matt and held him tightly to her so she felt each pounding sensation on her over abused clit.

Matt worked out so he had the stamina to keep fucking Mary for way longer than her husband did. Her head lolled from side to side as sensation piled upon sensation. Sweat drained from every pore as the fucking and the warm night air drained Mary of energy, soon she just lay limp and let Matt finish himself off. Her cunt was on fire, her vaginal passage slick with their mingled juices and still Matt went on. Sue could sense Mary's inner struggle and called her husband off and proceeded to suck his penis until she felt his ball sack tighten and his penis stiffen even further, then she slackened her grip and streams of sperm shot across her face. Mary pushed herself up and leant in to collect some of the sperm she had worked hard to liberate, sucking Matt's penis as it slowly lost its size, then she slid back on the lounge and closed her eyes with a smile of contented bliss on her face.

Sue and Matt covered her with a blanket and let her rest. Mary woke an hour or so later and apologised for passing out but explained how powerful the sex had been and felt completely drained. They helped her dress and because she was still a little unsteady on her legs Matt drove her home and Sue followed in Mary's car. They made sure she was safely inside and promised to see her again soon.

Mary slept till late the next morning, then took a long, hot bath scented with re-invigorating oils, and once she was dressed felt amazed and alive. Again she hoped Michael could understand her needs and join her in her sharing adventures.

A few days later Mary happened to meet Sue while out shopping and they decided to stop at a cafe for a cup of coffee and a chat. Sue wanted to apologise for Matt being a fucking machine and explain that Mary was not the first woman to be left legless after taking Matt on. That was one of the reasons Sue hooked them up with the swappers, because she loved her husband but even she needed a break from his sex drive. He is always a hit at the parties with every woman wanting him so he had no worries about Sue being with other men.

While the women chatted and laughed Mary's phone rang, it was Michael, he was home and was wondering where she was. Mary told him she was shopping and would be home soon, he hoped so because he was very horny. Sue whispered a plan in her ear and Mary told Michael to shower and slip into something sexy as she was coming home with a surprise and would be there soon.

Mary rang Michael when she was almost home to make sure he was in their bedroom, he told her he was waiting for his surprise, and she told him to stay in the room and keep his motor running. Mary used the remote for the garage and drove the car straight in and closed the door behind me. She tiptoed in through the laundry and made sure the coast was clear and then used the down stairs bathroom to have a quick clean and changed into a sexy new outfit. She went quietly up the stairs to their bedroom and slowly opened the door, and then poked her head around to see Michael lying in the middle of their queen size bed.

Michael had stripped off the old linen and replaced it with a black satin flat sheet, pillowcases and he was wearing long pyjama pants of the same material. He had also closed the curtains and lit several aromatic candles to give the room a romantic, relaxed atmosphere. Mary asked was he ready and he grabbed his crotch like a pop star. She could see his erection tenting the pyjama front. She slid around the doorframe so he could see the hot pink, baby-doll nightie she was wearing, the sheer material made it easy to see her hard, puffy nipples and the patch of material that was the matching panties. Michael gave me a wolf whistle and patted the bed with his hand to indicate exactly where he wanted Mary.

She reached back out the door to where Michael couldn't see and pulled his surprise into the room. Sue obviously couldn't wait and had stripped off her lingerie while standing in the hallway. Michael had let his erect penis stab through the opening in his pyjama's in anticipation of Mary joining him on the bed but now that Sue was there he was totally unsure as how to react to an unknown naked woman standing in plain sight. Sue is not backward about coming forward and was on the bed in the blink of an eye and had Michael's penis in her hand and down her throat before Michael could even voice an objection. The sudden rush of sensations overloaded his brain and his head hit the pillows, eyes rolled back into his skull and the deepest, loudest moan escaped his lips. Mary just stood back and enjoyed the show as Sue whipped his penis into a frothy frenzy of pre-cum and saliva.

Mary walked around the room looking at them from all angles, the candlelight glistening on bodies that were slowly being coated in sweat. She ran her hand along the curve of Sue's thigh and let her fingers linger near her butt hole. Sue's spine was bowed as her head bobbed on her husband's penis. Michael had his hands on either side of Sue's head holding her in place. Sue came up for air and took the opportunity to swing her legs around so she and Michael were now in a 69 position.

Mary was now in the ultimate voyeur seat, so close she could almost feel every sensation, but remote from what was happening. She was imagining myself in Sue's place and pictured myself doing everything she was doing. It felt weird as for the first time she watched two flesh and blood people having sex, sure she had seen a few porno movies in her day, but this was way different. Mary looked at every detail, the curve of Sue's back, the shape of her breasts as they swayed free over Michael's chest, the sounds, and the smells of their lovemaking.

Mary now moved to the head of the bead and watched as Michael ate Sue out. Mary casually sucked one of her fingers and when it was slick with her saliva I stuck it into her new friend. Mary worked it around in widening circles and then she pumped it in and out a few times. She did this in a coldly detached way, not to turn herself on.

Soon Mary went to the other end of the bed and played with her husband's balls while watching his penis nearly get torn off at the roots by Sue who was licking, sucking, squeezing and jerking so that the head had become an interesting shade of purple as she clutched it in her vice like grip. Soon neither of them wanted to continue at opposite ends and arranged themselves diagonally across the bed to give them maximum room and Sue quickly positioned herself above Michael's shaft, Mary assisted by holding it vertical as Sue lowered herself on to it. Mary could feel some momentary resistance and then it popped into her vagina and slowly disappeared as Sue squatted on the bed. Once it was fully in Sue took a deep breath and then they were at it.

Michael had Sue's butt cupped in his hands and was holding on tightly as they were bouncing around on the bed, Sue lifted herself up before dropping her whole weight on the next thrust. Mary lay behind them watching as Michaels penis came and went as Sue's cunt formed a seal around it. Mary closed her eyes and listened to the slurp and slop sounds of their fucking, their mingled grunts, groans, oohs and aahs. This was starting to get her going and she could feel a pleasant tingle building between my own legs. Oh yeah, she needed some satisfaction so she positioned herself over Michaels face and let him lap at her creamy saucer.

Sue looked at Mary and smiled then took her breasts in her hands and tweaked her nipples through the fabric of the baby-doll top. All three of them were now swept up on an a wave of increasing passion, Michael was working hard at both ends to make sure he was getting Mary and Sue off and they were kissing and fondling each other as if nothing else mattered.

Michael lifted Sue off and then slid out from under Mary, he then got Sue on all 4's and re-entered her from behind, Mary was just lying on the bed with her eyes closed when suddenly she felt a hot breath on her cunt seconds before a slippery tongue and a warm nose nuzzled into the folds of skin and took up where Michael had left off. Each thrust from Michael into Sue was matched by her thrusting her tongue into Mary, this was just getting wilder and wilder. Sue used her tongue and fingers to stimulate Mary to previously unknown levels of excitement, Mary was also amazed that Michael was still pumping hard usually he would have shot his load and gone to sleep by now.

Not wanting to feel left out Mary wriggled around so she was under Sue but she still had access to my cunt to keep up the good work, Mary in the meantime was just inches away from her husbands penis as it slipped and slopped its way to an overdue climax. Mary caught several drops of Sue's penis lubricant each time Michael pulled back. She could see his balls tightening and knew it would not be long before he went off. One last thrust and he held himself tight against Sue's arse and with each grunt Mary knew a sticky rope of semen was pumped into Sue. Michael sounded like he was about to have a heart attack but then he pulled back and flopped on the bed, Mary didn't move as quickly and copped a rain of spent cum as it leaked out of Sue's cunt. Sue spun around and began to lick the goo off Mary's face and they both gave Michael a grin of satisfaction as they swapped cum while he watched.

The three of them lay on the bed in a gooey, sweaty mess until Sue glanced at the bedside clock and announced that she had to leave. Mary offered her use of the shower to freshen up but she decided to go home "au natural" and see if Matt noticed. Mary helped her round up her clothes and her discarded lingerie and walked her to the front door where she gave Mary a more than casual kiss before leaving. Mary went back up to Michael and told him the full story of her adventure with Sue and Matt from a few nights ago. He was OK with it, particularly if this sort of encounter was a side benefit. They just laid back and talked about that night and about this afternoon and soon Michael rolled over on top of Mary as his erection had gotten a second wind and he repeated the dose that he had given to Sue earlier. Mary was again amazed at the stamina he was showing as he plugged her hole and was still able to get off another load. They slept well that night and long into the morning and topped it off with a shower fuck to start the new day.

Michael had not mentioned that afternoon for nearly a week, when Mary came home to find out he had been chatting on the phone with Sue and they were joining her and Matt as well as another couple, Karl and Vicky, for a bike ride and a picnic in the park this Sunday. As Michael was flying out early Monday, Mary hoped he had the stamina for what ever happened.

Sunday dawned into a glorious day of clear blue sky and warming sun. When they arrived at the park Matt had already secured 4 mountain bikes for them, his had a small trailer attached into which they dumped the food hamper, drinks cooler and some blankets. Karl and his partner arrived with their own bikes and introductions were made all round.

Michael and Matt seemed to hit it off straight away; spurred on by the fact they wore almost identical outfits, football jerseys of well-known rival teams and loose fit cargo shorts. Although only a year apart in age they acted like twin brothers as they all stood in the car park. Karl was older than the other guys and was a bit stand off-ish but polite. He was maybe close to 50 and looked like ex military with a solid build, strong tan and bristle hair cut. Sue told Mary he was actually an outdoors type who had spent over 30 years working in forestry and construction and ran his own business.

Vicky was early thirties and as bubbly as a can of Coke and gushed her delight as Michael and Matt complimented her on her riding outfit, a skin-tight lycra racing suit, unzipped to display ample cleavage. She was years younger than Karl but he had no objections to her over the top flirting before they started off. Sue's chosen outfit of cropped t-shirt and black go-go pants made Mary feel way overdressed in her smock style top. Normally she wore this top with black tights and boots because it barely covered her bum when standing but compared to the other girls she was really hiding her goodies, OK she wore no bra, and the cool morning air was making her nipples stand out firm and proud and she appeared to be the only one of the ladies wearing any panties, these ladies were certainly old hands at these kind of days.

As the men discussed the best route to their picnic spot by the river Karl took a moment to get a weighty bag from his car and drop it, with a chain rattling thud, in the trailer, he then tapped the side of his nose as he told them it was for privacy. Soon they were all set to head off and the riding order was Matt and Vicky in the lead, Michael and Sue would follow, making sure nothing bounced out of the trailer, and then Mary made a gaff by saying she and Karl would "come behind" which bought a round of sniggers from the others and then they were off.

Matt gave Vicky's butt a playful slap as she took off, positioning herself right in front of him, as they left the car park and disappeared around the first bend. Sue, shamelessly, did some bending and stretching exercises next to Michael giving him a good look at her back-side before getting on the bike, she then ground the bike seat into her crotch, trying to get comfortable, and then rolled off in front of Michael. Mary did not want to be left out so as Karl started to roll she pretended to adjust her seat, but she actually tucked her smock into the elastic of her thong, then she pedalled past Karl and took a lead position so he could get a good view of her arse with a thin strip of material strung between her butt-cheeks.

From the shadows on the ground she knew Karl was about a bike length behind and just off to her left side, Mary free wheeled along a flat stretch and stood up on the pedals, giving her arse a jiggle as they crossed bumps on the path. Glancing down she could see Karl's shadow closing so she braced myself and waited, sure enough Karl came along side and ran his right hand over her butt, down her thigh and up between her legs. He had big hands with thick, rough fingers, Mary could feel the bumps of old calluses and the lumps of broken knuckles. A shiver ran down her spine, even with the warmth from the sun, as she imagined those fingers probing her private parts.

They hit a down hill stretch so they took control of their bikes and from a sweeping bend we could see the others further down the valley, they were looking back so Mary and Karl waved them on and then they vanished behind the tree line. Karl came back along side and with a tap on Mary's elbow he got her attention and pointed to an upcoming side trail.

She cut across Karl and onto the side trail and rolled about 50 yards coming into a small clearing that had one picnic table and attached low, flat bench seats. Mary stepped off her bike as it was still rolling and in one motion propped it against a tree to stop it falling over and took a few steps to slow down. Karl must have done something similar because as soon as she stopped he was on her from behind. His arms wrapped around her and those two big hands clamped onto her breasts, Mary arched back into him and could feel his erection throbbing against her bum. She was so hot for it, even in the cool shade of the trees, her loins were on fire, she needed it badly and she needed it now.

No words were spoken but Karl seemed to read my thoughts and his hands moved for a split second and pulled down his stretch bike shorts before again smothering Mary's boobs. She was dry humping his penis with her arse, grunting and groaning in the depths of the woods, they were like cave people of old. Karl moved side on and one hand attacked her front hole and the other her back door. His thick, knobbly fingers were everything she imagined as they searched for the evasive opening to her sex.

Pushing her panties aside and finding the right spot, first one finger entered, and Mary uttered a deep feral growl, then a second joined it and she screamed like a virgin on her wedding night. Rough thrusts of his hand propelled her off the ground and she bounced up and down on his chunky digits. Feeling alone in the wilderness, even though we were close to home, Mary had no inhibitions about being heard so she voiced her pleasure for anyone to hear. Karl's other hand was prodding and probing at her butt hole and Mary lifted one foot up onto the bench to give him easier access and that did the trick as his finger slid in to the second knuckle which set her off on another round of grunts and groans.

While his fingers stretched her wide what she really wanted was to feel his penis in her. Mary told him what she wanted and how to give it to her. Karl bent her over the table and Mary kept her foot on the bench and then she could feel the knob of his penis sliding along her slit, coating it in her excretions. Then when the round peg found the round hole Mary gasped aloud as Karl punched forward with just enough of a jab for the head to force its way in, she could clearly feel the difference in size between Karl's tool and both Michaels and Matts. Leaning as flat on the table as she could get, to give Karl the best angle of attack, she grunted and screamed as inch followed inch up my cunt. He was indeed going where no man had been before, as Mary felt full beyond imagining, and he still was pushing in to her.

At last he was flat against her arse and her cunt was burning with the strain of being stretched and probed as deeply as Karl was now, then he pulled back and that was even more sensational than going in. Mary could feel her lips grip his penis as he pulled back and they stretched as well not wanting to let this tiger go, with just the head in Karl slammed forward again pushing her flat onto the table, she was sure I would have splinters in her nipples.

Karl settled into a smooth fucking motion, a few quick jabs and some slow drawn out strokes, a couple of butt slaps and some deep holding penetrations. Mary's brain was abuzz with crazy thoughts as she gave myself completely to Karl's penile assault. Here it was just after 9:00 AM on a Sunday morning and she was being screwed by a man she only just met, in the middle of a state park where anyone could happen along and find us. Also right by the entrance to the park was a church and people would be praying to god but in a gentler way to what she was.

After what seemed like hours Karl finally pulled out and Mary thought he was going to shoot his load but all he did was flip her onto her back, lifting my legs straight up, then he plunged back into her and was soon rockin' and rollin' just like before. Mary was lost on a sea of lust as she screamed for Karl to keep on fucking me until she died and went to heaven. Her own hand was between her legs flicking her clit as Karl pushed her to her orgasmic limit. He was like a bull, fucking Mary and breathing hard, she thought he would never stop. Her cunt was beginning to tingle from the pounding it was taking as Karl huffed and puffed his way towards a climax.

Mary knew he was close to coming as well because his movements were becoming sluggish and sweat was beading on his forehead. With one final plunge and he locked his penis deep within her womb and unloaded while Mary was yelling at the top of her lungs. Karl and Mary peaked at the same time and as his penis emptied the contents of his ball sack into her she wailed like a banshee as the most intense orgasm she have ever had erupted inside her. With a final grunt Karl slumped over Mary on the table, taking deep breaths as his heart rate came down, she wasn't in a much better state but she knew they should get moving and catch up with the others.

Mary and Karl adjusted their clothes and got moving after the others. Mary made a mental note "not to ride a bike straight after sex" in the future as she could feel the cum leaking from her cunt and making both her panties and seat slippery and gooey, she would have to wash it off before returning to the visitors centre. A few minutes along the road and Karl pointed to another side trail but this one was closed by a length of chain suspended between two trees and a sign stating it was closed for repair. Karl gave Mary a wink and again said privacy as if he knew something she didn't and he was right. They lifted their bikes over the chain and continued along a rather smooth path until maybe 200 yards from the main road the found the clearing where the others had stopped. Riding in Mary was surprised when the others stood and applauded them making comments about hearing them all over the park.

The first thing Mary noticed was that the others were already naked, they had laid out the blankets, set out the food and were heading to the nearby creek for a quick dip to cool off before heating it up. Mary and Karl stripped and followed the others into the water splashing around before drying off in the sun. The rest of the day was taken up with a variety of sex games like "Pick the Box", one husband was blindfolded then spun around by the other men while the three women sat on the bench then the blindfolded man had to lick each woman's cunt and pick which one was his wife. Lots of laughs and lots of squirming around.

The day flew by as the couples swapped partners and tried new things between breaks for food and glasses of wine. Vicky showed Mary and Sue how to give their husbands a bubbly blow job by taking a mouthful of champers and then sucking on Michaels penis until he blew his load over her face. Karl gave Sue a fresh taste when he demonstrated a new use for breathe mints while eating pussy. Sue went wild and exploded with an intense orgasm. Matt gave Mary the ride of her life as they went at the record for as many different positions in 5 minutes. They outlasted Michael and Vicky while Sue and Karl were a close third.

The sun started to dip behind the trees as the three couples rode back to the car park and after handing in the bikes they stood around and talked about doing something together again, Michael apologised for being unavailable for the next couple of weeks as he was going out of town with work but had no worries about Mary getting about as he knew she would be with friends and Mary was happy for Michael to try new things with new people.

Michaels story.

Armed with Mary's free sex ticket Michael left early Monday morning for a construction site out in the country. He was working on a new bypass that would channel traffic around another sleepy country town that no longer wanted big rigs down Main street 24/7. Michael could understand what they wanted but what they really got was all traffic bypassing the town as holiday makers heading elsewhere decided not to stop because they were now making good time to their final destination.

At the airport a truck from the site picked him up and took him to a local motel used by the crew. Instead of going to the office to checking in Michael spotted the bright yellow work van of his partner, Pete, and heard the unmistakable strains of country music from the room opposite the van. The truck dropped him off with the driver saying he was going for coffee and would be back shortly. Michael took his bag into the room he would share with Pete for the next few days.

Pete had completed the paperwork at the office and told Michael not to make a mess as the room was in his name. As they would be travelling together Michael didn't need to get a spare key. The driver came back; Michael and Pete jumped in his van, and followed the driver who took them to the site where Michael and Pete had to take their measurements.

After a long day in the field both men went to a nearby cafe for a meal before turning in for the night. An older woman who had no sense of humour, which made their meal a long and tedious event, served them. Michael and Pete had been together all day and had exhausted all their small talk so once they finished their meal they left. The next day dawned cold with the chance of rain in the air and Michael felt as if this was going to be a bad day. He was partially right.

Arriving on site Michael was in the portable site office when a workman raced in to tell the foreman that a truck had become bogged in mud. Not watching where he was going he bumped Michael who spilt his coffee over his shirt and it quickly soaked in. The man was very apologetic and went out to his truck and came back with a clean denim work shirt. It had his name "Tony" in fancy script embroided on the pocket flap. He offered to take Michaels shirt and have it cleaned and Michael agreed.

Once out on site Pete was walking backwards with the measuring stick as Michael took elevation readings when he stepped on a slippery piece of ground and took a tumble that wrenched his knee and he had to be carted off to the local hospital for treatment. Michael had to finish the work with another man and it took a lot of shouting and hand waving to get him on the right spot time after time.

At the end of a long day Michael got back to the motel with Pete's van well after dark, he was undecided about dining out but rumbles from his stomach drove him out into the cold night. Michael reached the kerb and looked both ways for sign of another place to eat besides the cafe they had eaten at last night. Just then Michael felt the first spots of rain and that forced him across the road and into last nights cafe where a young woman who was serving tonight met him. It was hard to pin down her age but Michael put it between 18 to 22. Blonde hair, of various shades, was pulled back into

a ponytail secured by a little paper cap. In the formless uniform it was hard to tell how she was filled out and the long apron hit any hint of bosom. At least she had a friendly smile and a happy attitude even at the end of a long day.

She handed Michael a menu as she showed him to a table. It was a quiet, wet night and Michael was the last customer to arrive for the evening, the other people there were just finishing their meal and had left before Michael had even received his first glass of iced water. The young waitress introduced herself as Melissa and before Michael could tell her his name she read the name embroided on the borrowed shirt and called him Tony. Michael didn't correct her and began to look at the menu for something to ward off the chill of the rain. Feeling a little adventurous Michael decided to flirt with the young woman and the conversation went like this.

Michael "So what's hot here tonight?"
Melissa "I'm hot, but I'm not on the menu."
Michael "Well usually the hotter the dish the better I tip"
Melissa "It would have to be a really good tip for a special hot dish, maybe delivered to your room."
Michael "I'm sure I can afford room service if it's not delivered too late."
Melissa "In your room in 30 minutes or it's free?"
Michael "Sounds like a good deal. Maybe something I can eat while I lay on the bed?"
Melissa "Do you think you'll want an appetiser or just the main dish?"
Michael "I am really hungry so I think I might need something now and again a little later."
Melissa "You'll have to provide the beer or wine if you want a drink with your hot dish."
Michael "If it helps the dish go down."
Melissa "I'm sure it will add spice to the taste."

Michael carefully placed his room key on the table while he looked at the menu making sure the motel name and room number were clearly visible. He ordered a bowl of minestrone with some crusty bread and thanked Melissa for the fine service offered to out of towners by the cafe. Finishing his meal Michael casually held his wallet so that Melissa could see the notes in it as he paid the bill and asked for directions to the nearest liquor store. She smiled as he left and Michael wondered if all the flirting had been for nothing. He found the store and purchased a mid priced bottle of white wine then wandered back to the motel, had a hot shower, put on a clean pair of boxers then lay back on the bed and waited.

It was nearly an hour later and Michael was almost ready to write off the evening and drink the chilled wine on his own when he heard a faint knock at the door. Opening it Michael found Melissa there, still dressed in the dark blue uniform she had worn at work. Michael ushered her in then he had a quick look from the doorway around the nearby car park making sure the coast was clear before closing the door. In the maybe a minute it took Michael to look and then turn around Melissa had already unzipped the uniform and let it pool around her feet.

Melissa's tanned skin glowed in the faint light of the old, low watt bulb. Now that she was in just her bra and panties, which looked like a bright orange bikini, she appeared to Michael to be younger than the 18 to 20 he thought she was. As soon as Melissa dropped her bra next to her uniform all those doubts Michael was having flew out the door. No tan lines marked her skin and her nipples blended into the skin of her breasts to be almost invisible. Michael's penis went from saggy to stiff in just a few breaths and tented his boxers. Melissa did a little twirl to show herself off to Michael and bent and touched her toes causing the material of her panties to stretch across her arse like a second skin.

Michael went onto auto pilot as he grasped her from behind, getting his penis into the crack in her arse, cupping her youthful bosom in each hand while kissing and biting her neck. Melissa reached around and pulled Michael in tightly to her as their bodies surrendered to their building lust. His hands were everywhere, rubbing her body, while he slobbered like a puppy licking her ear, nibbling on her lobe, running his tongue over her neck, shoulders and back.

Melissa squirmed out of her panties giving Michael access to her short, blonde pubes. Michael's hand massaged her mound, dipping lower with each pass, then Melissa put one foot on the bed allowing Michael to get at her clit, which he flicked with a quivering finger. Melissa was moaning and groaning as Michael inserted a finger into her pussy working it in as far as he could before starting to pump it hard. His other hand was tweaking and twisting a nipple until it nearly popped like a blister.

Michael turned her around so they were face to face and began kissing her lips and sticking his tongue deep into her mouth. While Michael held her head still Melissa's hand began jerking his penis, rubbing her hand over the head and scratching his ball. Melissa broke the hold and dropped to her knees and swallowed his manhood in a single gulp. She sucked and jerked his penis while he placed his hands on her shoulders for balance. She kissed and slurped, jerked and spat getting the penis as slick as possible.

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