Sabrina Gets Hers

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: A little tale of getting even

I used to think that the more love you showed, the more attention you paid, the more you catered to her every wish and desire the woman in your life would realize how lucky she was to have you. I don't think that anymore. Now I believe that all those things just make her take you for granted, they make her think that there isn't anything she can't do that you won't overlook or excuse her for.

Sabrina and I met during our junior year in college. We started dating and for the rest of our junior year we had an on again off again relationship. We both seemed to really like each other and we loved the sex that we had, but neither of us was where we wanted to settle down into a steady relationship. Halfway into our senior year we hooked up again and that time we stayed together. Six months after graduation we were married.

Shortly thereafter my parents celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and during the party I caught my dad alone and asked him how he and mom had managed to stay so happy with each other for so long. I pointed out several couples that we knew who could seem to go a week without fighting over something.

"How do you and mom manage not to be like everyone else?"

"The secret son is to tell them that you love them every day, to show them everyday that you love them. Never let yourself get to the point where you take it for granted that they know it. Always show it. Every day of your marriage show it. It is that simple."

I took his advice to heart and for the next seven years I made sure a day didn't go by that I didn't tell Sabrina that I loved her. I never forgot a birthday, an anniversary or any other special event and I even had a list of 'nonsense' anniversaries that I used for excuses to give cards, flowers and other special gifts. I sent Sabrina flowers to celebrate the anniversary of the first time she made meat loaf and the first time she used our new washer and dryer. I gave her a card on the anniversary of her first promotion at work. No event was too big or too small for me to write it down and use it. She got flowers and candy on the anniversary of the time we first had anal sex. She got diamond earrings to celebrate the first time I ate her pussy. I sent flowers to her at her office for no other reason than to get a card to her during the middle of her day that said, "I love you."

I did everything I could think of to show her how much she meant to me. I followed my dad's advice, but dad was using his relationship with mom as an example. He didn't allow for the fact that different women would look at the same thing in different ways. Where my mom looked at it as a sign of my dad's continuous love for her, Sabrina saw it as a sign of my insecurity and that I was doing it as a way of begging her for her attention. Somehow my desire to show her my love cheapened me in her eyes. I didn't know that of course and I continued on secure in the knowledge that I had a happy and loving marriage.

Sabrina and I were doing well in our chosen fields. We both climbed the corporate ladder and as we moved up the jobs required more time, more energy, quite a few late nights and some occasional business trips. There were some nights when we didn't even see each other. I would work late and Sabrina would be sleeping when I got home or it would be the other way round. I accepted it as the price we paid for success and I assumed that Sabrina did too.

When we were together I did my best to make up for the time we were apart. The sex was awesome. There were weekends when we never got dressed. Sabrina smiled, told me that she was mine forever and I of course believed it. I found out different at her company Christmas party. It was held at a downtown hotel. Her company had rented the ballroom and a couple of rooms to use as hospitality suites. The party was held on a Wednesday night and I told Sabrina that I would meet her there. The party started at seven, but I had an out of town client that I had to put on an eight o'clock flight so I told Sabrina not to expect me until eight-thirty or so. At the last minute the client decided to stay another day and do some sight-seeing so I got to the party at seven-thirty.

I walked into the ballroom just in time to see Sabrina with a man I didn't recognize, but then I didn't really know most of the people she worked with since I only saw them at company picnics and Christmas parties. What struck me as odd was that Sabrina had her arm around his waist. I headed for the room that I'd seen them enter and when I went in I found that it was kind of a vestibule that had three rooms off of it. I wondered which of the rooms they had gone into so I tried the one closest to me and found it empty and so was the room next to it.

I was just getting ready to close the door and go to the third room when I heard giggling. It seemed to be coming from the room even though the room looked empty so I went back inside to take a closer look. I heard another giggle and I saw that it was coming from an air vent in the ceiling. It dawned on me that I was hearing what was going on in the room next door. I was moving toward the door to go over to the next room when I heard Sabrina say:

"Careful now, you don't want to tear the dress."

"Well how in the hell am I supposed to get to your tits?"

"Here, let me show you."

"Damn Rina, I never get tired of looking at those beauties. Let me lick those fantastic nipples."

"Oh no lover, not until you get my toy out. You can't play with my tits until I can play with your cock."

There was the sound of a zipper being worked and then Sabrina said, "Now there is something that I never get tired of."

"Are you sure that we don't have time to run up to one of the hospitality suites for a quickie? I need that hot pussy of yours. I need it bad."

"Oh come on lover, you just had it at lunch and you had it for three hours on Monday night. You can go till tomorrow."

"No I can't."

"Well you will just have to. Bob said he would be here around eight-thirty and I need to be here when he walks in. If he gets here early and I walk in with a 'just fucked' look on my face he just might get suspicious and start checking up on me and we don't want that now do we."

"Come on Rina, if he is the wimp you say he is we could fuck in front of him and it wouldn't matter."

"I know lover, I could just tell him to go home and we would talk about it when I got there and then I could convince him that we were just kidding and trying to play a joke on him and he'd believe me. But just because I know I can doesn't mean I want to open that particular can of worms."

"Are you sure we can't run upstairs for a quick one?"

"I don't want to take the chance lover, but I can take the edge off for you."

There was a pause and then the man moaned, "Oh God Rina, you are so good at that. Your mouth is pure magic. I've never been sucked off this good before."

There was a minute or two of moans and 'slurping' sounds and then, "I'm cumming Rina, I'm cumming." A moment or two of silence and then, "You know what's best for me Rina? That you swallow. My wife always spits it out."

"I swallow because you taste good lover."

"Mark is going to be so pissed when I tell him you sucked me off and he will have to wait until tomorrow."

"Maybe not."

"I thought you said we couldn't tonight."

"I said we couldn't go up to the hospitality suites. I didn't say anything about not sucking a cock."

"How can you do that? Mark probably won't get here until after your husband."

"Blow jobs don't take long baby. I'll introduce you to Bob and then get up to go to the ladies room and while you and Bob guy talk I'll sneak back here with Mark for a quick suck."

"God Rina, you are one wicked woman."

"I know lover, that's why you like me."

"You going to rinse your mouth or kiss your hubby with my cum coating your tongue?"

"It won't be the first time he's tasted you."

"Evil Rina, that's what you are, wicked and evil."

"Come on lover, we need to get back to the party."

It is just amazing how quick a love can die. I went from undying love and affection to absolute hate in just seconds. The entire time that had been going on I had been warring with myself. Should I kick the door down and then kick ass or sit back and use what I'd just found out to make plans. Should I strike while the iron was hot or wait and get names, dates and places. If I jumped them now it would be a he said/she said situation in divorce court. I could say what I'd overheard and she could flat deny it. I needed more information. Also, if I kicked the door down I might never find out who Nark was or even if there might be more men besides Mark and the guy in the next room with Sabrina.

No, I'd eventually get around to kicking ass, but it wasn't going to be that night. I hurriedly left the building and went and sat in my car until it was close to the time I'd told Sabrina to expect me.

When I entered the ballroom I saw Sabrina sitting at a table with two couples and a single man. Sabrina is five foot eight and the guy she was sitting next to was about four inches taller so unless he had real short legs I guessed him to be about six feet. Black wavy hair and a pencil thin mustache made me peg him as a real grease ball before I even got to the table. Sabrina saw me approaching, stood up and backed away from the table. She opened her arms to greet me with a hug and moved to kiss me with her cum soaked mouth, but at the last second I turned my head and took the kiss on my cheek. I noticed the surprise on her face and I said:

"I think I'm coming down with something sweetie, I don't want to give it to you."

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