by Deuce

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This could be sci-fi, or fantasy or mind control '" you decide! See if you can spot the hook before I set it deep in you. Where did this come from? I don't know.

all the ususal disclaimers, if you're not old enough to legally read this, then don't. Any resemblence to any person now or formerly alive is accidential. It is all fiction...

A blinding white light, so intense it might have been the interior of the sun and the loudest sound I had ever heard, it was so loud, combined with the light, that I lost consciousness. That last I should have remembered, if that much, but I realized that I remembered much more than that, I remembered much more than that.

I remembered everything. I knew I was in the hospital at the medical center where I had spent so much of my time over the last 3 years. I remembered -

- that the woman currently riding me in a reverse cowgirl position was the third one tonight to climb onto my hospital bed and impale herself on my large upstanding cock. I remembered that Marge, the night charge nurse charged the nurses $20.00 per ride, limited to 5 rides per night, plus of course her first ride every night and by my quick calculations, she had made $100.00 per night for the last 2 months, since my cock came back to life. Because of a shortage of experienced floor managers, and after she started pimping me out, she worked 6 nights a week, on the one night she was off, her fill-in got half the money, so Marge over the last 9 weeks had sold my cock for 270 rides by nurses plus her 54 free rides equaled a total of 324 women I had "serviced" over the last 2 months, in terms of money, $5,400.00 tax free money

- That the doctors were astonished to discover that my body was rejuvenating itself.

- The doctors were debating if I was going to wake up

- that some of them were hoping I wouldn't, so that my son would allow them to open me up, so they could try to discover what had caused my body to reverse the aging process.

- that I had pushed all my teeth out of the gums, broken ones and those with fillings and grown a completely new set of teeth, no cavities, no plaque, no evidence that I had ever had any dental work at all.

- That my body was able to break down and expel any foreign objects, such -

- the penile prosthesis, the pump, inserted in 1998 after surgery to remove peyronies plaque which had caused my cock to have such an extreme curvature that when erect, it was looking up a me and taking that first morning piss meant leaning against a wall a 45° angle and pushing it down so hard that it was painful

- why had my hair regrown, covering my baldness completely, coming in at it's original auburn color, my beard still tipped with white, although the next trim should finally remove all the white.

- Why the area on the right side of my brain had changed from white on a cat scan. In 1993 I had a right side CVA, (cerebral vascular accident, aka, a stroke) leaving a large patch of white (dead brain cells) on the right side of my head. The cat scans now show no trace of white.

- Why my body fat had fallen to 3% and I had hard musculature over my entire body.

- Why my body weight had increased as my musculature changed, even on a liquid diet through a feeding tube.

- Why my body rejected and expelled the pacemaker and its wires attached to my heart.

- Why did an angiogram show that all the arteries around and connected to my heart, including those previously blocked were open and no signs of any kind of blockage,

- How had my body regrown the artery removed from my left leg in 1996 to use as grafts to rebuild the blood supply to my heart?

-how had all my surgical scars vanished.

- Why did I now have a healthy and functioning gall bladder, when mine was removed in 1997?

Right now, why was this girl riding my cock, having such a hard time having an orgasm. I removed the feeding tube, not even thinking how I did it and grasping her hips right at the waist, I began to pump her and I heard her breathing increase, she started panting and shaking and I felt her pussy begin to grasp and suck at my cock, so I pulled her body down hard and hunched up hard and she finally got most of my cock in, at least 2 inches through her cervix bottoming out against the top of her womb and as I pumped her a few more times, she started crying out, and I felt her flood her womb and pussy with her scalding juices and cried out oh yes, uh, oh yes, oh my god, I'm cumming, oh help me Jesus, oh my god, yes, yes - oh yes, oh help me uh, uh, oh yes, oh ah, yeeeessssss and she collapsed, her upper body falling on my legs and her head on the bed between my feet.

Very quickly, the door opened and Marge's voice came to me, saying, "Doris, you have to be quiet! Doris, are you ok. Oh my god, Doris what happened?" Marge came over to the bed and saw Doris lying there and the feeding tube hanging over the side of the bed, she shook Doris's arm and Doris came to. Marge said, Doris, you have to get off and clean him up now, oh shit, the feeding tube is out again." That's 2 nights I a row.

Doris was babbling, "Marge, Marge, he fucked me, he put his hands on me and he fucked me, I want to marry him and I will take him home and care for him there, I have never been so well fucked in my life!"

Marge said, "Doris, are you using something, I swear to god that if I find you using drugs while you're working, I'll see to it that you never work as a nurse, again anywhere."

Doris had recovered enough to get off the bed and was standing there trying to convince Marge that I was awake and she said to Marge, he put at lest 3-4 inches in my womb and Marge turned and leaned over to look closely at my cock, saying, Doris if you hurt this pat- "I interrupted her by placing my right hand on the back of her head and I pushed her down while she was talking, I inserted my still hard cock in her mouth. She sputtered and started sucking and swirling her tongue around the head, bobbed up and down fucking my cock with her face and raised up, saying damn it Doris,, what do-" and realized that it was not Doris whose hand was on her head, I reached up and using both hands, put my cock back into Marge's mouth and as Doris started towards the door, I said, "Doris, stay right there and I'm going put you up here and take care of you next, okay?" Doris squeaked "yes sir." Then she giggled as I began to vigorously fuck Marge's mouth with my cock. I said, I need to get the quick one out of the way first, as long as it had been for me, I was ready now, so I said, "Marge, it you don't swallow, I'm going to tell the hospital about all the money you have made using me, understand?" She mumbled, it sounded something, like yes and I said, here it comes and Doris moved up on my left and leaned in close to Marge as I began to cum, I spurted a long stream into Marge's mouth and she gulped it down the second one was so close, it caught her by surprise and as she struggled to get it down Doris leaned in and started kissing the side of Marge's mouth and slid my cock right into her mouth in time to catch the third spurt, which she quickly swallowed and Marge was back in time to take the fourth spurt in her mouth and it was obvious that she liked the taste, saying, God, that's better than ice cream. Doris latched on to try to suck the last few drops and took a full load again, twice and Marge grabbed my cock again and covered it with her mouth in time to get 2 more spurts. Doris got it back and this time all she got was the few drops she managed to suck out of my cock, the flow from my balls had stopped. I turned to Marge and started unbuttoning her uniform top and I told Doris, strip, now and she did, Marge started to say something and I pulled her over and started sucking her left nipple, which was already standing up and out, hard as a rock and as I bit down on it, she wasted no time on getting naked. I put my hands at her waist, picked her up and set her on my cock like a Christmas tree star, she was very wet. As she began to slide down, I helped get her in a cowgirl position and as her knees hit the bed on either side of me, she started riding, I turned Doris away from me and picked up from behind and lifting her up, stuck my nose in her pussy and sat her down on my face, facing Marge, I stuck my tongue in her pussy, concentrating on reaching a far in as I could and I swear to god, I felt my tongue grow longer, and than I brought it up and licked her clit, she shuddered and whimpered. At the same time, Marge was riding me and I had my hands on her nipples, twisting, tweaking and pulling, and finally, throwing in an occasional pinch, just hard enough to get her going. I stopped and taking her hands, placed them on Doris' tits, making sure that she worked them like I was doing to her.

I was astonished at the amount of cum I had produced, I was shooting like the guys in those sex stories written by kids who didn't know how much, or little a man really ejaculates in real life. My cock and my tongue rapidly bringing both Marge and Doris to a shuddering orgasm and as Marge came, dripping large amount of her juices over my entire pelvic area, my cock gave a half- hearted effort and passed the final frontier through her cervix and she yelled as I sprayed about 1-2 tablespoons of sperm laden semen into her womb.

It felt like time to get dressed and get on with my life, I felt good! I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror over the lavatory. Damn I looked like a body builder, no wonder I could pick up full grown women like dolls. More importantly, my cock was back to normal. The peyronies plaque surgery had left me half a man. When that doctor turned me out of the hospital back in 1998 my cock was 5 inches around and 4 inches long. I was half as long as I had been and if you were to touch my cock, you could feel the tubes in it. Yeah, if I pumped it up, it would straighten out a little, but at max, it was 4 inches. Some guys still try that old crap about size doesn't matter and maybe they have brainwashed some woman to agree with them, but I know size matters, at least to me. No women except some nurses had seen my pitiful little excuse for a cock since that doctor ruined me. I told him in a phone message that if he ever saw me, he should start running.

Now, it seems that my 8½ inches had grown longer. Oh well, all's well that ends well. I will be nice and wait for the doctors to give me a release. While waiting for them to show, I picked up what appeared to be a scrapbook. My son and his wife had all the newspaper articles that had been written over the last 4-5 months.

Apparently as I was driving on the Interstate loop around the city, I had a flat tire. I started to change the tire, in the rain. On the service road, paralleling The Interstate, there was a local TV news truck with a crew taping the massive lightning storm. The camera had just turned the camera in my direction when I was struck by a huge bolt of lightning. I was told it is the only recording ever made of a person being struck by lightning. I have been told that most bolts of lightning are small in diameter, but to tell the truth, I don't think anyone really knows that much about the anatomy of a lightning bolt. The tape shows the bolt that struck me to be only very slightly larger than the width of my shoulders, making the bolt about two feet across. The scientists are divided as to whether the bolt was flat or round. When it hit me, I was thrown completely across four lanes of traffic from the shoulder onto the wide grassy median. The reporter, on air, asked people watching to call 911, he was talking to the studio, but his microphone was open and 911 was flooded with so many calls the system was temporarily overloaded and people were getting busy signals, so, of course, they kept trying until someone finally told the reporter and he announced live that 911 had been contacted and help was on the way.

The camera man never stopped rolling tape. My trajectory looked like that of a bouncing ball. I went from standing to 18-20 feet in the air, barely clearing the cab of an 18 wheel transport truck. There was pandemonium on the road as cars slammed on their brakes and the 18 wheeler jackknifed his rig. Fortunately, there were no injuries, but a lot of body shops profited from my misfortune. You know, that old saying, "every cloud has a silver lining." Of course this cloud didn't have one for me. As I began my flight, the tape showed my body was completely transparent. My skeleton was clearly delineated. The news crew sent the cameraman over to where I as lying on the grass. He told the reporter that I was still alive. When the paramedics arrived, they found it hard to believe. The closest hospital was the same place I had been using for several years

The reporter was sure that my body had burned up, completely; after all, he saw my bones.

In addition to the locals, the national media picked it up, issuing up-dates on my continued existence on life support, but thankfully, the hospital and doctors kept my regeneration a secret. Finally my story was relegated to the back pages and forgotten.

I called Marge in and asked her how much money she had left. She had been putting it in a separate account, that no one knew about and there was $5,000.00 in the account. I suggested to her that most of that should be mine and on hearing that I was not going to demand it all, she was glad to split with me 75-25. As soon as she got off work, she went to the bank and brought me almost $3,800.00 in cash.

Then she had the nerve to suggest that if I was willing to "be an active participant", she could get as much as $50.00 a fuck for me, double that if I was willing to eat a little pussy and allow her to solicit the female doctors. Nurses live on strange schedules and either don't have a relationship or it's hard to hook up with the significant other long enough to have sex.

So, now I know I don't have to be indigent, I can work for a living. I wonder if male prostitution is against the law. Of course, I would not be out working the streets. O yeah, but its fun to think about it. Go to the hospital 4-5 shifts a week and get all the sex I want and get paid. Hell, I might have to give that some serious consideration. It would make one hellva supplement to my social security check.

By the time my doctors arrived, my son had been notified and he was on the scene. Some of the doctors were really happy to see me awake, alert and responding. They were, however united with the others who insisted that I needed more observation before leaving the hospital. I finally told my son to get a tape measure and take my measurements to get me some clothes. After I ordered the doctors out of the room, I talked a nurse into getting me some cord, about 15 feet. We used a length of cord to measure my neck (25"), my chest (58"), my waist (40"), my stride (35") - that was an increase of at least five inches. My height is now 6"5" and I weigh 290 pounds. I sent him to buy/bring me some socks, khaki pants and work shirts and a belt. When he returned, I dressed and sent word to the doctors I was leaving. I was willing to come in periodically for a quick check-up, but I was not staying in the hospital tonight. The chief opponent of my leaving came to see me and I looked him in the eye and felt his determination melt.

All medical situations under control, I talked my son into taking me home. I had been living in a rented duplex. He had emptied the refrigerator and cleaned it. There were canned goods, so we stopped at a grocery store. I bought fresh milk, orange juice and fruits and vegetables. Also cheeses and flat meat mostly garlic bologna, with some hard salami and a small order (½ lb) sliced ham (cedar creek). I also bought 2 loaves of the multi-grain bread I like.

We sat down and he explained my financial situation. The only electrical appliance running was the refrigerator and a clock. That reduced the outlay considerably. He had cut my cell phone back to the bare minimum rate plan. He had my internet connection on a vacation plan, I had never heard of that. As a result, after paying the rent and electrical and cell phone, I had the monies I had not spent for food, etc, still in the bank. I also had the $3,800.00 from my prostitution, in my pocket. I did not tell him, he is a very straight-laced Christian and would have made problems for Marge, who might yet, be my partner.

My son asked what I was going to do and I told him I didn't know, but would probably try to get a job of some kind. He left and home, I made a couple of large sandwiches and settled down with a sandwich and a half gallon of milk.

I needed more clothes, so, I went to Wal-Mart and found very little that would fit me. I did buy several additional sets of khaki pants and matching shirts, but I had to go to 3 different stores to find the 4x shirts. I found the sales ladies very interested in helping me, one pretty woman offered to go to the other stores with me as soon as she got off work. When I told her I needed to get this done now, she offered to tell them she was sick and leave now. I said to myself, hey, what's going on here? But I declined her offer and she told me that if she went, she could use her employee discount and save me money.

Her name tag told me her name was Mary.

I asked her, "and then what would we do?" I pointedly look at the rings on her left hand. She said, "I don't know, but I want to spend some time with you."

And how will your husband feel about that?" I asked. "I'll bet he wouldn't like that at all, would he?"

She said, "He's out of town; he left this morning with a load headed for San Francisco."

"What about your children?"

"There are none, I think he is sterile."

"Mary, what do you want me to do to you?"

"I don't know, just hold me and talk to me."

"Mary, if I hold you, I will end up taking your clothes off and then I will fuck you until you pass out, is that what you want? I need for you to be really sure."

She said, "I want you to hold me and make love to me."

Mary, "we only make love to people we know, strangers, we fuck, is that what you want? And sometimes in the process of getting to know you, I might introduce you to friends of mine who might also fuck you, alone or with me, are you comfortable with that?"

"Only if you are with me, I don't know if I could make lov- uh, fuck someone else without you there."

Now, I had tried very hard to turn her off and it was not working, I was getting horny, for her.

"Okay," I said, "So go get sick, and meet me at the front door, we will take your car and end up at your house, so, I can fuck you where your husband does."

Mary said "give me 5 minutes."

After the shopping, we went to her house, a rented trailer; I looked in all the closets for people hiding and nanny cams, etc.

She stripped and I couldn't believe I had almost turned this down; she was at a minimum centerfold quality. How the hell had some over the road trucker managed to get and keep this gorgeous creature? If she was mine, I would get off the road, or take her with me, I would certainly never leave her alone.

I don't like cream pies, not even my own, so I asked her if they made love before he left this morning and she said they had a fight and he stormed out without even a goodbye kiss. What a dumbass, thank you very much dumbass you just guaranteed someone a fine piece of ass today and I got lucky.

She was a wet dream walking, tall, 5' 7 or maybe 8" her bra label said 36C and it was functioning at full capacity. When I took her bra off, her breasts, too lovely to be tits, showed almost no yield to gravity's pull, she passed the pencil test, easily, they were carried high on her chest and her nipples were tilted up. The dark red nipples sat in the middle of huge areolas, probably between 2½ & 3 inches across. The nipples were already erect when I first saw them and later as I was pulling and twisting them, I am sure they stretched out to at least one inch.

Below her breasts, she had a trim, toned middle with an inny birth cord scar, but not deeply depressed. From there down, there was a heart shaped patch of hair that matched her head perfectly, a reddish-blonde, which was more red than blonde, immediately above a smoothly shaved or waxed pussy. Her entire mons was clean. There were dew like drops dripping from the slit in her vulva.

I could hardly wait to get my mouth on her lovely pussy, to tongue fuck it until her clitoris popped out, I just knew that it would be it long and stand up proud for it's punishment by my tongue and lips, with maybe a nip or two involved.

As I began to fondle her nipples, she said, "May I please try something?"

"What do you want to do?" I gasped as her hand grasped my rampant cock and pulled it to her face. Her answer was to start kissing my cock, little butterfly kisses beginning at the tip and fluttering down and back up. By the time she returned to the head, there was a large drop of pre-cum on the slit and she looked closely at it and extending her tongue a very long way, licked it up and said "yum." Then she backed off and concentrated on forming an "o" with her lips and guided my cock into the wet warmth of her beautiful face and as she moved her head back and forth, she was not only sucking, but swirling her tongue around the head of my cock. This woman was giving me a fabulous blow job and I allowed her to continue at her pace, resisting the urge to grab her head and fuck her face, I let her set the pace, but it still didn't take me long, I whispered "I'm about to cum." She looked up at me and continued and began moving her right hand to pump my shaft as her left hand gently massaged my balls. It seemed that she intended to swallow, so I let her mouth and hand carry me so high, I thought I would never come down and then, she began to suck harder than I have ever felt and I thought for a minute that I had been hit by lightning again. My heart, I think, literally stopped for a minute, I couldn't breathe and my life vanished into her passionate mouth.

As I spurted into her mouth, I did not spew the large volume that I did at the hospital; I can only conclude that had been the result of not having the memory of having sex in a long period of time.

She swallowed and did not lose any, but it seemed she had taken a large load, not the huge amounts in the stories written by children who have probably never had sex with another live person. In those stories, the guy always ejaculates at least a cup and with enough pressure to reach the ceiling if it's not caught by a mouth or pussy.

She smiled me and asked, "How was that?" I said, it was wonderful, I don't remember ever being so satisfied by a woman sucking my cock."

She said well, "Maybe I'll get better with practice, that's the first time I ever did that. George wanted me to do that, after we had been married for 3 weeks, but he had been working on his truck all day and was sweaty, nasty dirty and I couldn't handle the smell. He got so upset and yelled and cursed and I decided that it would be a cold day, you know where before I would do that for him."

"So, in the last 2 months, all, I do is lay down naked and he rubs me until I get wet and then climbs on and humps a few times, tells me how good it was and rolls off and goes to sleep."

Not believing what I was hearing, I said," So you have only been married for almost 3 months?"

I resolved to call a lawyer to find out how long it took before you could not get an annulment. I wanted this lady free of any obligation.

I said, "now it's my turn", and I spread her legs and put my nose on her little heart shaped patch of pubic hair and started licking her up, down and sideways, I went at it like her pussy was an ice cream cone that would melt if I didn't get it all quickly. Under that treatment, her labia spread and I started my tongue up her tight little love tunnel, it did not seem used at all, except for the absence of her hymen, she might have been a virgin. As I tongue fucked her, I had both hands pulling, twisting and pinching her nipples. Every movement of either nipple caused her to grunt, as I kept working my tongue, the clitoral hood began to spread and the little love stick poked out and stood tall, at least an inch. I licked it and put a finger into her tight little vagina to replace my tongue. She began to pant and shiver and then started oh, yes, um, oh God, please, yes oh, uh, oh, oh, now, don't stop, yes, oh lord, help me Jesus, I'm Ooohhh, I'm cuummming oh, oh, help me. Please don't stop, oh wow yes I love you, yes I need that again, please do me again please lover, I need you to keep going."

I of course had never stopped, lapping up her juices as they flowed around my finger. As I continued, she shivered and started shuddering and she growled from deep inside her and she screamed, "Fuck me now, damn I need fucking!" Then she came in a massive orgasm, while she was still shaking from the after shocks, I introduced a new player into her pussy, just the head of my cock and she jumped like she had an electrical shock. I pushed in a couple of inches and she said, "that's very good.", so I gave her the rest of it, not ramming it home, but slowly filling her and she started screaming, how good it felt and she had never had that feeling before, George didn't fill her that way. I began to meet some resistance and I felt another opening, as I slowed, I had a frightening thought, I was about push my cock through her cervix and on into her womb. Had my vasectomy repaired itself? Was I going to make her pregnant? I didn't care, I intended to keep her, but she should have a choice and I felt like I needed to give her that choice, but I had no chance, she was milking my cock with her inner muscles, when suddenly as I was contemplating the entrance to her womb, I was feeling the opening, all it would take is one hard push and I would put at least 2 inches into her womb. Right through that tight ring of muscle, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled, my cock bulled it's way into her womb and our reaction caused me to jerk back and when she pulled again the feelings were too intense to even think about control, I battered her cervix and each trip through that portal was taking me so high that I needed oxygen, we came together, an explosion of male and female juices that surely caused 4 or 5 eggs to be fertilized at one time, we would probably have quadruplets at least.

In the afterglow, we talked and I found out she was 20 years old and her family lived way back out in the woods, it was 3 miles from her house to the school bus stop and in bad weather, she could usually get someone to drive her and pick her up, but in good weather, she walked to and from the bus stop. Her father could not read, But her mother could, but was poor with math. George grew up on the next farm and when he came home in that big new truck, he made a good impression. When he started coming around, her mother encouraged him and told Mary here was her chance to get out if the woods, so Mary told George that if he would get her out of the woods, she would marry him, he said ok and the deed was done.

I told her that we could get the marriage annulled; she did not know the term. After I explained, she told me she wished it could be done, but she had promised, " ... til death do us part..." She stated that she knew she had made a mistake and she was pretty sure that she loved me and not her husband, but she had promised. We continued to make love on and off all day, but she would not yield on this subject. I wanted to keep her, I wasn't sure about marriage, but I definitely wanted her available to me and me only. She was so beautiful and such a good fuck that I intended to keep her, anyway I could. I began to think of ways that I could invoke the "til death" part, without going to jail.

Finally, I was standing on the floor, with her lying across the bed and her legs over my shoulders as in drove in and out of her cervix again. She was grunting and whining and I said, "all right Mary, you will get this annulment, is that clear?"

She said, "Yes." And she did.

I began to give her orders in a quiet voice and no matter what I told her to do, she obeyed me. As I explored this apparent control I had over her, I found that I did not even have to voice my commands, she responded to my silent orders, can you say telepathy, or mind control?

In 1993 I had a stroke, a right side CVA, when the paramedics picked me up; my entire left side was flaccid. At the hospital, I was shown a cat scan with a large white area on the right side of my head. When I asked I was told that those were dead brain cells.

From my recent stay, I remembered that one of the things the doctors were so excited about was that the white area was now gone from my head, as if those brain cells had come back to life.

I sent Mary a compulsion to drive me back to my car and go back home and get good nights sleep. I needed to explore this phenomenon. I went into the discount store where Mary worked and bought a bag of peppermint candies, cost $1.00 and gave the cashier a $1.00 bill, telling her with my mind that it was a $10.00 bill, she gave me change for a $10.00 bill. I said, oops, that was a one dollar bill, I made a joke of it and I went home.

Could those reborn/revived brain cells be the source of this new ability? And if so, do I have other "powers"? Telekinesis is the ability to control matter, or to move objects without touching them. Teleportation is the ability to move oneself instantly from one point to another. I remembered a book, "Jumper" a sci-fi paper book; I can't recall the author's name. The main character discovers he can jump from one place to another, but the point to which he jumps must be to a place he has already been.

I took a round hi-liter and put it on a smooth table. It was level enough that the hi-liter did not roll. I stared at that hi-liter until my eyes began to hurt, telling it to move, yeah, like that was going to happen, right?

So, I very carefully looked at a spot in my living room, close to the front door, I chose that because there was a spot on the carpet that looked like a previous tenant had stepped there with oil on the heel of a shoe. I went back to the other room and concentrated on that place in the living room, again, nothing happened.

I went to my bedroom and looked at the calendar, decided to mark the day, and as I started to the other room the hi-liter was in my hand. I was so stunned I almost passed out, but I just sat down on the bed for a few minutes. I stood and marked the calendar and imagined the hi-liter back where I had left it after my failed try to move it. I walked to the other room, there it was. I casually thought of it in the kitchen, and there it was. I moved that hi-liter all over the whole floor, I even sent it to the basement and from there back to the room I jokingly call an office. I decided to look out the door to see if it was raining and as I thought of the front door, I was standing on the spot I had studied so intently 30 minutes ago. Wow, if I could get into the vault of a big bank, I could get plenty of money, provided they did not have cameras on when the bank was closed. I could see a lot of illegal possibilities.

I needed to think this through, very carefully. Does the government have tours of fort Knox? They probably do not offer tours. Could I get a look at the inside of a money room at a casino; can I control the dice, a slot machine?

There was one way to find out, I bought a roll of quarters and went to one of the local casinos. I looked at the slot machines and found a row that had several empty seats at the end and sat down. I put in a quarter and pulled the handle, concentrating on seeing 3 red cherries and I won $150.00. I put my winnings in a bucket provided by a casino employee and wandered around until I found a craps table and watched for a while. A pretty girl was handed the dice and as she threw them I thought of them showing a 6 and a 1. She won and placed another bet, I did it again and she won again. The third time I pictured a 6 and 2. Now she needed to throw an 8 and I pictured 2 4's and she won again. I wandered off, not wanting to be seen close to a winner. I checked out the roulette wheel and found I could control the ball very easily, although I did not cause a winner. I moved to a different set of slots and found one that cost $1.00 to play; I won $300.00 and quit playing there for the day.

There are 6 casinos within an hour's drive of my home and I hit 3 of them, today, taking a total of $1,500.00 from the slot machines. I tried blackjack and after finally learning the complexities of splitting pairs and doubling down I managed to win another $600.00. My total take for the day from 3 casinos was $2,100.00. If I did that once a week, I would have an annual cash income in excess of $100,000.00. That beat the hell out of my Social Security benefit of $1,200.00 per month. A heavy infusion of cash would be difficult to conceal. Groceries, etc would not be a problem, but a new car or property would take some fancy handling

So, I decided to go very slowly, not to win that much every time I went and now and then, lose a little. I didn't want them to get suspicious of me. I decided to keep very good records to know exactly when to lose at a given casino.

For the next several months, I "worked" four days a week, there was a new casino, making a total of seven. I kept meticulous records, managing to be sure the dealers and cashiers heard me complain about losing at least once every two weeks. Still, I managed to take home $1,500 to $3,000 every day I "worked". I usually averaged about $2, 600 per day. By "working" four days I was clearing about $10,000 per week. After four months, I had almost $150,000. I had discussed my problems with a friendly banker and on his advice I started paying estimated taxes on a portion of my winnings. I was always careful to not win enough to cash in for a check, but took cash, so the casino did not have my name and there was no record of the amounts I had won. I found that my voluntary payment of estimated taxes, even without W2's or 1099's satisfied the IRS. I was paying taxes on about $2,500 per month as opposed to the $40,000.00 I was actually taking home. I was stashing cash into various safety deposit boxes in different banks. I also, had some well, concealed waterproof, fireproof lock boxes full of cash. I now had very comfortable balances in both checking and savings accounts. I had some credit problems caused by slow pay, so I negotiated with American Express, Diners club, Discover, Visa and MasterCard, depositing $2,500.00 with each of them to cover the balance if it was not paid on time. I made sure that I always paid the entire balance at least 7 days before it was due. I had now firmly re-established my credit, but I continued to maintain that credit balance with each of them, although I was considering dropping the Diners Club. It was not very useful.

I was spending a lot of time with Mary, she discovered she loved sex. I had not made her pregnant that first day, although a trip to an urologist proved that I had a very high count of "unusually vigorous sperm". With my help, by the time George returned to town the annulment was complete. I also experimented, learning more bout my body each day. By using a false name, I had my sperm count checked after telling my body to produce only semen, no sperm. Three different doctors sadly reported, by mail, that there was no active sperm, I was sterile.

After I told my body to make sperm again, I used a different name, and I had the same three doctors report that I was a prime candidate for a sperm bank and informed me that if I could not make my partner pregnant, she was probably sterile and should come in for testing

So, I turned off sperm production, preventing any thing unwanted from happening.

Mary wrote George a letter and left it in the house, telling him that she had discovered that what she had felt for him was not love, but a strong friendship and she wanted them to stay friends. Also, she knew that he had always wanted to be a long haul trucker and loved his job, so she would never ask him to quit, but she didn't want to be alone all the time. To keep her location and phone private, I bought her an inexpensive pre-paid cell phone. She left that number for him and when he finally got home, he called her. When he unloaded in San Francisco, he was given a load for Dallas. From there, he went to Miami and then to upstate New York. The company sent him home to the Midwest via Pittsburg, Chicago and Fargo. He was gone for almost five weeks. There had been no messages on the $15.00 answering machine I put on the phone in their rented trailer.

George said, "I understand sweetie, I almost screwed a lot lizard ten days ago, but I was afraid of bringing something home to you and so I didn't do it, now I don't have to worry."

Well, George might not have been worried about the future, but Mary and I each made a doctor's appointment at the earliest possible time. My doctor told me that the findings from all my tests done while I was in a coma indicated that I had an extremely aggressive anti-body system in my blood and it was highly unlikely that any germ, bacteria, microbe or virus would be able to affect me.

Mary had a new job in a different part of the metro area and had moved her scant personal belongings to a nice three bedroom house. Using money I gave her, she placed a sizable down payment and I made sure that she won enough money to ensure that she could and did make a full monthly payment every time she received her pay check, on the first and middle of the month.

A typical "work" day was wake up with Mary sucking my cock, eat her pussy, have full intercourse with several orgasms for her, get up, have breakfast and shower before getting dressed to hit my first casino of the day. I'd hit two or three, usually losing at one of them, heading home mid-afternoon with one to three thousand dollars in my pockets.

Mary's part-time job as a receptionist and handling appointment and telephone calls for an orthodontist started at 10:00 AM and ended when the office closed at 3:00 PM. We usually waited to have lunch together, preceded by 30-45 minutes of gentle sex, typically 69ing before one of us got on top and arrived at mutually satisfying combined orgasms. After lunch and a joint shower, we would hit 1 or 2 of the casinos I had not worked that day.

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