Pea Pod

by Wholeman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, TransGender, Science Fiction, BDSM, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Crashed Plane, Broken leg, Strange plants

DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to stretch my creative muscles. All scientists in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead or born in the future, is purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, bad words, and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to a one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it and no monetary profit is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not greedy, but I did write it.)

Well here I am, riding in another puddle jumper, over another remote jungle. Oh well, such is the life of a geologist. At least such is my life as a geologist. I'm a consultant and my clients have me going all over the world to analyze possible mining sites, for all kinds of ore.

This particular client is in an especially big hurry so I'm stuck bouncing around flying through a storm to get to this remote site, it's just the pilot and I.

"CAARAAACKK," lightning pasted the wing of the plane and killed my pilot, a short spiral in and I expected that the insurance company would be paying my beneficiaries, when the jungle hit me in the face.

I awoke to see a pretty, native girl looking down into my face. "What happened?" I mumbled, still groggy.

"Plane boom tree," she answered in broken English.

Well at least someone here spoke my lingo, even if only a little.

"Where am I?" I asked her slowly and as clearly as I could, trying to make it easier for her to understand.

"In village. In my hut," she answered, though it wasn't much help.

I tried to sit up, and that's when the pain in my leg made itself known, "Ahh!"

"Hurt leg. Not broke," she offered.

"There's good news," I stated, my face still contorted in pain.

"Here, chew. Hurt go," she told me as she handed me a piece of tree bark.

I knew from my college days that certain trees had a painkiller in the bark so I accepted the offered medication and gnawed on it a while. Soon the pain dulled and I was feeling better.

"I guess it's time to do the me Tarzan. You Jane bit," I mumbled to myself. "Ah, my name is Doug. What is your name?"

"Meka," she answered, pointing to herself.

"Thank you Meka, for helping me," I don't know how much English she knows, but it seems to me that it's only right to thank someone for their aid, whether they understand or not. She must have understood, she smiled and blushed.

I looked around the hut thinking, 'what now? I don't suppose they have a cell phone around somewhere, or an Internet connection. Hell I'll even settle for a 1944 vintage radio set!'

No luck there, I did notice that there was only one sleep mat in this hut, and the weather outside was sunny and warm.

"How long?" I asked her.

She held up three fingers.

"This is your bed," I pointed to the mat I was, on.

She nodded her head, blushing.

"Where did you sleep, while I was here?" still pointing at the mat.

She turned crimson and pointed right next to me.

Okay, we had been sleeping together for three days. Too bad I was unconscious!

I went to stand up and she jumped over and assisted my efforts. Now that I am standing, I can see that this girl is short. I could almost use her as a crutch. I have to settle on using her as a cane. She put her hands around my waist and tried to hold me steady as we made our way toward the door.

Outside the clamor of village life, children playing, and the smells of food being prepared, assaulted my senses. I looked about hoping to recognize any signs that there existed communication with the outside world. Two things hit me like a hammer blow. The first was, there seemed to be no refined metal in evidence. No pots, pans, knives, belt buckles, and no wire anywhere. The second was the ratio of men to women was totally out of balance. There were at least five women to every man, many of them living alone in solitude.

My head was spinning and with the help of Meka, I made my way back to her sleeping mat.

"Meka, why are there so few men?" I realize it was a complicated question and hoped that she knew enough English to understand.

"Jungle very dangerous," she replied emphatically.

I'm sure my eyes looked like they would pop from my head. If the jungle around this village was that dangerous that it kills off most of the native men, getting out of here might be harder than I had hoped, for.

"Animals?" I inquired.

"No, no animals, bushes," she supplied.

'Bushes?' bushes were killing off the men of the village? Must be tough being a horticulturist around these parts.

"No afraid," Meka told me as she stroked my brow. She stood and said, "I come back." She left the hut and a very puzzled geologist.

My brain was whirling along and I thought, 'you're in it now Doug, lost in a jungle with man-eating bushes and no way to communicate with the outside world. I better just work on getting better until I can explore on my own and find a way to get back to civilization.'

Meka popped into the hut carrying two bowls and a ceramic jug, "Eat," she said and handed me a bowl with some kind of stew in it.

I looked around for some kind of utensil and Meka picked up her bowl, put it to her lips and started pouring it into her mouth saying, "Good."

Oh well, when in Rome ... I followed her lead and discovered the stew was incredible! I don't know what was in it and I probably didn't want to know. It had chunks of meat and all kinds of vegetables, which I could not identify. Something that was like watercress, maybe some cilantro ... I don't know. What I do know is that it was delicious!

"Mmmm good," I told her.

She handed me the jug making drinking motions, so I took a swig and came up choking! "Holy shit, it's brandy!" I choked out, "but damn good brandy!"

I took another sip, much more carefully and savored it across my palate, enjoying that familiar alcohol burn on my tongue and breathed in the heated vapors savoring the delightful flavor.

As far as I'm concerned, I had just enjoyed a gourmet meal with a beautiful woman.

I handed the jug to her so she could join me.

She took a ladylike sip and handed it back. She was looking at me shyly, and reached for something wrapped in what looked like, a cornhusk, which she handed to me after she opened the husk. It looked like a truffle! "Eat," she urged.

If this tasted even half as good as everything else she had fed me, I couldn't wait. I bit into it and lord if wasn't a chocolate mint!

"Mmmm mm," I exclaimed.

These natives know how to live! Maybe I died in that plane crash and this was heaven!

Uh oh ... Mr. Happy is making an appearance! In mere moments, I was sporting an Iron Wood Woody! It felt like I'd have to take a five-pound hand sledge to beat it down! I looked up at Meka embarrassed, and she looked back with the expression of a hungry lioness!

She had my pants off and I was stripped down before I could even utter a, by your leave! She started by trying to soften Mr. Happy up with saliva, but it wasn't working, all she managed to do was get me lying prone on her mat moaning like a smitten little girl.

She had been working herself with her hand and before I knew what she was up to, she had impaled herself on my rigid shaft. She must have been a virgin because she let out a little yelp as she came down on me, that and this little darling had the tightest cunt that Mr. Happy had ever been in.

I couldn't believe what was happening to me. The muscle control she has in her vagina was purely incredible, it felt like she was milking my cock with her pussy!

She started screaming something in her native tongue and we both orgasmed together!

I could feel her love juice all the way up to my chest! No woman I'd ever been with, had orgasmed with such abandon! When her body stopped spasming, she lay down onto my chest and kissed me holding my face in her soft little hands.

I could feel her pussy still gripping and releasing my softening organ. This girl is amazing! I held her close to me as I started to nod off.

When consciousness returned I felt the warmth of her body snuggled close and the weight of the skins that she had wrapped around us. I could hear rain pelting down outside the hut and was glad to be inside dry and warm.

Meka tightened her grip, wriggling up against me.

'What the hell happened last night?' I thought, 'that was the most unreal sex I'd ever had. What was in that chocolate, ****?'

When I opened my eyes again, another woman who was also quite stunning was kneeling next to the mat.

She leaned over and planted a kiss on my lips that nearly had me erect again. I could feel Meka getting up on her elbows behind me, and the next thing I knew the two women were kissing.

'This is one strange village, ' I thought.

The new woman crawled into bed with the two of us, and started snuggling up to me as if we were long time lovers. Don't get me wrong, I loved it, but you can see that I was a little intimidated. It is hard enough satisfying one woman ... but satisfying two? I sure hope they have a shit load of that chocolate around!

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