Thin Curtains

by Devon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: In the quietness of deep night shifts I coerced my new co-worker into revealing some arousing tidbits about his young wife. The pull was too strong and I ended up at night in his darkened back yard, the thin curtains reveling much more than even he suspected.

A few years ago I was stationed in Key West at the naval station there. Not only had they lifted the age limit for people to come into the service but also the economy was starting to get a little bad in parts of the country.

We started getting older guys coming into the military for lack of jobs elsewhere. They were great people to work with, always problem free for supervisors. At the time I worked rotating shift work in air operations as the supervisor of a two-man team. I was assigned this new guy just out of technical school who was married and had a child four months old.

He and his wife were from the Knoxville, Tennessee area and were about 23 years old, plus or minus a year. They were nice people and she was really, really attractive in a very refreshing way. You would never have known she had ever had a child.

When you work in operations like I did, you had busy times connected with huge periods of absolutely dead periods. You get to know your partner real well, sometimes too well if it's a bad match. This new guy was real nice and we worked well together. As is always the case, you get to know extremely intimate details about each other. You wouldn't believe the things I've been told at three in the morning of a boring shift.

This guy was no different, and I am a master at drawing things out of people. I found that he had to come into the service to pay for the baby. Both of them were from struggling families that had no money. They had rented a very small older house in town and were working hard to just get by. Entertainment was out of the question.

I was single, a fast burner rank wise and had a lot of insignificant but attractive girl friends. Within a few weeks he asked me over to visit with them, which I did and continued to do on a regular basis. I had them over often so they could use the pool in my apartment. Plus, I knew their situation and arrived at our visits with real nice snacks and other foods and drinks.

In a short time I began to baby-sit for them. I had no fear of the baby and it gave them a chance to get out a little bit on their own.

During one of these nights I happened to really start looking around. An old but effective wooden "privacy" fence surrounded their back yard, so at night you could stand out there without being seen, and it had a side entrance to enter it from the street. Both their bedroom and living room areas faced the back yard and were only covered with cheap white see through curtains that were pulled back to both sides of the window.

In short, at night you could stand undetected in their back yard and see perfectly into both their living room and bedroom windows when their lights were on. Even with just their hallway lights you could see inside pretty well. You can imagine my interest in that!

It was nearing Christmas and they really wanted to go home for the holidays but could not afford it. As with all the other single guys, I knew I would be working through the Christmas holidays so I showed up unannounced at their house one night and gave them money for the trip. They were just stunned, made the trip and later were very demonstrative with their appreciation.

Ever since we had met, she and I had been very "touchy" which he did not seem to object. But now she started hugging me much closer and more often than before, lingering at times enough that I was sure that she was teasing me with her breasts as they brushed against me.

I was hoping that my attraction to her was masked to some degree but I'm sure the state of my manhood was obvious to her during those times. I did a little touching here and there which seemed to draw no objection but I let it go at that. I preferred that neither of them knew I found her to be much more desirable than any of the women that I dated.

When Valentine's drew near, he tried to give me a little money to pay me back for the trip. I told him he ought to use the money instead to buy her something for Valentine's. Even though he objected, he eventually saw it my way.

We worked the evening shift on Valentine's night and, with very little probing on my part, he anxiously described to me in detail about the little see through nightie he had bought her. We both got off about 11:30 at night and as I left work, I couldn't think of anything except her in that sexy outfit.

I went to my place and quickly changed clothes before going over to their house. I parked in a small shopping center parking lot just down the street so that my car would not be noticed by anybody, went down and carefully entered their back yard through the side gate. When I looked through their living room window he was just finishing up his nightly snack.

At the time she was wearing shorts and a tee shirt but shortly thereafter as he turned on the television she went into the bedroom and started to undress. I moved over there with her and, as I watched her take her clothes off, I thought for sure that at least one of them would my heart beating.

She was an absolute knock out!! Her breasts were even more full than I had imagined, tipped with large nipples that at that moment were round and swollen. Her well shaped legs came to a junction covered with a soft looking blonde thatch, all of it separated with a slim waist that showed no signs of motherhood.

I watched as she reached in her closet and pulled out a little pink and white see through top with a tiny pair of very sheer matching panties before slipping it on very slowly as if putting on a show just for me. Her nipples showed clearly through the top and the little thong allowed wisp of blonde hair to protrude from either side.

She moved slowly, turning all the way around, admiring herself for some time in the mirror. When she started slightly caressing her nipples through the thin cloth I thought I had seen it all and was shaking like a leaf. But, just as I thought the show was over, I was treated to what was by far the most erotic scene I had ever witnessed.

Spreading her legs slightly, her hand moved from her breasts and down her stomach before she very slowly and deliberately slipped it down under her see through panties. I had been able to control myself to that point but when she very slowly began to rub herself, I took my cock out and joined her.

I had assumed that she was just giving herself a little feel, but after a minute or so I knew that it could very well be the real thing. I had to fight myself to keep from coming prematurely, wanting to wait to see her all the way through. It was hard to hold back as I watched her as she moved faster and faster, always looking at herself in the mirror.

After just a few agonizing minutes, her eyes started to flutter, and then closed. At the same time, her legs started to tremble and looked as if they were giving way to her weight as they buckled slightly.

That was it!! Her mouth opened without making a sound, she bent over slightly, and her hips started making rapid back and forth motions. The little string going down her ass did nothing to cover her and, with her bending over slightly, I could see the muscles of her ass opening and closing her cheeks as they reacted to her fingers. Then she convulsed real hard one time and temporarily froze in place with the exception of her furiously moving hand.

I knew she was coming and went with her, spurting the side of the house as I joined her. I came quickly, and then watched as her body recovered from her momentary "freeze" and started a constant undulation. She kept it up for thirty or forty more seconds, knees buckling and struggling through continuous soundless smaller convulsions.

I don't think her mouth ever closed during the entire thing. Then she rubbed herself slowly back down to earth and finishing with a prolonged massaging of her nipples.

Straightening herself up, she casually went back out into the living room to a very appreciative husband. They proceeded to screw in every place and every position you could have scripted and, having already been finely honed with her own fingers, she came often and hard with him. In short the whole evening went well for them and I was treated to several hours of her, both in the living room and bedroom.

I was hooked!! After that I became a regular uninvited and unknown visitor. It never became boring, but there were times I wished they would do something special. Strangely, I became a bit of a stimulus for them. After relating some of my personal stories to him night after night, I found that he really envied my lifestyle and was very open to suggestions that I had.

Needless to say, one of the first things that I suggested to him was to always have sex with the lights on because it "added so much to the excitement." Their bedroom had always been lighted pretty well from the hallway light coming through the bedroom door, but after I mentioned it he always left a lamp on in their room, making it much easier for me to see and greatly reducing the possibility of them seeing me.

Not bothering to stay all that close to the truth, at least once a week I would make up some story about what I had done with one of my girl friends. Later that evening in the darkness I could almost count on seeing it reenacted. I told him one night that one of the things that I really enjoyed and found incredibly exciting was when one of my girl friends would wear a short skirt with no panties and did a little flashing when we were around other men. The next time I went over to their house, she was wearing a short thin dress with a very loose top. Throughout the evening I was treated to poorly disguised wide-open naked crotch shots and an abundant amount of nipples that were obviously staged for his and my enjoyment.

It was pretty much that night that I realized that when he was distracted or not around she didn't seem to object when I would brush her slightly but very obviously on her breast and ass. Soon after that it got to the point that when we were alone I would cup her ass fully and fondle it with no real objection.

I couldn't help but be at least a little bit curious about it. I had always been aware that when they were out in public she received a lot of attention. That was not a surprise. What WAS a surprise was the amount of attention she gave back when he wasn't noticing.

I'm not saying she was flashing herself all the time, but the smiles and looks she gave other men and the carelessness with the way she sat at times made me wonder.

So, when in doubt ... ask. During a boring midnight shift I carefully but intentionally led the conversation in that direction. What was their deal? What I found out was that although she had became pregnant several months before they had married they were both sexually active with other partners almost up to the point they were married. In short, even though they weren't presently exercising it they definitely had an interest in others.

Armed with this new revelation, I became a little more liberal with my advances when either he wasn't around, couldn't see (such as under a card table, which we did often) and when he was drinking a little too much. I didn't want to upset the apple cart or kill the golden goose, but there were times that I was way too tempted.

Even though I had many women in my life none were as fascinating as she. I had some really great looking girl friends that I brought around (which he openly appreciated) but maybe my attractive to her was strictly because she was married.

He had a tendency to drink a little too much. He was one of those "happy" drinkers. He didn't get falling down drunk, but instead would fall into a light stupor. One Friday night, as the three of us were watching a movie on television, he drifted off. He was sitting in a large chair, leaving me on the couch with her.

It was a situation that I tried as often as possible to create as just her closeness was intoxicating to me. She, too, had probably one drink too many and was in a much laid back mood. When I started to rub her neck it was nothing more than I had done before in his presence and she gladly accepted the massage.

Totally disregarding the movie but instead keeping all my attention on his sleeping body and her tantalizing one, I slowly began to use my other hand to start exploring her relaxed body, slightly brushing her arm at first then moving on to her breasts. As usual, they were unencumbered by a bra.

They were covered only by a short tee shirt that exposed her midriff, probably four inches above the top of the loose fitting shorts that finished completed her attire. As I slightly brushed the sides of her breast with my fingertips, she would reach up and softly touch my hand ever so often and look at me as if to say "no." I didn't give up.

It took a lot of patience, but eventually she didn't object when I softly cupped her breast over her shirt. Over time, I began to slowly tease her nipples. Evidently, it wasn't lost on her. Even though I had been rock hard for an hour, she was just starting to react to my touch which had become even more brazen.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer and took my chance. Taking another glance at him to see if we were unnoticed, I brushed my lips against hers very lightly as I had done many times before. When she said nothing but instead turned slightly toward me with her eyes almost closed, I got my courage up and through the sweet smell of alcohol on her breath gave her a full, deep kiss. Not knowing what to expect, my heart was beating hard and my breathing stopped as it happened.

There was a mental "swo-o-o-sh" when she returned my kiss, soft and warm. In no time our tongues met and I went for the kill, gorging myself on her soft mouth, receiving all the kisses and tongue she was offering. There are definitely times in life that experience counts. This became one of them. Not only was I a few years older than her, but much more experienced with the mating game.

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