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Desc: Sex Story: A magic deodorant

DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to stretch my creative muscles. All scientists in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead or born in the future, is purely coincidental.

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'Damn!' I thought, 'I forgot to pick up some deodorant before I left town! And I have a sales meeting with important clients tomorrow.'

I was driving to Reno from Portland and took a short cut through the Cater Lake area, and at this time of night my chances for picking anything up until I got to Reno was near nil. As luck would have it, I ran across an Apothecary in one of the little bergs that I passed through.

Many of these little towns have a they name an, 'Apothecary' so I thought nothing of it and stopped.

The front of the store was your standard type items. Towards the back, there were old dusty bottles with hand written labels and a whole slew of 'antiques' on the shelves including costumes.

I was only interested in snagging some deodorant, so I stayed with the standard fare. As usual, I was in a terrible hurry, so I just made a quick grab off the shelves, and headed to the check out.

The proprietor was a weird old guy but friendly enough. He seemed to know I was, rushed so he winged the deodorant into a paper bag, and told me, "That's two buck even, and I'll catch you the next trip through." Then he winked and smiled.

Therefore, I smiled back, "Thank you, and you have a lovely evening sir, by the way I love your store. You seem to have a bit of everything in here. Wish I could spend more time to browse. Thanks again, bye." I waved at him, and thought, 'nice guy, maybe I will have a chance to stop on the way back.'

I took off again, and some hours later, checked into my hotel. Man was I bushed! I threw off my clothes and did a face plant on the bed...

"Brriiing!" the phone at my bedside with my wake up call!

I grabbed it and mumbled, "Thanks, I'm up," and hung it up.

Didn't I just lie down? No, it was light outside my window, so I dragged myself into the bathroom and started my morning routine.

Shower, shit, shave, oh yes the paper bag with the pit juice! I grabbed it twisted the top off and rolled it on...

"Sniff," 'what, the hell is this? It smells ... girly!' I thought

I pried open my bleary eyes and looked at the label: 'Secret - Strong Enough for a Man, but Ma a Woman.' the old label declared, in pink no less.

I thought, 'this is so old I don't even recognize the packaging. That's just great! Maybe I can cover the scent with some cologne.'

I started digging through my shaving kit for something to cover the smell, but my hair kept falling into my eyes...

Wait a minute! I'm bald. Hair can't fall into my eyes!

I pulled it back and looked behind me to see who snuck up on me and dropped the wig over my head, but no one was there!

I tried to pull the wig off, "Ouch!"

I held the hair back and looked into the shaving kit, the damn thing grew! My face was just about touching the top of my kit!

I glanced up at the mirror and it wasn't a mirror, it was a window into the next room's bathroom and I could see a cute little blonde over there holding her hair ... out ... of...

It is a mirror!

I leaned closer and so did she. I looked into her deep green eyes and winked, so did she!

"Oh my god!" I said. No I mean she said ... oh whatever!

'How did this happen! Wait, the deodorant, the label, what did it say!' I thought frantically.

I picked it up. It seemed half again larger than it was when I sat it down.

It read, 'Secret - Strong Enough for a Man, Ma... '

The label was, smudged so I took my thumb and wiped it off, it said, 'Makes'.

I wiped off the next spot, 'You.'

That's it, 'Secret - Strong Enough for a Man, but Makes You a Woman, ' "What?"

I looked for the manufacturer. 'Portend & Grumble' an "SRU" subsidiary.

Isn't that supposed to be, 'Procter & Gamble'?

"Hey wait a second ... I'm a girl," I exclaimed as my eyes lost focus and I fainted.

"Miss, Miss are you all right?" I was looking up into the blue eyes of a redhead, and I could feel her patting my hand as she held it.

"Wha ... Where am I?" I asked her.

"You are in a hotel room in Reno, you must have fainted," she declared cradling my head in her hands.

"How did I get into this bed?" I mumbled.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind. I picked you up and put you here," she started stroking my forehead.

"How could you pick me up, you're so petite," I was staring at her, and wow was she beautiful!

"Oh honey, you can't weigh more than a hundred pounds, it was easy. What happened? Did the guy in this room get rough, or are you, strung out. By the way, what happened to your clothes? There are only men's clothes in this room. Did he take them, so you would be trapped in here?" she sounded so caring, but the things she accused me of were heinous.

"I'm not a hooker! I'm not even a woman, and these are my clothes. Ouch!" she touched a tender spot on my head.

"Maybe I better call 911, I think you must have a concussion," she declared, and began to stand up.

"No don't. Please help me! I put on some deodorant this morning, and this happened!" I begged, but she kept on heading for the phone. "Please!" I started crying.

She turned and rushed back to me and held me while I sobbed.

"Honey, men don't cry like this over passing out," she informed me as she wiped my tears with her fingers.

"They do if they pass out because their balls are gone!" I declared.

She giggled and hugged me, "I suppose they might!"

"Why won't you believe me? My name is Nick Smyth. I'm from Portland, Oregon. Wait, I'll show you the deodorant! Come with me," I scooted my butt off the bed reached up and grabbed her hand a towed her into the bathroom. "See there it is! Read the label!"

"So what? It's Secret Deodorant, I use it all the time," she had done just as I had, fell for the optical illusion.

"Look closer."

"'Secret - Strong Enough for a Man, But Makes You a Woman', what the hell?" she declared.

"See I told you. I rubbed it on and now look at me!" I stood there, and it dawned on me. I'm stark naked! I used my hands and tried to cover the three basics.

"It's okay, I know what girls look like, so don't be embarrassed," she assured me, "But how can a deodorant, turn a man into a girl, that's just not possible!"

"I thought so too, until this morning. What time is it anyway?" my meeting!

"About eight o'clock," she told me setting the deodorant down and coming over to me.

"Good I still have time before my appointment," I looked about for something to wear.

"Do you have many meetings at eight o'clock, at night?" she asked, as she took my hand, and lead me to the bed. "Why don't you get under the sheets for a while. You're covered in goose bumps!"

"That's a good idea, so will you help me?" I begged, when it finally occurred to me that I didn't know who I was asking to help me, "Who are you by the way?"

"My name is Krystal Ball. It's nice to meet you Nick," she shook my hand limply.

"Now don't take this wrong, but what are you doing in my room?" I kept a tight grip on her so she knew I didn't want her to leave.

"Actually, this is my room. You only checked in for one night and were supposed to be gone by noon. When I came in, I found a suitcase and a perfectly made up room. I peeked into the bathroom and this small platinum blonde woman was laying unconscious on the floor, I think you know the rest," she smiled, and it was like the sun coming out from behind the clouds, it just lit up the whole room.

"You are so beautiful, it almost hurts!" I was distracted from even my predicament, by this beauty.

"Thanks, you're pretty stunning yourself. You know what, why don't we share the room and see if we can straighten you out?" she smiled again, "we could have like, a slumber party, of our own, and maybe I can help you."

"I'd really like that. I'm feeling awfully small and afraid right now, and could use a friend," I could feel myself clouding up again.

"Then it's settled. You take this bed. The other one's mine. I'll go bring my luggage in, don't go anywhere," she giggled and left.

'What am I doing?' I thought, 'I've been transformed into a girl, I'm spending the night with the most beautiful woman I've ever met, I'm naked in bed, and waiting for her to come back, so we can have a slumber party, does this sound insane to anybody else?'

I started looking around the room and had to drag that mop of hair back so I could see. I caught a glimpse of my hand. It looked so strange attached to my body.

'Yah 'my body', sure just because I'm inside of this shell ... it must be mine, ' I thought.

I looked closer and discovered a small, graceful, fine boned hand, with half-inch long, thick and strong, looking nails. I flexed the fingers and they moved so gracefully, so fluidly my heart jumped in my throat.

I brought my other hand around and stroked my soft fingers gently. "Ooh ... hoo ... hoo ... hoo," slipped out of my mouth, and as fate would have it, just as Krystal was walking into the room.

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