Article for Women Who Love Dogs

by Diane O'Dwyer

Copyright© 2008 by Diane O'Dwyer

True Sex Story: Article written for mainly for women, about canine sex Many men say my stories are different. This is probably because most of the others are written by men. The feelings I describe are from a female perspective, not a male point of view. Ask any man to write an erotic story about rape and it will be erotic in content, the same story of accounts written by a female will be a tragedy, of fear and abuse, not sex. This narrative below then is written basically for females.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Zoophilia   .

Males may also find this interesting it is meant first as a female explanation (perhaps excuse?) for my own canine sex experiences, but do also bear in mind that not only is this narrated in my own words but also the views of many other females I have been in touch with or noted opinions of.

Some is also freely quoted from internet articles, not really published for any gain but freely given as advice from other like minded females (like Anna.) To authors like her who I do now quote freely from, I thank and acknowledge her words and advice, to pass them freely on to others.

I have been sexually 'into' dogs for most of my life. I hope that my own knowledge of the subject may go some way to making some explanations for those who are horrified, those who are simply curious, or even the women would like to try it, given my warnings about a guilt complex aftermath. I especially hope that those who have and are already feeling guilt may find some reassurance that they are far, far from alone in their 'sins'.

This is the reason I write this, I hope that by sharing my own sexual experiences with dogs and sharing the enjoyment, regrets and misgivings with other women this information it may in turn help other females. Many women have trouble living in the aftermath of their guilt over past actions, (or perhaps even just for their innocent dreams or fantasies about Dog sex, which many women have trouble living with.)

The first time I had sex with a dog was when I was younger, about 28. Despite the popular fiction about teenagers my own "research" shows that even at 28 this is young. If you exclude those females who reported that they first did it only for commercial gain then the average of all the females first sex experience with dogs were aged 30/48, usually married.

Even though I was experienced sexually at 28 I rarely experienced a real orgasm with a man. Making love with a dog changed all that for me, it was in fact a dog who gave me my first multiple orgasm and it really was a strong one. Since then I have been totally sexually excited by, or being around male dogs ... Its silly but I even imagine that dogs do "know" what I have done with them in the past and sense that I do still want to mate with a dog. Over the last fifteen years I have had perhaps a dozen canine lovers. I thoroughly enjoyed my sex with all of them except one, a large Mastiff who became aggressive.(He frightened me a bit, putting me off sexually.)

A large percentage of men do get turned on by Dog's mating with a woman, even if some men don't admit it. Most females however do not, (or at least imagine they must at all costs pretend being totally disgusted and repulsed by it all, deep down they may well be just as aroused as men.)

Real Cases. 'Michael' once wrote to me and said his wife loved watching porno videos with him, she was kinky about just about everything sexy except dog sex. She talked about being tied up, a mild spanking, swapping sex partners and in the past had a threesome and mild lesbian sex etc. but said that dog sex disgusted her. She wouldn't even sit with him to watch the porn Video's he had borrowed because one showed a dog licking a girl's pussy. If that one came on she would tell him to stop the tape and insist he put something else on instead. It was, "Oh God, that's totally disgusting, I hate it Mike, do take it off."

Then one day he noticed that all his tapes had changed places in their hideaway cupboard, the 2 dog ones were on top, not bottom of their pile! Michael took my advice to set up a "Honey Trap" for her, he did that but he was totally amazed at what actually transpired. He brought out his hidden "stash" of tapes (including the 2 dog ones) one weekend. After snuggling up and getting sexy over a bottle of wine he had her half naked watching them when he suddenly got a work related "emergency" phone call (that he had booked as an alarm earlier) and had to scoot off somewhere urgently, but said he'd only be 20 minutes or so but he would call to get them another bottle of wine on his way back ... He begged her to "start without him," it would make him feel very sexy.

Having earlier flicked their back window curtains apart barely half an inch he then parked the car 200 yards away. Walking quietly back he let himself into his locked and darkened back garden and peeping through the small chink in the curtains was now treated to the sight of his own wife breathlessly masturbating herself on the sofa while intently watching the TV screen. The threesome movie tape had now been changed. His wife was now enjoying the sight of a girl on the screen getting her rocks off thrusting herself back onto the hard cock of the Alsatian over her back. He watched her frig for a while, (with his dick in his hand) came himself when she did and then went back to his car, drove back 200 yards home and drove very noisily into their driveway, then walked in with a bottle of wine he's bought earlier that day to find her coyly masturbating.

But. She was now "watching" a straight video, making her feel very sexy. (The dog video was now firmly back in its case. Like I said "taboo")

She never did admit dogs turned her on, despite him having witnessed it! He set her up again several times. The dog tapes were invariably in a different position on the reel than whatever he left them in the cases. He estimated she watches them both twice a week if he has to work late but to this day swears it is disgusting and not in the least sexy. Odd?

A scientific hypnosis study once recorded that out of a sample of the 50 females who admitted having mild "incest" fantasies of their father in their early teens only 2 admitted the same fact without the hypnosis? Taboo again ... Whatever "floats your boat" some stuff can't be "admitted" You may not get the "admission" but every single female who has heard about inter species sex with dogs & horses has at least "wondered". "Hell, I wonder what their Dick's feel like?" And that is for SURE...

It's in History books too! Zoophilia isn't something newly invented, something our 'Modern Internet depraved human brains have fallen into', in fact it goes back thousands of years in time, believe it or not. Even before the Hellas (Greek) Empire there are legends of humans having intercourse with animals, or half animals. It's quite interesting to read those stories, as a woman, the male is played by an animal and the female by a human woman. Often the texts are very detailed, and in most cases the women get pregnant, giving birth to Gods, half-animals or to humans with animal looks.

Inter species pregnancy is impossible in fact, but whether one should believe the basis that the stories happened or not I don't really know. At least it shows us that in early culture, before our so called modern time there was at least the thought of animal intercourse, if not fact.

With the increasing technology mankind left the fields for the cities, and by doing this we also left the farms, which in theory has created a large gap between man and animals, so you would be forgiven for thinking that Bestiality had decreased dramatically, but in reality it's not that simple. Cat's & Dogs traditionally slept outside in rural areas but people moving to closely populated areas has led to people having pets kept in the home, with this fact the pet-human closeness has increased.

Many households have shown that pets, especially dogs, have now become a part of the Western way of living, the family dog becoming almost a member of the family, sleeping, eating and being a part of the daily routine in a home. With familiarity the obvious possibilities do apply?

It has obviously increased the opportunity and temptation, be it through curiosity or otherwise for women to start mild sexual experimentation (even unconsciously) with male dogs who they feel they know "loves" them I defy any female dog owner to deny she has never at some time "felt up" her dogs genitals out of curiosity while "rubbing its tummy" to see what it "felt like" or what he "would do". Even if it didn't excite her she will have "done" it once, perhaps even masturbating him if he responded.

"What the hell, he likes it and he's been a good boy today." and a quick rub. Afterwards they may be mortified but dozens of women have admitted they have "felt up" their dogs cock through curiosity. (Far, far, more than the percent of men who admit they ever touched a bitch's genitals.)

"I read somewhere that Dog's cock's have a hard bone in it, I know it's gross but I really just had to have a quick feel." Giggle, "Actually he quite liked it, it got so hard! I felt awful teasing him like that."

Most of dog-sexual relations in fact start equally innocently. Some of the women I have spoken to tell me that it started after looking at the dog doing his daily cleaning — Margaret said just the sight of the dog's red penis sticking out of it's sheath really excited her, long before she ever dare touch it she used to just sit in her arm chair and watch him licking himself "with a hard on" while she too sat playing with herself. This happened dozens of times before her going any further. From that she had eventually got up the courage to fondle his penis too.

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