The Taking of Tasha

by Ibea Fox

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Blackmail, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young woman is forced into a life of submission and depravity. Once there she realized that this was the life she had always desired.

Tasha didn't really have tangible reasons for her feelings, but she still wasn't comfortable with meeting Stefan Ivonovich for coffee. After all, she had grown up with him. Stefan's mother had been the housekeeper for Tasha's family. They had attended University in Sofia together and now, five years later, she and Stefan still frequented many of the same places.

Tasha's uneasiness came from the intent looks Stefan always gave her, especially after Tasha's family had announced her engagement to her fiancé, Petre. Tasha was also apprehensive about the whispered rumors, which had started to circulate after their graduation, about how Stefan not only had been able to afford University, coming as he did from a rather poor family, but what it was that he now did, as part of the government.

When Tasha arrived at the small café, Stefan was seated at a table in the back. Tasha felt a small tremor of revulsion as she looked of him. Unlike Tasha, who was a lovely woman with long brown hair, an attractive, seductive figure and clear smooth skin, Stefan had been an unattractive child who had grown into an unattractive man. His slicked back black hair, thin bloodless lips and pale skin might even have been acceptable, except for the effect of his piercing, virtually black eyes, with their hooded eyelids. The overall maliciousness was disquieting. Tasha became even more uneasy when she realized that he sat at the table that was usually reserved for high party members or for, most notably, people affiliated with the secret police.

Stefan didn't rise as Tasha neared the table. In fact he didn't even acknowledge her arrival as he spoke with a very agitated proprietor. It really wasn't even a conversation; it was more like a reprimand of a subordinate. The only part of the conversation that she clearly heard was Stefan telling the proprietor "We are going to make sure that this doesn't happen again, aren't we, hmm?" The café owner kept his eyes down cast and meekly said "Oh yes, Comrade, I will make very sure that you are not treated so disrespectfully in the future. Please accept my humblest apologies." With a disdainful waive Stefan sent the proprietor on his way and turned to acknowledge Tasha's presence.

"Ah, Tasha my dear, so kind of you to join me this afternoon - please have a seat and forgive that poor excuse of a man for having placed this frayed table cloth where we will be having such a pleasant time." As panicky waiters scurried to serve their coffee, Stefan smiled at Tasha and asked "you probably are wondering why I would ask you for coffee, now, after all of these years? I mean, after all, even though we lived in the same house for years, we have really only been acquaintances, never friends." Taking a sip of his coffee, Stefan went on to say "So, why did I ask you for coffee? Well, I shall tell you, Tasha, darling."

Tasha felt a shiver of fear in her stomach as Stefan went on, "Tasha my dear, I have been very concerned about the well being of both you and your family ever since your engagement to that worthless, fool Petre. He is not good for you — you need a much stronger man who will treat you as you deserve and who can prevent bad things from happening."

Tasha was now truly afraid and perceived everything that Stefan said as a direct threat to her and her family. "You are much too naïve to be aware of the facts, my dear Tasha, but this can be a very cruel and uncaring world if there is not someone strong and powerful to look out for you and the ones you love. For example, errors could be made in certain documents that would indicate that your mother and father are enemies of the state. Without someone strong and powerful to prevent it, they would be taken away to prison where you father would surely be executed and your mother would be subject to daily rapes and beatings — it would be so sad." Looking at Tasha over the top of the coffee cup, Stefan went on to say "Or your sweet Auntie could be kidnapped and forced into a life of prostitution or, even worse, you darling Petre could be mercilessly attacked and murdered on the street." Lowering his cup to the table he said more forcibly "I'm sure, Tasha, you would do almost anything to prevent things like that from happening, wouldn't you, dear?"

Tasha's hands began to shake so hard that the coffee she was holding began to spill over the edge of her cup. Seeing this Stefan gave a slight smile and said, "Oh now look, I've upset you — I'm so sorry. I know that you care deeply for Petre and you family and you don't want any misfortunes to befall them. That is why I've decided to take on the responsibility of their welfare myself," Stefan said as he used his napkin to dry Tasha's trembling hands. "Let us leave now and go someplace where we can discuss our plans for your family's protection further," Stefan stated. Without asking for her agreement, Stefan stood, took Tasha's arm, and led her to his car.

As Stefan's driver pulled the car into traffic, Tasha's mind raced though her possible alternatives. Stefan, as a member of Bulgaria's secret police, could easily make good on his not so very veiled threats against Petre and her family. Tasha was also not as naïve as Stefan believed. She knew that Stefan had always desired her attentions. That was why she always made sure to keep a certain amount of distance between Stefan and herself. Apparently, especially since the announcement of her engagement, this distance was no longer acceptable to Stefan. If she rebuffed Stefan now he would most certainly make his threats reality. A deep feeling of hopelessness descended upon Tasha because she could see no choice but to accept whatever Stefan proposed.

Not a single word was spoken during the entire car ride, nor as they walked up the steps into the large house. Once inside Stefan offered Tasha a seat on the sofa in the nicely furnished living room. Stefan sat next to Tasha after she settled. Taking both of her hands in his he look intently into Tasha's eyes and said, "Welcome to your new home, my dear".

So stunned was Tasha by Stefan's pronouncement that she was utterly speechless. After a moment's pause, Stefan said, "Now, darling, I will only say this once - and I expect you to act accordingly from here on. I know you do not love me, in fact at this point you most likely despise me, but from now on you are going to become a great actress and pretend to love me — and - pretend extremely well, for everyone's sake."

Stefan went on to say "Now, my sweet Tasha, in a little bit you are going to call your parents and tell them that you have broken off your engagement with that fool you were planning to marry and that you will be moving into this house with me — as my mistress — as my lover. Of course my dear, you may let them know that once you become pregnant with our first child we will be immediately married. After all, your parents and friends will want to know that we don't plan on any little bastard children running around, hmm?"

Upon hearing, these words Tasha began to experience many strong, simultaneous emotions: Anger, dismay, shock, fear, disgust, and, much to her great self-disgust, a swiftly increasing sensation of desire. This sensation of desire — this erotic sensitivity - caused Tasha's panic to rapidly increase and almost overcome her.

How could she be feeling desire? She hated Stefan. She loved Petre. Stefan had threatened her family. Petre was sweet, kind and good. Stefan had told her that he was going to force her to have sex with him. Petre had insisted on waiting to make love, until last week, after they had announced their engagement. Petre: who sat at her feet and read her beautiful love poems. Stefan: who planned to impregnate her! Her family: who had always treated her as their little princess? Stefan: who would treat her as a slut and a whore? How could she sit here, with down cast eyes, and allow him to say such things? How could these words turn the single butterfly that, she now admitted to herself, had been fluttering around in her womb ever since she had first sat down in the café with Stefan, into a swirling flock? How dare her body rebel against her conscious wishes by causing her to become aroused — by causing her nipples to harden and by causing such a hot wetness between her legs?

Aware of the effect his words were having on her, Stefan said "But before you make your call, my dearest Tasha, I think there is something else we need to do first, don't you?" He put one hand around Tasha's slender waist and the other hand around her shoulders, pulled her close, and deeply kissed her lips.

Tasha couldn't understand why she couldn't gain enough control over herself to fight or even to resist. Instead, she allowed Stefan's lips to cover hers and for Stefan's tongue to invade her mouth. Even when Stefan's hand moved upward from her waist to caress her breasts she could manage no resistance other than a feeble attempt to move her breast from beneath his greedy fingers. Stephan felt her nipples stiffen even more under his touch. Never breaking his kiss, he caressed and fondled both breasts until he could feel Tasha's body tense in complete awakening. As he moved the attention of his lips to Tasha's throat, he moved his hand between Tasha's knees and slowly caressed her nylon-encased thigh until his hand came to rest on her silk clad sex.

"No" Tasha screamed within the confines of her own mind. "Why aren't I stopping him? Why am I letting myself feel these things?" Even though she stridently willed herself to resist, all that Tasha was able to produce was a slight moan that sounded, even to her own ears, like a passionate response.

Perhaps it was Tasha's moan or it may have been Stefan's years of unrequited desire breaking-forth, but the hands that, mere moments before, had been gently caressing Tasha's body suddenly grasped the front of her frilly white blouse and savage ripped it open exposing her full, round breasts sheathed in the sheer, lacy material of her bra.

With a crazed gleam in his eyes, Stefan pushed Tasha's bra roughly aside exposing the smoothness of her luscious breasts, crowned with their hard pink nipples. No longer completely in control of his actions, Stefan buried his face between Tasha's lush, enticing orbs, passionately kissing and squeezing them with both of his hands.

Taking one of her nipples into his mouth, Stefan bit down hard, causing Tasha to whimper in pain. The pain cleared Tasha's head enough to allow her to put her hands on Stephan's chest and futilely try to push him away, but to no avail. In fact, her struggles urged Stefan on to even great wantonness. As his lips and teeth continued to ravish Tasha's breasts, Stephan freed his fully erect cock from its captivity. Wrapping one hand securely in Tasha's long brown hair, he grasped Tasha's left hand firmly with his other and forced her to grip the base of his hard, thick member. "Ah, Tasha," he murmured into her ear as he forced her face next to his, "I have wanted you to touch me like this ever since I watched you begin to grow from that gangly young girl you were into the beautiful woman you've become!"

Tasha was equally terrified and excited by Stefan's next words. "You never realized that I have always watched you — wanting you - throughout our entire childhood, did you? No, of course not — I was only the housekeeper's boy. I was no more important to you than a piece of furniture — just another one of your family's possessions, was I?"

"Ah, but Tasha, you belong to me now, you're my possession — a possession that I will cherish, acknowledge ... use" Stefan murmured into her ear. "You will do what I want, when I want and how I want, from now on, won't you my dear?" By callously wrenching her around by her hair, Stefan made Tasha assume a kneeling position on the sofa. He then slowly pushed Tasha's face towards the head of his enraged cock while still keeping her hand tightly wrapped around its base. Tasha knew what Stefan was about to force her to do —this atrocious act that would never have crossed sweet, kind Petre's mind.

Tasha's mind drifted back to those nights while at University: drinking wine with her girl friends; talking of boys, love, and sex. One of the most wild of her friends had even showed them what her boyfriend had taught her — how to suck his cock and pleasure him with her mouth. These memories seemed so unreal — so distant and detached - but now, confronted with the true reality of the present, Tasha suddenly felt filled with a sense of utter calm. Though she hated herself for it, she could clearly see that she had no alternative but to give in — to surrender — to submit.

As the head of Stefan's cock brushed against Tasha's lips, any thoughts of her family and Petre slipped from her mind. Replacing these were conflicting feelings. Feelings she could only describe as a sense of rightness mixed with a sense of self-disgust — a sense of being the round peg that finally fit into the round hole mixed with a sense of utter degradation. Tasha also felt that she had finally found the thing that had been missing from her life and the knowledge that, whatever this missing thing was, it would cause her great shame and humiliation. Eventually, these thoughts also passed away, as she parted her lips and took Stefan's cock into her mouth.

Tasha's sudden acquiescence surprised Stefan. Oh, he knew that he would ultimately have her, but her newfound submission was unexpected. Stefan had long suspected that Tasha had a submissive side - she was too obedient to the wishes and desires of her parents, teachers, and ever her fiancé. He also understood that this side of Tasha's personality needed nurturing before she would be willing to submit to him without coercion.

Tasha briefly thought of Petre's small, pink cock and mentally compared it to Stefan's long, thick, vein-filled monster, as she allowed Stefan to feed more of his cock into her mouth - Petre's cock, which she had only felt once. It had been the night of their engagement party. All of the guests had left. Tasha's parents had taken her Aunt back to her house in the country and had stayed the night with her. Alone together in the house, Tasha had tried to seduce Petre into making love to her. Petre, always cognizant of her virtue, had wanted to wait until after they were married.

When Petre finally did make love to her, it was nice. Yes, she thought as she used her hand, lips, and tongue to pleasure Stefan's cock — nice, sweet, and almost passionless. She also recalled that there had been very little pain. From all she had ever heard, there should have been pain when Petre took her virginity — but in fact, he had barely stretched her when he had entered her. Tasha had even had very pleasant and vivid fantasies about the anticipated mixture of aching desire and painful fulfillment. Yes, she thought, it had been nice, sweet and almost clinical — Petre had not even removed her negligee ... had not ravished her breasts as Stefan had ... had left her unfulfilled and disappointed.

Even as she labored over his cock, Stefan could feel Tasha withdrawing into herself. To prevent this, and to force her to submit to him even further, Stefan used his free hand to push Tasha's skirt up around her hips and to roughly ripped aside her panties, fully exposing her firm round buttock and glistening sex. Barely sensing Stefan's actions from the detachment she had imposed upon herself, Tasha was completely unprepared for the two thick fingers, which Stefan cruelly drove into her fully exposed pussy.

Stefan had expected his fingers to encounter a dry, passionless hole, but he found himself chuckling appreciatively when what they found was a hot, wanton slit that was so wet that it made sloshing noises as it virtually sucked his finger into its depths. The raw, sexual feeling of Stefan's fingers sawing in and out of her vagina — "no", she thought — "my cunt" — prompted Tasha to redouble her efforts on Stefan's cock. Tasha told herself that she was only trying to get Stefan to come, so that this outrage would end, but she subconsciously started to match the rhythm of Stefan's fingers, increasing both Stefan's and her own level of excitement.

Both Tasha and Stefan came at almost the same instant. Tasha's orgasm caused her to gasp and grow unsteady which allowed Stefan's cock full penetration of Tasha's mouth and throat — pushing him over the edge and flooding Tasha's mouth with Stefan's seed.

Pulling his fingers from Tasha's still spasming pussy, Stefan carelessly pushed Tasha off the sofa onto the floor, where she lay in a disheveled heap at his feet.

Tasha wept as she silently prayed: Oh God, what have I done? I allowed myself to have an orgasm from a man's abuse ... I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth ... I let him make me come like a common slut. Now I'm drowning in a sewer of my own making and I don't know if I can ever find my way out. I hope someday Mama, Papa, and Petre will be able to understand and forgive me. I pray that they'll understand that I started out doing this to protect them - that I am doing it for them, still. I hope they'll find it in their hearts to forgive me for allowing it to go this far — even forgive me for not being sure that I can stop or even want this to stop, any longer. I hope they can understand and forgive me my growing desire to submit ... simply surrender my will to another ... embracing my desire to no long have to choose. I hope they can come to comprehend my neediness - which I am only now beginning to realize that I have felt my entire life. Most of all, I hope they can forgive the freedom my soul feels now that I no longer have any choices other than to simply comply with Stefan's desires and wishes. Tasha silently sobbed to herself as she ineffectively tried to straighten her torn blouse and ripped her panties. Yes, they may both forgive and understand me in the end, but how will I ever forgive myself? she gloomily wondered.

Stefan tucked his still semi-erect cock back into his pants, stood, and yanked Tasha to her feet. He stared intently at Tasha, but she would not meet his eyes. "We will finish this upstairs in the master bedroom, my dear", as he propelled her up the stairs and towards his room. By now, Tasha had no hope for salvation. The need to protect her family; the disgust she now realized that she felt towards Petre; her own growing desire to submit and the relief she experience by being completely controlled all merged in to a mélange of submission.

As they proceeded down the second floor hallway towards Stefan's bedroom, random thought flitted through Tasha's distracted mind. "Yes — Stefan is taking me to the master bedroom ... The master's bedroom ... Stefan is now the master..."

Reaching his room, Stefan shoved Tasha into the middle of the large, imposing room, as he took a seat in a high backed, overstuffed chair. Standing helplessly in the middle of the room, Tasha noticed that her clothes were still in a state of utter disarray. As she attempted to straighten what was left of them, Stefan stopped her by saying, "You look very fetching in those rags, Tasha my dear, but I think it will be much more expedient if you remove them ... now!" In a state of total surrender, Tasha removed her clothing until she stood naked in front of Stefan. When she attempted to save the last shred of her modesty by covering her breast and pubic area with her hands, Stefan immediately roared "Tasha, you will never attempt to hide you body from my view ever again, understood?"

With downcast eyes, that didn't dare look at Stephan, she nodded her assent. Tasha was now so overwrought, with hands that trembled so badly, she felt compelled to clasp them behind her back, not comprehending how this pose caused her breasts to push out in a most provocative manner. Stefan certainly noticed however, as he instructed her to get on her hands and knees on the middle of the bedroom's rug - Tasha complied immediately.

Noting Tasha's apparent eagerness to comply Stefan knew that he now was in almost complete control of her. Smiling broadly, he said, "Tasha, you did a very good job with your mouth earlier and I think you deserve a reward. As your reward, I am going to allow you to make a very important decision. You may remain on the floor like a dog and I will fuck you like an alpha wolf fucks one of his bitches. It makes no real difference, but perhaps you can maintain a very small bit of your pride and self respect that way - by convincing yourself that you at least you did not cooperate fully. Of course this attitude would force me to have a much lower regard for Petre and your family", scoffed Stefan.

The scoff turned into a sneer as Stefan went on to say, "Your alternative is to crawl to my bed and make yourself available for my pleasure. I warn you however, the decision to give yourself to me, as indicated by your taking a place in my bed will be irrevocable. It will mean your total and absolute submission to me — you will be pledging your mind, body, and soul; so consider your choices carefully before you decide ... Oh, and your family would once again be under my protection if you take this option. Choose wisely, but swiftly, Tasha" Stefan said as her started to remove his boots and clothing.

Thoughts continued to swirl through Tasha's mind. What choices? The choice of abuse? Of allowing Stefan to have me any way he wished? Of being impregnated? No — there were no choices — only different paths to the same destination. In a state of complete capitulation, Tasha rose and crawled into the intimidating, canopied bed. After Tasha slid between the sheets of the bed, where Stefan would force her to conceive his child, she lay on her back with her eyes closed, lying as if she had prepared for her own funeral.

As Stefan finished removing his clothing, he walked to the edge of the bed stoking his impressive cock. Standing next to the bed, Stefan grabbed the covers and threw them off the bed, leaving Tasha completely exposed. "Your mouth was full so you couldn't say earlier, my dear, but is my cock longer and thicker than Petre's?" Stefan chuckled. Tasha said nothing but nodded her head. "Open you eyes when I'm talking to you, Tasha! I asked you a question and you will answer me!" Stefan growled. Tasha opened her eyes, stared at Stefan's fully erect cock, and meekly murmured "yes".

"I'm sorry, Tasha. I'm afraid I didn't hear your response. Please speak more clearly," said an amused Stefan. "Now answer my question!" Stefan said as he reverted to his previous growl. Staring a Stefan's cock as if mesmerized by it, Tasha said, "Yes, Stefan, your cock it is much longer and thicker than Petre's". Unable to stop herself she added, "It is much more of a man's cock than Petre's will ever be."

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