Stephanie Anne

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Interracial, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He finally gave her the honeymoon he promised her.

I met Stephanie Anne on my first day at college. We were attending freshman indoctrination and ended up sitting next to each other. I've never been shy and she was good looking so I immediately hit on her. We left indoctrination to go for a pizza and ended up back in my room where we practically ripped each other clothes off. Steph had my cock in her mouth before I even got my T-shirt off. I hadn't been laid in months and she had me ready to cum in less than a minutes and I told her I was going to shoot and all she did was grab my ass and pull my cock deeper into her mouth. I pushed her back on the bed and returned the favor until she screamed for me to fuck her and by the end of the night the roller coaster ride was on.

Steph was my twin, at least mentally and spiritually, and we had both come to college thinking more of the partying and good times than the studying. We spent more time in bed with each other than at the library or attending classes and I'm amazed at the fact that I was so surprised at finding out that I was flunking out. It was instantly, "Whoa up dude, dad is so going to kill you." It took a Herculean effort on my part, but I was able to pull my grades up enough to get me through the term. But the effort took me away from Steph more than she liked and so she dropped me and moved on.

I still saw her around the campus, usually with her lover of the moment, and I would feel pangs of longing. I dated a lot and I scored a lot, but no other girl ever made me feel like Steph had. About six months went by and one night there was a knock on my door and I opened it to find Steph standing there.

"May I come in?"

"Of course" I said as I stepped aside and let her by.

She looked around the place as if to see what changes might have been made since she left and I asked, "To what do I owe this unexpected visit?"

"I missed you."

And with those words we were off and running again.

It wasn't as hot and heavy as it had been the first time around because I had learned my lesson and studies now came first. It wasn't long before Steph tired of not being at the top of my list and again we split. As had happened after our first split I dated, I scored and I never found anyone to take Steph's place in my heart. Steph and I split up and got together two more times. Mutual friends kept me updated on Steph and what she was doing. Mostly it was party, party, party with a steady stream of lovers.

I could never figure it out. Steph seemed to learn by osmosis. It was like she walked by the library and everything inside just flowed out through the air and into her mind. The woman never, at least that I saw, studied a lick, yet she maintained a solid B average. Near the end of my junior year Steph showed up on my doorstep again.

"Like a bad penny I just keep turning up. I can't seem to stay away from you sweetie."

That time we lasted almost six months. The pressures during the middle of my senior year caused me to spend almost no time on Steph and suddenly she was gone again. With graduation fast approaching I didn't have much time to mourn the fact that she was gone again other than to reflect that it was probably for good that time as graduation would be followed by my leaving town.

Graduation out of the way and sheepskin in hand I set out to find a job and start my new life.

I found a good job, met a lovely lady named Christine and married her and three years later I divorced her. She was supposed to be working late on a big project that was coming up on a deadline and I decided to surprise her at work. I stopped for some take out so we could have dinner together and then I'd leave her to finish her work and go on home. I walked into her office and found her on her back on her desk while some guy she worked with was between her legs and putting it to her. I was very civilized about it. I walked over to her desk and set the take out down next to her head:

"Here, you two might need this to keep up your strength" I said as I turned and walked away.

Six months went by, the divorce became final, and one evening I came home from work to find Steph sitting on my doorstep waiting for me. She stood up, threw her arms around me, gave me a kiss that left me weak in the knees and said:

"The grapevine says you are single now, true?"

"It is indeed."

"Good! I've waited long enough. Show me your bedroom."

"What do you mean you have waited long enough?"

"I mean I knew in college that you were meant to be my life partner, but I just wasn't ready to settle down yet. I always knew that you would be there for me to come back to and then suddenly you weren't. It killed me when you graduated and left without even coming to see me to say goodbye. I wouldn't have let you go, but you didn't give me the chance. By the time I found you you were married. I knew it wouldn't last so I kept track of you and now she's gone and here I am."

"What do you mean you knew it wasn't going to last?"

"She started running around on you six months after you got married. I knew you would eventually catch her and so I waited. I gave you six months to get over it. Now come on sweetie, where's your bedroom?"

The old magic was there and three weeks later Steph moved in with me. Six months went by and one evening after Steph had destroyed me in bed she asked me when I was going to make an honest woman out of her. I didn't know what to say. My college relationship with Steph and my marriage to Christine had me leery of relationships. I didn't doubt that Steph had strong feelings for me and I knew how I felt about her, but I also remembered all the times she walked away from me. True, she came back, but it was the times she left that I remembered. Steph saw the hesitation and said:

"Don't panic sweetie, I've waited this long and I can wait until you are ready. I'll wait as long as it takes."

She never mentioned it again, but I always knew that it was never far from her mind.

Another year went by and Steph was still with me and we were getting along great together. In fact, my time with Steph was much better than my time had been over the same length of time with Christine and I thought my life with Christine had been perfect. So I sucked it up and I asked Steph to marry me. We were married in a civil ceremony. Three great years went by before I could finally give Steph the honeymoon I promised. I finally had enough money in the bank and enough time off coming me to me so we packed our bags and flew down to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We spent eight days lying on the beach, soaking up sun, swimming in the ocean and enjoying the nightlife. Steph is a good looking woman and one of the truisms of life is that good looking women attract the male of the species and if you have a good looking woman you had to learn to live with the constant attention she got and learn to handle it. If Steph went somewhere alone or if I left her alone she got hit on. It was a fact of life. I didn't have to like it, but I did have to live with it.

I was sitting in a beach chair nursing a Pina Colada and watching Steph wade in the surf. A man waded up to her and started talking with her and a couple of minutes later another man joined them. I saw Steph smile and laugh at something one of the men said and then she said something and the two men smiled and a minute or so later they walked away. I wrote it off as two guys hitting on her and her gently shooting them down.

The hot sun and the Pina Colandas did a number on me and I napped a while. I opened my eyes a couple of times and once I thought I saw Steph sitting and talking with the man who had approached her when she was wading in the surf. After an hour or so I shook myself awake and found Steph sitting in the chair next to me. I told her I was going up to the room to get out of the sun for a while and she told me to run along and that she would be up later. I could see the beach from in front of the elevators and just before getting on I saw the man Steph had been talking to sit down next to her in the chair I had just vacated.

An hour later Steph came up to the room and we dressed for dinner. I didn't know if it was something I ate, too much sun, too many Pina Coladas or a combination of all three, but suddenly I didn't feel all that great and I wanted to go back to the room. Steph told me to go on ahead, but that she wanted to take a walk on the beach.

"It's a full moon tonight sweetie and I might never again have the chance to see the beach and the ocean under a full moon."

I told her to enjoy herself and I headed for the room. On my way to the elevator I noticed the man that Steph had been talking to sitting alone at the bar off the lobby. I was just reaching to push the UP button when suddenly I had a very bad feeling. I had no idea why, but I knew that something was wrong and I just knew that it concerned Steph and that man. I left the elevator and moved across the lobby to where I could sit behind some potted palms and see the man at the bar.

Less than five minutes after I sat down Steph went into the bar and slid onto the stool next to the man. They sat and talked and two drinks later the man put his arm around Steph and she didn't shrug it off or push it away. Another minute and they leaned toward each other and kissed. Two minutes later they got up and, hand in hand, they left the bar. I got up and followed them. Had they been a little less wrapped up in each other they couldn't have failed to spot me behind them, but it seemed that no one else existed for them.

Apparently the man had some bucks because he walked Steph to one of the first floor suites that had a patio that let right out onto the beach and they didn't come cheap. He slid his key card through the slot and opened the door and I was just about to holler out:

"Hey asshole, just what do you think you doing with my wife?" when I realized just how stupid that would sound. He knew what he was doing with my wife and what's more, Steph knew it too. The door closed behind them and the 'click' of the door lock signaled the end of my marriage to Steph.

I turned and started for my room, but 'denial' set in before I had gone two steps.

Maybe it was something innocent like maybe they were friends — someone Steph knew before we got married and they were just going to talk and catch up on what had been happening in each others lives. Maybe Steph just wanted some company because I didn't feel well and she didn't want ... and so on. I convinced myself that I had to know for sure before I just walked away. But how? Then I remembered that the first floor rooms on that side of the hotel had patios just off the beach. I counted off the number of rooms to the lobby and then I went outside and counted backward until I got to what I thought was the patio to the room that Steph had gone into.

I quietly moved up to the patio door and looked in. The sliding glass door was closed, but the drapes were open. I looked in and saw a simply ravishing redhead bouncing up and down on a cock as she watched a room service waiter undress. When he was naked he approached the couple on the bed and presented his stiff cock to the redhead's mouth and she smiled at him and then swallowed the head. Wrong room! Wrong room, but I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay there and watch, but as much as I wanted to I knew I had to move on. I needed, desperately needed, to know what Steph was doing. I reluctantly pulled myself away from the porn show and moved to the next patio.

The glass door was open, but the drapes were closed and I carefully pulled one side open just enough to let me see into the room. I would have been happier had I stayed and watched the redhead. Steph and the man were kissing and slowly undressing each other. To their right on the couch the second man who had approached Steph while she was in the surf that morning sat naked and stroking his cock.

"Any problems?" the sitting man asked.

"No. The stuff you gave Stephie to slip in his food made him sick just like you said it would. He is probably upstairs with his head in the toilet. What about you Stephie love, where is your head going to be?"

"As if you didn't know," Steph said as she slid to her knees in front of him and took hold of his cock. "I've missed this guy Brian. There hasn't been a day since school I haven't thought about it."

"What's the matter, hubby can't hack it in bed?"

"Hubby does just fine in bed thank you and I love him to death, but he can't light me up the way you always have."

"Bullshit Stephie, it isn't me and you know it. It is what I bring to the party. How many do you want tonight?"

"As many as I can get in three hours. After that I need to get back up to my hubby."

Brian nodded to the man on the couch and he picked up the phone and punched in a number. When the phone was answered all he said was, "We're ready" and he hung up the phone. Brian pulled his cock out of Steph's mouth, turned her toward the man on the couch and she dutifully walked over to him, bent at the waist and took his cock in her mouth. Brian moved up behind her, nudged her legs apart and then entered her from behind and started fucking her. Two minutes later there was knock on the door and Brian pulled out of Steph long enough to walk over to the door and let three men, one of them black, into the room. After that it was just a fuck-a-thon as the five men took turns using Steph as a cum dump.

And Steph loved it. She moaned, she screamed, she clutched, grabbed and spewed some of the foulest language I'd ever heard come form her mouth. I'd never heard Steph beg to be fucked in her ass, let alone heard her call it her poop chute, her dirt road, her Hershey Highway. I'd never heard her use the words cunt, snatch or fuck hole. She cried out for them to give her their splooge, their dick snot, their jizz and their junk. She pleaded with all of them to get her pregnant (even though her tubes had been tied), knock her up, give her a fat belly. She was especially hot for the black guy to get her pregnant.

"Imagine my hubby's face when a black baby pops out. Come on baby, you can do it. Flood me with your black baby making seed, drowned my eggs, give me twins, triplets even. Come on lover, cuckold my white husband."

Steph took them on two and three at a time. She was on her knees with a cock in her mouth and one in her ass when Brian said:

"Hurry up and finish guys. We have to get the lady back to her husband."

The two finished and Steph dressed and Brian handed her an envelope. "Just a little in his food every day will keep him too sick to want to make love. Just keep dosing his food until you think your holes are closed up enough."

While Steph was dropping the envelope in her purse I saw the black man dump something in a drink and mix it up until it dissolved. He walked over to Steph, handed her the drink and said:

"Here, drink this. Swish it around in your mouth a few times before you swallow it so it will wash the taste of cock and cum out of your mouth. Wouldn't want hubby to notice anything when you kiss him."

"Thanks" Steph said as she took the drink and did as the man had suggested.

I headed for the lobby to confront Steph as she came out of the room, but was slow in getting there. I got into the lobby just in time to see Steph stagger and the black man catch her before she could fall. She looked glassy eyed and suddenly I understood. The black man hadn't given Steph something to kill the taste of cum in her mouth — he had drugged her. I watched as he walked her out the front door and then waved. Seconds later a car pulled up and the man pushed Steph into the back seat.

I stood there, confused by the sudden turn of events, but I suddenly snapped out of my confused state. I didn't give a rats ass what was going to happen to Steph, but I didn't want any of it coming back on me so I rushed to the door in time to get the license plate number of the car before it drove off. Then I went up to the room and went to bed.

The next day I got up and noticed that Steph wasn't there and shrugged my shoulders 'so what'. I went down to the beach and stretched out to soak up some sun. About an hour later someone put a blanket down beside me and I looked over and saw that it was the ravishing redhead. She smiled at me:

"Mind if I squat down here beside you?"

"Not at all."

"I didn't think you would. Where did you go last night?"


"You left before it got interesting. I had the room service waiter call a couple of friends."

I was busted so I just smiled and said, "I had to leave before I kicked down the door to get in and join you."

"Too bad you didn't. I might not have had to have the waiter call for reinforcements. Do you often peep in windows?"

"No, but when you leave the lights on and don't close the drapes you can be seen from the beach and there aren't many men that I know who would pass up a show like that."

"You don't lie well sweetie. You were looking in the wrong room, weren't you? You meant to look in the one next to mine."

"How did you know?"

"I was seeing my herd out the door when your wife and her herd came out of the room. And where is your wife today?"

"She ran off with some black dude."

"You don't seem to be too worried about it."

"I'm not."

"You one of those couples that have an arrangement?"

"No. She decided to cheat and she got caught. When she gets back I'll let her know she's history and I'll move on" and then I explained the situation to her.

"Poor baby. Need some comforting?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's my last day here and I want to make the most of it. Want to play?"

"I don't think so. Not that I wouldn't love to, but I remember something that my first grade teacher wrote on one of my report cards. She noticed that I didn't play well with others."

She looked at me confused and then it dawned on her, "Oh no sweetie, it will be just you and me. I only do what I did last night once in a great while."

"Why do it at all?"

"You're a man sweetie and you wouldn't understand, but there is absolutely nothing in the world as satisfying to a woman as a good gangbang. I did them all the time in college, but I had to put them behind me when I got married."

"You are married?"

"Oh yes, and very happily too."

"I don't understand. How can you be happily married and do what you did last night?"

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