Sue: Her Night Out

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sue dresses for and goes out on the town on her first weekend in the big city. She gets more than she bargained for.


I looked at my nude reflection in the bedroom full length mirror. I'd just toweled off after stepping out of the shower. Slowly, I turned a full circle and then came to a stop facing the mirror. Unconsciously, my left hand began making slow, lazy circles around my right breast and nipple while my right hand was lightly rubbing my pussy mound. The term statuesque entered my mind.

I'd just turned twenty-five the day before and my venus like figure on a six foot frame carried not an ounce of fat. My more than ample, all natural boobs stood high and proud on my chest. Large, at the time, very erect nipples stood out in a slightly darker sea of aureola. The tingling was intense.

I think my shoulder length head of flaming red hair is nicely matched by a flaming red landing strip of pubic hair only an inch wide and two inches long. My stomach is still quite tight and I've been told that I have the cutest, tightest little butt ever.

Svelte thighs, shaped calves, and tight ankles lead to my small feet with straight and well formed toes--just perfect for sucking--at least I think so. Both my toenails and my fingernails are painted a brilliant shinning red to match my favorite color of lipstick.

Well, I thought, It's Friday night of my first weekend in the big city. What and how much shall I wear to the bar tonight?

After giving myself one more admiring glance in the mirror, I decided first off to skip the lingerie, no bra and no thong. With that decision made, I then turned to which dress to wear.

I ended up choosing the very low cut, black satin dress that plunged all the way to my navel and revealed a major portion of my boobs on either side of my cleavage, not to mention a large piece of the outside of each breast. In fact, the front exposure includes a portion of the inside edge of my my very large aureole.

The dress top would also allow my nipples, which tended to erect strongly under any kind of stimulation, to tent out the small amount of covering and show their outline very clearly. The dress was also backless, just a small loop of material surrounded my neck to hold up the top.

The dress was also very short. Leaning over would have to be a calculated maneuver. So would sitting and positioning my long legs. I finally laid the dress aside to do my make up.

I sat down in front of my large vanity mirror to make up my face, but as a result of thinking those erotic thoughts, I first had to once more give my reflection the once over and then, irresistibly, I slowly, gently massaged one boob and then the other with my left hand. The nipples jumped to full erection once more. Color flooded my face, not to mention my nether lips.

I moaned softly, but that quickly got louder as I brought my other hand to my pussy and rubbed between my legs with some vigor. My middle finger penetrated my slit, moisture oozing over my fingers as I eased two and then three fingers into my gate of heaven.

I bucked in rhythm with my fingers, slowly at first, but then faster and harder as a fourth finger found its way in. I stopped only long enough to remove a long, thick dildo from a vanity drawer. I moved it up and down my now very wet gash.

My juices were now running down my inner thighs to the towel on the vanity seat as I eased the dildo into my now throbbing cunt. The ten inch dildo went in and out to the hilt--faster and faster. I humped the dildo in a crescendo of motion as I came to a shuddering, screaming climax. All I could do was moan for several minutes and then gave a final deep shudder.

It took several more minutes to compose myself again so I could finally begin to apply my make up without a trembling hand.

After carefully making up my face, I proceeded to apply judicious amounts of my favorite perfume in all the appropriate places. Then I slipped into the dress I'd chosen. I added a single strand of matched, cultured pearls and a pair of tiny, sterling silver clamshell pierced ear rings.

I decided to go with a small, sterling silver chain on my left ankle. Topping off my ensemble of the evening were a pair of black, paten leather, stiletto heels. I wasn't ashamed of nor self-conscious about my height.

There now, that ought to attract someone's attention!

It was a balmy, warm June night, so no wrap would be needed.

I exited the building and had no trouble whatsoever in hailing a passing taxi, not with the amount of skin exposure I was offering. I told the driver to take me to a trendy new bar I'd heard about from coworkers earlier in the week.

I smiled coyly at the driver, who was watching me intently in his rear view mirror. He seemed to have trouble keeping his eyes on the road. I'd not the foggiest idea why, hmmm? I leaned forward slightly to give him an even better view and he nearly rear ended a police cruiser stopped for a red light. I gave a soft chuckle and winked.

As the driver pulled away from the intersection, I maintained eye contact with him in the mirror as I raised my right hand slowly to my boobs and massaged my left one with my hand inside the little bit of dress that covered my tit. The massaging quickly exposed the entire boob to view.

My other hand dropped between my legs to massage my cunt. Although the view of that part of the action by the driver was largely blocked, he knew what I was doing by the motion of my arm and by the drifting aroma of pussy juice. The driver choked and coughed and had to finally turn his eyes back to the road. I chuckled again and quietly had a mild orgasm. By that time, the Taxi had arrived at the bar.

After disembarking from the taxi, I paid the driver and with a big smile, I said, "You already got your tip--all the way over here."

I quickly walked over to the entrance to enter the dark and smokey bar. I sighed in resignation. There were an awfully lot of women and not very many men present. And, the women were dressed to play and play hard.

Tough competition, was the immediate thought that went through my head.

I went to the bar and ordered. I looked around before I found one empty table in a dark corner. I took my drink over and sat down.

Just as I finished this first drink, a real hunk of a young stud asked if he might buy me a refill and sat down next to me. He was six feet four inches, he later admitted, and had a hard body to die for--sort of like a twenty year old Arnold Scharwzeneger, though not quite so muscle bound.

He was a blonde, blue eyed Adonis with a ruddy, outdoor complexion. He wore a business suit, white shirt and tie with dark loafer shoes. He looked to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He had a smile that would melt an iceberg.

"My name's Don. Might I ask what yours is?"

"Mine's Sue."

We then began a soft conversation, getting to know each other. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my thigh under the table. I smiled encouragement at him and placed my hand on his thigh. We both did a gentle rubbing motion. Since my dress was so short, Don's hand was already on bare skin.

He didn't waste any time moving that hand up. He smiled as he reached my pussy and found it sans panties. He lightly brushed his fingers around my pubic mound and into my slit. He also found moisture seeping out and wet his fingers as I moaned softly.

My cunt swelled with blood and color, not to mention heat under the ministration of Don's talented fingers. I had to stifle a scream as I moaned quietly in orgasm. I guess he by then, considered me interested and willing.

All the while I'd also continued, more or less, to massage a quickly rising massive cock under Don's trousers and without yet having had time to pop it out in the open--I was too busy responding to his fingers in my pussy.

Just then, before Don could climax, the skimpily attired waitress returned and, with a smirk on her face, asked, "Would either of you like to have your drink refreshed?"

"No," was our chorused answer.

The waitress left us, the smirk still prominent on her face.

At that point. we both had placed our hands on the table and Don, taking hold of both of my hands in his own, asked, "Would you like to escape this scene and go to a really interesting party?"


Don raised a hand at the curb outside the bar. A big, black, and very long limo eased in front of us. the liveried driver quickly jumped out and opened the door for us. We climbed in for what turned out to be a lengthy ride to a country mansion. The privacy partition was already up and closed.

In the limo, Don said, "The one condition for the evening is that you have to wear a blindfold until we get to our destination, starting immediately."


Don leaned over to place the black blindfold mask over my eyes and nose. He surprised me with a passionate kiss. Our mouths opened, our tongues entwined. His hand was then inside my dress, massaging a full boob. The nipple immediately erected, exploding straight out for nearly an inch.

I could almost hear the other nipple pop out tight and erect. Don kissed and nibbled on my ear and neck, still massaging first one boob and then the other. Then a hand went between my legs and gently rubbed one thigh and then the other, inching ever closer to the point where both legs joined.

Still kissing open mouthed, Don's fingers found the source of heat between my legs. He fingered the soft mound of flesh at the end of the landing strip. He went on to find the area already moist and becoming rapidly much more so. His fingers gently traced the soft folds of flesh on either side of my slit, touching, prodding, kneading in slow circles.

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