Rainy Interlude

by Sven the Elder

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Walking in the Summer rain leads to a very different pastime...

Walking home, engrossed in each other, as they had been, the onset of the summer rain shower caught them by surprise. Gentle at first they hadn't bothered to hurry, then the clap of thunder announced a new intensity. Still holding hands had they been younger they might have broken into a run. Given their age they just ended up wet!

Turning up the path of their secluded holiday cottage on the edge of the coast they ambled round the back onto the outside, covered, veranda.

They dripped as they turned to look out at the passing rainsquall, now heading off out to sea, overtaking the odd boat or two as it went.

She stood, hands on the rail, facing away from him gazing at the view. Coming up behind her he eased his hands under her sopping tea-shirt stroking and fondling her unfettered breasts. He kissed her neck as he did so. She still stood facing the sea, but reached behind her fondled the growing bulge, then she undid the zip, sliding her hands in and encouraging his penis to the ready hardness for what they both wanted. His shorts, now undone, ended up sliding down of their own accord and he stepped out of them. She shuddered a little in anticipation as he did so. Now he eased her t-shirt over her head just leaving her standing in her wet skirt. He ran his fingertips down her neck and leaning in kissed her. She shuddered again, and then again as he ran his fingertips down her beautiful, pendulous breasts. He reached her hardening nipples and leaning forward he first licked and then suckled the now hard tips. She groaned, as he knew she would, the sensations running straight to her sex.

He moved and knelt in front of her, undoing her skirt so as it fell to the ground leaving her naked, for she wore no panties that day. He kissed slowly down her front. Tickling her 'inny', then on down her belly finally reaching her grey, sparsely—haired mound. Her lips reddened, opened and began to gently leak the wonderful juice of her readiness onto his seeking tongue. She raised a foot and placed it on his shoulder as she leaned back against the rail, opening herself wider to the ministrations of his questing, now pushing against it. He pulled a chair from behind and sat in front of her, then helping her to sit onto the wide veranda rail as she wrapped both legs behind his head pullinh him to her. Finally he reached what she wanted as he touched her bud and at the same time easing a forefinger gently up inside. Her groans became a wail and the moisture a flow as she came hard against his face.

She held there, rigid, in spasm, head thrown back, as the 'little death' took her. Then — still no words spoken — she pushed him away, turned to face him and knelt on the floor between his legs - his hard and ready cock — rampant and throbbing in her hands. Looking him in the eyes she licked the drop forming at the eye. Then she swirled her tongue round the crown following by what she knew he loved.

Slowly engulfing him.

All of him.

Right down until he felt himself entering her throat.

Right down until he felt her nose bump him.

God!! How did she do that? No-one else he had ever known could take all of him.

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