What Friends Are For

by Les Lumens

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ron's parents have promised him a Mustang, on one condition. He has to stay home, ready to answer the phone, and out of trouble for the week of their anniversary cruise. Stuck at home while his friends continue a month-long, ongoing graduation party, he looks out his window and cannot believe his eyes. His best friend's MILF Mom is naked in her back yard.

Ron grabbed the mail and walked over to the adjacent mailbox. "What's up, Frank? Dan come through with the beer?"

Frank looked over his shoulder and then answered, "Yeah, but we're headed to the lake."

"Dude — you know I'm stuck here. What the fuck?"

Frank shrugged and offered something resembling a look of sympathy. "I forgot it was one of Mom's freaky-deekie hippie holidays. When I got up this morning and she was still home with a flower in her hair, I knew it was time to get out. Dan's gonna be here in a couple minutes."

"This blows goats, man."

"Just come with us. What are the parentals gonna do — ground you? You're eighteen, man — and we'll be at college in the fall anyway."

"Yeah, and I'll have no wheels. Staying home and out of trouble while they went on their anniversary cruise was the one condition to them buying me the Mustang. If they call and I don't answer..."

"Sorry, man. I'll leave you a six-pack."

"You suck."

Frank laughed and turned to wave to their friend Dan pulling into the drive. Ron naturally accepted the six-pack and headed back into the house. He sighed as his friends let out a whoop and roared out onto the road.

Ron pulled a beer out of the backpack his friend had hidden it in, twisting the top off the bottle as soon as he closed the door behind him. Irritated that he had to miss the bash at the lake, he went upstairs and cranked up his music.

Two beers later, the novelty of blasting out tunes as loud as he wanted wore off. Ron flopped onto his bed, staring at the posters of bikini-clad women on the slanted ceiling above. He let out a growl, knowing that Frank and the others were hanging out with the real thing at the lake.

For a minute or so, he considered raiding his Dad's old porn collection in the attic — old being the operative word. The movies, made in the 70s, were almost more comical than hot.

"Check it out. Even his dick has sideburns!" Frank had quipped once the group managed to get the old Super-8 projector working.

The effort of setting up the projector and then getting everything back into the box exactly as he'd found it turned Ron away from the notion as much as the dated nature of the dirty movies. His dad knew too much about computers to risk hunting up porn on the 'Net. A quick flip through the channels on the television brought no relief from boredom and irritation, either.

As he cracked open his fourth beer, he finally started feeling the buzz. The two remaining beers wouldn't keep that buzz going long, and then he'd lose even that tiny bit of relief. Two more days, he tried to console himself. Then I'll be cruising in my Mustang. The pussy will be falling over itself coming after me once I hit the cruise lap in my baby.

That didn't help now, though. Ron peeked out the window into Frank's back yard, where he and his friends had entertained several hot girls the day before. More than a few of those girls had dropped their tops at some point during the day, and a couple had even kissed, driving Ron and his friends crazy. Nobody had gotten laid, but the signals looked good.

Ron tried not to think about the distinct possibility that those signs were coming to fruition out at the lake right now — without him.

Just as he started to turn away from the window, something moving behind the sliding glass doors of the deck caught his eye. Ron grinned, thinking that maybe Frank's hot mom might come out in a bikini again. She might be in her forties, but she still looked damn good — even better in a bikini.

Naturally, it drove Frank crazy when his friends commented on it, which they did often.

The phone rang, and Ron turned to pick it up. He rolled his eyes when he saw a toll-free number, and knew it was another political phone call wanting to poll him or solicit donations. He dropped the phone on the bed again and looked back out the window.

Ron's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. For a couple of heartbeats, he stood stunned in the window. Then, his brain kicked in and he darted out from in front of the window, but didn't take his eyes off the sight in Frank's yard below.

Miss Malone wasn't wearing her bikini. She wasn't wearing anything at all.

"Holy fucking shit," Ron muttered in complete disbelief.

She stood bent over her deck chair, spreading a towel over the wooden slats, which treated Ron to a wonderful view of her ass. Her bottom looked just as good bare as it did in a bikini or a pair of tight jeans. Her heavy breasts swung back and forth as she moved, showing evidence of gravity taking its toll over the years — but only a little.

The urge to move back into the window for a better view was almost impossible to resist as Ron's neighbor stood, stretching her arms above her and letting her head loll back. A curtain of pale blonde hair hung halfway down her back toward her outthrust bottom. He could just make out a little blonde triangle between her legs.

Miss Malone lay down on her deck chair, soaking up the sun. The bright sunlight falling directly on her let Ron see that her nipples were just a little darker than her skin, surrounded by large areolas.

Ron watched for a minute or two, still finding it hard to believe the evidence of his eyes. He knew that it was unlikely anyone else could see into the yard, as he and Frank had checked that carefully before deciding it was safe to let the small parties Frank held spill out into the yard and the pool.

Tearing his eyes away, Ron quickly rummaged through the clutter on his computer desk until he found his digital cam. Gotta get a picture or nobody will believe a word of this. Holding only the camera low in front of the window, he aimed by looking at the LCD screen.

Ron snapped the picture and then switched the camera over to preview mode. "Shit," he cursed when he saw that the window had distorted the image, making it impossible to really see anything in the picture. Three more attempts produced the same blurry results.

He knew he had to get the window out of the way if he wanted a decent picture. Kneeling down below the window, he clicked the latches and pushed upward with the utmost of care. Once he lifted the window four inches or so, Ron slipped back around to the edge of the window to see if she'd noticed anything.

Miss Malone hadn't moved, and her eyes were still closed. Ron grinned and reached for the camera again. This time, the three shots came out clear as a bell. Two more shots on zoom were also perfect. The guys are going to shit when they see these, he thought.

His grin grew wider as he realized that the camcorder had a much better zoom than his little camera. He had a flash card that would work with it as well. Ron flew out of his room and down the stairs, hurrying to the cabinet in the family room to retrieve the camera.

His room was already growing a bit warm from the summer heat pouring through the crack in the window, but Ron decided it was worth it. As he returned to his covert post next to the window, he saw something that spurred him to hurry to set up the camcorder.

While Miss Malone spread sunscreen over her face and neck, Ron scrambled to put his flash card in the camera and get into position. Fuck yeah, he thought as he positioned the camera and the screen. Miss Malone squirted a generous stream of the creamy sunblock over her breasts, promising a fine show.

Ron zoomed in as his beautiful neighbor massaged the lotion into her large breasts. Un-fucking-believable, Ron thought as he tried to ignore the throbbing of his cock to hold the camera steady. She followed the sexy display by coating her tummy and arms with the lotion. Then, she lifted her left leg, the one opposite his vantage point.

Ron tightened the shot, getting a fair view of his neighbor's pink folds while she spread lotion over her leg. Damn, she's got a great pussy. Ron's cock throbbed even harder as Miss Malone rubbed the lotion on her inner thighs, coming tantalizingly close to touching her sex.

A quiet, excited whistle passed Ron's lips as she switched legs, obscuring his view. He zoomed back out, enjoying the relaxed look on her face as she slathered the lotion over her long, sexy leg.

When she rolled over a while later, putting lotion on her bottom, Ron glanced at the clock. He was a little stunned to discover that he'd been staring at her and filming for around twenty minutes. He kept the camera running until she finished with her butt, and then shut it off. As she struggled to evenly cover her back, he thought, Need some help with that? I wish.

A drop of sweat convinced him that it was time to close the window. With the same care he'd taken in opening it, Ron closed the window and removed his flash card from the camcorder. Hiding both it and the memory card from his camera in a safe location, he adjusted his erection and went downstairs.

With the camcorder back in its place and the air conditioning cranked up, Ron returned to his room. Though the novelty was beginning to wear off, he still couldn't resist looking out the window on occasion as he polished off his last two beers.

Simply looking wasn't doing much for him when she rolled back over onto her back, but the fantasies running through his head were beginning to. Pulling over a chair to his spot next to the window, he let the real vision of her guide a daydream about going down there and giving her a good reason to be naked. His eyes closed and he let his mental image take over.

The phone ringing startled him out of the daydream about her sucking his cock while he squeezed her tits. Giving his hard cock a final squeeze through his denim shorts, he leaned back and grabbed the phone off the bed. "Yello?"

"Do you really think you're being sneaky, Ron?"

Ron bit off a curse as he nearly overbalanced and fell out of the chair. "Uhm — what, Miss Malone?" He hastily scooted his chair back and leaned up against the wall to make sure he couldn't possibly be seen through the window.

She laughed. "Come on now, I saw you in the window. I saw you there almost from the moment I walked outside."

"Dunno what you're talking about," Ron lied, his mind racing.

"Oh, calm down. It's Nude Day, and if I was worried about someone seeing me naked, I wouldn't be out celebrating in my back yard."

"Err ... Okay, I really don't know what you're talking about."

"Ron, stop lying. I saw you watching, and I know you were taking pictures, too. That could get you in a lot of trouble, you know? Especially if you start showing it to other people. Bring the memory cards or whatever over here right now."

"Pictures? Look, this is really weird, Miss Malone. Have you been drinking or something?"

She sighed. "Well, I'll just have your parents take care of this when they get home, since you won't be a man and do the right thing. Goodbye."

Ron's heart nearly stopped. He knew his parents would believe his neighbor over him in a second, even if he got rid of all the evidence. "W-w-wait," he stammered, risking a look out the window. He didn't see her anywhere.


"Okay, I'll bring the cards over."

"That's better. The front door is unlocked."

The phone clicked, revealing that she'd hung up.

"I'm dead. I'm dead. I'm dead," he muttered as he retrieved the cards and tried to summon up the courage to face the music. He picked up the phone, even his anxious state not enough to keep him from remembering the bargain that would put him behind the wheel of his dream car.

The walk down the stairs and out of the house felt as though it took forever, but the walk down the sidewalk toward his neighbor's front door almost seemed as though it happened in slow motion. He could almost hear someone standing beside him chanting, Dead man walkin'.

Ron finally stepped up onto the porch and reached for the doorbell. He remembered her saying that the front door was unlocked, and grabbed the knob. It turned, so he opened the door and stepped inside. "Uhm, hello?" He winched as his voice cracked from his nervousness, making him feel even more like a teenager on the way to the Principal's office.

"Back here, Ron," she called to him from near the back door.

Once again, sweat beaded on Ron's face, but this time heat had nothing to do with it. He felt as though every drop of beer was about to come back up. Somehow, he put one foot in front of the other and walked through the house.

Ron froze as he stepped into the light streaming through the sliding glass doors. The unexpected sight of his neighbor — still nude — shocked him beyond his ability to process.

Miss Malone crooked her finger to beckon him near, and then held out her hand for the cards fisted in Ron's. "Hand them over. I told you, I'm celebrating Nude Day. You act like you've never seen a naked woman before."

Ron looked away as he approached, holding out the memory cards. She took them from him and said, "I suppose everyone would have had a good laugh from looking at an old woman's saggy body."

Ron shook his head, his eyes falling on her breasts of their own volition. He tore his gaze away, but he could see that she'd noticed.

"No — what?"

Ron hesitated, trying to figure out what to say. He finally answered, "We wouldn't have laughed."

"Then why were you taking pictures?" She waited for a few seconds while he tried to think of an excuse, and then laughed. "I know why. You're not any better at keeping quiet than you are at keeping hidden. I've heard you, Dan, and the others teasing Frank about me."

"We were just fu ... Messing around."

"So I'm not a Milf?" She asked with a little pout in her voice. She revealed the pout on her face when she leaned into his field of vision. "And here I felt all warm and tingly because you thought I was hot."

Though he tried to avoid it, Ron's eyes darted down to her breasts. She was wearing some perfume that had an effect even more intoxicating than the beer he'd drank earlier.

A sensual, knowing grin spread across her face. "You do think I'm sexy, don't you?"


"Well, take a good look. I'm right here."

Between the scent of her perfume, her closeness, and the sexy tone of her voice, Ron's fear melted away. He looked at her, drinking in her body with his eyes.

She shivered, causing her breasts to jiggle. "My, my — what do you think?"

"You're fucking hot," Ron replied.

"Mmm — prove it to me."

"Huh?" Ron asked, his eyes focusing on the triangle of hair on her mound, and the hints of her sex he could see below.

"If you really think I'm hot, you should be hard. Show me." She reached out to toy with the button of his denim shorts. "You can celebrate Nude Day with me."

The decision wasn't difficult at all. All the blood was rushing out of Ron's head and into his cock. He unbuttoned his shorts and pulled down the zipper. She kept her hand touching his the whole time, and let out an excited moan when she could see his erection pressing against his briefs.

Ron gasped as she squeezed his cock through his underwear. "That feels good, Miss Malone."

She chuckled. "Please call me Vivian, Ron." Without waiting for him to acknowledge her request, she pulled down his underwear and let out a sensual growl. "Gorgeous."

Vivian tugged down on his shorts, and Ron pulled off his shirt in a rush.

"Do you know how many times I've used my vibrator while thinking about you?" Vivian asked as he stomped on the heels of his shoes to remove them. "I want you. Do you want to fuck me?"

"Oh yeah," Ron answered, cupping her heavy breasts in his hands. They felt every bit as good as they looked.

Vivian grabbed one of his wrists as she opened the sliding doors, guiding him out into the yard. She stepped off of the deck into the grass, and immediately pulled him into a kiss.

Ron groaned into the aggressive kiss, marveling at the feeling of her breasts pressing against him and his cock brushing against her bare skin. His hands roamed over her body, both finally finding her bottom and kneading it as he returned her kisses with equal hunger.

Vivian pulled away with a sexy sigh and guided his hand between her legs. Ron slipped a finger inside her. "See how wet I am? You're making me so hot." She then wrapped her hand around his cock.

Ron added a second finger and leaned down to lick her right nipple. "Oh, that's good," she moaned, lifting her breast with her free hand so he could reach her nipple with more ease.

Vivian's hand stroked up and down his shaft as he sucked the stiff bud. After a few seconds, let out a gasp and put her hand on his cheek. When he looked into her eyes, she smiled, and slowly dropped down to her knees in the grass.

A sharp gasp burst from his lips and he twitched as she lapped the full length of his cock. "Feel good?"

"Incredible," he replied as her soft, wet tongue glided over his hard flesh again.

Ron put his hands on her shoulders as she lapped him, covering his cock in a glistening coating of saliva. She gazed up into his eyes, smiling at him while teasing the swollen helmet of his cock with the tip of her tongue. Her grin widened as she wrapped her hand around the base.

"Ohh," Ron groaned as she wrapped her lips around him and took him in her hot mouth. She didn't tease in the slightest, sucking about half of his cock at a rapid pace, right from the start.

A couple of girls had sucked his cock before, but he'd never felt anything like his neighbor's mouth. She sucked him hard and fast, her teeth never once scraping over him. Her blonde hair whipped back and forth, and her breasts swung from her efforts, adding to the incredible feeling. "Yeah — suck me," he grunted.

She moaned around him, taking him even deeper. His hips twitched forward, forcing her mouth down to her fingers with every stroke. She kept just enough pressure on her arm to prevent him from choking her, and didn't miss a beat.

Ron could feel the itch building in his cock and knew he was going to come soon. Just as he was getting close to the point of no return, she released him with a long slurp. "Are you about to come?"

"Yeah," he gasped. "Nobody's ever blown me like that."

"I've probably had a lot more practice than the girls you've been with. You should warn a girl before you go off in her mouth, you know?"

"S-sorry," he responded as she licked his cockhead.

"Just let me know, so I'm ready for it." With that, she took him in again.

If anything, she sucked him even faster. She cupped his balls in her hand free hand, caressing them.

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