The Dolphin

by Rushmore Judd

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Dolphin was a machine. A very small machine with a large impact. She wore it under her clothes so that it fit snugly in the crack between her lips. And he controlled the vibrations with a remote control. Follow this couple's journeys through public arenas and see how he teased her until she was ready to scream.

It was a machine he bought her while he was in Amsterdam. She called it a machine although he referred to it as a tool. It was essentially a vibrator. But a rather unusual one. It was made of a 3" thin pliable sleeve, shaped like an undernourished Dolphin with a small thin fin that ran along its arched back. There were elastic straps coming from three places on the rubbery tube. One from the Dolphin's tail and two from the sides of the "shoulders". It was meant to be worn and the straps connected to each other with a small ring creating a minimal thing. When worn, the Dolphin's fin would slide right between the lips of her vagina and would stretch from her clit to the opening of her pussy.

There were no switches or wires located on the device. It was controlled by a remote control switch which had Off and two On speeds. At first he would make her wear it in bed. Sometimes when he tied her up; other times when she was working around the house. He always was the one to control the vibrations and he would often tease her by turning it on and off for repeated sessions. He loved being in control. She would get frustrated with the teasing at times but she had come to love it the more that he used it and became sensitive to her ups and downs. He developed an instinct for timing and the sessions wound her up resulting in fantastic finishes of tidal orgasms. Using the Dolphin never became a frequent way to have sex but occasional usage when time permitted, gave it a special place in their sex lives.

She got the best orgasms from it when she would press the Dolphin against herself while huddled in a crouch. Sometimes she would lie on her back with her knees in the air and her legs spread pressing against it with both hands. When she was standing (as would happen when she was working around the house) she liked to lean against a counter edge or even the corner of a bookcase. Sometimes she would wrap her legs around whatever was available to get a stronger sensation from the vibrating fish. She realized how unattractive these positions must look but after a couple of hours of teasing, she just didn't care.

Then began the Journeys, as he called them. The first was an open air concert which got started late in the afternoon. They got there early, spread out their blanket, and had a bit to eat until the first band began. As close as they were the music was electrifying. The crowd began to rock to the familiar tunes. The sun was beginning to set, the atmosphere perfect. The sweet heavy smell of marijuana wafted by and the crowd was caught up in the experience.

He had promised not to activate his tool until after dark. She could feel it between her legs, however, and just the thought of what was going to happened drew some natural moisture to her crotch. The music kept anyone from hearing it. She was wearing a peasant blouse and a long blousy summer skirt. She was sitting cross legged on the blanket when he began and she folded her hands in her lap between her legs, pressing down. He did it long enough for her to want more but not so much that she was desperate. She could wait for the next time. And she would!

It was weird in public. While there was enough room on their blanket to spread out they were surrounded at close range by other blankets. In front of them were four college age girls who were sipping wine inconspicuously from a common thermos. Beside them was a thirtysomething couple, obviously married and out for a romantic night. A woman with two men both squeezing her were on the right side partially hidden by her friend's form. And behind them was a young foursome who seemed like they were on a first date. A little bit away was a group of 18 to 20 year old boys whose eyes kept straying across her tight jeans and close fitting jersey.

She was lying on her side when he started the motor again. She quickly rolled over on her stomach to increase the tingling. She arched her back and cradled her head with her hands while the vibrations spread through her pelvic area. After a long time she opened her legs wider and arched more. Noticing her movement, he moved to the faster speed and she had a quick intake of breath as he left it at that speed for a short breathtaking time. He dropped back to the lower speed and let her slow down before stopping again. But he knew she was beyond stopping and only left it off for a short time.

He attacked her with these short constant bursts until her ass began squirming. In between bursts she changed positions cradling against his sitting position from behind. She wrapped her legs around him putting her feet between his legs, pressing her pelvis against his lower back. Her head nestled into the back of his neck beside his ear. She was ready and he didn't disappoint.

The vibrations melted her and her hands found their way inside his shirt gently running across his hairy chest. At first she couldn't quite get pressure on the right spot, but as she squirmed she repositioned her legs beside him still keeping her torso close to his broad back, she leaned forward and he bent with her. This caught the vibrating fish between her and the hard ground causing her to get the full rhythm of the vibrations. She had her arms wrapped around him. He turned it on to the higher speed and she began to moan into his ear. The music was at its loudest and the darkness gave her some cover. She looked around and everyone seemed busy, into their own thing. She was so aware of the fact that she was going to cum right in the middle of everybody using this vibrator. And they were all so close!

She decided to take a risk as she rolled her hips back and forth in a steady pace pretending to rock to the music. She knew she was slightly out of rhythm and probably seemed a bi retarded. She began moaning louder as she exploded into a torrent of released wet releases. With an urgency in her voice she told him to stop and he did. She shuddered again and again and her breathing became gasping. She nuzzled her head in against the side of his neck. Thank god, she thought, the music is continuing. As she squeezed him firmly with her arms, she noticed that one of the boys from the group was staring at her. She gave him a smile and wondered what he thought brought that on.

They listened to the music ate and drank as all the groups in their area moved around slightly getting somewhat closer to one another in places. The boy she smiled at, in particular, had worked his way closer to their blanket and while he was still connected to the other boys, at times, his shoeless feet stretched onto her blanket. It was quite dark and no one seemed to notice.

In between songs, her boyfriend whispered to her ad suggested that the boy was trying to get close to her. Maybe he wanted a wanted a quick feel. To rub up against her in the dark. He whispered these things to her because while they were pretty outrageous, he knew they had a way of getting her all hot. He suggested that they sit back to back so she could face the boy.

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