How It Started

by Dual Writer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Squirting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chuck and Shirley's introduction to multiple partners. This is how people get started "swinging." If the truth be told, I'll bet it's women who talk their husbands into playing, instead of the other way around.

People are strange. At least some of the people I associate with are very strange. What's worse is that my loving wife seems drawn to strange.

My loving wife Shirley and I were married extremely young. Like many young couples we manufactured children till we found out where they came from then Shirley got her tubes tied and I got a snip job. The good news, no more kids. The really good news, now we could fuck like bunnies without worrying about bringing another rug-rat into the world.

Since our first time, Shirley and I have been hot for each other continuously. We have constantly made time for some sexy play.

Shirley has two very dear friends that had similar lives of raising kids, tending a husband, and still remaining a woman. That means they are a good mom, a great housewife and a dynamite mate. What more could a guy ask for. I didn't ask for anything. Shirley did. Her two buddies, Nancy and Mel, (that's short for Melody) were also married with two kids each but feeling like they were missing out on something.

You need to know a little about these two other ladies, and I use that term very loosely when talking about those two.

First is Nancy, Shirley's best friend since near birth. They grew up together and were friends throughout grade school and high school. It was Nancy who supplied the first condoms Shirley and I used when we were experimenting. Nancy's dad runs the local drug store. Later after we were married, Shirley talked me into demonstrating to Nancy what lovemaking was all about. In other words we fooled around while Nancy ogled us. The big capper was when Shirley insisted that I take Nancy's horrid virginity and dispose of it. Shirley made sure that upon the completion of my efforts with Nancy that she had thoroughly loved to be fucked. I still can't believe a little farmer's daughter like Shirley would insist her husband do the deed on her best friend.

Then there is Melody. When we were in high school, there were rumors that she might have been a little loose. Perhaps she was even very loose. The surprising thing was that no guys ever went around bragging they got into her pants. Melody's brother was a year older and watched out for her but just the same, I would hear hushed talk that she may be "wild." You know what that means. She fucks. Maybe. Later I found out she was so crazy wild she would have put Playboy out of business if guys could have just heard of her exploits.

Anyway, Shirley, Nancy and Melody became three extremely close, good friends. If Shirley was not at home, she would be at one or the other's house. The three would get together, throw their kids together and have a women's gossip party for most of an afternoon. They would plan activities that put our three families together on a regular basis.

I became good friends with Melody's husband Zack and Nancy's husband Rob. Zack was a little older than Rob and I but was fun to be around. While Rob and I were just regular working guys, Zack was a teacher. To be exact he was a college professor at the local community college. Melody and Zack met when Melody was attending the university making new records for how many guys she could do in a night or day or week or hour. I don't think she ever tried doing several guys in a minute but if she had been challenged, she would have broken a record. Anyway, Zack caught her or she caught Zack and Rob and I figured he had settled her down.


Approximately eight or nine years after we were married and about five or six years after Nancy and Melody were married, Shirley blindsided me one late Tuesday night with, "I think us three couples should get together and do what is called swinging. You know, where we all get together, take off all our clothes and play with each other."

At least she had waited till I was sitting down to hit me with this. As my chin kept sagging farther and farther open Shirley defended her position. "You've already fooled around with Nancy many times but I've never been able to do that with anyone else. I think I'd like to see if there is anything different about doing it with Rob or Zack or someone else. Don't you think it would be exciting to be able to do Melody and Nancy one right after the other?"


"Oh don't give me that. When you were screwing Nancy for me, you loved it. You would do her till she couldn't walk then you would be so hot you would wear me out. Just think, you could do all three of us."

"What does Rob and Zack think about this?" I asked wondering where this came from.

"Nancy is talking to Rob tonight like I am with you. Melody and Zack already do stuff with a few other couples."

"No way, who?"

"I promised to never tell. If we do stuff with them then we will probably play with their friends too."

"You mean you want you and I to screw around with Rob and Nancy and Zack and Melody plus several other unknown couples?"

"Well I'm not sure about the other couples but I do want to try it out with Melody and Nancy."

"What all will we do?"

"Oh silly, we will all fuck. Nancy, Melody and I may show you guys what we do with each other when we are really horny and you guys aren't around."

"What do you mean do with each other."

"You know girls can fool around with each other. We do that some time. You watched Nancy and I together. You said it made you horny. Now Nancy comes over sometimes and when we put all the kids down for a nap, we go down on each other. Fun time."

"You mean you two are lesbians?"

"No, no, we just like sex enough that when we don't have you around, we know how to get each other off."

"How do you do that?"

"The same way you do it. With your kisses, your tongue, and fingers. You make me come all the time long before you put your thing in me."

"It's not a thing. It's my dick, my peter, my penis, my cock, but not a thing."

"Okay, you make me come lots, long before you fuck me."

"You do that with or, ah, do that to each other?"

"You bet. We get down with each other and lick and suck each other till our legs shake."

"You guys do this often?"

"Not too often, once or twice a week depending on whether we're getting a lot or a little from you guys."

"You turn me down for seconds or thirds more often than I'm not ready for you?" I protested.

"Only because I know if you just start playing and want to roll on top of me right away that you just want to get off fast and I may not catch up. That's when I need something extra. I want one of those things that look like a penis, a dildo. The next time you go to the city, I want you to go to one of those sex stores and get one for me. That way when you don't want any more, or just want to get off quick, I can have something similar that won't quit or get soft. Melody has one that Nancy and I use on each other. It's really good."

"This is all very interesting. Why don't we go to bed and discuss this a little more."

"You just want to fuck me now that I've made you think of nothing but sex for last few minutes. You're probably thinking about thumping Melody or Nancy. You like Nancy's big tits, I know because you used to play with them so much. Don't you want to do that some more?"

"Okay, okay we can get together with them but Rob has to be okay with this too. You said Zack and Melody already to do this stuff so Rob may be the hold up."

"I don't think so. I'll bet Rob has come three times already thinking how he's going to be able to fool around with Melody and I."

"Why is that? Why do you think that?"

"Melody said she would call if Rob felt bad about this. If he didn't and was agreeable to try it out, she was going to fuck him senseless for being open minded."

"Do I get a reward for being open minded?"

"Of course, you get to do to me what you used to love to do to me. I want you to fuck me then squirt your stuff all over me. From what I hear from the other two girls, you are going to surprise them. You shoot so much of that stuff when you come you will shock all of them. They will probably want to play with it the same as I do. Wouldn't you like to squirt your stuff all over Nancy's big tits?"

"You make more of a mess than I do. When you get really hot, you squirt juices all over the place. That's why we have a plastic mattress cover. Anyway, let's go to bed, we're wasting time, let me spread my stuff all over you."

Shirley gave me a very promising kiss, a squeeze on my very hard dick then got up and headed to the bedroom. I checked the doors, shut off the lights and headed in the same direction.

We did play for an extended period of time with Shirley often forgetting to be a quiet mother fucker. Or is that mother being fucked. Whatever she was it was not quiet. She was also covered in three loads of daddy juice by the time we quit and we were both laying in a giant wet spot supplied by Shirley's come fountain.

A good nights rest was had by all.

Chapter Two

Over the balance of the week I had the opportunity to hear from Rob on Wednesday night. He was all for it, encouraging me to let it all hang out. That could be taken several ways considering the topic.

"Man, don't you want to play with Nancy's big tits? I would love to suck on Shirley's big nipples. They are always sticking out. And then there is that sexy Melody. Don't you know she is probably one hot fuck. I'll bet she sucks dick too."

"Nancy doesn't suck you?"

"No, My Nancy is a lady."

"But you want me and Zack to fuck your lady."

"I'll be doing Shirley and Melody."

"Does that mean that Nancy won't suck my cock?"

"Yeah right, like she'll dive down on you and give you a hummer. Sure. Just like Shirley gives you a BJ all the time."

"She does."

"Right. Sure thing buddy. Your Shirley sucks dick, she's a real cocksucker."

"She is an absolutely great cocksucker as you so crudely put it. We suck each other all the time."

"You put you mouth on her pussy?"

"Every chance I get."

"Ugh, I don't want to lick up piss."

"What piss, the girls wipe themselves every time they go to the bathroom. I'm sure Nancy is very clean down there. I'll bet she leaks up a storm every time you two play."

"She does get wet, wet enough that I slide right in. I diddle her with my finger and make her come sometimes but mostly we just fuck."

"You need a teacher. Perhaps you need to be locked up with Melody or Shirley a little while to be taught how to take care of a lady."

"I don't know about putting my tongue into a pussy. Sounds nasty."

"Once you taste a hot pussy, you'll be wanting to feast down there all the time."

"We'll see. So do want to fuck my old lady or not?"

"That's kind of crude. I think it would be fun to fool around with Nancy. I'll bet she can be a hot one."

"So are going to do it?"

"Yes, I've already told Shirley we could try it out."

"Good. The girls are all taking the kids to their mom's for the night. We'll all be able to play all night. We're to meet over at Zack and Mel's because they have a big hot tub plus that big screened porch and pool with all those heavy duty sexy loungers."

"I like the hot tub."

"See you Friday night."

It couldn't have been twenty minutes later that Zack called.

"Hey Chuck."

"Hey Zack, what's up."

"Me, for Friday night. I'm up for sure thinking about the fun we're going to have."

"Have you been talking to Rob?"

"Yeah, just got off the phone with him. He's going ballistic anticipating what we're going to do."

"Shirley tells me you and Mel are pretty experienced doing this kind of thing."

"A little. We have some friends we do stuff with but not really close friends like the ladies are or you, Rob and me are."

"She told me the ladies get really close sometimes. She told me in on their mutual playtime private parties."

"Melody tells me about their little girly orgies all the time. She says Nancy and Shirley are both hot women. She also says you have some history with Nancy."

"That's probably something we should forget to mention to Rob. He doesn't know because Nancy never told him."

"Understood. Melody says she's going to teach Rob to eat pussy or suffocate him one or the other. She says that Nancy tells her he never eats her."

"Yeah, he told me tonight that he doesn't do that."

"Mel tells me you and Shirley are kinky. She says Shirley talks about you two swapping come, you eating her after you've fucked her, and kissing her after she gives you a BJ."

"You don't do that?"

"I will, but not as willingly as you seem to be."

"It makes Shirley go wild. I'll bet it will make the other girls equally as crazy. Shirley likes the taste and gets off playing with it. Nancy used to too.

I continued with, "You're really something Zack. You're married to a hottie like Mel. You're already going to orgies or wife swapping parties or whatever you call it and you're calling me kinky?"

"Mel likes me to shoot on her, especially her tits. She'll rub it all over and giggle at me while she's doing it. Sometimes when she's giving me head she'll pull me out of her mouth while I'm coming and it gets all over her face and neck. She makes me kiss her when she does that. It's not too bad but I don't look forward to it. I do like to get head though."

"So Zack, how's this supposed to work Friday night. We come to your house strip down choose up sides and go at it?"

"Not that crude Chuck. It's nice to have a couple of drinks before a light supper with wine then after we settle down we might get in the hot tub or the pool to relax."

"Skinny dipping huh?"

"You can't enjoy the hot tub clothed can you? The girls find all kinds of ways to entertain themselves with the jets in the hot tub."

"I know, Shirley tells me how great it is."

"It can feel good to guys to but I think the girls get the most from the jets."

"So what happens then, when do we choose up sides and have the boinking contest?"

"Once we're all relaxed, it sort of evolves. Mel will probably start something that will get everyone else interested then it's playtime for all."

"Sorry to be skeptical but somehow I think Rob is going to have a problem when he sees his wife on all fours with you or I pounding her."

"He might but if he has his dick in Mel or Shirley's mouth while it's happening, he will probably have a little different attitude. What about you, are you going to be okay watching Shirley with me or Rob?"

"I think so, I've watched her play with Nancy until neither one of them could stand up and it didn't bother me. It was pretty exciting to see them get each other off so intensely. It was a learning experience for me too. Watching Nancy and Shirley do each other taught me what to do when I play with Shirley and I guess now with Melody too."

"Hadn't thought of watching as a learning experience. Every time I see Mel doing another lady it turns me on but I'm too interested in joining in to really pay attention to details."

"So you think this will just begin to happen. No bell to ring signifying the fucking will begin, no pieces of paper to draw from a hat, one second we'll be shooting the shit and the next we'll be humping?"

"Something like that. However it happens it will make Mel the happiest girl around. She has wanted her two girl friends to swing with us since we started fooling around with other couples. She says she can't wait to have one us fucking her while she has her face in one of her girl friends pussy."

"That's pretty graphic. I think I'd like to watch that too."

"Just relax and enjoy what happens. You and Shirley are pretty laid back. I'm sure you two will be fine. See you Friday."

When the kids were in bed later that night, Shirley and I were as usual sitting on the couch in front of the TV paying more attention to each other than the tube, talking about our day and coming events.

"Mel said Zack and Rob called you. What did you guys talk about?"

"Rob was kind of raw. All he's thinking of is getting to bang two new ladies. He doesn't seem to be too enthusiastic about playing the way we do."

"Nancy tells us he won't lick or kiss her down there. Mel says we should tie him up and sit on his face. Nancy says all he can think of is that she pees from there."

"Rob said that his Nancy was a lady and didn't suck him either."

Shirley laughed at that, "Yeah, Nancy says every time she's tried to give him a BJ he pushes her away."

"Funny isn't it. At the same time he was looking forward to getting head from Mel. I told him once he gets a taste of hot pussy, we would be under Nancy's skirt all the time."

"Oh honey, just the thought of some of your kisses is making me wet."

"Let's go to bed then. I'm ready."

"You're always ready. Shouldn't you save it up for Friday?"

"No way. My balls would be busting if I waited till then."

"You're just spoiled. If you don't get off at least once every day, you pout."

"I do not pout and look what pot's calling the kettle black. You get bitchy if I don't get you off two or three times a night even when you're having your period. At least I can be content with only once."

"It's different with girls. We need to get off more than guys, at least I do. And mister neglected when is the last time I only got you off once, it was probably when we stayed over at mom and dad's. Then the only reason was you were so tired from helping Dad put a new roof on the barn you fell asleep. I had to lay there diddling myself to get satisfied while I listened to you snore."

"Jeez, you're so neglected."

I gave my little Shirley a kiss then asked, "You sure you're okay with this? You going to have second thoughts when we are all together seeing me doing stuff with your girl friends?"

Shirley had started rummaging in my lap while we were talking about the coming party. "I watched you with Nancy a lot before she was married. That didn't bother me. I'm curious to see what Mel will think when you do all your stuff to her. I want to watch you squirt your stuff all over her. She'll flip out. She has never believed Nancy or me. I don't think Zack shoots as much as you do. He's pretty big she says, at least real long. You're pretty long but your claim to fame is how fat your thing is and how much stuff comes out of you every time you get off."

"Well I'm curious what the guys will think when your pussy begins it's "Old Faithful" routine. If you get really excited doing stuff, you're going go off like a fountain."

"I'm a little concerned about that. I hope they don't think I'm peeing on them or something. Mel and Nancy know about that and Mel doesn't think it's that common."

"Now that you have that thing big and stiff, would you like to go put it to some good use? I think I'd like a taste of the Shirley special, what do you think."

My little wife jumped up and pulled me up to follow her to our bedroom.

We did a lot of tasting, falling to sleep in each others arms in our ever present wet spot.

Chapter Three

All Friday I had some seconds thoughts about the coming evening. I wasn't being jealous, just apprehensive. Rob was boisterous and in the past mostly all talk. Usually getting him to try something different took cajoling or harassment. The way we usually got him to try something new was to make him think he was getting the better of a deal. Perhaps he was only thinking with his little head, thinking he was getting the better of the deal.

Shirley had been so excited this morning that she woke me with her mouth then flooded my face when I returned the favor. She said she was going to be horny all day thinking about the party. She wouldn't go back for seconds saying I needed to at least save up a little for tonight.

The kids were at Shirley's mom's house and we were relaxing in Mel's living room with the other two couples. Zack was his usual cool, laid back self while Rob was as nervous as a nun in a nudist colony. The three women all had a conspiratorial smug look on their faces. We all had two drinks then sat down for a nice light dinner of chicken burgundy over rice with peppered squash with some very nice wine.

We all helped clean up then when the dishes were all in the dishwasher, Mel took off her apron and said, "Why don't we undress and sit in the hot tub while our meal settles."

Mel was pretty sneaky. In the bedroom where Shirley and I took our clothes off, there were two fluffy terrycloth robes for us. Mel was smart to help us amateurs out, helping us to not be hesitant to come out.

When we were all out by the pool and tub, Mel and Zack took their robes off and laid them on a chair then began climbing in the tub inviting the other four of us to join them. Nancy and Shirley had already shed their robes by the time Mel's foot touched the water.

I took my robe off then followed Shirley, getting into the tub. Rob was still standing in his robe gawking at the naked lady flesh before his eyes.

Funny, we three couples had been in the hot tub together nude many times and were never really self-conscious. Now add in the anticipation of the coming intimacies and we became anxious.

Shirley snuggled next to me and instantly began fondling me, waking up my always ready dick. From the way Melody's arm was moving, it looked like she was doing the same. Rob was still deciding whether to take off his robe while Nancy was standing in front of him with her hands on her hips. Rob finally came around and shed the robe. Nancy grabbed hold of Rob's stiffie and pulled him toward the tub.

We were chatting and laughing just like we always did. Mel got out to get us all a glass of wine in plastic wine glasses. When we were all sipping some wine, Shirley decided to up the anti.

Shirley is tiny and limber so she can do things that most girls cannot. She moved my hips out till I was sitting on the edge of the hot tub seat then she climbed on my lap facing me with her arms extended but her hands clasped behind my neck. She said, "Are you ready for me?"

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