Andy's Big Commission

by jake60

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Be forewarned: there isn't a lot of sex in this story. It is one couple's story; how a situation grows out of control, and how cheating and revenge affects them.

He knew he had the sale made at least a half an hour before he finished his presentation. The tip off was the whispered exchange between John Simmons, the President of GPC Hotels, and Brad Clark, the Vice President in Charge of Operations, after which they both smiled and then watched the rest of the presentation in a very relaxed state. The only question he had now was how big the order would be. He could only hope they would go for the full proposal.

There were five of them in the boardroom, including the two older executives. Brenda Crocker and David Petty, both 20-something junior clerks from the purchasing department, had joined 30 year old Andy Carlson in his sales presentation to the two decision makers. Andy was making his presentation using PowerPoint on his laptop, projected onto a screen at the end of the boardroom. He also had a working Model 6X6 defibrillator to demonstrate to them.

Feeling that the need to sell them on his proposal was over, Andy relaxed as well, and the sections of the presentation covering optional equipment, after sales service and warranty coverage seemed to flash by. When he had finished both John and Brad stood and applauded him, saying his presentation had been remarkably well done, and they were prepared to discuss purchasing the portable defibrillator equipment for all of their properties.

One of Andy's selling points had been the potential to market the fact that they had defibrillators on hand, in case of a heart emergency in one of the exercise areas, swimming pools, or even in a restaurant or bar. Knowing that a lot of their clientele were executives and business travelers who appreciated these kinds of perks helped him as well. The crowning touch had been the cooperation of Brenda and David from the hotel chain's own Purchasing Department.

The two of them had volunteered to be Andy's guinea pigs when it came time to demonstrate the ease of use of the equipment. David Petty became the patient, the apparent victim of a heart attack, slumped in one of the boardroom chairs. Brenda Crocker was the hotel employee who came to his rescue with the defibrillator. The ease with which Brenda was able to read the instructions and connect the machine to David, and then ascertain that he was not in need of a shock to restart his heart was impressive. Relocating the two sensors to a section of the boardroom table to show that it indeed lacked a heart beat and was in dire need of a shock provided a bit of humor, but demonstrated the point that was intended.

The five of them chatted amicably about the equipment for about 15 minutes until the two executives announced that they had another appointment coming up, but that they wanted purchasing to acquire one of the units for each property, plus an additional unit for those hotels whose exercise areas were large enough to sell public memberships. A quick mental calculation by Andy told him that the decision for the extra units would be generating an additional $1500 in commissions for him. It was hard not to grin when he heard that news.

The moment that the door closed behind the two executives, Brenda and David each grabbed Andy's hand to shake it in congratulation.

"I'm so glad they chose to go ahead with this," gushed Brenda. "My grandfather and one of my uncles both died of heart attacks, and I'm sure your machine may have saved them if it had been available then." She let go of his hand and gave him a quick hug.

"Good job, Andy. You had me sold a month ago when you came by the first time. I'm just glad we were able to get the bosses to see your presentation. Your product practically sold itself I think," said David as he continued to shake Andy's hand.

"I just want to thank the two of you for your encouragement and your assistance. This will be a very big order for me, and I appreciate all of your help." Andy was smiling broadly as he had returned Brenda's hug and their handshakes.

The three of them returned to the purchasing department where all of the necessary purchase orders and contracts were signed. In less than an hour all of the paperwork was safely in Andy's briefcase, and he was beginning to relax. He excused himself to visit the men's room, but before he left it to return to the purchasing office he decided to call his wife, Kathy. It was just after 4 p.m. and she should be at home by this time. Her normal hours as a legal secretary were from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

His home phone went unanswered, though, so Andy decided to leave her a message. "Hi, honey. I'm just calling to let you know that I've had a really good day. I'm going to drive back in the morning, and I should be home by supper time. I still have a couple of calls to make on the return drive. Love you."

Andy could barely believe that his largest ever contract had actually been signed. This sale was for over $250, 000, and even though he had had to give price breaks that would eat away at his commission percentage, he still stood to make close to $15,000 in commissions. With this money in the bank he knew he would be able to get Kathy interested once again in starting their family. Her only objection to getting pregnant had been their lack of a financial safety cushion in the bank. This commission would satisfy that problem in spades.

After returning to the purchasing department, Andy got Brenda and David to join him in the break room. They had been very encouraging and helpful to him, and he wanted to reward them both. He didn't really want to include the whole office, so once he had them away from their coworkers, he said, "I really owe the two of you a lot for your help with this contract. Can I take you both out for supper tonight? Would that be all right?"

Brenda and David exchanged glances, and Brenda said, "I'd love to join you, Andy. How about you, David?"

"I'll have to call my wife first and see if she minds. If she's OK with it, I'd be happy to join you." David left the group to make his phone call to his wife, and as he left, Brenda put her arms on Andy's shoulders and gave him another quick congratulatory embrace.

She quickly stepped back, but not before Andy had noticed the firmness of her breasts as they pressed against his chest. If he wasn't married he'd be interested in trying to get to know Brenda better. She was in her mid-twenties, almost exactly his height, 5'10", with long dark blond hair, green eyes, and a very cute face. He was usually no good at estimating women's measurements, but guessed she had a 38, 28, 38 figure. He certainly knew she looked very attractive in her white blouse and dark skirt. While her clothes weren't revealing, they were styled to accentuate her best attributes, her ample chest and her shapely ass.

David was back in a moment, smiling as he said, "My wife says I should enjoy myself and have a nice supper. She's going to go over and visit her mother, and she'll have supper with her. So, where should we go?"

"I'm staying at your local hotel, so how about we meet in the dining room there at 5:30. Would that be OK? I have a couple of calls to make once I get back to my room, and I'd like to freshen up."

5:30 was good for both Brenda and David, so they parted with the agreement to meet each other then. Andy headed back to his hotel room, where he confirmed his appointments for the next day and then called home again. Once again his call went unanswered, but this time he didn't leave a message. Instead, he called his wife's cell phone, only to be informed that it was not in service at that time. Sometimes he wondered why she even had one, considering that she rarely had it turned on when he needed to contact her.

Andy was the first to arrive at the dining room, and quickly arranged for a quiet table for the three of them. In just a couple of minutes both Brenda and David arrived to join him, and they headed for his reserved table. Brenda sat beside Andy, and David took a seat across from him. All three of them ordered a before dinner drink and sat there enjoying each others' company. Andy made a point of thanking them again for their assistance with his sale, and together they toasted his success.

They had a leisurely meal, complete with a couple of glasses of wine each, and soon it was eight o'clock. All three of them were feeling a bit of effect from the drinks they had shared, and after completing their meal with light desserts, they decided to move to the bar for a while. In the bar they selected a booth that was available not too far from the dance floor, and Brenda sat on one side, quickly dragging Andy in to sit beside her.

He noticed that she slid over right beside him once he had sat down, but didn't really mind. Before she had joined them at the dining room, she had obviously made use of her time to make a trip home to change into a sleek black dress, one that discreetly showed a bit of cleavage. It was nice to be sitting beside the best looking women in the bar. Even though he wasn't entertaining any ideas of pursuing Brenda, the company of a beautiful woman was not something he could turn down. He noticed David sneaking glances at her from across the booth, and he wondered if David had ever seen Brenda outside of the office before. The dress was much more attractive on her then the office attire she had been wearing earlier. He had never noticed David paying much attention to her before.

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