Daddy's Friends Turned Me Into a Fucktoy

by Nikki Mounds

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Blackmail, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: I'm home for the hollydays with my best friend. Dad was so happy he called all his best friends for a barbecue by the pool. The old goats have been staring at my boobs since I started growing them, but this time his old and lusty friends wil do more than just ogle my teen body!

I am home from college for the holydays; I bought along my best friend, Lynn Payton. She is a stunning blue eyed blonde with a DD rack, almost as big as my own E-cups, the guys can't take their eyes from her!

In college I was having trouble paying for my expenses, dad has lost his old job and is in a quite inferior one now; he can't send me all the money he used to. But Lynn had the perfect solution. She started working as a stripper in a nearby city and soon she had convinced me to do it too, we are the stars of the strip club! 'Nica Mounds' and 'Busty Lynn'.

But no one home knows about it, our Uni is very far from home. So my secret is safe here! So I am back as the prude and proper girl everyone thinks I am at my hometown, not 'Nica Mounds', the stripper. I don't want people finding out about my 'job' at the University and I know what it could cause on dad. If mom leaving was hard, finding out his 'little princess' is a stripper will kill him! Dad was so happy he organized a barbecue with all his best friends. Since mom left us he had started to drink quite a lot and his buddies are getting less and less respectful of him.

So, here we are, at my house pool, in the garden, with dad already half drunk and six of his friends around. The old guys are trying hard to be discreet as they ogle Lynn and me. Of course, since we are wearing bikinis they have a hard time taking their eyes off our racks!

I see the guys nudging each other and making remarks about our tits. The old pervs are enjoying the view. I am a little disgusted at it, they all are in their mid 40's to early 50's, and I've known most of them since I was a little kid. These old goats have played with me when I was a little girl, they have been to my birthday parties and I sat on their laps, some of them even read me stories when I was a child! Now they are drooling over my body, just because I grew up into a cute big titted girl.

I see Uncle Pete take out his wallet and show something to Uncle Mike, who checks it out and then looks at my direction with wide eyes. I frown, but ignore it until they laugh checking out the paper and start pointing to us. I even think I see him mouthing 'great tits' as the two old guys smile at me. Lynn and I keep sunbathing and ignore them; they are just dirty old men.

"They are talking about us Nica." Lynn says giggling. "Or at least they are talking about our melons!"

"I know ... since I started growing my boobs at thirteen they have been talking about my knockers." I shrug. "After all our strip shows I think I'm used to it!" We both laugh.

"But isn't it strange?" She says frowning. "I mean, they are you father's friends, and are ogling our jugs in front of him ... ok, he is too drunk to actually notice a thing, but the old perverts have seen you growing up! How can they get excited at you?" She asks. "Ok, you have great tits and all but..."

Soon they are all there, Mike, Peter, Josh and Ron; they are stealing glances at us and chatting in some conspiratorial way while dad is distracted with the grill. Then Peter and Mike walk over to us. We are laying on sun chairs and enjoying the nice day and I won't let them spoil it, I'll just humor the guys and forget about their lewd stares.

"Hello girls." Peter says with a big smile. Uncle Mike looks nervous, licking his lips and looking from me to Lynn with hungry eyes. My blonde friend didn't even notice they were coming.

"Hi!" I say cutting her as the guys get near to us. "How are you Uncle Peter?" I giggle.

"Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you!" Lynn says with her dazzling smile.

"Hi ... Lynn, isn't it?" He smiles to her. "We're doing fine, how is your summer vacation?"

"Oh, it is ok" I say bored, noticing the direct stares at my mounds.

"Are you girls working during the holiday?" Mike leans forward to shake Lynn's hand getting a look at her awesome tits.

"No, I gave up waiting tables at Larry's." I answer blushing at the lewd conduct by the old man who used to tell me fairy tales when I was eight! Lynn giggles at my discomfort. My blonde friend is quite less shy than I am, her jugs jiggle with the hand shake and she just doesn't care!

"Oh, I think you are used to wilder things, now that you are in college." he turns to me and drops one flier for my strip club on my lap. "You should try this nightclub some time. And, you know, I HAVE seen you there."

"Wh-what?!' I ask grabbing the flier with trembling hands. Lynn shuts up and looks at me scared. "I-I ... it can't be, my college is on the other side of the country! H-how could you..." I stutter nervously.

"Oh, we old guys get to go out occasionally when our wives aren't looking." Pete laughs and elbows Mike. "I caught your show while I was in California during a business travel. We should take your dad there some time!"

"NO!" I say alarmed, louder than I should, but when I look at my father, worried that he may have heard it I see Uncle Josh laughing with him at some joke. As drunk as he is, dad has not heard me.

"Why not? I'm sure he'd love to know his little princess has become something of a celebrity there!" He mocks me cruelly. "And you Lynn, or is it "mounds"?" They both laugh before Pete leans over. "You do have mounds, you're well named Lynn!"

"B-busty ... I-I am busty Lynn." She answers dumbly, too stunned to react in an intelligent way. "Nica is mounds." I elbow her, she just can't think straight!

"Oh, that's right ... mounds!" Mike starts to laugh and dad turns to see what is happening for a moment, making me blush deeply, but he soon looses interest and again concentrates on grilling the meat. "Well, you have mounds, that's for sure Nicole."

"Y-you'll not tell daddy, right?" I gasp and nod in fear. "He is your best friend!"

"I'm not sure..." He leaves a threat in the air before changing subject. "And you 'busty'?" He continues as we sit on the pool chairs, cornered and meek. "I thought your show was awesome. It is a pity Mike missed it." He says it with a sad face. "Well, maybe you can give Mike a private viewing."

I look at my blonde friend with scared wide eyes; she looks as terrified as me. We both turn to the dirty old man in front of us and see they are starting to sport erections, they faces are of pure lust!

"P-private viewing?!" I finally ask.

"Yeah, you know ... a quickie when dad's not looking." Mike laughs adjusting his swelling erection inside his shorts.

"Y-you mean ... now?!' I ask surprised.

"Yes, NOW!" He answers forcefully.

"No way! Her father is just a few feet from us!" Lynn says amazed.

"Well ... maybe he should see the pics too? I know he appreciates a nice pair of tits!" He threatens, both of the guys ogling my tits and hers too.

"I-I don't daddy to see my boobs!' I finally say defeated. Lynn looks at me blushing. This is WEIRD!

"I tell you what, you give old Mike a flash and maybe we won't tell on you, ok?" I'm sure he noticed I almost fainted when he said it. I look at dad, who was explaining to Josh, his old buddy, how to make the perfect steak. "I will go chat to your dad Nicole; he'll not see a thing." I look at him with all the blood drained from my face, I'm scared! "I'll distract him, ok? Deal?"

After a long embarrassing moment I nod blushing. I don't see a way out, the guys want their thrill and if I don't play along they'll ruin my life and make dad feel even worst than what he already does!

After an embarrassing moment Peter walks over to my dad, my old man has his back to me, and starts to chat to him.

"Well girls, let's see 'em!" Mike says licking his lips in anticipation. "You should be proud of what you have." He laughs.

I look at my dad again and see Peter keeping him occupied. He looks over my dad's shoulder and winks with an evil grim.

"'Ok Uncle Mike!" I say and lift my bikini top with trembling hands, baring the large E-cup tits. My areolas are very pale, almost as white as the rest of my skin, and HUGE, the size of coke cans, but the hard nipples are surprisingly small for such big boobs.

"And you Lynn?" Mike asks. Lynn takes a deep breath and fumbles with the bikini top; she ends up undoing the tie on her back, the bikini almost bursting free. "Wow, you two are a matched pair! I haven't seen such racks in a long time." Mike says as he licks his lips and gropes me, right there by the pool! He is groping me with his big hands and chuckling in pleasure.

"Oh my God! Pl-please do-don't do it!" I whisper as his fingers dig into my titflesh.

"C-can I tie my top now?" Lynn asks with her face as red as a tomato.

"No, leave it open, I want a photo." The old man answers, producing a camera and snapping two shots. "I am not sure who is the biggest." He says quietly, almost in awe of our pair of hooters. I gasp and look at the old men wide eyed, too stunned to react, I would NEVER imagine this, Lynn looks at me scared

"N-Nicole is bigger, she is an E cup and I'm a DD." Lynn answers. She is so dumb! The blonde slut is getting him even hornier!

"Yes ... she looks bustier." Mike mentally compares us two. "And I must say Nicole Hangs better too!" He chuckles in glee, like a small child. "What about coming into the house for a while?"

"I-into the house?" I ask tucking my tits back in the top as dad starts to turn towards us. Peter grabs his shoulder and distracts him long enough for Lynn to turn, giving him her back, the perfect bubble butt a match for her large hooters.

"Come into the living room, I know Pete and Josh will want a handful too!" Mike laughs timidly.

"Yes, the guys have been talking about that the whole week!" Peter says returning as dad enters the bathroom.

"Uncle Pete? D-do all the guys know about it?!" I ask scared.

"Of course!" He answers holding my right breast up while dad is peeing. "Oh sure they do we have been looking at the pics but only I have seen you both, now if you are good girls and give us all a private show maybe we wont tell dear daddy."

"Oh God ... I-I should never had done that." I think aloud in shame.

"Oh, please Nicole!" Peter says. "You are so much like your mother. She was a slut too! It is in the blood" He laughs. "Mike, do you remember her on her knees at our poker parties?"

"How can I ever forget?" Mike answers. I look at the old men in shock, not knowing what to do.

Lynn finally has her bikini top back in place and I look stunned at the guys laughing, now Peter and Mike are near me, but I can see the way the other guys look at us, they all know, and they all want a piece of the action! They try to be more subtle when dad stumbles out of the bathroom. Dad is getting really blasted hardly able to walk.

"Nicole, the Whiskey has finished, take another bottle in the house for us!" Dad yells at me laughing and turning his back again.

"Now the fun begins!" Peter says grabbing my hips, hugging me and guiding me into the house.

"Wh-what do you mean?" I ask as Lynn and I go along the two guys to the living room, I have to fetch a whiskey bottle for dad ... a good excuse to be away for a while. They guide us two, talking about our tits and ass all the way, and close the door behind us

As we enter it and get out of dad's line of sight I look at Lynn and control my tears, this is so wrong!

"You know mike she has tits that hang just right. You should see them! And the nipples ... oh my GOD! So hot..." Peter describes my jugs to Mike. "Just like her mother, but I think she is bigger."

"No wonder all the guys want to titty fuck her." Mike agrees. Their open talk gets me even more nervous as we enter the house. "Nica is definitely bigger than her mom. And that Lynn ... fuck she is bigger too!"

I bite my lower lip as I blush. This talk is actually exciting me! I've always been self conscious about my rack, but when I started to strip I also started to love to hear guys praise my body, especially my tits.

"You are right Mike..." Suddenly Peter has his hands on my tits. He is all over me, talking about my size. "That's the way. Now come on Nica, let's see what ya got babe ... take your top off NOW!"

"And Lynn, let's see yours too, I am sure your parents wouldn't approve of your job." Mike says with an evil chuckle.

"P-peter ... Mike!" I say desperate. "Pl-please ... no!"

"Go get her dad Mike." Peter says casually, releasing the hooters for a moment.

"Shut up Nica." Lynn says. "There is no other way ok?" She shrugs. I never knew my blonde friend would be so easy going about fucking guys!

I gasp in fear and grab his hands, with my trembling fingers, guiding them back to my melons.

"That's the way! Good girl." Says mike and gropes Lynn's HUGE tits.

"You know ... I can remember when you were 13 and your mom was around." Peter says amazed. "We all used to talk about your huge rack back then, envying the guys in high school who got to grope you. Now it's our turn. You are next Mike!"

"Yes. Great tits. I would love to get my hand son those tits." Peter agrees. "I wonder if any of them gives head like Nica's old lady used to."

"Y-you can't be thinking I-I..." I turn to you as Mike closes the door. "I can't! I-I have not done that at the club, I just STRIPPED! I'm not a hooker!"

"Oh come on. You're not that shy." Peter laughs. "Give Me a blow job or daddy gets to hear what his little girl is up to."

"Nica, please ... don't be STUPID!" Lynn almost yells at me. "I don't want my family finding out about my stripping and neither does you ... let's do what we must to protect the secret, ok?"

"Ok." I nod without strength to fight and get on my knees. I grab his arm and say after Lynn scolds me. "I-I'll do it!"

"Well, assume the position then." Peter laughs.

"Ok guys ... Nica has a rep as a good cocksucker!" Lynn giggles trying to relax, throwing her bikini top away like she does on stage.

"Good." Peter opens his pants, his cock sticks out, a little wrinkly and old cock. "Come on girl, do your thing." He says. I grab Peter's pole and start to jerk it off.

"Yeah." Peter says. "Look at her. She looks like she knows what it's for." He laughs.

"You know guys, when she came into our dorm room I thought she was a stuck up bitch ... a prude!" Lynn says. "But then I found out that with a little 'coaxing' Nicole could get wild."

"It is on her blood." Mike says looking down at Lynn. Only now I notice she is on her knees, sucking on Mike like a slut.

I use one hand to cup his balls and masturbate his shaft with the other. It is very close to my lips

"Oh yeah. Now you're getting it going Nicole." He grunts out. "Come on, I don't have all day. Daddy will be here in a minute."

"I-I..." I start to stutter in shame. I feel embarrassed about it all, stunned and unable to do anything. But by my side I see Lynn slurping around the pole and I get the idea.

"See? Your friend knows who to do it." Peter mocks me. "And your tits look great from here, they hang nicely. I could easily titty fuck them Mike!" Without another word I start to lick and kiss the large member all over.

"Y-you know me for so many years, you have seen me grow up!" I say trying to make him give up the absurd idea. "I sat on your lap when I was a kid!"

"Yeah. And when you did I got a huge boner and could have easily fucked you." He says in anger. "Didn't you remember something hard under your ass when you sat on uncle Pets knees?"

"Y-you wanted to fuck me since I was a child?!"

"Yes. But I had to settle for your mom. We all sued to think about your tits and ass when we did your mother."

"A-are you guys serious?!" I ask in doubt. "M-mom did really ... with you all?!"

"Oh shit! Yeah, she did it all, fucked the whole gang." Peter moans "And dad never found out about it." I am masturbating him with technique and grace, faster now. "Cuckolding your dad actually turned your mom on!"

"See Lynn? She is good ... Nicole has some talent!" Mike mocks me. "She is obviously talented..."

I don't even care about his evil words. My mouth drops. I can't believe what I'm hearing! I notice my tits bouncing are turning the guys on, but it all is not as important as the revelation I just heard, mom was a whore and ad a cuckold. And mom loved it!

I grab Peter's dick with both hands now. I'm tiny, only 5'2" tall and my hands are so small! I jerk him off with the cockhead inside my mouth, swirling my tongue all over the tip.

"Maybe Nica's cunt is as tight as hers was." Mike says dreamingly. "Damn she was a great fuck. She used to love it doggie."

Peter is eagerly watching Lynn really going to work on Mike and I sucking him off big time.

"Mom was a whore..." I think aloud and take the cock into my lips, swallowing the pole and releasing it with my hands to bob my head back and forth, my tongue still flickering around it with well practiced technique.

"Yeah, and God ... she gave great head too." Peter says. "I think it is time to compare you with your mother what do you think?" He laughs.

"At least in tit size she beats her mom, right guys?" Lynn giggles. I slurp on the pole like Lynn is doing. The blonde whore looks to me and winks, she then deep throats the old man.

"Sure she does!" Peter concedes. "We used to watch Nica walking around the house and talk about the way her tits bounced." Peter laughs. "I never saw so many guys going home and fuck their wives thinking of little busty Nicole!"

I start to bob my head back and forth on his lap. This tit talk is actually turning me on! Even in this evil situation I am excited by men's praises.

"I think a little more and I will be ready to titty fuck you honey." Peter says grabbing my hair and looking down at me. He laughs with his hands on my head. "I always wanted to feel your rack around my cock and to cum on those nipples."

I close my eyes and suppress a moan. I do LOVE to give head and now I am sucking him off like a possessed woman. I feel his cock starting to jerk. He is VERY excited.

"Come on; put your tits around me. NOW!" He demands. I nod and obey. The large manhood leaves my lips with a 'pop'. The next moment I carefully land it on my chest, in the ample valley of my cleavage and surrounded by the massive orbs of titflesh. "That's a good little whore." He laughs.

"Like mother like daughter." Mike comments between moans. He was so close and my friend has done such a good work he couldn't hold it anymore. The old man closes his eyes and grabs the pole. Lynn giggles as she gets a face full of Mikes cum.

"You know guys ... Nica used to look down on me because she thought I was a slut ... before I became her friend and convinced to work with me at the strip club." Lynn says giggling. "Now she is sucking old men cock like a pro!"

"Yeah, and doing it well." Peter says with a chuckle. "But I think its time for a little more action. Come on Nica, bend over the sofa. Let's see how you compare with good old mom."

"I-I..." Peter pulls me up by the hair, my huge tits wobbling. I lean backwards and put my back against the couch, cupping my large melons as if offering them to the old guys. Soon I am on my back on the couch, in position for the titfuck.

"Nice rack ... good girl." He says impressed with my sexy pose. Suddenly the old man leans forward and slides his throbbing cock between my melons.

"Uncle Peter!" I moan in protest.

"Shut up Nicole." He orders me and I obey. "Now hold them close..." I do as I'm told. " ... there's a good girl." He chuckles, moving his hips, the tip of his cock peeking out of my huge tits.

"Fuck her tits Peter!" Lynn urges him. "She does not look so proper and prim now does she?" Lynn giggles licking Mike's last drops.

"No she isn't..." He agrees slapping my face slightly, just to draw my attention. "You're quite the slut, aren't you Nicole?"

"Y-yes I am Uncle Peter!" I gag on the words, but I know this is what they want to hear!

"Say you're my slut." Peter orders me. His hips are moving, the large cock jerking in my cleavage. Peter is now panting and grunting.

"I-I am your slut uncle Peter!" I say blushing and moving my jugs back and forth, helping him to titfuck me.

"Yeah, my juggie. Come on, do your uncle Pete." He mocks me. "Get me close so that i can fuck your cunt next." I feel him shivering in pleasure, still grunting. His legs are weak; the big man is crouching now.

"Yes ... yes uncle peter!" I nod moving my mounds faster; kissing the tip every time it appears above my knockers.

"That's enough." He slaps my face again to force me to look up to his evil smile. "Bend over the sofa ... NOW!" I see his tip dripping with anticipation as well as the pleasure he took from my jugs and my mouth.

"See? She is a total slut deep down." Lynn laughs.

"Come on Nicole!" Lynn urges me grabbing my arms and forcing me into all fours on the couch. "Your dad may be drunk, but he'll end up coming into the house to look for you at some time!" I grab the arm of the couch and get ready for what is to come!

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