An Eye for an Eye

by lucsmith

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Cuckold, Light Bond, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: A man discovers that his wife is having sex on the side.

Laura and I had been married now for over five years and to me it seemed like we were still on our honeymoon. We were still making love daily and sometimes more than that; we still cared for each other as much as we did on the first week we were married. I was so much in love with her that when I was quietly working (I am a translator of law books and other official documents) I would often take a break and dream about her and how we were going to make love when she came home back from work.

My work place was a large room above the three-car garage; I had converted it into a working space and office. It had two large widows, one giving a view on the front of the house and the other which allowed me to see the backyard. I also had built a small kitchen and a tiny bathroom in my office so that I didn't have to go into the main part of the house whenever I was hungry for a snack or felt the need to use the toilet facilities. It even had an independent gas heating system for the winter as well as a separate unit of air-conditioning during the summer.

I also had had the telephone company installed a private line without any extension from the house. I didn't want to be bothered with house calls while working and certainly didn't want to be interrupted by work related calls when I was with my wife in the rest of the house. My office also had a small library for my reference books and a sound system since I love soft music while working.

You see, I am a professional translator and I usually work on translating documents from French to Spanish or Spanish to French. I am a fourth generation American, my parents died when I was young, after the death of my parents I was sent to live in Canada with an aunt that spoke mostly French. I even attended a French school there.

When I was fourteen my aunt died and I had to go and live with my grandmother (on my dad side) in a small town a few hundred miles from San Diego. She was Spanish speaking and naturally I learned speaking the language, even most of my friends were speaking Spanish.

So now my French and Spanish are excellent while my English is ok I suppose.

I met Laura while attending university and we soon felt in love with each other. She was very shy then, and was studying to be a teacher.

She never talked about her previous boyfriends but I am pretty sure I was her first one. For one thing, she was a virgin when I first made love to her, plus the fact that she knew practically nothing about sex that first times was ample proof of that.

Laura is tall and has nice long straight legs with sexy firm thighs; her bum is very round and very attractive while her waist is small. Her hips are just a little out of proportion, being a little wider than they should be and this added to her generous breast, gives her a voluptuous look as if she had been made for enjoying sex.

But by far her most attractive features are her lovely face and her beautiful long hair. She is a brunette with plump lips and high cheekbones with a voice that is soft and just a little lower — and sexy — than what one would expect from a woman. She definitely does attract attention when she walks on the street, more than once did I notice men turning their head to watch her go by.

As mentioned earlier, we had no children yet, but now after five years we were thinking of starting a family soon. Neither my wife or I had any family left alive after we got married. Therefore, after reading an add in the newspaper, which said that the Canadian government was looking for translators to translate the trade agreements documents which had been signed with the South American countries, I applied for the job.

Since the Canadian population is one third French speaking, they needed someone that was perfectly bilingual in French as well as in

Spanish, and of course that person had to know English also. That fitted me perfectly, so I applied for the job and got it.

Laura was later hired as a grade two teacher in a primary school in the town where we went to live. The money was good since teachers in

Canada are paid much more generously than they are in the states. We were living just on the outskirts of a small town in the Gatineau hills across the river from Ottawa. I was also making very good money working mostly from my home.

We owned a two hundreds acres wooden lot with huge trees of all kinds.

The large house we were living in was situated just in front of a small river that led to a large lake. Life was good; I really loved the four seasons of Canada. In summer we enjoyed boating and fishing on the lake while in winter, when the lake froze over, we went exploring on our snowmobiles across the lake and into the hills on the other side. Of course there were all sort of game to hunt but I am an animals lover and so is my wife, so we never went hunting.

My story begins just after our fifth wedding anniversary. It was in

October and Laura had started a new school year, she loved her new class and for some reason, lately she seemed much more happy than usual. Of course I didn't complain since we were still fucking like rabbits wherever we could. But I could tell that each morning she seemed very eager to go to work and in the last month she had taken to the habit of going back to her school each Saturday afternoon. She would go there either to changes the decorations in her classroom or to work on her class preparations.

I didn't mind of course since she was always back home by four or five in the afternoon. When she got home she would change and we then would go out to eat. Later in the evening, we either went dancing or returned home to watch television and have sex. Yes life was good.

Then one evening, on a Wednesday, after having work in my office for an hour or so, I went down to the main kitchen of the house to get something to eat from the fridge and I heard her talking on the phone.

Usually I wouldn't pay attention to what she would say but when I distinctly heard her say, 'was your wife angry with you Tom? ', it got my attention. I knew that she was talking to Tom Higgin who was also a teacher in her school.

Of course there was nothing to it, but then, as soon as she saw me appearing in the kitchen she said to Tom that she had to go and she quickly hung up the phone. When I asked her to whom she was talking, she said that it was Nancy — another teacher — from her school. For the first time that I could remember, I knew that she had just lied to me. But why?

For the rest of the week I kept trying to figure out why she didn't want me to find out she had been talking to Tom on the phone, the more I tried to explain this to myself, the more confused I got. The following

Saturday afternoon, after she had left for her school, I even drove there so as to check if her car was in the parking lot. It was there.

I next drove to an electronic store and bought telephone wire and a flashing light telephone. It took me only an hour to install an extension telephone line from the basement phone entrance to my office with the wire passing through the garage.

Whenever someone would be on the line in the house, the light would flash but the bell of the telephone wouldn't ring since I disconnected it. I hid the new phone in a drawer of my desk which I locked. So whenever the house line was in use, there would be a red light flashing on the phone in the drawer of my desk.

Since Laura came in my office often to clean or just to have a chat with me, I didn't want her to hear the house phone ringing and thus know that

I had installed an extension line in my office, this is why I disconnected the bell.

It was Sunday evening the very next day about eight. I had been working in my office for just over ten minutes — I had left the drawer containing the house extension phone opened — when I noticed the light flashing. I immediately picked up the phone and listened. It was Tom all right and Laura had been the one to call him. They talked about school matters for a few minutes then all of a sudden Tom asked her if she was sorry about what had happened on Saturday, the previous day.

"I think that letting you kiss me was wrong," she went on to say, " we are both married and even if it was only a little kissing, we shouldn't have done it Tom".

"But I know that you did enjoy it as much as I did Laura. We are both adult, it made me feel like a teen once again and beside I have been wanting to kiss you ever since the first day I saw you."

Laura began to laugh at his comment and I could tell that she was not angry with him, far from it she was sending him all the signals of a woman who wanted more, much more.

"You are being naughty Tom, what would Ruth say if she knew that you kissed me? We were half an hour late again going home, she must have asked you to explain?"

"No, she was not mad at me for being late. She will never find out about me and you kissing, it is our secret now. Beside, Ruth and I we do kiss often but our love life is so much different than what you would expected from a married couple of two years."

"What do you mean by that Tom?"

"Well I know it is hard to believe but I don't think that Ruth will ever be able to have a baby. As you already know she is just a little over five- foot tall, her body is almost that of child. Since I am so tall and ... large, I have to be careful when I try to make love to her, she claim that

I hurt her. As a matter of fact we have never made love properly yet."

"You are joking are you?"

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