Basin Point

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My husband was away all day at the surfing contest, it had been like this for the past couple of was starting to get boring, but two guys had ideas on how I could overcome the boredom

Basin Point, another town, another beach with good surfing conditions, surfing conditions my husband Peter loved. This was another stop off on the surfing calendar. We'd been following the circuit for the last two months; the surf at most of the beaches had been conducive in making this year one of the best. Peter was an ardent surfer and was well placed so far. The problem was I didn't share his enthusiasm for surfing, day after day and sitting around just watching was not exactly my idea of having a good time. I could only do so much surfing, and then I became bored and had to find something else to do.

Peter of course, was really addicted and dedicated to it, talked and lived it every minute of every day, when there was no more surfing to be had for the day, he and his buddies were knocking the tops off a beer or two, or three, well maybe four. By the time he managed to tear himself away from his pals, it was back to the motel, then crash until the sun came streaming through the curtains next morning.

"Ok honey, see ya later" He would shout, as he hoisted his board onto the back of the Ford and was gone.

For me it was another day playing the Surfy Widow ... and all day to do it.

There was no need to hurry the day. It was hot outside; the mercury would be high once again. I took my time showered and lounged around, becoming more bored and wishing the circuit was finished and we could all go home again. This of course was not going to happen; Peter still had a few more beaches and surfs to hit. Besides even when we got home Peter would be remembering and reviewing where he went wrong and what he could do to improve for next year ... that's assuming he did not take out the title this year. He was doing pretty well, but he was up against some of the world's best, and they took no prisoners, at the end of the week we had an eight hundred mile journey to the next venue.

I ventured outside the unit, pondering what and where to go today, beach, shopping, well I was getting a little bored with that as well.

There was couple who were packing their car, making ready to leave for their next part of the journey to, who knows where. A couple of guys, who were in an upstairs unit directly opposite us, were leaning over the balcony, casually chatting. They saw me, smiled and gave a friendly wave. I returned the gesture, then still bored, went back inside.

I tried to settle, tried to find something or somewhere to go but came up with nothing. I felt like letting out a big, loud scream.

The boredom was driving me mad, I decide on a swim and went to the pool, at least I could enjoy swimming and feel cool. Now my bikini did little to hide from view those parts of the body men liked to dream and fantasy about, however my bath robe kept all that from view until I reached the pool. It was obvious most, if not all the motel patrons were out doing something, other than swimming or hanging around the motel.

The water offered some good relief from the hot overhead sun as I swam length after length; swimming was what I was good at, with Peter it was surfing, me it was swimming.

I found a nice lounger under a sun umbrella and stretched out to let the hot air dry my wet body. My dreamy condition was interrupted by the voices coming toward me.

"Oh hi there, you not out at the beach watching the surfing honey" the voice said. It was one of the two guys from the unit opposite ours, one white guy and the other black.

"Oh no I'm afraid I've had my fill of surfing right now, I have quite a bit more to go yet" I replied.

"Bored eh?" the white guy said.

"Well you could say that"

"Heh, I'm Brad" said the white guy "And this is Leroy" indicating to the black guy.

"Please to meet you Brad and Leroy ... I'm Paula ... my husbands name is Peter ... he's at the..."

"Beach ... surfing" Brad interrupted

"Yeh that's right how did you know" I asked

"We've seen him coming and going over the past few days"

"Yeh well that's what he enjoys doing, spends most of his time at it" I said rather sourly.

"And what do you like doing Paula" Leroy asked, with a grin

"Ho I don't know, just enjoying myself I guess"

"Hm, sorry but you don't seem to be enjoying yourself just now, do you?" said Brad.

"Well I guess its all part of being the wife of a surfy" I replied.

"Hm well I think it's a great shame for any guy to take off and leave a beautiful woman like you all alone ... it sure is shameful" Leroy replied.

"Yes well as I said its all part of being the wife of a surfy"

"Hey look we're going up the coast this afternoon, going to do a little snorkelling and scuba diving, you're welcome to join us if you want, hell its better than waiting around here ... you ever done any snorkelling Paula"

"Why yes I have, but I don't get much opportunity these day's" I said

"Well as I said you're quite welcome to tag along, we'll give you a call before we leave" said Brad and then they turned and left, left me to consider whether to go or not.

Hell I hadn't snorkelled of dived for ages; maybe it would be fun, better than wasting time around a motel room.

The drive up the coast in an open top four wheel drive was fun in itself. Feeling the warm air over my body and hair billowing out, with two good looking young guys had me feeling just great.

The afternoon could not have been better and at long last, away from that unit. I felt like a freed prisoner out on parole for the day.

The snorkelling and diving were great and the waters were crystal clear further up the coast and away from the surf, I realised I was missing all this.

The guys were great company, even though they seemed to ask a lot of personal probing questions.

They were easy to talk to and I'd more or less confided in them that Peter and I had not been having a great sex life lately; in fact it had pretty much been none existent over the past few months.

"Don't you miss having sex Paula ... I mean such a great looking gal like you and dare I say it, such a great body ... surely you could have the pick of the guys" said Brad.

"Oh heck I don't know ... I guess I just haven't looked or bothered about it that's all" I replied

"So you don't miss having sex is that it" asked Leroy

"I didn't say that ... I do miss it ... just put it out of my mind, that's all" I said

They didn't push the issue; apart from saying it was a great shame.

Brad or Leroy took video coverage of us all swimming and diving together, all of us on the beach and one set on auto with me in the middle and them with their arms around my waist, all very innocent.

I have to say I was somewhat disappointed when our day out came to an end and we were headed back to the motel, god today had been one of my most enjoyable since we started to circuit. The guys dropped me off at my unit, said how they had enjoyed having me with them and disappeared into their own room. Our unit was quiet, Peter still out with his pals, knocking back a few beers. God I'd really enjoyed today I thought to myself. I even had an invitation to join them again tomorrow. They had hired a boat and were going to go out to the reef and dive, said it was a place of tranquil beauty and clear water.

I kept thinking about my two new friends, they seemed real cool guys and had taken an interest in me, they'd asked plenty of personal questions, but had not made a play for me. I felt a little disappointed, perhaps they were a gay couple, but on reviewing all the questions they had asked, I doubted it. In fact the more I did review their questions the more I realized there were many probing questions, questions loaded with little subtle innuendos some I'd answered, othersI had left unanswered. I realised they now knew quite a bit about me. I was now starting to have little fantasies about the two of them as I lay in bed waiting for Peters return.

"Hi honey, how was your day ... god I came that close ... that close" he said and then proceeded to tell how unlucky he had been in not getting second placing for his efforts during the day. I turned my mind off and thought about my two new friends, touching and fingering my pussy as I did so. I realised I was quite wet down there.

The boat was bigger than I thought it would be, a real deep sea effort, could live on board and travel the islands quite comfortably, large living areas and a galley any cordon blue chef would die for, the master bedroom was a work of art, just as big as our motel unit, as was the huge bed. The diving and fishing was great and it had not gone unnoticed by me that the guys had continually ogled my bikini clad body, making little gestures to each other, gestures they thought I had not seen, both under and out of the water. I smiled inwardly I knew what they were thinking and what they wanted. It came as no surprise when they made their play.

I dried off and donned my blouse and skirt

"You know that is one wasted body honey ... it really is" said Brad smiling "Are you telling me that husband is depriving you of some much needed pleasures"

"Well yes, yes he sure is ... as I said it's a long time since he and I enjoyed a good session together" I replied.

"Well you don't need to deprive yourself of that pleasure sweetheart ... me and Brad ... well we could help you out there if you wished" a big know what I'm saying grin spreading across Leroy's face.

I did not reply immediately, I just absorbed what he had just said and the implications.

"Er what are you saying here guys ... you mean ... me and you guy's we...

"Yeh ... we go below and use that big soft bed, it's a great bed ... just going to waste it is, it's just shouting out for you, Leroy and me, we can all have some fun together ... real fun, you know what I'm saying, but hey it's entirely up to you sweetheart" he said winking

I bit my lip and thought about it, should I or shouldn't I, I was tempted very tempted, the thought of a romp on that big bed, with two guys. My heart was pounding body trembling. I wanted to I just needed a nudge in the right direction.

"Could even make a bit of a porno movie, just to add a little spice to it, would be a good way to finish our holiday and take some good memories back with us, hell your husband will never find out where you've been or what you've been up to, it would be for our eyes only, better than hanging around that motel unit all day, don't you think."

"You ever made a porn movie before honey" Brad asked.

"God no never" I replied.

"I think you'd enjoy it, it will be fun, come on let's go below, let's do something exciting and daring" said Brad, grabbing my hand and leading me below.

It was all I needed; I gave no resistance apart from a brief "Hell I don't know if I should be doing this guy's ... I mean I'm married" it was a feeble attempt at saying no, I really didn't believe myself, and neither did they ... they knew I wanted it and wanted it bad. I was desperate to carry out their wishes.

"Heh Paula come on ... live a little ... don't deprive yourself of some fun and pleasure ... its gona be great ... trust me" said Brad. As I let him drag me down to the bedroom

I sat on the big soft bed, Brad searching for the camera, Leroy telling him where he had left it.

He pointed the camera in my direction. I saw the little red light come on, as it started to record.

"Hi this is Brad and the girl is Paula, Paula is about to make a movie with Leroy and myself, a naughty movie ... is that right Paula" he said. I felt somewhat self-conscious and a little embarrassed as I smiled for the camera and nodded with a quiet "Yes"

I just sat there looking into the lens "What do I do, I've never done this before" I said

"Ok well, why not take off your cloths and let us see your beautiful naked body" said Brad from behind the camera.

I rose from the bed and still looking at the camera said.

"I feel a little shy, taking my gear off in front of two guys"

"Oh don't worry honey, just jump in there, we'll all be naked before long, then you can gaze at our credentials ... see if you like them"

I dropped the skirt, pulled the top over my head and let it fall on the carpeted deck beside my skirt. Then undid my bikini top, letting it drop to the deck, my breasts falling free to gasps of admiration from the guys. "Oh shit they are real nice tits you have there honey" I stepped out of my briefs. I now did feel shy, embarrassed and vulnerable, standing in front of these two guys, both the camera and their eyes continuing to rake my naked body and zooming between my legs.

"Mmmmm, nice pussy sweetheart, bet it's nice and tight right now eh ... Leroy's gona take great delight in opening it up a little for you ... first fuck you've had I a while, eh honey?" Brad said. Again I nodded and gave a shy smile.

I sat back on the bed, trying to cover myself with my hands as the camera continued to roll, I smiling nervously at the lens.

"Er what do I do now, I'm not used to this" I said into the camera.

"Oh just lie back on the bed, let Leroy play with your pussy for a while, things will just develop, you'll see" I did as instructed. I spread my legs and let the camera come in close to capture the images of my slit, the boat swung on the anchor, the sun streaming in the porthole sending a beam directly to my pussy, then Leroy's fingers as they delved inside my crack, working, playing, and massaging it.

"Oh god ... oh god" I whimpered, as my pussy became wet from Leroy's playing his finger and thumb working on my clit.

"What ... what ... do ... you want me ... to ... do" I gasped at Leroy.

"Get me hard, get me real hard honey, so I can fuck you" he replied.

He was kneeling on the bed beside me, completely naked, his cock not quite ready for me. I felt the warm soft texture of his flesh in my hand and I placed it in my mouth. The result was almost instantaneous; as it harden between my lips. His own fingers continued to make me wet, hot and squirming. He pulled away from my slit, as I gave his hard cock my full attention. The shaft looked magnificent now that it was hard, so big, so round and so black. Veins like vines up its length, pumping the blood that gave it its strength, the rounded corona at the top, the slit and the eye, the eye from which his warm sperm would eventually spew, like hot molten lava, flow deep inside me. I tried to take it as far down my throat as possible, gagging slightly in my efforts. My hand working the big shaft, fingers gently holding, massaging and squeezing his balls, balls that contained that warm sperm that would eventually erupt. My tongue licking it like some giant lollypop, licking the slit on the top, a taste of pre-cum, then again devouring its length, sucking, licking, hand working the hard shaft.

"Oh yes, oh yes ... that's good baby ... that's soooo good baby ... you know how to suck cock" Said Leroy. I did I'd done it so many times before with Peter ... that was in the early days. I knew exactly how he liked his cock sucked.

"How does it feel having a nice cock in your mouth again honey" Brad asked, keeping the camera focused on my mouth, sucking Leroy's cock.

"Mmmmm ... mmmmm" Nodding my approval. "Good honey you just keep sucking it ... you're looking good on camera" said Brad.

Brad moved the camera, now catching my facial expressions, expressions of utter delight.

"Here let me get that nice tight pussy of yours all worked up and ready for me eh?" Leroy said.

Lying on my back, Leroy took up where he had left off. I spread my legs, let the camera zoom in, get a good view of my wet pussy, then Leroy's fingers as they started to work inside me. I just lay there, passively, my eyes closed, waiting and enjoying the moment, enjoying something I had not experienced or enjoyed in quite a long time. Eyes open once again, open so that I could see his hand and delving fingers between the V formed by my open legs. The other hand squeezing, massaging my breast and nipple. Oh god I was getting so worked up. My pussy was opening up, pink and wet.

"Mmm ... nnnn ... ohhhhh ... ahhhhhhh" was all I could whimper, his finger massaging and playing with my clit, giving me immense pleasure. God I wanted him ... I wanted this guy to fuck me so much ... I was on fire, as I writhed and twisted, raising my hips and trying hard to impale myself further and further onto his fingers.

I knew I was wet, I could hear the slurping sound his fingers made as he worked and played with my pussy.

His strong firm hands slid to my buttocks, lifting my ass off the bed, he buried his face in my pussy, a warm lizard like tongue sliding, and delving into my slit ... he was eating me. Eating me like a ripe melon. He could taste the honey I was producing, the more he licked, the more I produced. My head was thrashing from side to side ... I was moaning ... deep in a euphoric haze, a haze I had not known for some time.

Having had his fill he said "Oh you're about ready honey ... you ready for Leroy's hard cock ... would you like me to fuck you now, eh?" Someone was screaming at him ... wanting to be fucked ... it had to be me ... I was still very much in that euphoric haze and dizzy with desire. "Ok honey, let's get this thing inside you, spread em wide, as wide as you can get em love" he said, at the same time his hands were pressing against my knees, helping to spread my legs. I was propped on my elbows, I wanted to see this part, wanted to watch as his hard cock, came nearer and see it vanish inside me. My heart was racing, pumping like crazy as he came nearer. My hand reached out for it, wanting it. I wanted to feel it in my hand, feel its throbbing energy, my fingers curled around the hard shaft; I gave it a gentle loving squeeze and guided him toward his prize, the prize he'd been wanting all along. The prize lay cradled between my thighs, thighs with skin as smooth as silk, soft to the touch. Oh yes he wanted it alright, wanted it as much as I wanted his large, hard cock.

Oh my god, it looked so big, as it drew near, I could feel it warm and pulsating as it made contact with my pussy lips.

"Oh, oh, oh, nnnn" It was about to go in.

"I'll just ease it in for you honey ... you're gona feel good ... real good once it's in ... then we'll have some real fun eh" he said. The camera, picking up every detail, every word.

He was going to play with me, tease me. I watched as he pushed the head in, it felt good real good, at last after all these months without it, I was going to see this beautiful black cock slip inside of me ... I gripped the fabric of bed cover tight, took a deep breath and waited ... but no. I looked at his face, he was smiling, teasing, pulling back, then placing the head just far enough in for me to feel its width and warmth, he kept on teasing me with it, the more he did it the more I wanted it.

"Hmmm, you like that honey, does that make you feel good ... you want Leroy to fuck you with it, eh is that what you want" taunting, teasing

I was shaking with excitement, looking at him, pleading with him. The camera always on me, watching my every move, every expression, continuing to record every little gesture.

"Oh god Leroy, go on, do it, do it, fuck me please, fuck me" it wasn't a request; I was now begging him for it.

"OK honey here we go" and this time I watched it slowly sink inside of me, inch by inch until it was no more. It was fully inside, I could feel its length and width, throbbing, pulsating.

I gasped with joy as he rocked back and forth. I watched the shaft as it withdrew, all wet and shiny, covered with my own body fluid, fluid my pussy was producing. Then it was at its zenith and made its way back, back deep inside again. It all seemed in slow motion, but in fact it was quick, deep and fast. There was that voice again, screaming, shouting.

"Oh ... oh ... uh ... uh ... ah ... ah..." on and on, matched with every thrust of his cock. The slap, slap, slap, and the slurp, slurp, slurp as it raced in and out, his balls and loins slapping against my bum. I knew I was being fucked, fucked like I'd never been fucked before. His hands, now gripping my ankles, lifting my legs up but still spread apart ... still the continuing, slap, slap, slap, slurp, slurp, slurp. The bed bouncing, squeaking, reverberating to our torrid love making

"Oh god ... oh no ... oh ... oh" I couldn't help myself. The euphoria was so great I never wanted it to stop. It was he who was in total command, he was like an animal, his cock continually thrusting, thrusting, and thrusting, my hands clenching his arm ... fingers and nails digging into his flesh. My legs bent or shaped whichever way he wanted or desired them, first thrown one way, then the other. My eyes closed one minute, then wide open as I gazed upon his erection as it slammed and thrust inside me. "Oh god ... oh yes ... oh Leroy ... Leroy ... I love it ... I love it ... fuck me ... fuck me please fuck me" the voice was shouting. He himself was filled with lust and desire. His own breath coming in gasps and hisses as he thrust in time and time again. Now I'm rolled over, over onto my stomach. I support myself on bended arms, my ass pulled to suit the angle of penetration, supported on my knees; I spread my legs, allowing an easy access.

"Oh god ... oh god" I'm still shouting and screaming. The camera is on my face taking in my expressions, expressions that show concern, concern that what I'm doing may be seen by Peter my husband, expression of guilt, guilt that I should not be here, not like this and expressions of sheer joy, joy at being fucked. Behind me, the view of Leroy, holding my hips tight, pulling me hard against his cock, humping, humping. My tits like wobbling jellies, swinging like pendulums too and fro, my flesh vibrates like ripples on the water, a reaction to his continual inward thrusting.

"You like that Paula ... you like Leroy's big cock fucking you honey"

"Oh ... yes ... yes ... I love it I love it" I manage to gasp and smile for the camera.

"When Leroy's finished with you honey ... I'm gona take over ... you want me to fuck you honey"

"Oh yes, yes, please, that would be great" I say, again smiling into the camera.

Leroy has me on my back once more, he's going fast and he's going deep, he pulls out, and I watch his hard cock as it erupts, spewing a stream of warm white fluid around my pussy; I'm covered in his cum. Now he takes hold of his cock rubs it in the sperm he has just ejected, then pushes his cock back inside me, this he does about six times, his finger now feeling and thrusting into my pussy, pushing his cum further into my pussy, then he is finally finished with me.

"Shit that was just fantastic Paula ... god you're such a great fuck honey ... Peter doesn't appreciate you sugar ... such a shame"

The camera changes hands and now its Brads smiling face I see above me, and his cock thrusting into me. The bed bouncing ... more slap, slap, slap. That voice again still moaning, still screaming. Oh god I love it.

Brad was looking into the smiling face of Paula. The look of delight, enjoyment. God he loved doing what he did. He and Leroy had cottoned on to this little game some time ago. Follow the big sports programs around the country, there was always one, maybe more than one woman looking for a bit of cock, cock that was being denied them by their husbands or partners. Hubby was too interested; too involved in his sport or pastime to care about the little woman, the little woman that wasn't getting enough dick. They'd done this many times before, knew which women to approach and how to handle them. Persuade them to video tape the activity, then sell, post or download the tape on the internet. They had a great little porn site going, for a modest fee anyone could dial in and download ... all world wide.

Men and even women all over the world would be tuned in to the action only moments after posting. It could all be downloaded, guys with lustful thought watching the action, Paula may be getting fucked by two guys physically, but besides that there were thousands mentally fucking her, cuming inside her.

They didn't care if the boyfriend/husband found the site and watched their wives getting fucked. If the husband liked to watch porn movies, there was a good chance that sooner or later they would stumble upon their site and see what the wife was up to when they were doing their thing, serves them right for neglecting such beautiful women. God that Red Head had been hot last week, begging for it and scream, boy did she scream ... husband was into motor racing ... far too busy to give her a good fuck once in a while. Well he and Leroy were just the guys to do it ... they were offering a service ... god the husband should be paying them for fucking their wives, keeping them happy. Yes I just love my work he said to himself as he kept thrusting into Paula ... listening to her scream ... begging him to fuck harder, deeper, faster ... just wait till hubby sees this on the net. He smiles a wicked little smile at Paula, thinking about it.

Brad was ready to cum, like Leroy he pulled out at the last second and let a copious amount of his sperm spew all over my pussy, running down my slit. Leroy making sure that the camera caught the action as it trickled and slid. I closed my legs and rolled on my stomach. The camera now panning down the back of my body, over my buttocks and viewing Paula's vulva between her legs, still dripping with Brads cum.

"I'll get you a towel honey, better clean yourself up, don't want hubby seeing you with my cum all over you do you" said Brad.

We hear the throb of a diesel engine as another boat passes us by. Someone shouts a greeting, but we are too intensely preoccupied to make any reply. Our boat rocks gently on the wake left by its passing.

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