by Knight of Passion

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Emily is a virginal schoolgirl who is about to encounter something she never expected...

Emily ran along the road, her feet raising splashes in the shallow puddles, the warm summer breeze drying the white cotton blouse that clung to her blossoming teenage body. The rain had come and gone, though the sky to the south was a dirty, sullen smear that was dark even in the gathering twilight. She glanced at her watch, and increased her pace, her athletic legs carrying her swiftly along the single-track country road. Her boyfriend Luke had promised her a ride home after cheerleading practice, but had decided instead to go drinking with his buddies. Emily had begged him, pleaded with him, to take her home, but...

She shook her head. It didn't matter. He was an ass, and she was better off on her own. And even though she was late, and her parents would be mad at her, it felt good to be running, free and alone and surrounded by nature. A bubbling stream, swollen with rainwater, gurgled along a shallow ditch by the side of the road, the sound of it so soothing that she almost didn't mind the memory of Luke's cruel smile and vulgar suggestion...

Lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice the fist-sized stone that lay ahead. Her right foot landed on it, twisting awkwardly, and Emily fell to the side. She struck the scarred asphalt once, and rolled hard into the ditch, her book-bag gone, her legs submerged in water that was curiously warm. The flow pushed her short skirt up to her hips almost immediately, and, as she lay there stunned, Emily thought for a moment that the pressure of the water against her white cotton panties was more than a little pleasant.

Then the reality struck. She was soaked, half-covered in mud from the stream-bed, alone and vulnerable and still miles from home. "Damn," she spat, slapping the tepid water in disgust, blinking back hot, gluey tears. She would not be overwhelmed. Closing her eyes and drawing a slow, ragged breath, she tried to lift herself up, but could not maintain her balance against the irregular tug of the stream, and landed heavily on her bottom. Sitting on the stream-bed, the water gushing past her up to her belly-button, her buttocks, thighs and calves sinking into the sediment, she felt utterly wretched.

Her vision blurred by tears that she refused to shed, she saw an indistinct shape part the flow of water. For a moment, she thought her bag had tumbled into the ditch with her, but even in the sullen half-light, she quickly realised it was something ... else.

She leaned forward. It rose up.

Emily blanched, her cry of alarm stifled by astonishment. It was a grey-green length of flesh, three or four inches thick and easily a foot long, rising from the turbulent water, its tapered tip pointing toward her as if it was...

She swallowed. As if it was examining her.

Emily remained perfectly still, her eyes wide, not even daring to blink. The object - the creature - moved through the air slowly, sinuous waves passing along it's length as the tip swayed slowly from side to side. Possible explanations tumbled through Emily's mind as she struggled to understand this monstrous, alien thing, but none seemed to fit.

Suddenly, the slime-drenched tentacle whipped through the air in front of her, feinting an attack and driving her back, her palms and heels sinking into the soft mud of the stream-bed as she tried to escape the horrific appendage - but the tentacle paused for just a moment before closing, whip-like, around her slender throat. She struggled; it did not yield. A scream tore from deep in her chest as the tentacle coiled lazily around her throat, growing ever tighter. Emily grabbed at it, her fists closing around the wrist-thick shaft, the viscous slime so slippery that she could barely hold it.

And then, beneath the choppy surface of the warm water, she felt something brush her inner thigh. There's another one, she thought, the knowledge immediate and terrifying. She released the tentacle that bound her throat and thrust her hands into the water, rising panic giving her a surge of strength, but before she could find the source of the questing touch, two more tentacles burst from the water and bound her wrists, easily lifting her hands from the water no matter how hard she fought.

Effortlessly bound, she could offer no further resistance as the delicate touch again ghosted over the exposed flesh of her inner thigh. Hot salty tears ran freely from her closed eyes. The touch - the flesh - drifted up her thigh, stroking flesh that no-one but Emily had ever touched.

Finally, it arrived at her panties, the saturated cotton the only barrier to - no, she protested silently. It isn't possible. Oh, God, it isn't -

It traced the neat cleft of her pussy, pushing indelicately against the delicate flesh, her wet panties doing nothing to disguise the purposeful touch. It pressed harder, and for a terrible moment Emily feared the drenched fabric would give way - but mercifully, it retreated. She groaned as the breath left her body in a relieved rush. Even the slimy bonds that encircled her throat and wrists were bearable, so long as -

She didn't even complete the thought before a sharp pain stung her hips and thighs. It took her a moment to realise what had happened, but the sensation of the warm water rushing over her sex was unmistakable. The creature had torn off her panties, and that could only mean one thing.

The slimy tip brushed inquisitively against her exposed quim, and Emily's stomach lurched - but the revulsion was soon eclipsed by a sudden slash of pain as the tentacle pushed its way inside her. Her eyes wide, her body straining against the restraints, Emily howled at the dark sky. The tentacle parted her labia easily, the abundant lubricant of its slime affording it easy entry. The pain of her torn hymen and the girth of the shaft sinking into her were more painful than she had ever imagined - but as fierce as it was, she clung to it, wrapping herself in the physical torment to try and avoid the terror.

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