Study Night in the Dorms

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: We have all heard about what supposedly happens in the dormitories at Universities. Here is a take that may have happened somewhere...

Laura's Night In The Dorm

On the bottom floor of one of the dorms at the University of Victoria, all the rooms are quite large, have queen-sized beds and come with all the other furniture as well. In the one room is an attractive young 20 year-old brunette named Laura; she is 4'10", 120 lbs., 36D chest, 34 butt — a very nice but small and voluptuous figure. She is currently alone in her room, working on an English literature essay; she is dressed in only a thin housecoat — and nothing else under it at all.

It is towards the end of October, when they have their first mid-term exam, and Laura is trying to make sense of the outline requirement for the essay. The girl she normally studies with is living just down the hall from her, and Laura goes down there to see if Desiree is home. Just as she is about to knock on the door, she can hear moans from inside the room; it seems to be like moans of pleasure to Laura's ears.

So she decides that now is not the time to see if Desiree can lend her a helping hand. So the voluptuous, pretty, and lonely brunette heads back to her room to wait for Desiree to finish whatever it is she's doing with her boyfriend, Laura figures. But curiosity overcomes her, so she sneaks quietly back and listens near Desiree's door; she can definitely hear the sounds of a pussy squelching up and down a cock, and moans accompanying the sounds. She lets a hand stray down to fondle a breast, but when she notices how erect her nipples are already, she gets embarrassed and goes back to her room.

Laura finds that she is shocked at her behaviour, but listening to the sounds from Desiree's room aroused her a bit — so when she sits down at her desk again, she is squirming a bit. Her thighs are pressing together in an effort to stimulate herself without the use of her fingers; but it doesn't work at all. She loses her concentration and wanders off mentally, daydreaming, remembering the times when she was making the very same sounds emanating from the room down the hall.

Laura snaps out of her daze when she hears a set of high heels clicking on the floor, coming from the direction of Desiree's room — there was no mistaking that sound. She pokes her head out the door to see who it is, notices that it is one of the female professors — a very attractive one, too. She watches as the professor walks out of sight around the corner, her high heels fading away.

So she goes back to trying to work on the essay, and eventually becomes engrossed in it; she barely notices a knock on her door an hour later. She figures that it is Desiree, and then answers, "Who is it?" then looks around to see who has entered — and it is Desiree.

Laura notices the way that Desiree is dressed: a long crushed black velvet coat that goes about mid-thigh length, light red hose, and 3" red high heels. She can also see that the blonde is wearing a very lacy red bra, as the coat is buttoned but open a bit near the middle showing her very nice cleavage. Her hair is freshly brushed nice and long, hanging down past her shoulders and looking quite shiny.

She has struck what would be a very seductive pose then says throatily, "Hey baby — want to do some studying?" and then she cracks up laughing at the look on Laura's face. Then Laura cracks up giggling also when she realises how silly she probably seemed to react — they enjoy a good laugh to break up the rigors of studying for exams.

Desiree has closed the door behind her, then locked it without Laura knowing, moving over to where the attractive brunette is sitting at her desk, and places a hand on her shoulder as they continue to chuckle. Laura notices the hand finally because it is quite warm on her shoulder — then she notices the subtle aroma of the nice smelling perfume that Desiree has on. It is quite pleasing to the senses, almost arousing with its aroma — but not overly noticeable.

It is at just that moment Laura gets a muscle kink and spasm in her neck — Desiree notices this right away, and then offers to rub and massage her neck. Laura doesn't get much of a chance to reply with a very belated "I'm OK" when she feels the blonde pull up a stool behind her and starts rubbing her neck gently. When Laura feels Desiree's strong fingers probing the sore muscles in her neck, it feels quite good after a short bit — really good.

When Desiree's fingers hit some of the sore spots, Laura moans at the pain of the muscle kinks and stiffness; but the blonde's strong fingers are taking it away. Desiree is asking, "Does that feel good?" which is a redundant question, but she wants to hear the answer anyway; Laura replies, "Oh ... mmmm ... oh ... yesss." The way she has replied has Desiree smiling, then lowering her fingers so she is starting to massage the brunette's shoulders.

Desiree stands up behind Laura — on the premise of giving the massage from a better angle — and pulls Laura's head back slowly so that it rests right between her breasts. She can now see down a little bit into Laura's bathrobe, seeing the large swell of her lovely breasts through the robe, and definitely enjoying what she sees. And Desiree would love to touch them, fondle them, and caress them with her tongue — to make Laura come with her tongue. But for now she concentrates on giving her brunette friend a really good but relaxing massage to take her mind off the upcoming exams.

Laura's moans are starting to excite Desiree a bit, plus the fact that she has been peeking down the front of Laura's robe, and has seen her nipples grow hard from her touch; you can even see them sticking out against the material of the robe. Desiree wants desperately to let her hands wander down to fondle those 36D beauties that have very little sag — but she manages to keep her hands away — for now.

Instead, she concentrates on giving the massage again; she was too easily distracted. Her hands are around the area of the collarbone, using the thumbs on the neck and her fingers forward — when Laura starts to yawn. She stretches back and up like a cat with her arms, and her beautiful body shifts upwards a bit, causing & inadvertently letting Desiree's fingers to stray across her hard nipples.

The feeling of Desiree's finger lightly grazing across her nipples sends a small jolt like electricity through her nubile young body, and then she blushes fiercely at the thoughts racing through her head. Laura likes the feel of this beautiful woman having her hands on her young body, but in the back of her mind this seems almost ... immoral — or is it?

She tosses the thoughts around her pretty head rather quickly, but dismisses her thoughts as paranoid, and then doesn't think much except how nice the massage feels on her sore muscles. Desiree then decides to change her own position for massaging, and stands up behind the brunette seated in the chair, pushing the stool away. She gets Laura to lean forward for a little bit, getting the back of her neck massaged really well.

Then Desiree starts giving Laura a nice light nail scratch on the back of her neck, making Laura's hair feel like it is standing on end. It feels really good — she moans her assent of the nail scratch as it is helping her to relax; the fingers start working their way along the side of her neck. Laura leans back in her seat, letting Desiree continue with the scratching; the fingers gradually work their way down onto the front of the collarbone over a period of several minutes.

Desiree is getting the brunette to relax as much as possible so that she can do what she would really like to do: try to please Laura. She goes back to massaging the brunette's shoulders, making the thin robe move gradually with every movement of her hands. Desiree is trying to make sure the movements are subtle enough that Laura won't notice for a bit; Laura's eyes are closed as she enjoys the massage.

Slowly the thin robe is being inched off the shoulders so that the front of the robe is open, exposing Laura's lovely full breasts for Desiree to admire. She has made sure that Laura's eyes stayed closed, and that her movements have been slow enough, allowing the sexy brunette to get used to the robe becoming open gradually; all this done without Laura noticing.

Finally the thin robe is open wide at the front; Desiree slowly moves her hands down the sides of the chest, and they finally meet when she cups both of Laura's firm large breasts. They both take a breathe at the same time when Desiree's fingers start fondling the breasts, feeling how soft yet firm they are to touch, and the nipples have become erect. Desiree moans softly her desire for this voluptuous sexy brunette, saying, "Oh god Laura — you feel so nice and soft."

Laura surprisingly is just content to let this happen for now — it does feel rather nice, and she hasn't had any sexual attention in quite a while. Plus the fact that she has found Desiree to be rather attractive — so she figures "I can let this go for now." Desiree is definitely enjoying playing with Laura's full breasts, loving the softness and round firmness of them, plus the fact that she has got the brunette to start squirming a little bit in her seat. She lowers her face down, starting to nibble gently on Laura's collarbone area, then letting her tongue start to explore around the base of her neck and around near the ear.

This gets a reaction from the brunette — her nipples harden under Desiree's fingers with the desire that has been locked away for so long inside of her. She gasps softly as her body awakens under the combination of Desiree's tongue, and the fingers that are teasing her full breasts — which are becoming somewhat sensitive. Laura can feel how close Desiree is when she can feel the attractive blonde pressing her breasts up against the back of Laura's neck, almost as if cradling her.

She finds that she doesn't mind the feel of her breasts resting there; they actually feel good there — kind of erotic to her senses. Laura's body is becoming quite alive & awake from the attention; she turns her head to face towards Desiree as the blonde slowly kisses her way around to the front of Laura's face. Their lips meet, Desiree nibbling on Laura's lips gently, getting her to relax and open her mouth a bit — all the while she is still fondling Laura's heavenly breasts.

Laura has her eyes closed, thinking that if she opens them to see an attractive woman is kissing her that she might change her mind. So for now she lets Desiree kiss her softly on the lips, then she finds that she is responding to the blonde's kisses a bit more now. Laura finds herself drawn to the attractive blonde, and starts opening her lips in response to Desiree's tongue wanting to probe into her mouth. Their mouths open simultaneously into a slow French kiss — Laura moans at the feel of Desiree's tongue meeting hers.

She stands up, not breaking the kiss, Desiree not letting go of those full breasts that she is having so much fun with, and Laura moves the chair out of the way. Desiree murmurs into Laura's mouth, "I want you" then moves the brunette so she is backed against the desk where her essay is. Laura reaches behind herself, and manages to move the majority of the paperwork out of the way, and then she finds herself being raised slightly by Desiree's hands so that she is now sitting on the desk. They are still kissing, Laura not caring too much anymore that her robe is wide open, exposing all her voluptuous charms for Desiree to see and touch.

The blonde is standing close into Laura, encouraging the brunette to place her hands timidly around her waist, or where ever she would like to. Desiree lowers a hand, gently spreading Laura's thighs apart, and then starts running her finger up and down the furry thatch of sparse pussy hair. She does it slowly; making Laura's hips start to shift and squirm as the finger arouses her. Laura is moaning softly into the blonde's mouth her desire for the finger, wanting it to enter her now moist pussy; then finally the finger does enter.

She sighs with relief as Desiree slips her finger all the way as far as it will go inside, wriggling it around slowly, feeling the tight pussy muscles clenching on her finger. Desiree starts moving her finger in & out of Laura's tight pussy slowly, occasionally letting the finger slip out and rub her clit, then placing it back inside. She gradually moves her finger faster; she is listening as the brunette's breath quickens and becomes a bit ragged as her climax approaches.

Laura is barely able to sit still on the desk; her body is squirming all over the desk from the sensations of the finger inside of her pussy. Laura now has her hands resting on Desiree's shoulders, helping to maintain some sense of balance as she slowly loses control of her body. Desiree murmurs into her mouth, "Uh-huh, that's it ... let yourself go, Laura — cum for me."

Laura's moans are just about sounding frantic as she feels waves of pleasure start crashing through her nubile young body. Desiree can feel the pussy muscles clenching spasmodically as her orgasm gathers strength; she rubs the clit at the same time as she fingers the brunette. Then she leans down, taking a nipple into her warm mouth, licking and sucking all around it, feeling it grow in her mouth. This is the final straw for Laura's senses: she feels like she will overload on pleasure, because the orgasm is so intense and pleasant in it's feeling. She is moaning frantically because Desiree doesn't stop her ministrations with her finger or mouth; Laura leans forward and clenches Desiree's shoulder. She almost wants to bite it due to the sensations racing through her voluptuous young body, and her hand is grasping the shoulder rather firmly while she cums on the desk.

Desiree purrs her approval as the sexy young brunette climaxes on the desk by way of her finger and tongue; she moves her mouth back & forth between Laura's nipples, teasing them with her tongue. When she finally pulls her mouth away from the now erect nipples, they are noticeably grown in size, and are shiny from the saliva — very sexy looking.

Desiree stops moving her finger around when Laura has stopped squirming, but leaves it inside the wet pussy — she is not yet done with the sexy brunette. Laura comes back to her full senses after a bit, realising that she is clinging to Desiree's shoulder, panting and gasping with the excitement from her orgasm.

She suddenly gets embarrassed when she remembers how uninhibited she became briefly when she was being fingered by the attractive blonde, and tries to shy away. But she can't exactly go anywhere — she is still sitting in front of Desiree with her robe open and exposing her lovely body. She finds her face being kissed softly again by Desiree, who is saying, "It's all right, Laura — it's okay" to which she replies softly, "I've never done this before."

Desiree doesn't say anything else, but she smiles at Laura, and then motions her with one shoulder off the desk — still deliberately leaving the finger inside the wet pussy. Laura shudders a bit as she regains her feet in front of Desiree, still ashamed and very shy suddenly; Desiree kisses her lips again, letting her tongue enter Laura's pretty mouth again. She slowly moves the two of them around so that Laura is now against her bed, standing next to it while Desiree fondles a full breast, letting her thumb rub gently over the nipple.

Laura moans her lust at the feel of the electricity between the two of them; she is still wearing her thin robe, and Desiree is still dressed in her outfit. Laura has her hands resting on Desiree's waist as they continue to kiss passionately now, their mouths pressing firmly into one another, tongues meeting. Desiree says to Laura, "Why don't you remove my jacket for me" to which the brunette pauses for a long moment, then decides to undo the buttons at least. She is unsure about this, but it is only a jacket to be removed — she has removed jackets before, so she slips the jacket off Desiree's shoulders.

She takes it and places it on the chair at the desk; Desiree is smiling at her still, saying, "Now take off my bra." That has Laura stopped for a moment — she has never done this, but Desiree slowly places Laura's hands on her shoulders, telling her softly again, "Take off my bra, Laura — I don't bite, you know."

Laura is shaking from the state of her nerves and the excitement of the moment, but she finally reaches around back timidly and undoes the clasp. The whole time she has kept her eyes on Desiree's, not wanting to look away from them, as she feels herself falling into them. Desiree shrugs the bra off her shoulders so that it basically falls into Laura's hands, which then takes it off entirely and places it on the chair also.

Desiree then tells Laura, "Why don't you lay back on the bed, put your head on your pillow, and let me please you with my tongue now." Laura gasps involuntarily, but doesn't resist when the blonde pushes her gently onto the bed; she scoots up the queen-sized bed until her head is resting against her pillow, and lies back as directed by Desiree.

Desiree smiles at her the whole time as she crawls onto the bed after Laura, laying in between her legs which she spreads a bit. Laura tries to cover herself with her robe, but it is rather purpose defeating as she isn't really resisting Desiree spreading her legs open. Desiree says, "I'd like you to relax and enjoy my tongue, Laura — let yourself go — you seem like you've been wanting this for quite some time."

Laura won't admit it out loud, but Desiree is correct: after what she heard at Desiree's door and whom she saw leaving, yes, she would like to have a woman make her climax. Desiree starts kissing the insides of Laura's legs, up the insides of her thighs towards her pussy, teasing with little licks of her tongue as she moves closer.

Finally she arrives at Laura's pussy to feel the brunette shaking with anticipation; she places the tip of one finger onto the clit, flicks it softly and revels at the feel of it twitch. She lowers her mouth down onto Laura's pussy, licking it from bottom to top, and then letting her tongue slide inside. She smiles at the groans coming from the sexy young brunette as she dips her tongue deep inside, almost using her tongue as a scoop. Laura clenches the comforter as waves of pleasure start going through her body again; Desiree tells her, "Why don't you use your hands and play with your breasts, Laura — play with them the way you like them to be fondled."

Laura finds herself unable to resist what Desiree's voice is telling her to do — she slowly starts running her hands over her full breasts, fondling them the way she likes. She moans her lust, gasping as she feels Desiree place her mouth onto her erect clit and starts flicking it, softly but rapidly. It feels absolutely wonderful — then Desiree spreads Laura's legs as wide as she can get them to open on the bed, to increase the stimulation to her pussy. Desiree then places a finger inside Laura's sweet pussy, moving it back and firth while using her tongue at high speed on her clit; the sensations are driving Laura almost crazy.

Desiree reaches up the brunette's voluptuous body and cups her left breast with her one free hand while Laura is still fondling her own breasts. Laura is gasping at the pleasure, her hips are starting to move on their own volition under the tongue-lashing she is receiving — she gasps, "Oh god, this feels wonderful!" Desiree is still smiling while using her tongue and finger, enjoying making this sweet young brunette putty. She can feel Laura fondling her full breast, then occasionally tweaking her nipple between her fingers — groaning loudly when she does.

Desiree moves her finger in & out of the pussy a bit faster now, trying to reach deeper in the pussy as she increases the tempo of her tongue as it flicks over Laura's clit lightly. She can feel the pussy muscles clenching and spasming suddenly as the brunette arches her back, her head buried back in the pillow as the first wave of orgasmic bliss washes through her nubile body. Laura stops breathing for a long moment, and then it is expelled in a loud gasp as she cums — hard. Desiree has to almost hang on for dear life when the brunette climaxes that suddenly, but she manages not to do any damage to Laura or herself.

She keeps the finger going in & out rapidly, but her mouth is now like a vacuum on the clit; she sucks on it as if it were a candy — not too hard. This sucking on her clit causes Laura to buck and start thrashing about on her bed as the orgasm intensifies drastically; she blacks out momentarily from an overdose of pleasure.

When she comes back to reality, Desiree has stopped her sucking, but still has her finger inside of her pussy — and it is stilled as well. Laura is panting with the intensity of the climax as she tries to regain her composure on her bed; Desiree takes this moment to raise her hips up and removes her panties, tossing them to the floor. Laura is still massaging her breasts, slowly though, as she tries to recover from her intense orgasm.

Then Desiree removes her finger from Laura's wet pussy, moves her own body so she is laying partially on top of the brunette, and when the opportunity is right places her finger into Laura's mouth. This catches the brunette totally off guard; she has already wrapped her lips instinctively around the finger, sucking her own juices off as she discovers too late. But she takes it all in stride — it doesn't taste all that bad — and she is getting Desiree even hotter by the fact that she is swirling her tongue around her finger as if it were a cock in her pretty mouth.

Desiree pulls the finger out with a popping sound, then moves up next to Laura on her bed, cuddling up to her a bit, and placing one arm over the brunette in a friendly manner. She asks Laura, "Well, how was that? Was it all that bad?" to which the lovely brunette smiles then blushes, replying, "It was quite nice, smart aleck" and then realises what she said, and how. She says, "Sorry — I meant ... that, yes it felt ... very nice."

Desiree chuckles and says, "Don't worry, silly goose — I'm glad I was able to make you happy. Like I said earlier, you seemed like you needed the relief."

Laura's curiosity gets the better of her, and she asks, "Are you a lesbian?" to which Desiree chuckles again, then answers truthfully, "No, I'm not a lesbian — but I am bisexual."

Laura contemplates that answer for a minute, then tells Desiree, "The reason I ask is because earlier I was about to knock on your door, and what stopped me was the sounds coming from your room. I thought that was you having fun with some guy, so I went back here to my room, and I figured that we could meet up later for this essay. Later I heard a pair of high heels from the direction of your room, and when I looked out the door, I saw one of the professors, Mrs. Rafferty. She was the one wearing the heels and was leaving your room. Then I got to wonder: does she have some toys or something like that in her room? But it was none of my business, so I didn't say anything when you first came in the room."

Desiree has turned a nice deep shade of red in embarrassment at the fact of being partially found out by Laura, but manages to reply, "She came to visit me — we've been seeing each other occasionally. Toys — not really, only a couple."

Laura is fascinated, so she asks more questions, "But Mrs. Rafferty ... she's ... married, so why would she..." she trails off as the realisation comes to light: the professor may be married, but she is obviously bisexual also. She asks, "So what were you and her doing?" to which Desiree looks surprised, but answers, "She wanted me to please her." She ends her answer there, as she is somewhat embarrassed by where the conversation was headed; but she also finds that she is a bit happier to find out that Laura is at least a bit curious about things.

There is a pregnant pause in their conversation, and then Laura asks, "So now what?"

Desiree replies, "What would you like to do? Would you like to fool around for a bit, or what?"

Laura thinks about it for a moment, then replies, "We could ... fool around, I guess. But I don't know what to do, or if I should, or what. I'm not sure what I want right now."

Desiree fixes the answer for her, getting the brunette to roll over so she is straddling the blonde over top of her body, and says softly, "I might be able to help you out there. I know what I would like — more of you." With that, she brings Laura's face down to hers, and starts French kissing her softly at first, then becoming more passionate with every moment. She cups Laura's full breasts as they hang down, thumbing her nipples, gently teasing them again.

After a minute or so she reaches down to Laura's pussy, slipping a finger lightly over the pussy lips, making sure that they are still moist as she suspects they are. Then she says, "Laura, there is something that I would really like to share with you" to which the brunette mumbles in reply between kisses, "What is that?"

Desiree places her hand on Laura's hip, moving her back a bit, then pushes her hips down, saying, "This" and pushes her sweet young pussy down onto her very hard 7" cock.

Laura gasps out loud "Oh!" which is then silenced by Desiree kissing her deeply and intensely; the blonde pushes Laura all the way down while lifting her own hips up into the sexy brunette. The sounds coming from Laura are reduced to soft "mmpphhh" as she is rocked slowly onto that hard cock, feeling every inch as it fills her sweet pussy. Laura finds herself once again powerless to resist events as they happen, and this has definitely caught her totally off guard.

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