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Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Holly's mind is being controlled by spiral-covered lingerie. Will Beth be next?

Chapter 1

When Beth first arrived at Holly's upscale apartment, her friend was eager to show off her early Christmas present. Holly jumped around playfully, her face lighting up like Santa had brought her a shiny red sports car, and then she ran into the bedroom with girlish enthusiasm. Beth had to wonder what Kyle could have possibly gotten her friend to make her act like a giddy schoolgirl. Then she laid eyes on the present, and her world began to turn upside down.

Beth paced around Holly's bedroom in a blouse and skirt, having already kicked off her high heels. She was exceptionally pretty, with short brown hair, radiant skin, and an ass to die for. "Look, I'm just saying it's a little inappropriate. You've only been dating Kyle for a week, you've only had one real date..." She sighed, choosing her words carefully. "Maybe he means well, but it's important he not see you a sex object."

Holly nodded earnestly. "That's how I felt at first, too. But then I realized just how pretty I would look." She was curled up on her bed, wearing nothing but Kyle's present. The silky bra and panties had an intricate black-and-white pattern, formed from a series of interlocking spirals.

Beth glanced at the bra, noticing once again how the black and white faded into each other. The black seemed to blur at the edges, and the effect was surreal and hard to ignore. "You look very pretty, Holly. But your underwear isn't anything Kyle should be seeing just yet." She was following the spirals with her eyes again, and she forced herself to stop.

Holly grinned and played with her blonde curls. With long legs and generous curves, she certainly had a body built for sexy lingerie. "Aw, come on. I want to show it off for him later on. It's not like I'm naked..."

Growing more suspicious by the minute, Beth crossed her arms and looked her friend over. She enjoyed sex as much as the next woman, and she didn't mind wearing a lacy teddy or silk negligee for her own boyfriend, but this whole situation struck her as more than a bit strange. Beth had known Holly since tenth grade, and her friend was acting very much out of character.

If anything, Holly had a bit of a feminist streak in her, always getting sensitive when men referred to her as a girl. It was not like her to cater to a man's desires, and it certainly wasn't like her to gleefully prance around in her underwear. Beth worried that she was really falling for Kyle, because it seemed pretty clear that the jerk was taking advantage of her.

She sat on the bed and placed her hand on Holly's shoulder, staring down at the silk panties. "I just don't want to see you get hurt. That's all." She followed a spiral until it disappeared around the back, resisting the urge to lean over for a better view. There were more spirals covering her friend's butt, but she hadn't gotten a good look at them yet. She would look later on, when Holly's back was turned.

"I know you don't, Lizzy." No one had called Beth that since high school, and it turned her on as much as it frightened her. Holly giggled and stroked her friend's hand, her fingers forming a spiral over Beth's silky skin. This gave Beth a strangely erotic thrill, and she was a little disappointed when Holly stopped. There was something that she found sexy about spirals, now that she thought about it.

Holly lay back on the bed, rubbing her legs against each other. The spirals on her panties twisted and distorted with each sensual motion of her body, forming optical illusions that fascinated Beth. Pleasure stirred between her legs, and she had to remind herself why she was here.

Later, Beth would buy some spiral underwear and wear it for her own boyfriend. Jack could call her Lizzy, and she could pretend that she was sixteen again. For now, though, she had to protect Holly from Kyle. He probably wasn't such a bad guy, but her friend could still end up with a broken heart.

Holly toyed with her hair again, and Beth could now see that her fingers were spiraling down each golden lock. "Kyle got me a matching teddy, too. It's the same, but ... different. You should try it on. You would look so pretty in it." Holly's finger traced a spiral on her silky bra, drawing Beth's attention.

She smiled in spite of herself, studying the bra's elaborate design. Holly obviously wasn't going to listen to her, and Beth could understand why. The lingerie really was quite beautiful. In fact, she had been looking at it a lot over the last ten minutes. At first, the pattern had been an annoying distraction, but she now realized how nice it felt to just follow the spirals around and around. That it made her feel so sexy was an added bonus.

Drawing closer, Beth saw that there was a pattern to the way that the black and white blended into each other. Although she couldn't quite make it out, something told her that it was important. She lay down beside Holly and tried to concentrate, but her eyes began to follow the spirals again. It was as if they had a mind of their own, and she saw no reason to resist. Her smile widened as she let the pattern lead her in circles, unaware of the tiny words that were now within view.

Holly lightly stroked Beth's hair, and the pretty brunette realized that her face was mere inches from her friend's bra. She tried to look away, to sit up, but a spiral on the swell of Holly's breast demanded her attention. Beth grinned and took a closer look, her eyes spinning around and around. Following the spirals meant pleasure.

The seductive blonde seemed to prefer being close to her, anyway. Holly giggled and stroked Beth's thigh, her fingers spiraling outward with perfect precision. It felt wonderful, and Beth moaned without realizing it. "See, isn't it pretty on me? You should wear the teddy, and then Kyle can see what pretty girls we both are."

Beth wanted to shake her head, to tell Holly that it was wrong for Kyle to see her in her underwear. Kyle could see Holly in the bra and panties whenever he wanted, but not Beth. She had her own boyfriend, even though she couldn't seem to remember who that was right now.

"No..." was all she managed to get out, the word barely more than a sensual moan. Beth felt so sexy right now, and wearing the teddy would only make her feel sexier. She wished that she was the one dating Kyle, so that she could wear it for him. Then she could give him a Christmas present he would never forget.

"Well, you should try it on, anyway. You'll look so pretty, Lizzy. Then if you change your mind later on, you can wear it for Kyle." Beth thought that this was a wonderful idea, and she started to unbutton her blouse. Holly giggled with delight. "Good girl, Lizzy. Good girl."

As Beth stood and stripped down to her purple lace panties, her eyes still roaming Holly's bra, she found herself warming to the idea of modeling the teddy for Kyle. He was a nice guy, after all, and it wasn't like she was dating anyone else. If she was lucky, maybe he would ask her to be his girlfriend. Then she could wear the teddy for him whenever he wanted.

The spirals captivated Beth again, leading her back onto the bed in only her pretty underwear. Following the spirals meant pleasure. Being Kyle's girlfriend meant pleasure. Grinning sensually, she climbed on top of Holly and pressed her face into her friend's bra.

Beth was now too close to miss the words sewn into the bra, and she followed them around and around, moaning and fingering herself as she read. She mindlessly accepted every last word, the truth before her no longer open to doubt. After a while, Beth began to suck lovingly on the bra. From the sound of Holly's moans, she was not the only one enjoying herself.

When she had finished learning from the bra, Beth crawled down Holly's body and studied the pattern decorating her panties. She traced the spirals with her fingers, doting on every little detail, loving the way that the silk felt on her fingertips. The words here were different, teaching her important new things about herself. She could not wait to get a better look at her friend's butt.

As Beth kissed the spirals, her tongue delicately stroking her friend's panties, Holly played with her curls again. "Good girl, Lizzy. We're both such good girls." Beth knew that she was wrong, though. In high school, Lizzy had always been a bad girl.

Now Lizzy was Kyle's bad girl.

That night, when Kyle opened the front door of Holly's apartment, Holly and Lizzy had his Christmas present waiting for him. His new girlfriends were looking very pretty for him, and they would do anything he wanted tonight. Lizzy was wearing the matching teddy, which she loved almost as much as she loved Kyle, and they were holding hands.

"Merry Christmas, Kyle," Lizzy purred, her eyes burning with lust. He was even more handsome than she had imagined, if that were possible, and she could not wait to wrap her mouth around his enormous cock. She knew that his cock was enormous because the spirals had told her so. The spirals had told her many things, and they were all true.

Had Lizzy broken up with someone else recently, or had that been a dream? No matter how much she thought about it, she simply could not remember. It made no difference, anyway. Kyle was perfect for her. Kyle was perfect in general. She would never leave him, under any circumstances. The spirals had told her so, and of course they had been right.

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