Sister in Law

by Rushmore Judd

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Teenagers, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Incest, Sister, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ken's wife teases him and her younger sister with her suggestions. Come along and see just how far she takes it.

He couldn't get it out of his mind. The suggestion. And her sister. He was sitting on his couch and his sister-in-law, Debi, was sitting on the floor while he was massaging her head. His wife sat across the room in her favorite chair. Her sister was staying with them for the weekend and she had just driven 200 miles to get there, complaining of a headache. They had dinner and were on their second bottle of wine, when he offered to rub her head. The three of them chatted idly while he pressed his palms into Debi's forehead and rubbed her temples. He continued rubbing all of her face and the back of her neck. Debi was having trouble keeping up her end of the conversation and a lull fell across the room. She was murmuring softly to indicate her enjoyment of his rubbing when her sister broke the silence.

"He has great hands, don't you think?" "Mmmmmm," she responded. "Can you imagine how good it feels when he applies them all over your body?" Silence. "Take it from me, it's great. Or maybe you shouldn't just take my word for it. Maybe I should let him give you a full body massage. I don't think he would object. Would you, Ken?" "No objection here," he responded quickly, a bit shocked at his wife's suggestion. He continued rubbing trying to put all the sensuality he could muster while attending her neck and shoulders. "Well, would you like to have him give you a full body massage, Deb?"

Debi, who was only 20, nervously — almost unconvincingly — said 'Not right now.' While Debi was very cute she did have a lot of experience with men. She had dated but her natural shyness and proper upbringing resulted in a few relationships with men that had actually developed into sexual ones. She wasn't a virgin but was still a bit naïve. The comments by her sister broke the mood and she thanked him for the head rub, got up and excused herself to the bathroom.

"Would you really have let me give her a full body massage?" he said. "Yes, I would have, if she wanted it." Debi returned and sat on the opposite end of the couch from him. "Have you ever had a foot massage," he asked. "It's not a full body massage but would you like to try that?" "OK, I'll try that," Debi responded. She spread out her legs toward him on the couch. Her feet were already bare, so he got to work with his magic hands on her feet. Debi who had never really had a foot massage was amazed at how relaxing it was and how good it felt. He massaged one foot using both hands to squeeze a single foot and running his thumbs down the middle of her bottom. When he switched feet he rested her first foot in his crotch. He had a hardon (he had it since his wife had made that suggestion) and her foot rested just at the bottom of it. As he massaged the other foot, Debi would casually stretch the other one or move it slightly almost imperceptibly. But it was hardly imperceptible to him and it caused him considerable extra excitement, which he used as incentive to continue rubbing her feet. As he switched back and forth between feet Debi would take the opportunity to rub her feet up and down his crotch. Debi's sister sat in her chair and watched with a relaxed smile on her face. Actually it was quite a devilish smile, thought Ken.

Before long it was time for bed. He was the first into bed and is wife followed shortly. Debi was in the bathroom. He was lying in bed on his back, the existence of his hardon clearly visible under the covers. His wife left the door open as she changed into her nightshirt. "I see you liked rubbing. Debi." "Yes," he said, "your suggestion drove me crazy. Did you really mean it?" "Sure, why not. Debi deserves some fun. I think I would enjoy watching that. In fact, maybe we should invite her into our bed tonight, now that she has had some time to think about it. What would you think of that?" "I would have absolutely no problem with that, but wouldn't you get jealous?" "Not with my sister!" she said, "Not if she wanted it." "How far would you let me go?" he asked. "As far as she would let you go. Remember, she is just a few years into her womanhood and she might not be ready."

She crawled in under the covers, just as Debi came out of the bathroom. "Hey, Deb, come here a second." She appeared in the door. "There are more towels in the linen closet and an extra blanket in your bedroom closet if you need them." his wife said. "OK," Deb responded. Then his wife reached over the covers and cupped his bulging crotch with her hand. "Look at this Deb. I think he liked the massage more than you did!" and she laughed. "Here, take a better look." And she threw the covers back exposing his boxer shorts, grabbing his cock and pulling it out in plain view. It stood at complete attention in her hand which was wrapped around the middle, fully exposing it bulbous circumcised head. He was flustered for a second but recovered and decided he enjoyed watching Debi look at his excitement.

"Would you like to help me put an end to his swelling?" He was shocked and unfortunately so was Debi, whose face turned a bright red. "No, no, I think that's your job, sis," she said and turned away toward her bedroom. As she was walking away, his wife yelled, "If you change your mind, just come on in." His wife laughed, enjoying her joke on everyone. Debi had left all flustered and confused and he had been embarrassed by having his privates exposed. Something about the situation tickled his wife and she continued laughing as she began to stroke his cock.

The light was still on and the door open, but she resisted his suggestion that they close either. "Maybe, she will change her mind," she whispered in his ear. "Or maybe she will just want to peek. I'll bet she masturbates tonight. Can you imagine her masturbating in the other room Ken?" Ken was so excited. His wife was driving him crazy with these thoughts of his sister-in-law. He rolled over, slid his body against hers, lifting her nightshirt to feel her nakedness and rubbing his hips against hers. It wasn't long before his uncontrollable hips, rubbing against her, brought him to a hard spurting orgasm. It would only be the first of three before they went to sleep.

The last orgasm came in the dark while his wife slept and he listened carefully to the low moans coming down the hall from Debi's room. He thought he was spent until he heard her moan in the quiet night. Thinking of Debi masturbating and wondering what she was thinking about. How good a massage would feel. How she might help her sister comfort him in his time of need. Sneaking down the hall and watching. Did she watch he wondered? With the light on and the door open it was be easy for her to watch undetected. Is that why she is masturbating now, an hour and a half after bedtime? Was she deliberately moaning loud enough for him to hear? Did she want him to go to her? He began thinking about licking her tight pussy and playing with her clit. Thinking about her rubbing her clit right now as stroked his own cock and he came for a third time, perhaps just when she did because she seemed quiet then.

He slept solidly and got up late — after the two women were up and dressed. He had hoped to be awake when they went prancing around in the morning. Oh well, Deb was staying for another night and he would probably have a hardon all day thinking about what might happen.


Debi had all day to think about it, too. She kept recalling the sight of his huge cock, lying against his naked stomach when her sister pulled the covers back last night. He wanted her. He wanted her bad and she did notice his crotch all day and saw the outline of his hardon a couple of times. Poor baby, she thought and realized that she enjoyed teasing him. She thought she was doing her sister a favor by teasing him. She certainly seemed in a good mood this morning. So she kept flirting with him all day. She used word play with suggestive double entendres. She touched him frequently with her hands. Occasionally bumping into him, body against body; her firm breasts pressed up against his shoulders or his back.

She decided that if she had the opportunity, she would take him up on his body rub tonight. But as they lay down around the living room, after dinner, she became impatient with waiting for one of them to raise it and finally asked. "Is your offer for a massage, still open?" She was lying on her side in the middle of the living room. "Yes! Yes!" he said trying in vain not to sound too anxious. She put the throw pillow under her head and rolled over onto her stomach. "Well I'm ready," she said.

"No, no, we must do it right," her sister jumped in. "Let's get set up. You need to take off those clothes in order for him to use his long smooth strokes. While your doing that I will put some cushions on the floor."

When Debi returned from the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel, the lights in the room had been replaced with the light from about eight candles spread around the room. The cushions from the couch had been placed on the floor and a sheet wrapped around them. Her sister was sitting in the single chair that framed the open space now filled with the makeshift bed. Ken stood next to the bed towering over it watching Debi with intense eyes as she walked into the room.

Debi quickly got down on the sheet removing the towel from her as she lowered herself, laying it across her behind. She was proud of how gracefully she was able to make this move in one easy movement. Ken got a glimpse of her breasts and she knew that. He also noticed she was still wearing her white cotton panties. It signaled her blushing innocence and Ken found that even more exciting.

He had his special massage oil which could be used sparingly and had a pleasant scent. He warmed it in his hands and used large broad circular strokes across her back. Spending plenty of time on her back, shoulders and neck, his strokes were firm, squeezing the larger muscles but quite gently relaxing Debi. He did each arm individually even rubbing each finger. He returned to her back after doing both arms but this time his strokes were very slow and gentle, almost giving Debi goosebumps. He had a hardon the entire time and his wife seemed almost fixated on it.

He then focused on her lower back and worked his way below the line of the towel put didn't go below the waistband of the panties she still wore. As he kneaded her hips and lower back. He couldn't help but admire the naked slope of her creamy back. She was a beautiful young girl, he thought. He could tell the effect was beginning to get sensual. He replaced the towel and moved around to reach her feet. This time he massaged her feet while she was on her stomach by lifting each foot so that her knee was bent to a 90° angle. In this position the towel lifted just enough and her legs were spread just enough for him to see that she was actually wearing a white thong. So as he massaged her feet, he was peeking at her ass. His wife said, "Have a nice view, honey?" And he responded that her sister has as nice a back as she did. "It must run in the family."

After putting her second leg back on the makeshift bed, he began to massage her legs rubbing up and down — each time going higher and higher. He moved all the way up her leg, surrounding it with both hands and slowly just creasing the inside of her pussy with the top of his inside hand. He wouldn't stay there — just crease her pussy and roll his hands away, move down the leg and back up again. First he did one leg and then the other. Debi had her eyes closed and was in total enjoyment.

"Only two more muscles left on this side and we'll do the other. How are you doing, Deb?" he asked. She murmured as she thought about what she will use the one towel to cover when she turned over. If she wasn't so relaxed she would have been startled as Ken moved beside her and lifted the towel from one side to show half of her ass. But she was enjoying the whole thing too much to complain and it should be her sister who complains if it goes too far. Ken put both hands on the semicircle of her rump and squeezed and kneaded and pressed and Debi loved it. He moved over to the other side and did it the same way. After a bit of a vigorous action, although his fingertips did find their way along the insides of her crack, he replaced the towel. She was still wearing her thong, so he never got into any truly sensitive spots. (Or at least, that was how Debi was justifying it.)

He then straddled her in the small of her back with one knee on each of her sides and his face facing her feet. He reached under the towel and very gently began to rub her ass in large motions that contoured her plump ass. When both hands slide over the bottom of her ass cheeks, it felt great, and Debi was quietly moaning. He could almost feel the vibrations of her moan within the arch of his legs. His wife gave him a fingered hi-sign while she grinned her approval. She was sitting leaning forward in her chair with her legs crossed. The leg on top was swaying back and forth strongly enough to shake her hips in rhythm.

He continued to rub her ass and lower back and he eventually removed the towel with no objection from Debi. Her moans seemed involuntary and were at their height when his hands moved slowly and gently from top to bottom with his thumbs running along the inside of her rump. Sometimes he would gently pull her crack open causing her to feel the strap of her thong to fit tighter in her crack. Sometimes he would gently run the thumbs one right behind the other right down the middle of her crack touching the strap of her thong with the tips of his thumbs. Debi would just moan, louder now so her sister could hear.

"Time to turn over, Deb" and she responded with something mumbled about being all done. "No you're not!" said her sister. "I'll help you turn her over."

And she got up and grabbed her head and shoulders while Ken took her feet and with a little help from Debi had her turned over in a an instant. Debi put her arms in front of her breasts and felt naked. You could still see much of her breasts. While they were probably a B cup, they were full and looked like they might even still be growing. They were at that stage of breast development where their growth was keeping the skin taut and the shape firm even lying down.

She didn't know where the towel was, but Ken retrieved it and placed it over her breasts. He massaged her face and head, around her ears. Debi found this (and the surprising towel move) relaxed her. Kneeling above her head with his back to his wife, Ken massaged her neck and the top of her shoulders. He then moved to her side, removing the towel from her breasts and placing it over Debi's face. It felt to Debi a bit like an ostrich hiding their head while the rest of their body is exposed. His hands roamed over her entire chest including breast and non breast parts. Her nipples were rock hard and standing at attention. If she could see what Ken saw she would be embarrassed.

He reached across and pulled up the skin from her far side up toward her breast, eventually both hands converging around the volume of her breast sliding gently across her nipples. He switched his movements to one hand following the other, each stroke starting at her side and moving toward her middle over her breasts and over her stomach. The movements became gentle and fast and Debi was back in her ecstasy. He moved around her to do the other side. Ken noticed that his wife was sitting with her legs akimbo on the seat of the chair and her hands resting in the crotch of her sweatpants.

Ken finished her chest with fluttering touches across her stomach and breasts. He alternated with a few slow well contacted strokes. His hands would roam down across her stomach and even across the front of her panties, then down the top flat sides beside her mons and to the top of her thighs. He used slow gentle strokes that started at one end — her feet, for example — and then slid all the way up her legs, across her torso, around the curves of her breasts and up her neck to finish with all ten fingers working their way through her hair to the top of her head. And then he would reverse it going down. Debi put her hands under her head and stretched, arching her back, while Ken continued his stroking.

"Should I give her the full hand treatment?" Ken asked his wife.

"I hear no objections from Debi. Give her your magic touch finish."

Ken focused on Debi's breasts, especially her nipples. He tweaked them and tickled them by running one finger tip across and around her areola. They were probably as big as they had ever been but Debi could just feel them and imagine. Ken moved slowly down her front toward her sides. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of Debi's thong and smoothly removed them as he slid his hands down her legs, pulling them over her feet. The sides went down easily but the very center strap stuck to her pussy before Ken's continuous slide tugged it out. She was soaking wet.

Ken lifted one of Debi's limp legs and opened her up. He sat in between her legs and started each hand on her ankle and moved up both legs at the same time. As he neared the junction of her legs his hands stopped forming a circle around her pussy. He ran the edges of his thumbs lightly through the light blonde hairs of her pussy. She trimmed her pussy but still left most of her natural thin hair. It was a very fine texture. Here he was, thought Ken, with his hands all around Debi's naked pussy. God, life was good to him.

He started slowly using light patting movements over her hairy mons. Debi was having trouble containing all of her excitement in her stretches and her hips were moving. "Do her right and you will be rewarded royally, Ken" his wife whispered so all could hear.

Ken then look some oil and dripped it onto her clit directly from the bottle. It felt cool to Debi but didn't have a cooling effect. With one finger he rubbed the oil into the folds of her region, giving equal time to all the parts between the top of her clit to the top of her pussy. He hardly had to move his finger at all as he followed the movement of Debi's hips, letting his finger go farther down as she lifted her hips. He gradually shifted from one finger to his whole palm, caressing across the full space of her swollen lips.

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