An Eye for an Eye

by lucsmith

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Cuckold, Light Bond, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: A man discovers that his wife is having sex on the side.

Laura and I had been married now for over five years and to me it seemed like we were still on our honeymoon. We were still making love daily and sometimes more than that; we still cared for each other as much as we did on the first week we were married. I was so much in love with her that when I was quietly working (I am a translator of law books and other official documents) I would often take a break and dream about her and how we were going to make love when she came home back from work.

My work place was a large room above the three-car garage; I had converted it into a working space and office. It had two large widows, one giving a view on the front of the house and the other which allowed me to see the backyard. I also had built a small kitchen and a tiny bathroom in my office so that I didn't have to go into the main part of the house whenever I was hungry for a snack or felt the need to use the toilet facilities. It even had an independent gas heating system for the winter as well as a separate unit of air-conditioning during the summer.

I also had had the telephone company installed a private line without any extension from the house. I didn't want to be bothered with house calls while working and certainly didn't want to be interrupted by work related calls when I was with my wife in the rest of the house. My office also had a small library for my reference books and a sound system since I love soft music while working.

You see, I am a professional translator and I usually work on translating documents from French to Spanish or Spanish to French. I am a fourth generation American, my parents died when I was young, after the death of my parents I was sent to live in Canada with an aunt that spoke mostly French. I even attended a French school there.

When I was fourteen my aunt died and I had to go and live with my grandmother (on my dad side) in a small town a few hundred miles from San Diego. She was Spanish speaking and naturally I learned speaking the language, even most of my friends were speaking Spanish.

So now my French and Spanish are excellent while my English is ok I suppose.

I met Laura while attending university and we soon felt in love with each other. She was very shy then, and was studying to be a teacher.

She never talked about her previous boyfriends but I am pretty sure I was her first one. For one thing, she was a virgin when I first made love to her, plus the fact that she knew practically nothing about sex that first times was ample proof of that.

Laura is tall and has nice long straight legs with sexy firm thighs; her bum is very round and very attractive while her waist is small. Her hips are just a little out of proportion, being a little wider than they should be and this added to her generous breast, gives her a voluptuous look as if she had been made for enjoying sex.

But by far her most attractive features are her lovely face and her beautiful long hair. She is a brunette with plump lips and high cheekbones with a voice that is soft and just a little lower — and sexy — than what one would expect from a woman. She definitely does attract attention when she walks on the street, more than once did I notice men turning their head to watch her go by.

As mentioned earlier, we had no children yet, but now after five years we were thinking of starting a family soon. Neither my wife or I had any family left alive after we got married. Therefore, after reading an add in the newspaper, which said that the Canadian government was looking for translators to translate the trade agreements documents which had been signed with the South American countries, I applied for the job.

Since the Canadian population is one third French speaking, they needed someone that was perfectly bilingual in French as well as in

Spanish, and of course that person had to know English also. That fitted me perfectly, so I applied for the job and got it.

Laura was later hired as a grade two teacher in a primary school in the town where we went to live. The money was good since teachers in

Canada are paid much more generously than they are in the states. We were living just on the outskirts of a small town in the Gatineau hills across the river from Ottawa. I was also making very good money working mostly from my home.

We owned a two hundreds acres wooden lot with huge trees of all kinds.

The large house we were living in was situated just in front of a small river that led to a large lake. Life was good; I really loved the four seasons of Canada. In summer we enjoyed boating and fishing on the lake while in winter, when the lake froze over, we went exploring on our snowmobiles across the lake and into the hills on the other side. Of course there were all sort of game to hunt but I am an animals lover and so is my wife, so we never went hunting.

My story begins just after our fifth wedding anniversary. It was in

October and Laura had started a new school year, she loved her new class and for some reason, lately she seemed much more happy than usual. Of course I didn't complain since we were still fucking like rabbits wherever we could. But I could tell that each morning she seemed very eager to go to work and in the last month she had taken to the habit of going back to her school each Saturday afternoon. She would go there either to changes the decorations in her classroom or to work on her class preparations.

I didn't mind of course since she was always back home by four or five in the afternoon. When she got home she would change and we then would go out to eat. Later in the evening, we either went dancing or returned home to watch television and have sex. Yes life was good.

Then one evening, on a Wednesday, after having work in my office for an hour or so, I went down to the main kitchen of the house to get something to eat from the fridge and I heard her talking on the phone.

Usually I wouldn't pay attention to what she would say but when I distinctly heard her say, 'was your wife angry with you Tom? ', it got my attention. I knew that she was talking to Tom Higgin who was also a teacher in her school.

Of course there was nothing to it, but then, as soon as she saw me appearing in the kitchen she said to Tom that she had to go and she quickly hung up the phone. When I asked her to whom she was talking, she said that it was Nancy — another teacher — from her school. For the first time that I could remember, I knew that she had just lied to me. But why?

For the rest of the week I kept trying to figure out why she didn't want me to find out she had been talking to Tom on the phone, the more I tried to explain this to myself, the more confused I got. The following

Saturday afternoon, after she had left for her school, I even drove there so as to check if her car was in the parking lot. It was there.

I next drove to an electronic store and bought telephone wire and a flashing light telephone. It took me only an hour to install an extension telephone line from the basement phone entrance to my office with the wire passing through the garage.

Whenever someone would be on the line in the house, the light would flash but the bell of the telephone wouldn't ring since I disconnected it. I hid the new phone in a drawer of my desk which I locked. So whenever the house line was in use, there would be a red light flashing on the phone in the drawer of my desk.

Since Laura came in my office often to clean or just to have a chat with me, I didn't want her to hear the house phone ringing and thus know that

I had installed an extension line in my office, this is why I disconnected the bell.

It was Sunday evening the very next day about eight. I had been working in my office for just over ten minutes — I had left the drawer containing the house extension phone opened — when I noticed the light flashing. I immediately picked up the phone and listened. It was Tom all right and Laura had been the one to call him. They talked about school matters for a few minutes then all of a sudden Tom asked her if she was sorry about what had happened on Saturday, the previous day.

"I think that letting you kiss me was wrong," she went on to say, " we are both married and even if it was only a little kissing, we shouldn't have done it Tom".

"But I know that you did enjoy it as much as I did Laura. We are both adult, it made me feel like a teen once again and beside I have been wanting to kiss you ever since the first day I saw you."

Laura began to laugh at his comment and I could tell that she was not angry with him, far from it she was sending him all the signals of a woman who wanted more, much more.

"You are being naughty Tom, what would Ruth say if she knew that you kissed me? We were half an hour late again going home, she must have asked you to explain?"

"No, she was not mad at me for being late. She will never find out about me and you kissing, it is our secret now. Beside, Ruth and I we do kiss often but our love life is so much different than what you would expected from a married couple of two years."

"What do you mean by that Tom?"

"Well I know it is hard to believe but I don't think that Ruth will ever be able to have a baby. As you already know she is just a little over five- foot tall, her body is almost that of child. Since I am so tall and ... large, I have to be careful when I try to make love to her, she claim that

I hurt her. As a matter of fact we have never made love properly yet."

"You are joking are you?"

"I wish I was Laura but it is the truth. I am exceptionally large down there and with Ruth being so small ... well you can imagine how it is I suppose. I bet you and Jack don't have this problem."

There was a long pause as neither of them talked for many seconds. I could hear Laura's fast breathing, she sounded somewhat exited. Finally she did asked him.

"Are you so big down there Tom? How big are you?"

I was shocked and getting angrier by the minute. Here was my wife talking on the phone to a married man and asking him about the size of his cock.

"Well to be frank with you, I am above average in that department. But

I bet I would fit nicely in you Laura."

Had he been standing in front of me, I am sure that I would have hit him. How dare of him to even make such a remark to my wife? I came very close then to reply to him, and at the same time make a fool of myself.

"Tom Higgin! Don't make joke like that." She was faking anger and I could tell, it barely lasted a few seconds as she went on. " Imagine what each of our spouse would say if they heard you talk like that." But she was now laughing and I knew that her reaction would only encourage him to continue with this kind of talk.

"Well you did ask me how big I was Laura. But to tell you the truth, when I was attending university, a bunch of guys had a party once.

Since we were more than half drunk, we did measure our ... equipment down there and believe it or not mine was nine and a half inches long at the time, I do believe that since then it got even bigger still. I had by far the longest and fattest one of the group, even then."

Again there was a long pause, and finally Laura change the subject and they began to talk about school matters once again.

That evening while in bed, Laura was wild; she even asked me what was the size of my cock. I knew that she was trying to figure out if I was smaller than average, after all I was the only one she had ever seen or touch down there. I know that with my seven inches, I am about average and this is exactly what I told her.

We ended up fucking once again that evening. But I could tell that the seeds of her curiosity had begun to grow in her mind, I was now afraid that this curiosity might lead her to investigate more about that matter.

To make things worst still, I just didn't know how to prevent her from asking herself questions such as, 'how would it feel to experiment a bigger cock? Would it stretch me or would it fit perfectly?'

From that day on I became very worried and I suppose it did show a little. My wife even made a remark once as she asked me if something was wrong. How could I tell her that I had heard her talking to Tom on the phone? I was pretty sure now that it was be only a question of time before she cheated on me with him, and I didn't know what to do. One thing I knew though, I was deeply in love with her and I didn't want to loose her. But at the same time I certainly didn't want to be a cuckold. I couldn't do much work that week and as Saturday got nearer I felt worst.

She left for school at a quarter past one on Saturday afternoon. As soon as she was out of the house I got into my car and drove to her school. I was so close behind her that I even saw her entering the building. There were many other cars in the parking lot since it was Saturday, there were many sport activities going on outside as well as in the gym. I managed to park my SUV at the other end of the parking lot and still have a view of her green Toyota as well as that of the main door of the school.

Less than fifteen minutes later I saw her walk out of the school accompanied by Tom. They got into his car and they drove away. I followed them and I soon found myself on a small country road leading toward the lake. After a couple miles on that road they turned into the driveway of a small wooden cottage which I figured must have belong to Tom.

He was certainly not taking her there to prepare classes, no I knew they were going there to fuck. I drove back and forth past the cottage a few times then I finally stopped half a mile further. My dinner was now trying to come out of my stomach and I had to stop and throw up outside before I made a mess in the SUV. It is impossible to describe what I felt then. It was as if my whole world had been shattered; it felt like I was at the end of my existence.

Laura was my whole life, my only reason of living and now she was with another man probably fucking him. I won't say that I didn't shed a few tears that afternoon because I did. I realized that I didn't own her or her body but it devastated me to think that she would allow another man to take her sexually when she had promised herself to me on our wedding day. I did take that promise seriously and I thought until then that she did also.

When you discover something like I just had, it does makes you question your whole value system, you then ask yourself it you have been a fool your whole life to believe in fidelity and love and all that goes with it. No matter what anyone says, the most damaging aspect of a cheating partner isn't that they had sex with someone else, no it's the lack of trust that result from the affair.

You no longer can believe in them or in anything they say or do.

Throughout your whole marriage you thought you were first in their life and now it leave you vulnerable and frightened.

For a few seconds, I felt an urge to get out of the car and walk to the cottage so as to see exactly what they were doing through one of the many windows I had seen while driving by. But I suppose I already knew the answer to that, and seeing my wife naked under another man would have been too much for me. So instead, I just slowly drove back home as I once again passed in front of the small wooden cottage where she was with Tom. I knew that I had to think carefully about my next course of action, but I was too much in pain at that moment to plan anything.

When Laura walked into the house around five, it was easy to tell that she had been doing something she shouldn't have done. For one thing it was evident that she had some trouble walking normally since she took only short and slow steps. She was also extremely nervous and more important still; she just couldn't look at me in the eyes as I sat around the kitchen table observing her.

Even while she was preparing supper — I didn't feel like eating out that day — she kept dropping things. When I tried to make casual conversation with her, I had to repeat myself often and her answers to some of my questions had no relation to the question I had asked her. It was easy to see that she had important things on her mind at that moment. After a while, I just gave up and went to sit in the living room while she continued with the supper preparation.

As soon as we were done eating and the dishes were put away, she went upstairs and took a shower. Gradually, during the evening, she became her usual self again as we watched a movie together.

For a while I was tempted to tell her that I knew where and what she had done in the afternoon, but I figured that I had to think carefully about what I should say or do first. In my mind I killed Tom a dozen times while sitting next to her on the couch, I also imagining myself beating the shit out of Laura, but I knew that this was not a solution to our problem.

It would makes this situation infinitely worst. Without even knowing it then, I had probably made up my mind that I was going to work thing out with her and try to save my marriage if at all possible.

That evening Laura initiated sex with me and she was unstoppable in bed. I knew that she felt bad about her cheating on me during the afternoon and she was trying to make it up to me with sex.

But I also noticed, when I first got into her, that she was extremely stretched, I hardly could feel any friction around my hardness when I poked my seven inches cock into her. A very big cock had definitely stretched her passage that afternoon — thus making me a cuckold — and I only hoped that her cunt would contract back to its pre-cheating size after a while.

Life went on and Laura kept fucking with Tom every Saturday afternoon. I never could find the courage to confront her about her cheating, worst still I didn't try to prevent her from meeting him again each and every Saturday afternoon.

I know that most people would say that I am a wimp and a coward for tolerating a wife that cheat on me. But I knew that if I was to let her know that I was aware of her affair with Tom, there was no way to predict how things were going to turn out.

I really loved Laura and I was not ready for a divorce yet. I truly believed that her affair with Tom would eventually burn itself off and gradually things would be as they were before. Of course I was sad most of the time now and I could tell that she was worried about me. I suppose she truly thought that I was completely ignorant of her affair and she couldn't understand why I was in such a low mood. This went on all through the winter and until the end of June. Then one evening she dropped a bombshell on me.

Throughout the previous years we had often discussed about starting a family, she was always the one that wanted to wait a little longer. So on that infamous evening while we were sitting on the couch in front of the television, she suddenly said to me.

"I have a surprise for you honey." Her body was pressed against mine as we sat close together; she was holding one of my hands with both of hers.

For a few seconds my heart stopped beating since I really thought that she was going to admit her affair with Tom.

"What is it?" I suppose she mistook the look of shock on my face for fear or even anger.

"You will be so happy Jack when you hear what I have to tell you. I did something that will please you. For the last two months I have stopped taking my pills and I am pregnant now."

Saying this she threw her arms around my neck and she kissed me, before I had a chance to say anything she had my cock out of my pants and she took it in her mouth. I must tell you here that Laura gives fantastic head, her deep throat technique is just about out of this world.

Before my mind could process what she had just said, I was in the grip on intense pleasure. Even after I had spilled my wad into her mouth, she just kept on sucking me until I was in the grip of pleasure once again fifteen minutes later.

Saturday afternoon was her last time to meet Tom before the beginning of the summer vacation and I finally made up my mind that I was going to have a talk with her as soon as she got back home. I wanted to catch her off guard when she came back from her session of fucking.

As soon as she entered the house at five, she kissed me and said that she would go change into jeans before cooking supper. She had left the house wearing a short skirt and a blouse immediately after dinner and I knew that right now she was in a hurry to take a shower so as to remove some of the traces from her leaking cunt. As soon as she began climbing the stairs to our room I began to follow her. When she noticed that I was behind her in the room, she became very nervous, she even asked me if there was something wrong.

"Yes indeed my dear, something is very wrong. Sit on the bed and we will have a talk."

"What is it Jack? You look so serious, it scare me to see you with that look in your eyes."

In all evidence it was plain to me that she still really believed that I was completely ignorant of her affair with Tom. After the first few times that she had met him at his cottage, I suppose she gradually became very confident with her affair, all traces of guilt that she had felt at the beginning were completely gone by now. I know that I took her completely by surprise on that day.

"You can bet your butt something is very wrong. As a matter of fact our marriage depend on what is about happen here in this room right now."

The look on her face was astounding. Her facial expression went from one of relaxation to one of shock in the time frame of a few seconds. I could tell that she had never expected me to talk to her like I just did. I then saw the seed of fear appear on her pretty face.

I was now sitting next to her on the bed, all of a sudden I placed my hand on her knee then I slowly began moving it higher under her short denim skirt. Her hands immediately went over mine so as to try to prevent me from reaching up her thigh.

"Wait Jack, give me a minute I will take a shower then we can make love. I did perspired a lot while changing the decorations in the classroom this afternoon."

Her lips were trembling now and her facial complexion had gone from a healthy pink a few seconds earlier to a scary white now as the blood drained from her face.

"Either you let me feel your cunt right now or you can pack your things and leave. I want to see your cunt now, before you take a shower."

Even as I watched, I saw the tears forming in her eyes as she opened and closed her mouth a few times, trying to say something but words wouldn't come out. The pressure she exerted on my hand became even more intense as I continue to stare in her ash-white face. I could tell that she was going to resist me. In the six year that we had been married she had never once tried to stop me from touching her cunt, I think her reaction even surprised her.

"But ... I ... I ... Wait Jack please, it will only take a minute."

I could tell that she was very close to a fit of crying now. At that moment I wanted to hug her so much and to kiss her sensual lips, but at the same time I knew that in her eyes, doing this would only indicate weakness from my part.

"Laura, think very carefully about what you are going to do now. If you want to remain my wife and continue to live with me, you will let me feel your cunt now. If I leave this room without examining your cunt we are finish as a couple. Make up your mind this minute."

Her tears were falling freely by that time. I suppose that by now it had finally sunk in into her mind that I knew something about her cheating.

As she began sobbing freely, I gradually felt the pressure decrease on my hand, she finally removed her hands completely thus leaving me access to her cunt.

Right away I took the opportunity to slowly slide my hand higher up her thigh until I felt the edge of her panties, then I shoved it over the crotch of her panties.

What a mess, the crotch over her cunt was all soaked and slippery. I then made her lie on her back on the bed with both of her legs hanging down over the edge. I then I proceeded to lift her skirt around her waist.

She was wearing sexy, laced, light blue panties that I had never seen before, but what attracted my attention the most was the large spot of shinny wetness over the front part. It was quite evident that she had been fucked and her cunt had leaked some of the evidence unto her panties.

With her upper body lying on her back she was crying out of control now while hiding her face with both hands. When I stood up so as to pull down her panties, I realized that I had an erection, I did manage to hide it from her. The sight of the cunt of my wife very full from another man's cum was exiting me and this made me mad at myself. I knew that

I should be disgusted and angry but certainly not exited.

I had trouble pulling her panties as she refused to lift her bottom from the bed, so I just grip the material over the elastic band and gave a sharp pull. Her panties just ripped off.

Then I saw thick, white jism leaking from between her cunt lips; I certainly had not been the one who had put it there. For a long time I just stood there between her legs, listening to her crying while my eyes focussed on the strange spectacle of her oozing cunt.

"Who have you been fucking behind my back Laura?"

"Oh ... God ... honey. I am ... so very sorry. Will you ever forgive me, I don't love him, it was only ... sex with him. There is no love involved I will end it immediately. It is you only that I love Jack please believe me. This mean nothing."

She went into a fit of crying and moaning again as my eyes continued to examine her leaking cunt staining the bedspread. What a strange situation I was telling myself. Here was my wife crying her heart out while trying to convince me that she love only me while at the same time the evidence of her cheating slowly leaking out of her.

"We have to talk, you have a lot of explaining to do Laura. You must tell me everything and all the truth. I want to know who he is and how long this has been going on. Most important still, I want to know if he is the father of the child you are now carrying?"

The instant that I mentioned the child that she was carrying, she started to sob even louder. I couldn't get a word out of her for the next fifteen minutes. Her crying and mumbling were constantly interrupted by fit of moaning.

At last I went to the bathroom and I got a wet towel which I place on her forehead after wiping her face with it. I then made her sit on the side of the bed, but when she tried to lower her skirt so as to cover her cheating cunt, I prevented her from doing this. I knew that the leaking evidence from her cunt was making her feel very cheap, the fact that she knew that I was looking at it most of the time was making things that much difficult for her. I sat next to her on the bed and proceeded to ask her more questions.

"Who is he Laura?"

"He ... is ... Tom Higgin."

"How long has this been going on. Don't lie to me because if I find out you did, then we are finish you and I."

She looked at me with pleading eyes. I could see the tears and pain in them but I had to make her tell me, even though I already knew the answer. Her telling me the details of her affair was one way for me to make her feel bad about her cheating and even though I certainly didn't want to hurt her physically, I certainly intended to cause her pain just like she had done to me.

"It began ... a while back hon. It mean nothing, it's just something that happened. There was no love involved at all. I will never do it again."

"When did it begin. When did he first fuck you?"

"It was the beginning of ... November."

"And today is the end of June. You have been fucking him for eight months now and you are three months pregnant. Is he the father of the baby that you are carrying? Tell me I want to know now?"

Crying, more crying. Moaning, mumbling, tears and excuses telling me how sorry she was. But finally she did answer me.

"I don't know Jack. It could be either him or you, I just don't know."

Well that was it. I didn't know either and he certainly didn't know and

Laura was also uncertain as to who could be the father of the child she was carrying, I felt cheated and very angry with her. But I still loved her and wanted to stay married to her, but at the same time I wanted her to suffer for cheating on me.

"Well I want you to tell me how it all began and I want all the details, then I will decide what I will do. You must tell me everything do you understand? I will not accept any deviation from the truth."

"Jack, I love you so much! This had nothing to do with you, with us.

Please try to understand this was something that mean nothing at all to me. These are events that are outside of our marriage and have nothing to do with you or my love for you."

"That makes no sense, Laura. How can your cheating on me and cuckolding me, not have a thing to do with me"

"That was something that just happened, Jack. One day I found out that

I had this tremendous urge to ... to try his ... large size ... It has nothing to do with the way I feel toward you, with my love for you!"

I sat there looking at her, how beautiful she was and how sexy she looked even now with her cunt so exposed with her oozing infidelity so evident.

"Well ... Wife ... Tell me why one day you felt that you had to try his cock. Did it warranted breaking your wedding vows to me? Did he force you to have sex with him?"

"No! Oh no, he didn't force me Jack. He is not like that at all. What he did was only because he wanted to help me satisfy my curiosity. I knew that he had a very big ... thing, I wanted to know how it would feel in me. I am the one that initiated it all Jack."

"So you begged him to fuck you. How did it feel Laura to be stuff with his oversize cock? Was it good? Did you enjoy it? Tell me exactly, I do want to know."

I knew I was pushing her, she was getting close to another fit of crying.

But I had to know.

"It ... It was different. I must admit Jack that I did enjoy it. I could actually fell it touching me in places that had never been touched before inside me. The sex was great Jack but there was no love at all, you are the only one that I will ever love."

The more she described her cheating with Tom the easier it became for her to tell me the things she had done with him. I learned that she had suck his cock each time they met on Saturdays and that they fucked in all possible positions. After their third or fourth meetings he even managed to fuck her in her rear hole with his extra-large cock.

In between fucks, while they rested, they also spent a lot of time talking.

During these pauses he explained to her what exactly he was able to do with his wife. He had never managed to push more than half of his cock into her cunt since it caused her too much pain, but he could fuck her in the ass without causing her any discomfort. He fucked her cunt about once every two weeks and even then, he said that she would walk with much difficulty the following day.

When I asked her how many times they fucked when they met each

Saturdays, she said that he usually came three times and they would fuck for three hours with only a few breaks to clean themselves and rest.

"Why do you make it such an important issue Jack? I told you there was no love between Tom and me, it was only pure sex, you are the only one

I will ever love Jack."

"Tell me Laura, how would you react if I was the one cheating on you with another woman? Even if I told you when I came back home to you, that I didn't love this woman. How would you react?"

I could tell that she didn't like hearing what I had just said. She shook her head in negation half a dozen times while looking at me with pleading eyes. When she tried to say something, words wouldn't come out of her mouth.

"Well Laura you can now understand how I feel about your cheating.

After that first time with him, which you say was initiated by curiosity from your part, you casually gave yourself away to him again and again.

How many dozens of time did you fuck him after that first time?"

"Will you ever forgive me Jake. I promise you that I will never talk to him again. I will even go and teach in another school in September, as for the baby, I will go see a doctor and if it's not too late to have an abortion, I will have one."

"No! Definitely not! The baby could be mind and I don't want you to have an abortion and even so, you are over three months into your pregnancy Laura, it is much too late for that now. As for teaching in an other school, it wouldn't change anything since you and Tom were not fucking in the school building, what would prevent you from meeting him again at his cottage, even if you were teaching in another school?"

She seemed desperate now as she looked at me with pleading eyes as tears dripped along both cheeks. She began to sob again.

"Please Jack, tell me that you won't leave me. I will die if you do. Say it please"

"Laura listen carefully. You have been cheating on me for many months now; you made me a cuckold. To make matters worst, there is a good chance that you are carrying this man's child as we speak this very minute. I want revenge, not necessary against you because I still love you too much to hurt you physically, but I want my pound of flesh from


"But I told you it was as much my fault as it was his. He wouldn't do anything willingly to damage my marriage, he is not like that at all believe me."

"Well, if he was too honorable to ask you to break your marriage vows, why did you volunteer to do it and cheat on me?"

"I already told you honey, he is not to blame. At first it was only curiosity from my part, had I known then that I was going to cause you so much pain, I certainly would never have started this. I had no intention to hurt you Jack."

"Don't worry, my revenge will cause you pain also, not physical pain at least, but you will not like what I plan to do. I will hurt Tom in the same way that he hurt me. I will make a cuckold out of him. I will impregnate his wife just like he did to mine. An eye for an eye it is the only way I will ever get over your infidelity."

"NO! NO! Please don't say that Jack. It will kill me if you do that. I will do anything for you Jack. We can move to another town and I swear to you that I will never talk to him again for as long as I live. I will insist that the doctor abort the baby."

Laura's body was trembling with emotions now, her head shaking her disapproval of Jack's intentions. She seemed to have shrunken in on herself, her shoulders hunched down, her elbows clasped inside her knees, her face buried in her hands, her hair falling over her face.

The long, long moments crept on; Jack was sitting silently, brooding beside her, his wife now devastated next to him. With the window blind pulled almost all the way down, the room was in the half darkness and the only sounds were those coming from the outside world; a world where the neighborhood was enjoying a quiet, sunny Saturday late afternoon. Not a sound was heard coming from inside the bedroom other than Laura's crying.

"Listen to me Laura and listen carefully. If you ever have an abortion then we are finish as a couple, I will never forgive you. That baby could be mine and I want it. If you want us to remain together you will accept what I intend to do and you will also help me do it. Then there is something else that you must do. You must swear to me that you will never under any circumstance, tell Tom that I am aware of your affair with him. I certainly don't want him to know that I have accepted you cheating with him. These are the conditions that I set for us to remain together, if you refuse to accept them then we will start the divorce procedures on Monday."

Laura was more than willing to accept all of my conditions. I could even detect a certain relief on her face and a ray of hope in her eyes. I knew that she probably figured that as time went on she would try to make me change my mind about impregnating Tom's wife.

"Now let us go and eat out, it is too late to cook supper and we will talk no more of this for today."

My wife wanted to take a shower before we went out to eat, but I insisted that she simply put on a pair of panties under the skirt she was wearing and comes dressed as she was. I knew that her cunt was going to leak as we ate, it was going to be a reminder of her infidelity. Even though I had no intention of talking anymore of her affair for now, I wanted her to be reminded about it so that she would feel bad about what she had done to our marriage.

Life went on after than black Saturday and of course she no longer met

Tom. I didn't dare make too much of a fuss about her cheating after than day since I was afraid that it could affect her condition.

But once in a while I did talk to her about it and I gradually learned that she must have enjoyed his large cock a lot judging by her reference to the great pleasure that she did derived from it.

I do believe that her lack of experience with others men before we met was also responsible for letting Tom fuck her. I was the only one she ever made love with before meeting Tom and from her own words she wanted 'to know what it would feel like to do it with someone else'. The more we talked about it, the easier it seemed to be for Laura to describe to me what she had done with Tom.

Of course she also would constantly swear to me then that she will never do anything like that again and that she loved me more than life itself. She always referred to the baby that she was carrying as 'our baby', I suppose that she wanted me to accept that as a fact. I had already made up my mind that I would do exactly that and I promised myself to do, I was never going to test the baby so as to see who the father really was if she accepted my conditions. No, I was going to raise it as my child and never question that fact.

By the time she began teaching again after her two months vacations in

September, she was over five months into her pregnancy and her bulging belly was quite evident now.

She gave birth to a baby girl in mid January. I know that I could have gotten a swaps of saliva from the baby's mouth and from mine so as to find out if I really was the father, but I promised myself never to do that.

Deep in my mind I wanted the child to be mine. I was going to raise her as my daughter and give her all of my love.

After the birth of our daughter, Laura didn't go back to teaching until the following September, Kim — that was the name that we gave to our daughter — was almost nine months old now.

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