Miranda Warning

by Orestes

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Hypnosis, BiSexual, Cheating, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: It starts simply enough, with an online personal ad, and a decision to suspend disbelief. Miranda plays along with the hypnosis fantasy, knowing that she can always pull back if it goes too far. It does. She doesn't.

Miranda couldn't believe that people posted crap like this to the internet. It was obviously just spam, posted to the targeted audience of one of the web personals sites. It was posted in the category 'Male seeking Female' with the headline 'Submit yourself to me'. When she opened the message, it seemed too ridiculous to take seriously. The poster claimed to have a subliminal hypnosis program that would work through a computer monitor.

' Complete every session, and it will turn you into a completely submissive slut who will do anything to be humiliated and abused. Don't say I didn't warn you.'

Well there's a sales pitch. Who the hell did the guy expect to sell this program to, women who had nothing better to do than fantasize about being his fuck-toy? He had an awfully big opinion of himself.

She considered flagging the post for removal, but just out of a perverse curiosity, Miranda clicked on the e-mail link.

' How do I get the program?' she asked.

She fully expected to get a reply with a request for $24.95, cheque, money order, or Visa, thank you very much. By the time the response came the next evening, she had almost forgotten that she even sent the e-mail. Instead of a request for cash, attached to her e-mail was a file named 'Sbmit1.exe'.

Okay, so it wasn't spam. Correction. It wasn't spam ... yet. The creep would still probably ask for money for Sbmit2 or 3. Either that, or the program was just a delivery device for a virus. No big deal, Miranda figured. She had bought a new computer recently, and the old was still hooked up. All she had to do was load the program into the old computer. That way, she could see what the program was about, and not take any risks with a virus.

Miranda copied the program onto her flash drive, and took it to the spare room, to where the older computer had been displaced. She wasn't sure why she even bothered. Boredom probably. Her husband's new schedule had him working evenings. Patrick wouldn't be home from work for another couple of hours, and she usually just spent this time cruising the internet. It would be good for a laugh anyhow.

Upon opening the file, the screen of the older computer displayed a message. Green text. Very old-school.

' Hypnotic display session 1

Duration 5 minutes followed by instructions

Press <enter> to continue '

She pressed the key. The screen began to flash with an array of colors, first slowly, and then with a rapidly increasing pace. Nothing terribly complex. Simple designs floated through her line of vision. She had to admit that the visual stimulation was relaxing, and even somewhat erotic, but there was no hypnotic trance. It was just a cute little graphics program. After five minutes, the screen gently phased back into text, displaying a screen full of instructions.

' Print this page now ' were the first instructions. Miranda clicked in the command to send the file to the printer. She didn't mind playing along with the program. It seemed harmless enough, and she did have some sexual tension to work off. When the page was printed, she pulled it from the printer and began to read.

' Suspend your disbelief. If you have come this far, you are at least willing to do that. Give these instructions the next half hour of your life.'

Miranda decided that she could do that. As a part-time editor for a book publisher, being able to suspend disbelief was almost an occupational requirement. She tried not to allow her eyes to skip ahead on the page, as was her habit when reading.

' Take this set of instructions with you to a place where you can view yourself in a mirror. I want you to see yourself obey my commands. Once you see how much it turns you on to follow my commands, you will be mine. '

Miranda picked up the sheet of paper, and brought it to the bedroom. She set it down on the dresser and looked into the full length mirror on the bathroom door. She smiled at her reflection, feeling a little silly for playing along with the author of these words.

' Remove all of your clothing. Do this quickly now. I know that you are eager to be naked for me. '

She had no reason to feel self conscious. She was the only one around. Nonetheless, it felt odd stripping of her clothes at the written commands. She thought of the thrill it might give the author if he knew that she was actually going through with it.

Miranda looked at her body in the mirror. She had been working out recently, and was quite proud of the results. She turned and inspected her body for a minute before reading the next instructions.

' Symbols are important. You will wear a symbol for me, to show your submission. Find a strip of black cloth, ribbon, or string, and tie it around your neck. It will be the only ornament on your naked body. It will symbolize your obedience to me. '

Miranda liked the direction this was going. In truth, the initial reason she had been looking in the online personals, and that she opened a message titled ' Submit yourself to me' was because she took a thrill from games of domination. Patrick tried his best, but he wasn't really into it. So, she often lived vicariously through personals and stories posted to the internet. Not that she ever intended to do anything about it, but it helped to satisfy her appetites.

She went to the closet, and looked for a suitable piece of black cloth. After a minute of searching, she finally just decided to remove the shoelace from a black pair of boots. When she went back to the mirror, she watched her reflected self as she tied the lace around her neck. She smiled at herself again. This was getting her really horny. Who would have guessed that she would enjoy participatory fiction?

' The black band around your neck is your slave collar. If you had any doubts about serving me, they are gone now. Through this symbol of submission, I am in the room with you now, watching you through the mirror. Come closer now. I want to touch you. '

Miranda took a step closer to the mirror. She moved the page of instructions along the top of the dresser so that she could still read it.

' Your nipples are pointed now. I can see them through your eyes. Your hand will act as mine. Explore your body with it. Feel my hand upon your flesh. '

She moved her right hand across her body now. She watched herself in the mirror. With little effort, she could imagine that the hand exploring her body belonged to someone else; to the unknown author. She cupped her own breasts, and circled the nipples. They were hard between her fingers. She felt up and down her body, showing her imaginary lover every inch.

Her hand went to the string around her neck. She liked the look of it in the mirror. She imagined that his hand was tight around the collar, and that he was in total control of her. Her hand ran across her belly, around her hip, and caressed her naked ass. She could imagine his body pressed up against her, perhaps his cock brushing across the curve of her ass. When her hand finally found her pussy, it was like an electric jolt went through her body. She looked back to the instructions.

' You are showing me your pussy now. You are guiding my fingers into your wetness. My fingers are hot with your juices. I can feel you pushing your body against me. You want me to finish you. Not yet. I want to taste you first. Guide my fingers to your mouth, slave. Taste them for me. '

It was like he was in the room with her, and the words on the page almost took on a real voice. Without hesitation, Miranda brought her fingers to her lips, and sunk them to her mouth. She sucked them eagerly, working her tongue around her fingers. Her taste was strong.

' Look me in the eyes. I can see into your soul. Bring your lips to mine, and I will let you cum. '

Those were the last of the instructions. Miranda caught her own eyes in the mirror. They were eyes that could see every secret she held. She brought her lips to the mirror. The glass was cold, but she could feel his tongue against hers. Her hand had found her pussy again.

"Mmmf, " she hear herself groan, as she strained to push her tongue further into the glass. The mirror was fogging under her hot breath.

Her legs were weak. She dropped to her knees in front of the mirror, but her mouth would not free itself. Her lips slid down the mirror, keeping her in contact with the tongue of her lover. All of her feelings came now from the black lace around her neck. Even as her pussy began to send shock waves of pleasure through her body, the feelings seemed to be an originate from the collar around her neck.

I am a slave, she told herself silently. A submissive slut. To be used. Abused. Fucked by my master.

The collar felt so heavy. The mirror was warming against her lips. Her pussy was throbbing against her hand. When she finally lost control, she swore that she could feel the mirror kissing back.

Miranda thought a lot about the program while she was at work the next day. It gave her little shivers of excitement. It was exactly what she was missing in her love life; a little harmless fun with a dominant lover. A fantasy lover, but a lover nonetheless. She still wore the shoelace, as a reminder, tied tightly around her ankle.

She still didn't put any stock in the idea of the subliminal hypnosis program. The screen display was just a nice little prelude, and helped to put her into the mood. It was just a psychological tool really, to allow her to take the written instructions seriously. If the instructions had come to her any other way, she was sure that she would have ignored them.

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