The Flu Shot Swindle

by Nikki Mounds

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mind Control, School, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: I took a flu shot in campus, but the side effects were not what I expected! How could I know there was a group of researchers and scientists in my colege who used this as an excuse to dominate cute and busty girls like me?

Flu shots. I hate them, they make me feel a little sick for a couple of days and never get flu anyway! But I have no choice, the new college rule has the damned shots obligatory for all students.

Since there are too many students in this University we have appointments and I arrive just in time for mine. I notice this line is made up of girls. Not a single guy! And more intriguing than that, all the girls in this line are good looking girls with big boobs. I know Lynn and Sakura from my classes, both are at least D cups.

I shrug, this strange coincidence doesn't mean a thing and soon it is my time to take the shot.

The doctor is quite young, maybe one of the newly graduated, I see there is another door at the room. Since I've not seen any of the girls exiting it I guess we all leave by the other door.

"Hi." I say not sounding very happy to be here.

"Hello." He looks at the chart. "Nicole? My name is Dr. Zapthos. Everyone calls me Z or Doc, though. How are you feeling today? You look rather healthy to me." I glance at your chest.

Nicole Busty: I am wearing a tank top to make things easier. I know a girl with E cup tits like me draw a lot of attention when she uses low necked tops, but it is such a hot day and I was in the mood for something more comfortable than my usual blouses. Of course, I am wearing my minimizer bra. Even so I could see the drooling faces of the men when I pass them by. This is so disgusting!

"I'm feeling ok." I say sighing. A doctor should not be so prone to ogling his patients. What a creep. "I am feeling fine." I say coldly. "In fact I don't need the shot ... but the college requires it."

"Right ... the new dean wanted to make sure everyone was protected. It's very important. Do you have any problems with taking shots?" He asks as he starts getting the syringe ready.

"Nope." I answer giving him my arm. "Just let's be done with it ok?"

"Of course..." The doctor leans over me and glances down my cleavage as he brings the syringe to my arm.

It is happening again. I hate when men stare at my bosom. I know I have huge boobs, I've been like that since I was 13, and I've always been very self conscious about it. I can't wait to get away from the 'titman' in front of me.

"There you go." Dr. Z says as he injects the solution into my arm. "Now you'll just have to sit here for a few moments so I can make sure that you don't have an adverse reaction. Feeling ok still?"

"Yes, I am feeling ok." I say coldly again. I can't help but think this is some excuse to keep my tits near him for a longer while as he looks down my top. But it is not the whole truth. I begin to feel slightly light-headed and my thoughts seem to be moving in slow motion ... slower and slower...

"Very good." He lightly taps my shoulder waking me up from a daydream.

"Can I go now?" I ask with a slow tone, as if in a daze. I see he notices the slowness of my speech.

"No no, not yet, Nicole. Observation is very important at this point." I nod slowly, agreeing with the man, my nipples harden involuntarily as I feel my breasts swell slightly. What is happening?

"I am feeling ... I don't know, maybe a little tired." I say slightly worried, but still feeling good, as if tipsy. My boobs are hurting now. Maybe it is the reaction to the injection. I look down and see nothing wrong, my chest is as big as ever, maybe I am just imagining this 'swelling' thing. But my bra feels so tight!

"That's perfectly normal. Just keep breathing deeply." The doctor stares openly at my chest as it visibly swells with each inhale ... stretching my top now.

"I-I am feeling strange ... a-and my chest is hurting." I say in torpor, looking up to the man, not even caring the open stares at my hooters

"Really? Remove your top so I can take a look." Z pulls out his stethoscope and smile briefly.

"Err ... well, I-I do-don't think..." I say but my hands grab the bottom of my top, as if it was the right thing to do, as if obeying him was the only natural course of action for me.

"Come now, Nicole ... I'm a doctor. I see tit- er, breasts every day. Now hustle off your kit."

"Ok ... Sorry." I remove the tank top feeling silly for not doing what he told me the first place. He is a doctor, it is normal to show my knockers to a doctor, why didn't I obey him when he told me to take it off? I am so dumb! Dr. Z smiles wider at my minimizer bra. It is now straining against the swelling

"I see you're having some compression and swelling going on here. That's got to be uncomfortable. Remove the bra please."

"I-I ... ok!" Again I start to complain, but this time I shut up and do what I'm told, it feels much better! No need to think and it is much more natural! The young doctor watches my tits spring free.

"There that must feel much better. Now just a little palpation to see if I can see what's going on here..." He begins rubbing each breast in turn. After a short time it feels more like he is feeling me up than examining me.

"I-is it ne-necessary?!" I ask wide eyed. My tits were never THIS sensible! I am feeling my pussy on fire, but still this is wrong! I don't let strangers feel me up like that.

Dr. Z Pulls back and looks me in the eye. "Did that hurt? Because I haven't finished yet."

"No ... i-it didn't hurt." I answer blushing to a deep red face. It was ... fantastic! But I am too shy to actually confess it.

"Good, then let me continue." He goes back to feeling me up and move to stroking and rolling my nipples. "Just testing your responsiveness to make sure the nerves aren't being cut off by the swelling."

"Oooh ... ok!" I answer almost moaning. My mind feels even foggier now. I close my eyes in pleasure and bite my lower lips, feeling hornier than I've ever been in my life.

"How does it feel?"

"I-it doesn't huuurt!" I moan as I answer. He lifts my chin to look me in the eyes.

"Complete truth, Nicole. I'm your doctor. How does this feel?" He rubs a nipple.

"Oh GOD!" I moan and keep my mouth open in lust. "It is good ... it is so fucking GOOD!" I say loosing it. It is just too exciting to believe. I feel his hands kneading and lifting my jugs, I love it! The doctor smiles wide at the response.

"Very good, Nicole. I'm sure you'll find that this continues even if you massage them yourself." He tells me with a grim, licking his lips and obviously enjoying the scene. "It is quite normal for a big titted girl like you to feel this sensitive after the shot, it is just natural for busty girls to get all horny and wet playing with their huge hooters ... You should play with them more often, that's a very healthy exercise!"

I blush and moan, feeling excited and embarrassed at the same time. But, as ashamed as I am, I can't help but nod and keep playing with my melons harder and harder.

"I-I'll do it doc ... I'll play with my breasts everyday from now on ... it feels so good ... and you say this is healthy..." I say feeling a powerful orgasm hit me. I've never been sensitive around my boobs and I've never had an orgasm before ... in fact I have trouble enjoying sex! But this is a must amazing sensation and I am lost in my own personal world of pleasure for a long while, until I hear him calling me again.

"Sorry Nikki, but there is another girl who needs to take the shot, please, move on and exit by the other door." He says and I get 'decent' again, hiding my tits with my top. "See you in the next appointment."

I exit to find another guy waiting for me, this one had a small laptop computer and I see many pics of the girls who previously entered the booth for the shot, as well as what looks like a complete profile of each one. For a moment, before the door is closed, I see Camille, a very busty blonde from the law school, entering by the other door, looking as bored and annoyed as I was when I first got there.

After a short while I give the man on the computer a lot of data about me, even some very personal questions like, my sexual preferences and how many times I have fucked in my life ... it is weird but then ... it is medical info and it must be important for the specialists, Like Z.

I give the man all my contact information and he gives me a bottle full for some strange liquid. I am told I need to drink it everyday at morning to keep my health, since the flu shot I had is a new and more advanced type and I have to go through a month long treatment to be free of flu for a few years.

I agree with everything and go home still in a daze. I don't remember having volunteered to some experiment, but then, being free of flu for a few years sounds good ... and it feels just natural to follow the men's orders.

It's been a week since I had the experimental flu shot, but I am still feeling a strange happiness and I've been distracted in all my classes. I did what I was told all over the week, I started a routine of drinking the foul tasting liquid every morning and even got used to its milky and salty taste. I also keep rubbing my breasts as Doctor Z had told me, in fact it became the best moment of my day! I cum every time I do it...

Somehow my breasts start to swell; I am already an E-cup, now they look HUGE. I give up trying to wear bras, they are too confining and the feel of their material rubbing against my skin makes me orgasm during the day, which is embarrassing! I have to use tops of the sheerest materials or else I just go crazy with horniness at the simple touch of the material to my boobs.

Today I did a bra fitting and found out I am a F-cup now. The other girls I've seen in the flu shot booth also look bigger in the bust area ... strange, the swelling must be some side effect of the shot. I am thinking about calling Z to ask about it when I get a phone call telling me I have another session of the treatment and giving me an address that is on an empty part of the campus, an old lab, rarely used today.

Somehow this doesn't bother me. In fact nothing seams to bother me anymore, I am feeling too good with my constant arousal and the wonderful feeling of my tits as anything touches it, the material of my tops and blouses, the water ... even hot air on my melons excites me!

I put a large tank top and a jeans and walk to the appointed place for the new session of the flu treatment, orgasming twice on the way as the top caresses my knockers' skin. I was so excited about having another dose and finding that nice man, Dr. Z, that I arrived ten minutes earlier.

There are two men in the building door, they look like guards, but are not wearing the college security uniform. They see my ID and talk among themselves for a moment, after checking with someone inside with a cell phone one of them leads me in.

I walk for a maze of dark corridors, the place looks abandoned, until I reach the basement. When the door opens I feel very surprised. Unlike the upper floor this place looks like a busy research center! Lots of shinning new machinery and modern looking computer stuff is being installed and a few old professors whom I recognize from campus are walking around with excited faces, as if something big was brewing. This research for a flu shot looks more important than I imagined!

I am taken to a small room with several metal doors. After a few minutes three of the doors open and I see some girls I know from campus exiting them, Lynn Payton, Maria Castello and Roberta are leaving the rooms. I frown as I notice they look even more top heavy than I remember. I mean, Maria is a busty Latina and Lynn is almost as big titted as me ... Roberta had what looked like perky and nice C cups and was the smallest of the lot. But now I see all of them are at least as big as my new grown F cups! Even Roberta can't be smaller than a Double E!

They all are smiling with dreaming looks on their faces; they walk past me without even noticing I am sitting here. A moment later I see ten men exit the room where Roberta was ... it is so strange! They chat and laugh and sound very happy. An old man in smart suits, looking like some billionaire grandpa, exits the room where Maria has been, he is smoking a cigar and looks very pleased. From the last room, where Lynn was, walks Dr. Z. The old doctor exits the office with a wide smile on his face which only gets wider when he spots me.

"You must be my 3 o'clock. Nicole, was it?"

"Yes sir. Nicole Boketti." I nod standing up from the chair. Doctor Zaphtos nods and looks down at my chart.

"Right, Nicole Boketti. Long name, isn't it?" He smiles to me."You wouldn't want to shorten that, would you?" He laughs politely as he directs me into the room. One of the girls titters behind me quietly.

"My family calls me Nica." I offer, sounding more submissive than I intended and doctor Z laughs louder.

"Okaayyy Nica. But I meant your last name. Nicole Boketti is quite the mouthful, isn't it?" He closes the door behind us as the waiting room erupts into laughter.

"Ohh!" I say dumbly. It's been so hard to think and concentrate on things lately! I must admit I have been lost in my classes the last few days. "I-I didn't think ... I'm not sure ... change my surname? To what?" I stutter confused.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe you could go without it. Like Jordan or Minka or ... or Mitzy." He smiles disarmingly. "Don't worry your pretty little head. I'll think of something for you."

"Ok!" I giggle, thinking it is cute of him to help me with the thinking part. Thinking has become quite difficult in the last week and any help is welcome! Especially from such a nice older man!

I follow him feeling my nipples harden again as the sheer material of the top brushes against my breasts. The "doctor's room" is more of a boarding house than a respectable establishment. A small bed sits in the center of the room. A sink is off to one side with a mirror and a small table is set next to the bed with a variety of metal implements on it. A medicine cabinet sits in the far corner of the room.

"Now, sit on the bed and let me examine you." He pulls over a low stool and looks at my chart again. "Ok, I see you're on flu shot Gamma ... have you been taking the daily dose as well?"

"Yes sir, and the protein complement too." I nod with a smile. "I even got used to its taste..." I sit as ordered.

"Right, Gamma is somewhat thick and salty. Have you been dosing with the eyedropper as instructed?"

"Yes doctor Zaphtos." I nod again. "But I have been noticing some side effects..." I complete blushing, not wanting to worry him.

"Oh? What sort of side effects?"

"I-I think I have a swelling on my breasts a-and..." I blush and feel embarrassed, but he is a doctor, he'll understand! " ... and my boobs are really sensitive now."

"Sensitive?" I raise an eyebrow. "Sensitive, how? Painful you mean?"

"N-no ... not painful ... th-they are sensitive..." I gag and complete. " ... in a good way."

"You mean you receive clitoral or vaginal arousal from the feeling of objects or hands rubbing your breasts?"

I nod blushing to a deep red tone.

"I don't believe you ... you'll just have to show me. Shirt off, hands on breasts. Show me how this happens."

"Y-yes doctor." I nod and remove the top. I feel embarrassed to show him I'm braless, but then, he is a doctor and must have seen hundreds of tits before! "You see? Any touch makes me..." I cup my tits and close my eyes in pleasure. " ... aroused!" Fro half shut eyes I see the good doctor leans back and smiles at my closed eyes and gasping body.

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