A Voice From the Past

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: "Hello sweetheart long time no see" the sound of that voice turned my blood to ice...I felt sick...very sick...it was a voice I never thought I'd hear again or want to hear again...a voice from the past.

The story is about a very, very loose, promiscuous woman, who falls in love and cajoled into becoming a hooker by her boyfriend, manages to break away, finds a man, marries and tries hard to forget the past, 3 years later her former boyfriend finds her and persuades, /blackmails her into becoming a hooker again ... this obviously leads to her cheating on her husband. Her father in law who has had lustful designs on her himself has come up with an ingenious plan to father a child with her ... his child. His son is completely the innocent party.

I am taking this un-precedented move to explain the story before hand. Some readers have found that they dislike the theme and characters in my stories. I trust this will relieve them of having to laboriously read the whole story only to find out after that it offended them ... it contains MUCH SEX ... please be warned.

"Hello sweetheart long time no see" the sound of that voice turned my blood to ice ... I felt sick ... very sick ... it was a voice I never thought

I'd hear again or want to hear again ... a voice from the past.

I turned around slowly reluctant to face the person behind the voice.

He held his arms out to me like some long lost loved one..."Well my love aren't you going to give me a big hug" he said a sickly smile on his face. It wasn't that it was an ugly face ... just the opposite, Johnnie

Gillespie was good looking ... too good looking if the truth were known ... his good looks and charm are what drew me to him those six years ago

"Go to hell Johnnie ... I never want to see you again you bastard" I replied my anger now rising up inside me.

"Hey sweetheart why are you so bitter and twisted ... I only want a nice quiet chat with you ... talk over the past ... it wasn't all bad now was it?"

"The bad times outdid the good times Johnnie why do you think I left ... no let no rephrase that run away"

"Honey I said I'd always love you ... you're my special girl ... I said I'd always look for you if you left me and I've kept my promise"

I didn't like the vicious look in his eyes I'd seen that look many, many times in the past and it was there now.

"Johnnie the world has changed in the past three years ... so have I ... I now have a husband and to be perfectly honest I like the way I'm living"

"You mean Michael of course ... Michael the hot shot lawyer ... the guy with the high price suits and expensive cars ... is it Michael you love or his money sweetheart ... you've certainly come up in the world in three years" He said.

"Michael first and foremost ... yes the money is good to have ... but I'd still love him without the money ... after all I thought I loved you and you didn't have money ... you could never hold on to it long enough all went toward your gambling addiction ... every penny I earned"

"Yeh well you were good at it ... that's how you were able to earn it" he said.

"Well those days are over Johnnie I never want to go back to that life style"

"You mean you only want to do it with one guy these days"

"Yes and that guy is Michael"

"Well I hate to burst the bubble on your perfect life but I have the feeling that's all going to change" he said

"Oh no it's not ... not if I can help it it's not"

"I think you and I should go back to my hotel and talk about our future honey"

"We don't have a future together Johnnie I've told you"

He smiled a wicked smile "You're husband Michael knows your past record of course ... you told him all about Sara Doyle didn't you, before you married him and became Sara Dupont ... but then you didn't sign your maiden name as Sara Doyle but as Sara Partridge ... now that is strange don't you think ... he knows absolutely nothing about you're past at all does he?"

I stood staring at him in complete silence

"Ha I thought not how do you think he would react to the news sweetheart ... not too well I'd say and his parents oh if they only knew such a scandal ... high society doesn't like that type of publicity ... let's grab a cab to my hotel and have that little chat ... I know we can sort things out sweetheart there's always solutions to problems"

The cab made its way toward the more seedy part of town ... The

Hillsborough Hotel was known for its sleazy side ... where guys took their mistress's hookers or whatever ... a room was always available by the hour or day no questions asked. I'd ran from Johnnie three years ago found a job temping and finished up at Stedman, Price Associates they liked me and offered me a permanent job ... this is when I met Michael we hit it off and married the only problem was Keith Stedman senior partner should have retired but still enjoyed the work he was still a good looking guy slim and tall with greying hair and very distinguished looking, he just could not keep his hands off me and made no bones about what he and I should do together ... even after Michael and I had married every opportunity he could find, his hand seemed to be permanently stuck to my bum and squeezing it. I eventually applied for a job in Real Estate and after qualifying left the law firm

"The Hillsborough Hotel god you've come down somewhat haven't you" I said

"Well since you left me it's been kinda hard making ends meet and it has taken quite a bit of the purse trying to locate you ... but now that I've found you I'm sure my fortunes are going to be on the up and up ... don't you think" He said.

I did not respond to his comment I knew he had something in mind ... something I did not want to be party to ... I'd need to hear what he had to say then make a decision.

We crossed the dingy well used reception area and headed straight for the lifts ... only one person in attendance he looked at us and would obviously draw the wrong conclusion he had a smirk on his face.

The room Johnnie had was like the rest of the hotel, dingy and in need of a good makeover. a bed, an easy chair two kitchen chairs a small table a coffee machine and two cups a phone and to the side a shower and toilet, very basic ... after all nobody really stopped for too long it was just a brief encounter before moving on.

I sat on the bed Johnnie taking the chair.

"Well sweetheart its like this I don't want to split up the happy couple and I'm sure you don't want to leave Michael and the life style you have become accustomed to ... so this is my proposal" he said. I sat looking at him waiting for the hammer to drop it had to be unpleasant knowing Johnnie.

"You were a bloody good hooker honey ... the guys just loved you ... I don't have to tell you that ... it's time we started up again ... make some lovely money ... money that I need quite frankly ... this time though I think we should go for the up market stuff ... you know guys like Michael who want something classy ... someone like you who they can take to bed and fuck the ass off you and know they've had a good fuck..."

"Stop right there Johnnie ... I already told you that part of my life is over ... I'm not into it any more" I said interrupting him.

"That's where your wrong sweetheart ... you're out of it when I saw you're out of it and not before"

"You don't control me anymore Johnnie ... not like you used to"

"Wrong again honey ... I think ... no I know I still control you"

"You can't make me" I replied defiantly.

He came and sat on the bed next to me. "Sweetheart in the next ten minutes I'm going to be fucking you ... just how I used to fuck you" he said pushing me back on the bed his hand moving up my skirt.

"Get the hell off me you bastard" I screamed.

"Look you can do it the easy way or the hard way ... now just lie back and enjoy a bit of time together like we used to or it's going to be the worse for you" he said coming onto me again.

Again I pushed him away trying to get up of the bed.

"Ok ... ok honey let me just make a phone call ... I'm sure Michael would be delighted to hear about your record ... I've only got to get him to phone

Geraldine police dept and have them verify what I'm going to tell him"

He reached for the phone dialling a number.

"Oh hi ... Stedman and Price associates ... could you put me through to

Michael Dupont please ... yes, yes it's very important and imperative I talk to him right away" He said then waited for a connection to

Michael's office.

"Oh hi Michael this is Johnnie..." The conversation was cut short as my finger cut off the connection.

"You bastard ... you complete bastard ... you would tell him wouldn't you" I said

"You bet I would you have to believe it ... now where were we." a smile of triumph on his face, pushing me back on the bed his hand moving up my skirt ... touching squeezing my thigh ... this time I didn't resist ... I could not resist ... pushing the hem upward revealing naked flesh ... the sight of which fed his lustful hunger ... his fingers looped around the elastic on my panties at the same time pulling down ... down around my thighs ... my knees ... then to be removed completely and discarded somewhere on the hotel floor

"This was the part you used to love wasn't it sweetheart ... me removing your panties"

He pushed my skirt farther up around my waist and I heard a gasp as he viewed my pussy.

"Oh god Sara ... Sara it's a long time since seeing that beautiful cunt of yours but man it's just as good ... not used as much but still good to see ... we'll have to do something about that eh my love ... no good having a redundant pussy like that" his hand and fingers touching and delving inside me.

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