Monica's Hormone Pills

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She had to tell her hubby something when he wanted to know why she was so wet.

There is only one thing I love more that having a man stuff my pussy full of hard fat cock and that is taking my thoroughly fucked pussy home and having my simple minded stupe of a husband eat me out. He never wonders where all to goo comes from, just takes my word that it is my normal discharge - my cum- that flows whenever I'm horny. I'm probably not being fair calling Harold a simple-minded stupe. With any other woman he would probably catch on pretty quick, but Harold loves me, worships the ground I walk on, and he'll believe anything that I tell him.

It all started because I got to feeling sorry for myself. Harold is a good man, a loving husband and a great provider, but he is an absolute zero in bed. When I'm older maybe what Harold is will be good enough for me, but not now while I'm young and in my prime. I want and need sex and I just don't get it from Harold. A two-minute quickie and he rolls off and is snoring before I even know he's out of me. After five years of that I was so sexually frustrated that I was ready to take a meat axe to Harold while he was sleeping and hope that a jury wouldn't convict after they heard the story.

One day I was over at my friend Marge's and we got to drinking. The more I poured down my throat the more talkative I became and soon I was telling Marge about my non-existent sex life. We were still talking when her husband Matt came home.

"Hey ladies, what'' up?"

"Nothing honey, just drinking and making girl talk."

"Girl talk? What's that, code for talking about sex?"

"No, the lack of it" I blurted out.

Matt made a 'give' motion with his hands and Marge brought him up to date on my sad story.

"That's a crying shame" he said, "A good looking piece like you going to waste."

"You watch it Matt" Marge hissed, "Don't you going getting any ideas."

"Oh I got an idea honey, but not the kind you're thinking of."

Matt got up and left the room and I said, "Honest Marge, even if that is what he was thinking I wouldn't and you know that. You're my best friend."

Ten minutes later Matt walked into the room followed by a big, beefy looking man. "This here is Al. Al is our next door neighbor and six months ago his wife left him and Al says he hasn't been laid since she left and so he should be full of cum up to his ears. Al, this is Monica and she is just dying for a good fuck. Why don't the two of you see if you can't help each other out."

I looked at Marge and she looked horrified at what Matt had just done. Then I looked at Al and saw that he was beet red. He obviously hadn't known what Matt was going to do. In that instant I said, "Why the fuck not!" I stood up and said, "Come on Al, let's go to your place and see what happens."

What happened was that Al was indeed full of cum up to his ears and he had a nice big fat hose to spray it out with. We probably only managed to drain it down to chest level before I had to go home and start fixing Harold's super, but in the two hours that we bounced around on that bed I had more orgasm's than I'd had in the previous five years. I was one well-fucked lady when I staggered out of Al's bedroom.

"Tomorrow? Same time, same place?" I asked as he let me out the front door.

He smiled and said, "There's a key under the flower pot on the porch."

All the way home I worried about what to tell Harold if he wanted some pussy that night. I didn't feel even one second of guilt over the time I'd just spent sliding up and down on Al's cock and I knew I wouldn't feel any guilt when I went over to Al's the next day. After dinner Harold did want sex and I just shrugged and undressed and waited for Harold to climb on and push himself into my sloppy pussy. I wondered if Harold knew what sloppy seconds felt like and how he was going to react. Harold was bound to find out sooner or later because I wasn't going to stop. That afternoon had shown me what a real fuck was like and I'd loved it and I wanted more. If it wasn't Al it was going to be somebody. Harold climbed on and poked his prick into me and then stopped and looked down at me. "Here it comes" I thought and got ready for the explosion. But it never came.

"Why are you so wet?"

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