Four New Urges

by WaywardOne

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: My wife suddenly announced we should stop seeing the couple who had been our best friends, and I couldn't figure out what the problem was. Our sex life hit a new high when she finally told me, and we ended up seeing a lot more of our friends than we ever had before.

We were on our way home from Tom and Sally's when my wife dropped the bombshell.

"Honey, I don't think we should go there any more."

"Huh? You mean Tom and Sally's house?"


"But that's crazy! They're our best friends!"

"Well, I just don't think we should."

I was totally baffled.

"Why, Ann? Why in the world would you say something like that?"

"I just don't think we should go," she repeated.

"So what happened tonight? Did you and Sally have some kind of silent fight?"

She shook her head.

"No, we didn't fight, we never fight."

"Oh, god, it must have been something I did that embarrassed you. What did I do this time?"

Another shake of her head.

"No, you were fine."

"Then why?"

"No reason, OK? Look, I just don't wanta talk about it."

I figured I'd better shut up, and we drove the rest of the way home in an awkward silence. When we got there she seemed cold, and I don't think she said a dozen words as we got the house ready for the night and got ourselves ready for bed. Oh, well, all married couples go through these things. But why is it that it's the husband who never has a clue as to what is going on?

When I got out of the bathroom she was already in bed, in her old flannel pajamas, yet. She had her back to me as I crawled in beside her. I wrapped my arm around her and tried to snuggle up, but she squirmed away from me.

"Good night, hon," I finally said.

She sort of grunted.

The next day she seemed to be OK, but we both avoided saying anything about Tom and Sally. In fact their names didn't come up again until Tuesday when I tried to push Ann a bit more on her reaction.

"Honey, I keep thinking about what you said about Tom and Sally, and I had this one horrible thought. Was it Tom? Did he say something or do something he shouldn't have? I mean, like try to come on to you or something?"

"No, he was a perfect gentleman, like he always is."

"So what's the problem, Ann? Don't you like Sally?"

"Yes, I like Sally."

"Don't you like Tom?"

"Tom is fine."

"So I'm OK, you're OK, they're OK. What's going on here? What aren't you telling me?"


"It can't be nothing, it's got to be something. Come on, tell me."

"I don't want to talk about it."

Then, on Thursday, Sally called while Ann was in the shower, and said she and Tom would like to come over Saturday night if that was OK. No surprise there, they only live two miles away, and we get together nearly every weekend. At least her call meant that Sally and Ann weren't totally mad at each other. That was very good in my view, because I liked both Tom and Sally, and would really miss them if they dropped out of our lives. But what was Ann going to say?

I thought for a moment of calling to her in the shower, and asking if it would be OK, but I realized that would sound really negative to Sally on the other end of the line.

So, trying not to leave an awkward pause, I blurted out, "Sure, we'd love to have you."

Sally probably noticed the lack of a dinner invitation, but she just said, "How does eight sound?"

That was my cue to ask them for dinner, but I decided not to push it, and responded, "Eight will be great."

I tried to be very casual about it when Ann came out of the shower.

"Oh, by the way, Sally just called and said they wanted to come over Saturday night. I told them that would be fine."

She bristled immediately.

"I told you, I didn't think we should see them any more."

I tried to escape by being logical which, by the way, guys, never works on a woman.

"No, what you said was that we shouldn't go to their house any more. Since the problem isn't them and it isn't us and it isn't how we feel about them, I had to assume that the problem was their house."

"That's stupid," she snorted.

"Well, OK, maybe I didn't think it out very well. She asked, and I wanted to see them, so I said yes. Now I think it's time you get over your hang-up, whatever it is, and at least pretend to be a good hostess Saturday night."

She glared at me but didn't say anything more.

Saturday night went reasonably well. I was watching Ann carefully, and did notice that she was less talkative than usual, and kept her eyes downcast a lot of the time. But we all played Pinochle together and laughed and joked. I think Tom and Sally both noticed the difference in Ann, because they both tried to be particularly attentive to her.

The evening went quickly, and they left about eleven. As always, Sally and Ann hugged good bye, and then Sally turned to me and Ann turned to Tom. Again, as always, I hugged Sally, nuzzled her cheek a bit, and gave her a quick kiss on the mouth.

After we broke apart I looked over at Tom and Ann to see that they were still going through the same ritual. Well, actually, they had already gotten to the quick kiss part by the time I looked, and it did seem like they held it just a bit longer than a strict construction of 'quick' would suggest. But certainly nothing very extreme.

The moment they were out the door Ann flung herself at me, wrapped her arms tightly around me, and started kissing me passionately. Any tingle of jealousy I might have felt a moment earlier evaporated instantly. Now, this was a kiss!

She pressed her body against mine, and I started sliding my hand up and down her back. When my hand finally made it down to her ass, her pelvis started undulating enthusiastically. I brought my other hand around to cup her bra, and her tongue started driving itself in and out of my mouth. I got an almost instant hard-on, and as soon as she felt that she wrapped one leg around me and started rubbing her pussy up and down my shaft as best she could through four layers of clothing.

That was more than I could stand. I pulled her down to the floor and started ripping her clothes off. She did the same thing with my clothes, and in less than a minute she was rubbing her pussy up and down my quivering cock with nothing between them but slime. The slime I'm talking about is what was coming out of her pussy, because when I got my hand down there I found that she was dripping wet.

She started screaming as soon as I stuck a finger up her cunt and pressed on her clit with my thumb. She rolled me on my back, straddled me, grabbed my cock, and sank down on it. The moment she had me all the way in her she started coming. Not only could I hear it in her screams and see it in the violent jerks of her body, but I could also feel it as her cunt twitched, and twitched, and kept on twitching.

This was all too fast for me. I wasn't nearly there yet, but that didn't matter. Once she calmed down it became obvious that this was only the first act.

She started moaning, "Fuck me, fuck me, " and I was all too happy to oblige.

I was finding it very strenuous to hump up into her from my position flat on my back, so I managed to roll over her and went to work in earnest. I was going faster and faster, and it wasn't long before I started squirting into her. Her body responded immediately with a second massive climax.

We finally calmed down and discovered that we were lying in a tangle of clothes not six feet from the front door. We didn't care, preferring to continue lying there kissing tenderly with her legs wrapped around me and my soft prick still inside her. Maybe half an hour later we finally separated and she made a quick dash for the bathroom while I picked up all of our clothes, carried them into the bedroom, and dumped them on the floor there for later sorting.

We then crawled naked into the bed together and back into each other's arms.

"Wow," I said, "I think that was the best sex we've had since our honeymoon."

She purred and said, "Actually, for me it was even better than during our honeymoon, though that was great. But remember that night before we were married, when we borrowed Tony's apartment for the evening?"

"Do I ever! We were both wild animals that night!"

"That," she said, "was the best sex I ever had in my life ... until tonight."

"Baby, I don't know what triggered it tonight, but whatever it was I hope it keeps on happening."

She was quiet for a bit, then whispered, "Actually, I think I do know what did it, and I guess I'm going to have to tell you."

I waited a long time, but she didn't say anything more, so I felt I had to encourage her.

"Whatever it was, don't be afraid to tell me. It just gave us one fantastic time together. So what was it?"

She hesitated a bit more.

"It was Tom and Sally being here."

"Huh? OK, if you say so. But, Ann, don't you feel a bit stupid now about not wanting them to be here?"

"I was afraid, and I still am."

"Afraid," I wondered aloud. "Afraid of what?"

"Afraid of my feelings."

And then it all poured out.

"Last week when we were at their house I started having these really sexy thoughts about Tom. And then when we said good night and I kissed him I wanted so bad to make it a super passionate kiss, and I almost couldn't stop myself.

"That's why I told you we should stop seeing them. It wasn't that I wanted to stop, but I didn't trust myself.

"Tonight was even worse. I kept imagining that he had this absolutely monster dick, and that he was ramming it in and out, in and out of me all night long. And when we kissed good bye ... I ... I actually come just a little bit. And that was why I needed you so much."

I was stunned. I had no idea.

Finally I said slowly, "You know what? I think I know, just a little bit, what you're going through."

Thank God for darkness. If we had been looking at each other instead of lying side by side, naked in the dark, I don't think I would have been able to say what I said next.

"Two months or so ago I started having feelings like that about Sally. One night when we got ready to leave I had such a hard-on that I was ashamed to even try to kiss her. Instead I stood up quickly and got immediately behind you. I just smiled at her when you hugged Tom and then hurried you out the door, staying very close behind you."

"Oh, yeah, I remember that night," Ann said. "In fact I even remember how horny you were when we got home. But what I remember most is that Sally called me up the next day and asked why you were mad at her. I told her I had no idea."

"Well, I was so embarrassed about it I swore I'd control myself the next time we got together. I just kept focusing on anything I could other than Sally, and I managed to keep from getting a hard-on. Since then I've kept it under control, but it hasn't been easy, especially when we kiss good night."

After a bit, Ann said, "I guess it's pretty hard for a guy to hide something like that. In fact, ... I guess there's something else I have to admit. A week ago, when we were at Tom and Sally's I ... well, I saw what looked like a really big bulge in Tom's pants at one point. Maybe that's what got me started thinking that way about him."

Talk about a soul-baring experience! Ann and I suddenly felt closer to each other than we had in years, in a tender, loving, sort of way. We rolled together and took each other in our arms. But despite our naked flesh pressing against each other, it wasn't an explicitly sexual way. It was just warm and tender, and it too felt fantastic, just like the sex had felt fantastic earlier, yet totally different. We were really, truly, in love. We fell asleep that way, without another word.

Sunday morning we woke still glowing from the most wonderful night of our life. But as the day wore on we both realized that we still had some more talking to do, some more decisions to make.

I finally asked, "So where do we go from here? Like you said a week ago, maybe we have to stop seeing Tom and Sally. But, Ann, after last night, ... well, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I know. Maybe we won't have any more nights like last night if we stop seeing them."

"What if," she went on, "I learn to control my feelings the way you say you have? Hopefully we can save our friendship that way."

"True, but it could be a strain for both of us. And I'm not sure it would help in the passion department, either."

We looked deep into each other's eyes and said it pretty much together.

"Maybe we can let our feelings out just a little bit when we're with them." "And," Ann added, "end up with more nights like last night."

"And," I added, "if we're careful, still be friends with Tom and Sally."

"What if," Ann suggested with a naughty grin, "you should happen to get turned on by Sally at the same time I get turned on by Tom? Imagine what that might do to our sex life!"

OK, I'll admit it. The idea of that gave me a very hard boner in a very short time.

Suddenly the decision seemed obvious. We began planning our next time with Tom and Sally. We agreed we wanted to have it happen at our place again, so we would be able to act immediately on our feelings.

"But you know Sally is going to insist that it's her turn," Ann objected.

"Ahh, I've got a way around that. Tell her you were so mad at that clod of a husband you have," I gave her a big grin, "because he didn't invite them to dinner last time. And you insist it be at our place to make up for that."

That settled, Ann had another idea.

"How about if we put some music on, and you and I start dancing. And then Tom and Sally will probably start dancing too. And after a while you could suggest we change partners for a bit."

I couldn't believe that my wife was actually proposing something like this, but it sounded like a perfect technique to achieve our goal.

"If," I amended, "we can get it to happen just before they go home."

"That," said Ann with a sexy grin, "should be no problem at all. By the time Tom finishes dancing with me, he is going to be dying to get Sally home and into bed!"

We both laughed a bit nervously at that, and I cautioned her not to get too carried away.

For the record, we had some absolutely fabulous sex that night, and every night that week. I know for me it was in large part because of the fantasies I was having about the coming Saturday night, and I'm sure Ann was having similar fantasies with a similar effect. Including, undoubtedly, that some of her fantasies, like some of mine, were not about her own spouse.

Finally the big night came. Ann was back to being her old talkative self, though I detected a slightly heightened flush. Tom and Sally both complimented her on the dinner, and the women cleared the dishes while Tom and I broke out the double Pinochle deck for the traditional game.

"Ann is really looking radiant tonight," Tom remarked, then grinned. "I almost said ravishing, but caught myself in time. Sorry about that, buddy."

I laughed and said, "I don't mind. The fact is she does look ravishing, and I intend to ravish her the moment you guys are out the door tonight."

"Oh, shit, are you suggesting we should leave right now?"

"Not a bit of it. I'm absolutely positive that we would both be terribly disappointed if you left right now!"

(If he only knew how true those words are, I thought to myself.)

After the game, Ann announced, "You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to dance!"

I jumped up and turned the stereo on, where of course I already had an appropriate CD ready to play. Then on a devilish impulse I turned the lights down low. We have one of those switches with a dimmer on them, though we almost never use it.

Ann was waiting for me when I got back, and she wrapped her arms around me. It felt so good having her press against my body that I almost suggested we drop the last step in the plan, but I decided not to say anything.

Sure enough, Tom and Sally were soon swaying to the music near by, and from the looks of it in the semi-darkness they were dancing as close as Ann and I were. I moved one hand up to Ann's breast and the other down to her ass. She moaned and pressed even closer to me.

Then after a bit she pulled her mouth away from mine and whispered in my ear, "OK, lover boy, I think it's time."

I gave her a final kiss and asked my question.

"Tom, would it be OK with you if I asked Sally to dance with me for a bit?"

Tom laughed a bit nervously.

"It's fine with me, if I can ask Ann to dance at the same time."

"Naturally," I responded. "So, Sally, would you like to dance with me?"

"Well," she hesitated, "I guess, ... If Tom really doesn't mind."

"I already said it was OK," he reminded her. "Now, Ann, how about you?"

Her response came very quickly and enthusiastically: "Oh, yes, I'd like that!"

So we traded partners, and each started out in a formal ballroom position, no touching except a hand at the waist, a hand at the shoulder, and a pair of hands clasped.

I guided Sally away from Tom and Ann, and turned her so she couldn't see what they were doing. I had intended to watch them myself, but found Sally's perfume and close body intoxicating. I gently pulled her waist closer to me, and she moved in without complaint so that our chests were touching. Soon, again by unspoken mutual consent, my left hand and her right hand that it was holding were resting against the sides of our chests.

I tried to be careful to keep my lower body a bit away from hers, because by now I had a rather prominent bulge down there. But I did release her hand, and slide mine up her arm to her shoulder, then down onto her upper back. She did the same thing with her hand, but then kept moving it across my shoulder to my neck, where it was joined by the other one. I slid my hand down her back to her waist, and then started moving it gently up and down her back. By now our cheeks were resting against each other, and we started turning our heads gently, causing our cheeks to graze each other, back and forth.

Just then Tom said, "Sally, I think it's time we went home."

"Yes, dear, I agree," she said, and pulled her face back away from me.

But only far enough so that our mouths could meet. This time we held the 'good bye' kiss quite a bit longer than usual, then parted.

We looked over at Tom and Ann, who were just finishing their expanded good bye kiss. Then Tom and Sally made a beeline to the door, with quickly exchanged good night calls by all.

We actually started tearing our own clothes off even before the door was completely closed. And I'm sure that before Tom and Sally had closed their car doors we were on the floor stark naked and I was plunging my fuck stick into Ann's steaming cunt. We both came nearly instantly, but after we calmed down from that we started up again immediately.

The second climax took considerably longer, but GOD did it feel good when it came! After that we left the clothes where they lay and headed for the bed where we fucked a third time. Totally exhausted by then, we fell asleep, but Ann woke in the middle of the night and started sucking my dick, which led to my fourth climax in as many hours.

Naturally, I returned the favor. With interest, I might add, because she came twice while I was sucking her clit and grubbing in her cunt. Then we fell into a sound sleep and didn't wake until the middle of the morning, but when we did awaken it was to yet another mind-blowing fuck.

After that we both realized that we stunk to high heaven, and headed to a long shower together. Anything we might have tried in the shower would have been an anticlimax, so we just soaped each other thoroughly, everywhere. We didn't feel like getting dressed, so I pulled on a pair of under shorts, and she wrapped herself in a robe, and we headed for the kitchen. We were both starved!

Some time around noon my curiosity got the best of me.

"I'd love to know what you and Tom were doing last night while you were dancing."

"Are you sure? What if it makes you jealous?"

"I promise I won't be jealous. I want to hear all the details. If we're going to make this work, we're going to have to be totally honest with each other."

She thought about that a minute, and finally said, "OK, but first you tell me what you and Sally did."

I was glad I didn't have too much to confess, but I told her like it was, and she took it really well.

Then it was her turn.

"When I went to Tom he held his left hand out to the side, and barely touched my waist with his right. I took his left hand with my right, and put my left hand on his shoulder. We didn't even touch any place except those three points!"

She gave me a quick sidelong glance, then went on.

"I definitely wanted more than that, so the first thing I did was pull the hand I was holding in against my body. I slid my hand around to the back of his, and pressed his against my blouse, you can guess where."

"You didn't!"

"Oh yes, I did. And I held it there with my hand while I moved my other hand from his shoulder to the back of his neck, and pulled his face down against mine. When our lips met I started kissing him hotly."

"Really? I can't believe it!"

"Quiet, no more comments or I won't tell you my story."

So I shut up and she continued.

"I was now close enough that I was pressing my chest against his, but then I stepped in even closer. Are you sure you want to hear this?"

I nodded.

"When I stepped closer, my thigh went between his legs, and his thigh went between my legs. Oh, god, babe, I could feel him rubbing against my leg, and I could feel his leg pushing against me, right here. I was already going out of my mind with desire.

"After that I started squeezing his hand, to get him to squeeze my breast. At that point he groaned and moved his other hand down from my waist to my ass. I couldn't help myself when he did that; I started rubbing my crotch against his thigh and my thigh against his crotch.

"By now his right hand was doing just fine on my tit without any help from me, so I moved both hands to his neck and started working my tongue in and out of his mouth. His pelvis was bucking against me, and I could feel his hard-on rubbing up and down my belly. I fantasized for just a bit that he was pumping it into me, then pulled my mouth away from his and whispered in his ear that if we didn't stop then I didn't think I would be able to.

"He groaned again and shoved his hand to the base of my ass crack and between my legs. I was afraid I'd gone too far, but then he took a deep breath and told Sally he thought it was time they went home. One more kiss, much less passionate this time, but definitely intense, and he was gone."

Strangely enough, my peter had been getting harder and harder while she told what she had been doing with Tom, and when she stopped I flung open her robe, dropped to my knees in front of where she was sitting, and shoved my face into her pussy. In less time than it takes to tell it, she was on the floor with her legs spread wide and I was trying frantically to tear off a pair of under shorts that had gotten hooked on my monster cock. Of course I finally did get them off, and we had yet another pounding, screaming, fuck session that went on and on, with more climaxes than we could remember.

When our brains finally came back into focus maybe an hour, maybe two hours, later, we knew without a doubt that we had made the right decision a week earlier. All that mattered now was that we find some way to keep it going.

We did feel kind of guilty that we had used our friends unfairly, though we later found out things weren't quite as one-sided as we thought they might have been. It turned out that when Tom and Sally went out to the car that night, they had just gotten the doors closed when Tom rolled toward Sally and grabbed her pussy while they started kissing passionately. They ended up spending thirty minutes in our driveway fucking their brains out. Then, when they were finally able to drive home, they sprinted for the bed and, from what we heard, had every bit as wild a night as we did.

But at the time we didn't know that, so it was with some major guilt feelings that I gave Tom a call in the middle of the week.

"Hey, Tom, you got a minute? Can you talk? Look, Ann and I have been feeling kind of bad about what happened last Saturday night. The truth is, we sort of set you up. It wasn't fair, and we're sorry ... You what? You really mean you're glad it happened? ... That good, huh? ... Yeah, we'd like to get together again this weekend, too ... OK, me too, but let's just play it by ear. It might not work out the same way next time ... Right, see you for dinner at your place."

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