The Relationship

by TheMoose63

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Desc: Romantic Story: This is the true story about the relationship between a 66 year old man and a 30 year old woman.

Goodbye my trusted friend...

Goodbye my love ... it's so hard to end...

Now you are gone and I am left to wonder why...

Oh why, oh why ... oh why?

That they even met was a serendipitous event and yet somehow so typical. Was their meeting a contradiction? She thought often thought so. John Johnson was 66, married and the CEO of the company and Sarah ... she was 30, divorced and had just left a bad relationship when she was hired as a high level department head that reported directly to John. The rest, as they say, was history.

For the first three months Sarah worked there was nothing but strict professionalism in their relationship then one day during lunch everything changed. No one noticed, of course, but during that lunch Sarah began a gentle teasing of her boss because she thought he would like it ... and he did. Over the course of the rest of the week he began to tease back and the more he did the more she teased him. Something was going to have to give and it looked as if John would cave in first.

At a going away party for one of his department heads John made sure he had the seat next to Sarah at the pub and after a while the two of them were in a conversation like they were the only people there and people noticed. By the time they left to go home they were the last two at the party and John gallantly walked her to her car ... then he kissed her goodnight. It wasn't a sexual kiss, just a gently peck on her forehead and a friendly 'drive safe' and he was gone.

Sarah was amazed at what she felt for her boss. Love? No, not exactly it was something else, maybe a father complex ... who knew, but something was there and she realized as she lay in bed that night if John was thirty years younger and single he would be there in her bed right now. Over the course of the next week he finally asked her out to a dinner. Nothing special, they would both drive separately to the restaurant and have dinner and a couple of beers then go home. They met, ate and talked for a couple of hours then John walked her to her car and he kissed her goodnight only this time it wasn't a peck on the forehead it was a two minute long kiss that anybody watching would have instantly recognized as a kiss between lovers. By the time Sarah started her car her panties were wet and she was horny. John droved back home thinking of 'the kiss' and how sexy Sarah kissed.

Two months passed and day by day they became closer. Oh not lovers or anything like that but about as close as you could get and not be sleeping together. She taught him how to text on his cell and to IM on G-Mail but she didn't like to talk on the phone. Although he was taken with her he stayed profession and acted as her mentor, teaching her to be a better leader and department head.

Over time they found out several things about themselves; she liked hugs that were long and hard and he liked to hug and pat. The both like to kiss and their techniques was compatible, the both liked kisses that were gentle, long but not forced. Then after she had worked for John six months he announced at his morning managers meeting that he was retiring! He hadn't said a word to anyone and no reason was given; it was simply that at the end of that month he would be gone.

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