Playing Around at the Ski Cabin

by WaywardOne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Take three couples away from their kids and the summer heat and put them together in an isolated but luxurious chalet in the mountains for a week. It's like three honeymoons all over again, but then, thanks to some silly games, one thing leads to another until re-coupling results all around. And not just once.

Sacramento is miserably hot in the summer. George had no idea how miserable it would be when he started working there last fall. But as summer rolled around he started complaining to his coworkers about the heat.

"Patty and I hate this heat," he said one day in the company cafeteria. "If we'd known it was going to be like this I don't think we would have transferred here."

Several people laughed and assured him he'd get used to it. But Al had a suggestion for him.

"Why don't you take a week off up in the high Sierras? It's beautiful up there in the summer, and the temps are just pleasant."

"You mean like rent a hotel room at Tahoe?" George asked. "There's two problems with that. Patty and I don't like being cooped up in a single room for a week, and besides I couldn't afford it right now."

"Ah, but I've got the perfect answer to both those problems," Al assured him. "My wife and I are 1/3 owners of a ski cabin near Mammoth. In the winter we rent it for a wad of money any time none of us are up there. But in the summer it mostly sits empty when we aren't using it. We could rent it to you for a week for about what you'd spend at a Tahoe hotel in one night. And this is definitely no single room. It's got three bedrooms, each with a private bath, a huge living room, a fully stocked kitchen, even an indoor spa. Heck, you could go up there with some friends, split the rent between you, and you'd be living for next to nothing. The wife and I went in together with two other couples to buy the place. There've been several times that all six of us have been up there at the same time, and we don't feel a bit crowded."

Before the lunch was over, George and three other guys had tentatively signed up for a week apiece. That night George described it to Patty, and she was immediately enthusiastic.

"I'd love to get out of this sweat box for a week. We could take the kids and make a family vacation out of it."

"True," agreed George, "or we could leave the kids with your sister so you could have a real vacation."

"Umm, that would be nice. Mary and I were telling each other just yesterday how much we wished we could have a vacation away from the kids."

"Hey," George tossed in, "we could even take Bob and Mary along with us. Al was saying the place was huge, that it had plenty of room for three couples. And if we shared the cost it would be even cheaper."

"Three couples? Is there really room for that many people?" Patty asked. "If so, I'll bet Tom and Helen would be interested, too. At least I know Helen would. She was saying the other day that she feels like she hardly knows Tom any more, with the kids always underfoot."

"OK, let's invite Tom and Helen as well as Bob and Mary. We've all done things together before, and we've never had any problems getting along with each other."

Patty's sister was quite willing to take the kids for a week on the understanding that she'd get her chance later. Bob and Mary loved the idea, and had no problem at all, since the kids' Gramma and Grampa lived only a few miles away. Tom and Helen really, really wanted to go, too, but were having a heck of a time getting rid of their two preschoolers. Finally, with some arm twisting, they talked Tom's sister into taking them.

Finally the day arrived, and as the radio was predicting four more days of 105+ degree temperatures, the three couples went three different ways to drop off their kids, then met to caravan their three cars into the mountains. Three wives were snuggled against their husbands, dreaming of the perfect vacation they hoped was starting. Three husbands were negotiating the curves of the mountain highway and dreaming, well to be frank, they were dreaming of endless sex with their wives. There'd be tonight, then Monday night, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Six nights in a romantic place with no kids around! It would be a second honeymoon.

They had gotten started later than they really wanted to, what with getting their respective kids settled, and by the time they arrived at the "cabin" it was almost dark. Man! It was big, and beautiful. Everything Al had told George it would be. It had a steeply sloped roof that formed a cathedral ceiling for the huge living room, which must have been nearly twenty feet by fifty feet with a massive fireplace, and took up one entire side of the building. The other side was two stories, with a large dining area, kitchen, bath room, laundry, and spa downstairs, and the three bedroom suites upstairs. The bedrooms opened onto a sort of balcony running down the middle of the building. It had a railing from which you could look down into the living room, and an open staircase down to the main floor.

No one felt like cooking after the hectic morning and long drive, so they threw together some sandwiches, played two games of Hearts, and decided to call it a night. The gals drew cards to see who would get which bedroom, then the guys lugged their stuff from the cars upstairs to the rooms they drew and they all said good night.

George and Patty hit the shower together, and started playing around as they soaped each other up. By the time they had dried each other off they were both very horny, and headed straight for the bed, stark naked. It wasn't the greatest sex they had ever had, but it wasn't bad for a couple that had been married eight years.

All three couples woke up in the morning much more interested in each other than in breakfast. Nothing truly spectacular happened in any of the bedrooms, but even so it was enough that more showers were definitely in order. So it was after ten by the time three clean and glowing gals got together to cook bacon and eggs. Whispered confidences soon let them all know they weren't alone in their happiness. Yet somewhere down inside they each knew that it could have been better. Maybe tonight when they weren't so tired...

By the time they finished eating at about 11:30 they decided to call it brunch, and they all wandered off as couples to explore the forested area around the cabin. It was a thick pine forest, with lots of duff on the ground. The silence was broken only by their own footsteps, mixed with the chirping of birds and the rustle of the trees in the breeze. What a difference from the noise of the city! And the smell was heavenly. Each couple did a bit of smooching, but there really wasn't enough privacy for anything very intimate.

By 3 PM everyone had wandered back to the cabin, and all six of them were sitting around the living room. After they had chatted together for a while, Bob suggested they try out the spa. They headed to their rooms for swim suits, and before long they were all enjoying the warm water and bubbling jets.

Actually, George discovered he was enjoying something else, too. All three gals were wearing bikinis, and they were all quite attractive. Helen had the largest breasts, big enough that her bikini top was not able to completely cover the subject matter. She was sitting by her husband, but George kept casting sidelong glances at her two luscious globes. Mary had a wasp-like waist, and a very low-cut bikini that stopped fully three inches below her navel. Her husband was obviously enjoying it from his position beside her, but George was getting an eyeful too.

Not surprisingly, the other two guys were also enjoying the scenery. All in all, it wasn't long before three guys were worrying about how they were going to hide three large bulges in their crotches. George finally solved the problem by announcing he was ready for a nap, and ordering Patty to get him a towel. When she returned with it, he twisted quickly, climbed out and wrapped himself in the towel before anyone except his wife actually saw what his problem was. Bob and Tom then followed roughly the same plan, and everyone retired to their bedrooms.

All three gals found their husbands' rather public hard-ons a real turn-on, and all three were amazed at their guys' stamina. The sex that afternoon was without question the best of the week so far in all three bedrooms. None of the gals suspected the real reason for the new passion directed to them, which was the mental pictures each guy had of two sexy women, neither of them his wife.

Hunger eventually brought the couples back down to the kitchen, and due to the lack of lunch, and the heavy exercise by all, everyone was ready for a big steak dinner. After dinner they broke out a six-pack of long necks, and settled back around the table for some more conversation.

When Tom got to the bottom of his bottle he laid it on its side on the table, and started idly spinning it. Suddenly he sat up.

"Hey, that reminds me of something. When we were kids we used to play a game called 'spin the bottle'. But I've forgotten how it went."

A bit of probing of collective memories disclosed that it involved spinning the bottle and then kissing whoever it pointed at.

"Even if I spin it, and it points at another guy?" Bob asked in mock horror.

Everyone laughed, and they decided that no, the kiss was only if it pointed at someone of the opposite sex from whoever spun it. But they decided that probably whoever it pointed at would spin next, whether kissed or not.

"Let's try it, and see if those rules make any sense," George proposed.

"George, shame on you!" Patty responded.

"It's just a silly kids' game," he said. "It's not like we're talking about having an affair or anything."

After some questioning looks between spouses, they all shrugged and said, "why not?"

Since Tom's bottle had started it all, he spun first, and it pointed at his wife Helen, so he kissed her. Her spin pointed back at him and, despite cries of cheating, she kissed him back.

This time Tom's spin stopped at Patty, and amid a chorus of oohhh's he gave her a quick peck on the mouth. George figured he couldn't be too jealous about what his wife was doing, since he had suggested they play.

Patty's spin pointed at George, and she gave him a somewhat longer kiss. Then it was his turn to spin, but his spin pointed back at Tom, so no kiss.

"Hey, when do we get to play?" Bob demanded.

But Tom kissed Helen again, then she kissed him again. Their kisses were starting to get somewhat passionate, and the others cheered them on. Tom's next spin pointed back at George.

George spun the bottle, secretly hoping that it would point at one of the other girls, but no such luck. It pointed at his wife, and he dutifully gave her a long sloppy kiss.

But when Patty spun, it pointed at Bob. Blushing, she started to share a quick kiss with him, but he grabbed her and made it a bit longer.

"Bob," she sputtered when she managed to break free, "shame on you!"

"Sorry," he said, "but all this kissing was going on, and I was being totally left out."

"OK, I'll forgive you this time," Patty replied, but her eyes were on the floor and she was blushing furiously.

Bob's spin pointed at George, but then George got his chance with Mary. He made his kiss considerably longer, determined to get even for the kiss Mary's husband had just given his wife. Apparently Mary had the same idea, and their kiss almost became passionate.

"So everybody has kissed somebody now, right?" Tom asked.

"In fact I think," Bob grinned, "that everybody has probably kissed someone they aren't married to."

"No, I haven't," Helen said very quietly.

"Well, let's take care of that right now," came Bob's hearty voice.

He walked around the table to where she was sitting, knelt beside her, wrapped his arms around her, and planted a big juicy one on her mouth.

"Say, what gives you that right?" asked George as he moved to Helen's other side. "I haven't kissed her, either," he added as he knelt, and corrected that situation.

"No fair," Tom said, moving over to Mary, "Bob just now kissed my wife, and I haven't gotten to kiss his."

He proceeded to right the injustice quite thoroughly.

"Yeah, and you guys are going all out now," threw in Tom, "while I just gave Patty a demure little peck. I think it's definitely time I did something about that." Which he did.

"I think," Helen said with a shocked look at what her husband was doing, "we'd better quit before we get totally carried away."

"And I think," Mary added with a lascivious leer at her husband, "that it's bedtime."

They all broke for the stairs at a very fast walk, and as soon as they got inside their own bedroom doors they started tearing each other's clothes off. George and Patty fucked wildly and noisily. She wanted more, and got a second load within the hour. Then she woke up in the middle of the night, made a U-turn in their bed and started sucking George's cock while grinding her steaming pussy into his face.

Unbeknownst to them a very similar passion drama was being played out in the other two bedrooms. Despite the best sex they'd had in years, the other two gals also woke in the wee hours, and sucked their lovers' cocks to attention.

Three guys answered the call, sucked clits, poked their tongues deep in cunts, pounded their throbbing peters up into mouths, and came deep in their wives' throats. Three couples wondered in the morning light at the miracle that had happened to them, and finally admitted to each other that the kissing game had had something to do with it.

So on Tuesday afternoon, when they all ended up in the spa together again, and George came up with a wild suggestion, no one objected.

The first part of his idea was that they split up with spouses on opposite sides of the spa, and alternating guy/gal all around.

Once everyone had splashed to their new positions he looked across at Patty and said, "since we're in the water, let's do a wave, like they do at games. Only this wave will be more like last night, with kissing instead of standing up."

"Bob, I'll let you start it with my Patty, then Patty can kiss Tom, and so on."

Everybody looked at each other, and grinned a bit nervously, but then thought to themselves, "Well, it sure worked last night, didn't it?"

Bob started with a quick peck to Patty's mouth, and around the wave went, Patty to Tom to Mary to George. By the time Mary kissed George it was a lingering kiss, which he passed on to Helen. She passed that on to Bob and around the circle it went again. By the time Mary came back to George it had become passionate, and he poked his tongue through Helen's open mouth to her teeth as he passed it on. On the next round there was a lot of moaning and writhing going on, and when Mary kissed George their tongues were probing deeply in each other's mouths.

But after Helen threw her leg over Bob and dropped her knee between his thighs for their kiss, and Bob turned to Patty for more of the same, she called a halt.

"I think we've had enough stimulation for our naps."

"Oh, yes," they all said and climbed out of the spa.

The guys made no attempt this time to hide their throbbing hard-ons, and the gals weren't being at all bashful about looking at them.

All three guys had an arm around their wives' waists and a hand inside her bikini before they got to the top of the stairs, and all three gals had a hand rubbing their hubby's meat by then.

George and Patty had the last room down the hall, and they didn't make it that far. As soon as the other two couples had disappeared into their rooms he pressed her against the wall and started pounding his crotch against hers. Then he pushed her bikini bottom down to her knees, she shoved his suit down far enough to expose his rod, and he plowed into her. She came almost as soon as he entered her, and then a few minutes later she came again when he came.

After that they calmed down enough to realize that they'd better get into their room before they were discovered. As soon as they closed the door they finished stripping, and he took her from behind as she lay face down on the bed with her legs over the side. As soon as he came that way she pushed him off of her, and onto his back, and she assumed the dominant position. She impaled herself on his still-hard cock and started pumping and grinding frantically as he played with her tits. Then he reached around behind her and shoved a finger up her ass. That set off a series of screams and pussy contractions that must have gone on for five minutes. That brought him over the top yet again and he dumped his third load into her. When they finally calmed down they knew, without saying a word, that they had never, ever, had sex like that before.

The other two couples were equally convinced that this was the best sex they had ever had. Nobody wanted to separate from their lover. The three couples didn't get together for dinner or a game that night. They did each sneak out at different times, bare-ass naked except for robes, and grab some basic sustenance. And they all decided they definitely wanted to get together in the spa again on Wednesday.

In fact they didn't wait until afternoon this time. They all gravitated there shortly after breakfast and took the same positions they had been in the day before. Bob suggested a slight variant on the wave. This time they could have two waves going around at the same time. That would mean four people participating at once, and the other two could serve as timers. The timers could count to ten and then say "ding" to indicate that time was up.

Everyone quickly realized that meant that while you and your neighbor were kissing (or whatever) your spouses would be similarly involved, so would not be paying attention to what you were doing. Since Bob had suggested it, he and his wife were appointed to be the first timers. That left George and Helen, and Tom and Patty, to start the waves.

Helen wrapped both her arms around George's neck, and he grabbed her waist with his right hand and went straight to work on her mouth. Meanwhile he let his left hand steal slowly up her side from her waist to just below her armpit. Then just as he started to slide it forward to her breast, Mary said, "ding."

Helen reluctantly pulled away and turned to Bob. But as soon as she was facing him she gave him a devilish grin, grabbed his head with both hands, and attacked his mouth passionately. Bob didn't bother with her waist, sliding his hands quickly up her belly to those big lucious boobs. As soon as he reached his goal she moaned and started shoving her tongue in and out of his mouth.

All too soon Patty said "ding" and Helen had to let go. Bob turned to Patty, who had already had one encounter with Tom. She let him take the lead, and he pulled her chest tight against his. She rubbed her bikini top against his bare chest while they kissed wetly and wildly.

On Helen's "ding", Patty broke away and turned hungrily back to Tom. Their lips had just met when Bob announced that he didn't think counting to ten was long enough, and they were going to start counting to twenty. Tom's left hand went immediately to Patty's ass, and his right hand to her top. He started kneading her right cheek and her left tit. She brought her right leg up and across his lap, hooking the far side of his waist with her heel and pulling him closer, between her legs. He responded by sliding his left hand down the outside of her thigh, which drove her wild. He was about to move his hand to the inside of her thigh when he was interrupted by Mary's "ding."

At that, Tom swung around and started to paw Mary. He had already touched her top on the previous wave. This time he grabbed her breast and started pinching her nipple. Meanwhile his other hand was rubbing her belly, and slowly moving down that vast expanse from her belly button to the top of her low-slung bikini. She was moaning and moving her pelvis up and back, up and back, encouraging him to slide his hand clear down to her pussy. She gasped when he got there, and grabbed for his cock. But Patty's "ding" came just as she found it.

That meant it was Tom's turn to be a timer, but Mary was as hot as hell, and turned eagerly to George. She knew where she wanted his hand, and she put her hand on his crotch to show him. He took the hint instantly, and started rubbing her clit through her tiny bikini bottom. For her part she was pumping his huge cock through his suit. They both decided to take the next step at the same instant, he slipping his fingers inside that bit of cloth she was wearing, and she ramming her whole fist inside his suit so she could wrap her fingers around his monster. When his finger reached her clit she started pumping his manhood wildly. Oh no! Not the ding already!

Meanwhile, on the other half of the wave, Bob had been going for Helen's huge tits in a big way. He slid his fingers under her strap and then forward under the bikini top material. Then he wiggled his thumb under the bottom so he could squeeze her bare breast from two directions. Next he bent down and started nibbling on her other breast. Helen always went wild when Tom did that, and she was even wilder with Bob.

Patty's ding meant Helen had to stop and take over as timer, but she left Bob nearly ready to cream in his suit. He started the same procedure with Patty, but she had other ideas. She grabbed his hand and put it on her thigh, then started stroking the back of his thigh to show him what she wanted. As soon as he followed suite she cried out and pulled her knees up to her chest with her feet wide apart. He moved his other hand to the back of her other thigh, then took a deep breath and plunged his face into the water, with his mouth heading straight for her pussy. She was saying "OH! OH! OH!" continuously, and making so much noise he barely heard Helen's ding.

When he came up for air and started counting with Mary, Tom attacked Patty and George attacked Helen. Actually, Patty spread her legs with her knees up to her tits, and Helen untied her top and offered her naked boobs to George. Bob looked across at Mary's glazed eyes and her hand rubbing her own pussy. He realized if they didn't stop soon they wouldn't be able to stop at all. This was supposed to be a tease to get everyone ready to make it again and again with their spouse.

So he somewhat reluctantly called out, "OK, play time is over, let's all go fuck!"

This time no one made it even as far as the stairs. Discarded swim wear littered the area from the spa to the living room, and three sets of writhing bodies were scattered randomly around the room. The place rang with moans and snorts and grunts and screams and thumps and slurping sounds for the next three hours. Every time one couple came their noises would give new inspiration to the other two. Finally they were all so exhausted they fell asleep where they lay. When George and Patty woke up late in the afternoon they looked around at all the nakedness and were inspired to engage in one more lazy fuck. Which in turn aroused the others, and they followed suite.

Finally Patty giggled and said aloud, "If anyone had told me a week ago that this is what we would be doing today I would have said they were crazy, that I would never do that."

Everyone laughed, got up, and collected their discarded swim wear.

Helen looked around and said, "Hell, everybody has seen me buck naked this afternoon, I'm going to leave my top off. The damn thing is very uncomfortable, anyway."

Mary and Patty decided they would do the same thing, and after some very necessary stops at the downstairs restroom the three gals headed topless to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

When they came out a bit later with food in their hands, reeking of sex, and tits bouncing, the guys were seated at the table ready to eat, and not just the food. As the gals set down the food, the guys craned their necks to sample the other wares. And of course they had carefully seated themselves leaving a space for one gal between each. Miracle of miracles, the wives decided to sit down opposite their spouses, giving each guy access to the two luscious babes he had been sampling in the spa. That led to lots more tit-nibbling during the meal, not to mention a great deal of groping under the table.

Everyone seemed to want to make the meal last as long as possible, but finally they all got up and wandered into the living room.

"I have an idea," said Tom. "Let's all sit in a circle on the floor in the same order we were in at the table."

They all did, shivering a bit in anticipation. Tom got up and turned off the lights, leaving the place pitch black, then returned to his place in the circle.

"Now guys, turn to the woman on your left, and start making out with her, until I say 'stop'."

George immediately started sucking Helen's huge tits while they rubbed each other's crotches. Soon a chorus of moans started, which Helen joined. Her gyrating pelvis emboldened George to wiggle his hand inside her bikini bottom. She arched up against him as his finger probed for a slit it had never touched before. When he found it, and the pulsing little knob inside, Helen started screaming, and she wasn't the only one.

"Stop!" Tom said.

All five others groaned their disapproval.

"Come on, back to your places, boys. This isn't supposed to be an orgy, you know. Now turn to the gal on your right."

No one needed any encouragement. George's hand went directly to Mary's pussy that he had touched briefly earlier in the day. Mary was obviously wild with desire, and he already knew the way inside that tiny bit of cloth, so in nothing flat he had two fingers poking into her cunt and a thumb on her clit, while his mouth was sucking one tit and his other hand was pinching a nipple. Moments later Mary was pushing her suit bottom down, and when she got it to her knees she kicked it off and spread her legs. George abandoned her tit and slid down so his mouth and tongue could sample her steaming twat.

No one said "Stop" so they just kept going. Three guys' cocks were released from their prisons. One went deep down a throat, the other two into cunts. Still no one said 'stop' and it wasn't long before they all dumped loads of cum. By that time if anyone had said 'stop' no one would have listened. The fucking went on and on long into the night.

Eventually, one by one, with whispered words, each gal took her new lover up to her bed where they immediately resumed the action. The women kept demanding more and more from their new lovers, and amazingly their lovers kept producing. Not one of the guys had ever experienced anything like it. Cocks that were still bone hard after coming more times than they could remember. Eventually, two by two, they fell into blissful sleep with their bodies still clinging together.

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