The Water Drop

by Dr Know

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife gets seven year itch. The husband explains the consequences through what happens to a water drop caught in shower door

This is my first submission to StoriesOnline. I hope you enjoy my work.


Jan Wilson had been happily married to Pete for seven years. They lived in a nice four-bedroom home just north of Cincinnati. Pete was her everything. He was the solid foundation of her life. They had been together since childhood. He had always been her best friend. Until their junior year in high school on that cold snowy day in January. So much snow had fallen the night before, schools were closed. The two best friends had bundled up and gone out to take some photos of the snow covered pasturelands behind their community of homes. They had gotten caught in a short snow flurry that approached a white out condition.

They had sought shelter in an old barn that had partly collapsed in some point in its past. They set close to each other and Pete had put his arm around Jan to help them keep warm. They had talked for a brief time with the faces only inches apart. Then, suddenly, they both begin to feel uncomfortable being so close. Jan had quickly determined why she felt so uncomfortable being so close to her best friend. She had feelings developing for Pete! Her mind had suddenly developed a picture of Pete, naked, making slow, sweet love to her. Even though she was a virgin, the many talks with her mother and the sex ed class at school had given her all of the facts she needed to understand what male equipment went with what female equipment and how that equipment went together.

And now she had the hots for Pete, her best friend. She wasn't an aggressive girl, but she reached the point there in the cold barn where she had to do something. She lifted her face toward his and kissed him quickly on the mouth. He was startled and almost stood up, but she held onto his arm wrapped around her shoulders. He stared at her for a moment and then a smile played with the edges of his mouth. And he said, "Do you know, I have wanted to do that for a very long time."

Jan giggled and replied, "So what's stopping you?"

"Nothing!" he laughed. And then they kissed as true lovers for the first time. Within a week, they were an item. Within a month, they both knew they were destined to be together the rest of their lives. They vowed their love for each other at their high school graduation and promised to be true to each other. The vowed themselves to each other and swore no sex for either would occur until they were married. And so, the relationship grew even as they attended different colleges in different states.

On the day Pete graduated from college, he had proposed to Jan. She said, she would give him her answer at her own graduation the following week.

On that day, she quietly handed Pete a small gift box. He opened it and saw a room key for the local motel nearest Jan's sorority house. Jan's eyes had twinkled as she just nodded her head to indicate her answer. That night they both lost their virginity. Three months later, they were married.

Their sex life had become very predictable and somewhat boring after Stephanie, their only child, had been born three years ago. But she loved her Pete unconditionally.

Jan had worked for the pharmaceutical company for the last eight years. Her former female boss had recently been replaced with a handsome, dynamic young man, Brad Jennings. Brad was about seven years younger than Jan.

Jan felt a lust building for Brad. It's not that she ever thought of him as a replacement for Pete. She did think about him as a sexual partner. She constantly eyed Brad when he was talking to others or simply walking past her. She'd begun having dreams about the various things she and Brad would do to each other. She just thought of these as her naughty fantasies and never attempted to act on them.

But recently, these fantasies had become completely consuming during her waking hours. She was becoming very nervous and daydreamed about Brad all of the time. Pete had commented more than once that she seemed to be a million miles away in her thoughts. It seemed that fantasized sexual exploits with Brad were all she ever thought about anymore.

This had seemed to stimulate her to be more aggressive with Pete and ask him for some things they had never done in their many years of lovemaking. But even when Pete was bringing her to orgasm all she could think of was Brad doing it to her.

She would have been content to just continue with her fantasy, but events overtook her and brought her fantasies to realities.

Brad had asked her to stay late to work on a contract proposal for an important client. He was the perfect gentleman during their evening work. After reviewing the final draft of their proposal, Brad smiled and nodded. "Yes this is great. Thanks so much, Jan. Why don't I buy you dinner as a reward for a job well done?"

Jan thought about it for a second and her lust finally overcame her better judgment, "OK. Let me call Pete and tell him so he doesn't worry." She dialed their home and when Pete answered said, "Pete honey, Brad's so pleased with my work tonight he wants to buy me dinner on the company as a thank you! Isn't that wonderful! So, I'll be a little later getting home, OK?"

Pete was happy for Jan. She had expressed fears to Pete several times since Brad had become the boss that Brad didn't think much of her work since he never gave her any praise or even acknowledged the quality of her work.

Pete said, "Way to go, honey! You're finally getting some well-deserved recognition. Enjoy the dinner! I've an early appointment tomorrow so I'll probably be asleep when you get home."

They expressed their love for each other and each hung up.

Brad drove Jan to the most posh restaurant in the city. He was suave, funny, and attentive to Jan before and during his lovely candlelight dinner. He told her about his life. He was a Stanford graduate, divorced a year now with one daughter he got to see weekly. He loved his daughter and showed Jan pictures of them together. He still thought he had feelings for his ex but hoped to eventually "get rid of the mental anchor" and get back to having a relationship with someone.

Jan told him about her family and her love for husband and her daughter. She did reach out on several occasions and touch Brad's hand as she told him some story about a family trip or family event that she was proud of.

Brad paid for dinner and they waited at the door for the valet to bring Brad's car around. Brad put his arm around Jan's shoulder and kissed her cheek. "I had a great time, Jan. Thanks for being a wonderful date." Jan against her better judgment put her arm around Brad's waist and kissed his lips lightly. "I really enjoyed this, Brad. Here's a kiss for being a great boss."

Their heads were only inches apart. Brad looked at her with a flaring fire in his eyes. He touched her chin with his index finger and raised her head to look into her eyes. He brought his lips to hers and the two embraced tightly as they kissed.

Brad's car arrived and Brad moved slowly to the car with his employee clutching tightly to him. He placed her in the car and without a word drove them to his apartment.

Jan had intermittent thoughts about what she was doing was wrong, but the lust drove rational thoughts from her mind.

They immediately fell into Brad's king-size bed and explored each other's bodies for several hours. He did things to her that Pete had never done. For the first time she let a man do her anally and then took him in her mouth. She licked his balls and his ass, which was something else she had never done to Pete.

She had multiple orgasms as Brad took her virgin holes and took her over and over again.

It was well after 1 AM when they laid exhausted together. Jan had strings of cum all over her body. Brad's face was glistening from Jan's juices.

Jan looked at the clock and said, "Brad, I've got to get home. I really shouldn't have done this, but you've been a fantasy of mine ever since you became my boss."

Brad nodded his head and said, "I've wanted you since the day I started. I was almost scared to talk to you because I was afraid you would see me lusting for you. Jan, can we do this again?"

"Yes, Brad, we can do it whenever we get a chance. But understand I don't love you. I just want to have sex with you. I love my family and will do nothing to compromise that relationship." She said this as she massaged his dick to even another erection. She straddled him and took him deep into her boiling pussy. "But I'll do things with you that I never would imagine doing with my husband."

They stroked for a few minutes and Brad ejaculated into her again. They then stood and moving to the shower, cleaned the evidence of sex from their bodies. Dressing quickly, Brad drove her back to her car at the office.

They French kissed in the car for several minutes and then Jan broke away. "Enough for now! I've got to get home before Pete becomes suspicious!"

Jan arrived home to find Pete sound asleep. She looked at her husband lying in the bed and thought, "I do love you. This is just a fling. I'm sure I will tire of Brad in a short while. You'll never ever know and we'll live as husband and wife until our dying days."

From that evening for the next six weeks, Brad and Jan met at various motels, at Brad's apartment, in Brad's office, and even once in Jan's living room. They were animals in heat. Brad admitted he needed sexual release after more than a year of no sex following his divorce. Jan admitted she needed some wild and kinkier sex to spice up her life.

She was even becoming more suggestive to Pete about trying some new things. Pete eyed her with some suspicion when she suggested he take her in the ass. "Where did you learn about this, honey?" He asked as she raised her rear end up to be taken by her husband. She suddenly felt guilty. She dropped down and turned around to Pete. "Oh dear, I've been reading too many sex novels lately. I'm sorry if I suggested something you don't want to do."

Pete shook his head. "No, it's not that. I just find you so aggressive these days. And you seem to have experience already with the things you are asking me to do. You are acting like my teacher, not like my lover."

Jan almost panicked. "I'm so sorry, dear. I just thought we could try some new things. I promise to stop reading the books that are giving me these ideas."

Pete just smiled and hugged her, "You can read what you want. Just give me time to adjust to trying this new stuff, OK?"

Jan went to work the next day, walked in Brad's office and closed the door, and told Brad they would have to cool it. Cool it for a while, at least. Her husband was getting a little suspicious of her new knowledge of sexual positions and actions. She was also feeling a little guilty about becoming her husband's sex teacher.

Brad touched her breast through her blouse and rubbed her nipple while he said, "Jan, you really should tell Pete that we are having sex. Not as lovers, but as 'friends with benefits' as they say today. It would certainly relieve you of the guilt you seem to feel and make our relationship open and above board. Pete would just have to understand that you are just getting an inch scratched and that it means nothing to either of us. It would also explain how you are finding out and getting experience with these new sex acts."

Jan moaned as Brad continued his massage and moved his hands to her butt. Brad went on, "Are you telling me your sex life at home is not a million times better since we started sexing each other?" Jan had to admit that her sex life with Pete was now bordering on fantastic. She leaned forward and tongued Brad with a deep kiss. "God I don't want to stop this yet. You do make me hot and horny!"

After this, she thought for several days about telling Pete about Brad. It was becoming more difficult to hide her liaisons with Brad. Pete would be crushed if he found out about Brad through some careless action or remark from Jan. Jan discussed this with Brad twice more as they rutted with each other at Brad's apartment.

"I think I do need to tell Pete about us. He would be crushed if he found out about us through some stupid accidental event. I think I can make him understand that this is just a fling and when it is over things will be just like they were except we will have a much better sex life."

Brad nodded, "Yes, I think you should. I don't want to be the cause of you breaking up or anything like that. I do like Pete and I know he loves you a lot. It would hurt him if he found out about our escapades. A hurt so deep he might do something stupid. You have to tell him in a way that will lessen the pain and make him see the long term outcome."

"I'll do it tonight. He'll understand." Jan replied.


Pete had arrived home from work before Jan and just finished showering. He was going to take her out to dinner tonight with their daughter. He loved these family evenings together. These two women were his whole life.

As he opened the shower glass door, he saw a small drop of water that seemed to be inside the glass. Apparently, the door had two panes of glass and somehow the water had made its way between the panes. It was just at eye level so it was hard to miss the little bubble of water.

Pete thought to himself, "Well, I guess I better have that door fixed. Water should not be getting inside it. So, we can either take the door apart and rebuild it, or just junk it and get another one."

Pete toweled off and began dressing. He was pulling on his trousers when Jan walked in. "Hi, Honey." She said.

"Hi yourself! You better get ready for dinner. You are running a little late." Pete replied. Pete had no way of knowing that Jan had stopped by Brad's on the way home and now had his semen running down her thigh. This was the first time she had actually brought signs of Brad home with her. But she had needed fortification that what she was going to tell Pete tonight was the right thing to do. Brad had screwed her and then they had talked through what Jan would say to Pete.

Jan turned the shower on and closed the shower door. Pete took that opportunity to tell her about the problem with the door and drop of water. He told her that the door would either have to be rebuilt or replaced.

She began to slowly undress and when she got to her panties and bra, Pete sucked in his breath.

"Jan, what, what's that on your thigh? It looks like cum." Pete asked nervously.

"It is cum my darling. But let me explain, OK? It is not what you think." Jan began. "You see Brad and I have..."

Pete cut her off. "What do you mean it is not what it looks like? It's another man's cum dribbling from your snatch. It's your boss's sperm? You're cheating on me?" Pete grabbed his head with both hands and dropped to the edge of the bed.

Jan walked over and sat on the edge with Pete. She put her arm around him. "Pete, yes, I'm having sex with Brad. In fact, it's great sex. But it means nothing. I only love you. Sex with Brad is just that — sex. We are just two fuck buddies. It means nothing and doesn't change anything between you and me." Jan felt good about the way she was ensuring Pete the affair meant nothing.

Pete jumped up, "Don't you touch me you slut. You dare to have an affair, cheat on me and then bring the other man's cum into our bedroom? Get out of my sight! Just get out."

"No Pete this is my house, too. There's no need for anyone to leave anyone. As I said this is just a fling that I am sure will end in a few months. I wanted to tell you before you found out some other way and got hurt. This way we can put it in the correct perspective and you'll know it means nothing to our relationship."

Pete just stared at her. "It means nothing to our relationship? What relationship? You are such a slut that you have another man's cum running down your leg and you see nothing wrong with that? When did you lose your morals, when did you lose your values, and when did you decide that our marriage vows meant nothing to you?"

Pete grabbed an overnight bag from the closet and began throwing shaving gear, underwear, and a fresh work shirt in it. "Well my dear, if you will not leave, I will. I cannot live with a stranger. And you are a stranger. You are not the woman I married. I don't know who you are. I'll leave word where I'll be in a day or so. But for right now, stay out of my sight!"

Jan tried to stop Pete, "Honey, we can work this out. Please. Let's talk."

Pete roughly pushed her and she fell against the wall hurting her shoulder. He had caused her physical pain! This was not the Pete she loved. She slapped his face with her open hand.

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