Student Project

by Orestes

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Body Modification, School, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Natalie is desperate to make an impression on a university researcher. She takes matters into her own hands, and enlists the help of her protective roommate to complete the project. Their relationship changes in an unexpected way.

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My roommate, Tracy, couldn't believe that I had signed up for the research project.

"Behaviour modification through what?" she asked, with more than a little disbelief in her voice.

"Through intense hypno-therapy," I answered. "It's right in my field of study. I've read a lot about it."

"How the heck does that work?"

"I've agreed to participate in the project for six weeks during our summer break By reviewing my initial psychological profile, Dr. Porter will target some aspects of my personality and attempt to override the traits under hypnotic suggestion. The sessions will begin in the afternoon, and testing will continue through the evening hours."

"Doesn't it scare the hell out of you?"

"Nope," I replied nonchalantly, "I've read a lot of Dr. Porter's work. She's a real professional. Following each testing session, the hypnotic suggestion is removed. Don't worry, I'm in good hands."

Tracy shook her head in disbelief.

"I don't know, Natalie. Do you really want someone going into your head and mucking around with your personality?"

I had already thought this through. In truth, I hoped that my participation would land me a position with Dr. Porter for my post-graduate work. Tracy's concern was a little irrational, but well intended.

"We'll talk tomorrow, after my first session," I ended the conversation.

I had already completed the initial psychological testing, and had been among the 30 subjects selected from a screening of 150 applicants. There was no way I was backing out now.

True to my word, I didn't feel any anxiety when I arrived at the research site, in an old ivy covered section of the university. What I did feel was excitement about my one-on-one meeting with Dr. Beth Porter. Up until now, I had been dealing with her research assistants. I was led to a small office, and was told to expect Dr. Porter shortly.

I had barely sat down when she came in.

"You are ... Natalie Foulds," she read from the clip-board. I stood to shake her hand. It was strange, meeting someone I'd read so much about. I suppose I expected her to be a larger, more physical presence. In fact, she was a shade less than 5 feet tall, with a slight build. The way she wore her black hair so shortly cropped made her look like a tom-boy, and made her appear much younger than her 45 years.

"I've reviewed your testing, Natalie, and I'm excited about the opportunity to work with you," my heart swelled, she was taking a special interest in me. "Your results indicate, among other things, that you are an extremely dominant personality, very dominant indeed. This is the trait we'd like to override for our testing sessions."

She handed me a form.

"This is your consent form. As you've been told, we will place you under hypnotic suggestion each day, and then conduct some tests. We will only proceed with the tests if you sign the consent. Otherwise, you will be removed from the study."

I nodded. I read the consent form carefully and then signed.

"When do we start?" I asked.

"I appreciate your enthusiasm," Dr. Porter said. "We'll start right away."

I can't say I remember a lot about the hypnosis session. We began with some visualization and breathing exercises, but I don't remember much more. The next thing I remember is being in a small conference room with Dr. Porter and one of her assistants.

"The session went extremely well," explained Dr. Porter. "It took me several hours to lay the groundwork in your subconscious, but future sessions will take very little time. I'll leave you with my assistant, Alec, to begin testing. At the end of the evening, I'll come back, and remove the hypnotic suggestions."

Well, I didn't feel any different. I was a bit disappointed that Dr. Porter wouldn't stay around for the testing, but I suppose she had other test subjects to attend to. I turned my attention to Alec. He was a thin black guy around my own age. I have to say that I envied him for working on Dr. Porter's project.

"Stand up," he said.

I did, almost automatically. He stood, and walked around me. I turned to look at him.

"Stand still," he commanded.

I faced forward. This wasn't like me at all. Normally, I'd bite the head off of anyone who used that tone of voice with me. Instead, I just froze, and waited for him to circle me.

"On your knees," was his next command.

My pause was only momentary before I found myself obeying. What was he going to tell me to do next?

Alec, who now towered over me, made some notes on his clipboard.

"Crawl to the corner of the room," he said. I now realized that he was running through a set of instructions on his clipboard. He watched as I, despite the humiliation of the position, crawled on my hands and knees to the corner of the room. It was like I wasn't totally in control of my own actions. That is, I knew that it was my decision to obey, but I knew that my normal reaction would be much different.

There was something else that came along with the humiliation; arousal. As I crawled the distance, I could feel myself getting wet. When I reached the corner, I stopped. With no further command, I lowered my arms to the floor, leaving my ass sticking up lewdly.

'Why did I do that?' I asked myself silently. My god, Alec must think I'm a real slut. Nonetheless, my arousal increased.

We continued to go through the list: stand in the corner, sit, lay down, crawl over here, stand on the table. The tasks went on and on, and throughout it all, my pussy was telling me that I was enjoying it. At the end of the night, when Dr. Porter rejoined us, I was sure that she would be able to see the excited state I was in. My face went red in humiliation.

"It's time to remove the hypnotic suggestions," she told me. Alec left, and under Dr. Porter's command, I was soon falling back into a trance. When I awoke, she was no longer in the room. I gathered up my things, and left.

When I got back to my apartment, I went straight to my room. I was having second thoughts. The feelings I had experienced under hypnosis were unexpected, a bit scary, but also exciting. I fell into a fitful sleep.

The ring of the phone awoke me in the morning.

"Nat, it's for you," called Tracy from her room.

I groped for the phone beside my bed.


"Hello, Natalie, it's Beth Porter." I sat up in my bed.


"I think we need to have a meeting about the project. Can you come down to the office?"

"Of course. I can be there in," I scanned for my watch on the night stand, "in about a half hour."

"That'll be fine. See you then."

I couldn't believe it. Beth Porter was definitely taking an interest in me. I was elated. I left without breakfast, and got to her office as quickly as I could.

My elation didn't last long.

"I think we have to consider removing you from the program." Her words twisted into me like a knife.


"This is a delicate subject, Natalie. Alec's observations indicate that the hypnotherapy had an unexpected effect on you. He told me that you seemed sexually aroused."

My embarrassment must have been apparent.

"Don't worry, Natalie. This isn't your fault. It's actually quite interesting, from a clinical point of view. As a matter of research, I truly wish that we could continue with the testing and see where this leads. However, my money comes from the university, and I have to steer away from anything the university would consider inappropriate."

"Please," I begged, "I want to continue."

"I'm sorry, but I can't jeopardize my research."

"Then let me do it alone," I blurted out. Their psychological testing sure had me pegged. When I set my mind on something, I was aggressive as hell.

"I don't see how I could..." the professor started, before I cut her off.

"I just graduated with a degree in psychology. I've read all of your work. I'm sure I could conduct the study. I would, of course, give you full access to my notes."

She smiled at me from across the desk, and shook her head.

"I can see that you are determined, and I have no real desire to stop you. What I need you to do, though, is sign an acknowledgment stating that you are no longer a part of my research. If you want to continue on your own, I won't stand in your way, but my own participation would have to be minimal."

"Just plant the suggestions, and I'll do the rest. In six weeks, I'll come back and have the suggestions removed. I'll give you a piece of research you can be proud of."

This was just the chance I needed. Maybe I let my enthusiasm get the best of me, but if I could impress Beth Porter with my research skills, she would HAVE to accept me into her post-graduate studies program.

I gladly signed the acknowledgment form, my head filled with plans on how to document my time under hypnosis.

"I hope you know what you're doing," she warned me, one last time.

"I do."

The next thing I knew, I was on my way out of her office. I didn't feel any different, but that was true of the previous night's session as well. Tracy was waiting for me when I got home.

"How did it go?"

I didn't know where to start. Tracy was a good friend, and always looked out for me. She was sort of the big sister type, from an Italian family where she took care of several younger siblings. I could trust her. I told her the whole story.

"What have you got yourself into?" She scolded me.

"I want to make this work."

"You've made yourself really vulnerable," she said. "You're placing yourself in danger if you go out there trying to find someone to 'test your submissive side'. People will take advantage."

"I guess you're right," I admitted. I hadn't thought this through fully. In Dr. Porter's lab, there had been controls in place. Out here I was on my own. "Tracy, you've got to help me."

She rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Not me. I don't know anything about psychology."

"Please," I begged. I gave my best attempt at puppy dog eyes.

"Maybe," she relented, "what do you need me to do?"

I explained my goals to her. I needed to document the changes in my personality through daily notes. I needed to be exposed to situations which would, in my regular personality, have made me defiant, even angry, and see if I now reacted with submission.

"In short," I explained, "I need to see exactly how far this can go."

"Let me think about it," said Tracy. "I have to go out."

I was left there, wondering if I'd done the right thing. I trusted Tracy. She would make sure I was safe. Besides, it would only be six weeks. And I really wanted to make an impression on Dr. Porter.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading, and waiting for Tracy to return. Around six, I decided to have the shower I'd skipped in the morning. My shower was interrupted by the sound of Tracy returning to the apartment.

"Natalie, get out here," she called. My body reacted before my mind, and I was out of the shower, heading to the bathroom door.

Tracy was standing by the kitchen table when I emerged, naked and dripping, from the shower. She had obviously spent some time preparing herself to be as forceful with me as possible. She stood with her arms crossed, and barely batted an eye at my state of undress.

"Why isn't dinner ready?" Her voice was harsh.

"I ... uh, didn't know..."

There was no sympathy. Marvelous. She was playing the part perfectly.

"Get to work on it, now!"

A rush of sexual excitement came over me as I began to cook up a pasta dinner for Tracy. I must have made quite a sight, chopping red peppers, naked and wet, with my blonde hair sticking to the sides of my head. Tracy went to watch television as I finished dinner. When I was done, I set the table.

That's the way it went the whole evening. I did the dishes, the vacuuming, and the dusting before Tracy told me to go to my room and fill out my research notes.

I sat at my desk with the note pad. I still hadn't put any clothes on. I didn't want to do anything to lose the feeling of the evening. I started the notes three or four times, in different ways, trying to be as clinical as possible. Each time, my description seemed inadequate. How could I describe the rush of sexual excitement I felt each time Tracy commanded me to do something? I was embarrassed even thinking about it. My left hand wandered down towards my pussy, and as soon as my fingers found their mark, the notes came much more easily.

The next morning, I woke up early and began breakfast. This was actually nothing unusual for us. Tracy wasn't a morning person, and it took her a while to fully awaken, so I had always taken care of breakfast. I set the plates on the table, and served up the french toast. I was about to sit down, when Tracy spoke up.

"No," she said, in a tone usually reserved for pets or small children. She removed my plate from the table, and placed it on the floor, near her feet. "You'll eat from the floor from now on."

I knelt down to the floor. Tracy was good at this. My pride was telling me not to accept situation, but I couldn't muster the will to resist. Tracy didn't give me any utensils, so I ate as best I could with my hands.

After breakfast we went on a shopping trip, on my money, of course. We stopped in a couple of upscale stores, where Tracy tried on quite a few outfits. I had always admired Tracy's figure. She wasn't really overweight, but she did fill out her clothing well. I, on the other hand, had always been a bit on the flat side. Not to say I didn't have a body I was proud of, but I certainly didn't have Tracy's curves. Tracy finally decided on a couple of nice blouses, and a new pair of shoes.

Then it was my turn. She brought me two stores, the first of which was the kind of teeny-bopper trendy clothes store that I usually avoided like the plague. Tracy picked out a cute, but rather short, skirt for me, and a thin cotton sweater that I couldn't get to cover my belly button. She had me wear them out of the store.

The second store was a pet store. I was confused.

"Go pick yourself out a leash and collar," Tracy told me. My eyes went wide in disbelief.

"Now!" Her voice was so commanding. Blood rushed to my face in embarrassment, not only because of her command, but because my pussy throbbed in excitement.

I went to the dog section of the store, and began to look for a collar that would fit. Tracy followed along beside me.

"Can I help you?"

It figured. The only time I didn't want service in a store, and up comes this barely-out-of-highschool store clerk, all eager to help.

"Yes," replied Tracy, before I could protest. "My friend is looking for a collar and leash."

His attention turned to me. "Okay, for what breed of dog?"

My face must have been a brilliant red by this point. My body was quivering in sexual excitement. I couldn't help myself.

"It's for me," I said quietly. Another surge of sexual energy came over me. I couldn't believe that I was humiliating myself in front of this teenage store clerk.

The clerk didn't know what to say. Tracy stepped in.

"I think this one will be okay," she said, selecting a black leather collar with little metal studs. "Thanks for your help."

We drove home in silence. I really needed an orgasm, and I was sure that Tracy could tell.

When we stepped in the door, Tracy ordered me onto my knees. She produced the collar and leash, and snapped the collar around my neck. She attached the leash to the collar. I was breathing heavily.

"Come on," she slapped her thigh, and began to walk the circumference of the living room. I crawled beside her, on hands and knees. My physical reaction was uncontrollable. I needed an orgasm so badly.

"Please," I said to Tracy, quietly. It was the first thing I had said since the pet store.

She stopped the pacing. "Please what?"

"I, um," I paused. Could I really humiliate myself this way? "I need to masturbate."

I couldn't look at her.

"Okay," was her response, after a minute.

I began to rise, to go to my room, when Tracy stopped me.

"You'll do it right here," she told me. How could she do this? I was mortified.

Tracy sat down on the couch, leaving me on my hands and knees in the middle of the floor. She still held the end of the leash. My body was on fire. Despite my utter embarrassment, my right hand went quickly towards my pussy. I reached under the hem of my short skirt, and slid my hand beneath the elastic of my panties.

She was watching me, I knew without looking. I could feel her eyes on me. The sensations were unbelievable. I bit my lower lip as my fingers stroked my clit with a desperation I had never known. My ass pushed wildly back and forth as I ground my pussy harder into my hand.

I was alternately moaning and grunting as my fingers reached a feverish pace. It was coming on so fast. When my orgasm came, I screamed out loud. My body gave out, and I writhed helplessly on the floor as it consumed me. When it finally subsided, I just lay there at Tracy's feet, my hand still pushed down the front of my panties, which were now quite wet from my orgasm. I was so ashamed.

"Come here," Tracy pulled on my leash. I looked up.

Tracy was pulling me to my knees again. She sat on the sofa with her jeans and panties bunched down to her ankles. Apparently, my little performance had some effect on her. She was slowly stroking her pussy as she pulled my leash towards her.

There was no mistaking what she wanted me to do. She was pulling my face in towards her crotch. Tracy had always enjoyed having her boyfriends go down on her. Her most recent boyfriend had been reluctant, and Tracy had confided in me that it was one of the main reasons she had broken up with him. Now it was me between her legs, with her hand on the back of my head, and the smell of arousal in my nose.

I gingerly extended my tongue towards her. This would change everything, I reminded myself. Tracy and I would never be the same. I wanted to please her so badly. How could I be horny again so quickly?

The hand on the back of my head pushed me directly into Tracy's pussy. The aroma of her sex was stronger than I would have imagined. The dark hair around her pussy was untrimmed, and surrounded the lips of her pussy. This was one thing I never thought I'd learn first-hand about my roommate.

My tongue found flesh, and Tracy reacted with a moan. She pushed her crotch into my face as her wetness covered my cheeks and chin. I explored the folds of her pussy, and my mouth filled with her taste. I went slowly at first, but when my tongue found her engorged clit, I instinctively began to flick my tongue rapidly against it.

"Oh, god, Natalie. Oh Natalie," she repeated my name over and over between her moaning, as if reminding herself that it was me between her legs.

Her second hand reached for the back of my head, and her thighs clamped down on my cheeks as her body began to shake in lust. Tracy's crotch jerked up and down against my face as her orgasm hit. She may have been screaming, but I couldn't tell, as her thighs were clamped against my ears. I got a mouth full of her juices instantly, and had a hard time breathing with the way she was grinding her pussy into my mouth. Nonetheless, I continued to work her clit until her body began to relax again.

"My lovely, lovely Natalie," she said to me quietly, as she loosened her grip on the back my head, and stroked my hair tenderly. "You'll get used to doing that for me."

She was right, I did become accustomed to performing orally for her on command. I couldn't have guessed that Tracy had such a sex drive. She had certainly hidden it well for the couple of years we'd lived together. I slept on the floor at the foot of her bed from then on, just in case she wanted any attention during the night.

In the morning, I would make breakfast, and while she ate, I would lick her pussy from under the table, whether she wanted an orgasm or not. She told me it helped her to wake up. Those parts of my service became a routine.

Another thing I couldn't have guessed about Tracy is how much she really got into the role of dominating me. She seemed determined to find a limit to my submissive behavior. When I didn't bristle at my domestic duties, or at paying for everything, or at being treated like a dog, Tracy just went on to find other ways to push the envelope. It was at the end of the first week that she took to punishing me with pain.

"Come here, Natalie," she called from her room, in a tone which I now recognized as preceding some new form of humiliation. I put down my notebook (which she still allowed me to maintain) and followed her voice.

She was sitting at the edge of her bed, with a belt in her hand. I looked at the belt apprehensively, and waited for Tracy's command.

"Lower your jeans," she told me, "and get over my lap."

I felt like I was a little girl again, like when my mother gave me the same sort of punishment. I dropped my jeans and did what she said. She caressed my ass through my panties for a few minutes before she landed the first blow. I yelped. She had really hit me hard. Another one came, on the same spot. Tears welled up in my eyes. Tracy paused to pull my panties down my thighs before starting again.

The blows came, one after another, as I helplessly squirmed in her lap. I didn't dare try to cover my ass with my hands. My submissive side was loving this. Each blow brought a new wave of sexual pleasure.

"That's what I like to see," she told me, when she was done. "Stand up and have a look at your ass in the mirror."

I turned myself in front of the large mirror atop her dresser. My rear end was striped with painful red streaks, some dark, some light. I felt so alive, and full of sexual energy. Tracy smiled in delight, and a real glint in her eyes. It was the first of many times I saw that look.

When she was done with my ass, I licked her to orgasm.

Our sessions became more extreme from there. A trip to a local sex shop racked up my credit card, and provided Tracy with many new ways to inflict punishment. She would cuff my hands to the foot of her bed each night, and take her sweet time inflicting various sorts pain on my body. Vicious little nipple clamps became a favorite for her, as did a nasty little wooden cane she used on all parts of my body. Just when I thought that I couldn't take any more, she found a way to make it hurt even worse.

She knew how to play me. By the time she was done, I was begging for more punishment. I wanted her to hurt me just a little bit more. She would then lay me on my back, and straddle my face. While I desperately licked her pussy, she would 'play' with my nipple clamps, until she flooded my mouth with her juices.

At the beginning of the third week, Tracy gave me a day off. She was going out to see some friends for the day and told me to go shopping.

"Is there anything you need?" I asked.

"Nope, this is your day, Natalie." She was putting her shoes on. She stopped to give me a kiss before leaving, and as she did, she pressed something into my hand.

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