Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Swinging,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When her husband wouldn't help her with her fantasies, she turned to an outside source... me.

I met Christine through an email I received from a sexual survey I have posted online. This survey was initially posted to help me generate new characters for erotic stories, but over time it became something else. The content of the survey never changed, but the way I began to look at it did. This is an example of how it changed, and the only thing changed is her name (and her husband's) in case one of her children should stumble across this story.

The email came in with the subject line that let me know that it was a response to my sexual survey. I always enjoy it when a woman fills that out, because I get to see what turns on another woman that I don't know. Women that I do know have no trouble telling me what gets them hot. I am a swinger. I have been a swinger for years now, and I actually want to hear what turns a woman so that I can be sure to make our time together as enjoyable as possible for the both of us. Most of their husbands don't care, which makes me very popular at parties. I DO care, and the women appreciate that. But I digress. Back to this email, the survey, and the woman that sent it.

According to the email that came in, her name was Christine, she was 26 years old, married, mother of 2, bisexual, unhappily married (interest beginning to get piqued), less than 5 foot tall (hmmmmm), DD chest (HMMMMMM), natural blonde hair (HMMMMMMMMMMM), green eyes, keeps her pussy shaved (I am liking this girl more and more), naturally submissive (just like I like them), and her biggest fantasy is to be a collared slave. There goes the bell. I think we may have a winner here! Definitely worth sending a message to, at least.

I checked a little more of the data that was included and found that she had come across my survey from my MySpace page, and she had included her own MySpace link in the notes section, so I went to check her out. She had some very nice pictures of herself even if she did have a couple of extra pounds on her, but that is to be expected when a woman has had a couple of children, and those tits on her were quite impressive. Her glasses looked rather cute, too. She had caught my attention.

I sent her an email to let her know that I liked the responses to her survey questions, and that we lived in the same general area. From her MySpace page, I saw that she was also a swinger, so odds were good that we would at least know some of the same people and it shouldn't be very difficult to arrange for us to be at the same party before too much longer.

We went back and forth through email over the next couple of months, getting to know each other and flirting a bit, and I drew out a bit more of her story and a few more of her fantasies. It turns out that she was a LOT more adventurous than her husband was. In fact, according to her, he was downright boring! He would go to swinger parties with her, but for the most part he would stand around talking with other people while she would go and "play" (swinging terminology for having sex with others) with whoever caught her eye. When they would head home for the night he would keep trying to make her feel guilty for having fun while they were at the party, but she would keep reminding him that it was his own damn fault for standing around like a bump on a log with his pecker in his hand doing nothing about it. He never objected to going to the parties, but apparently wanted her to find, and bring, him women to have fun with. That was his own damn job because she was too busy having her own fun. He sounded like a real "wet blanket" to me, too.

She kept trying, for quite a while, to get him involved in her own biggest fantasy of becoming a collared slave, because a woman's Master really SHOULD be her own husband, but apparently he couldn't work up the nerve to even make an attempt for her. About the time that she had finally given up on trying to convince him to become her Master she found my little survey, filled it out and mentioned her fantasy to me. She had no idea at the time that I might take her seriously, that I might know someone who would be interested in doing this for her, or that I may want to become her Master, myself. It is amazing how fate works out sometimes.

Summer finally rolled around and "party season" was now upon us. The first big party was planned and it was a pool party that some friends were throwing at their house out in the country. They had a house that was rather remote, with the closest neighbor being about a mile away, so nudity was not only alowed, it was encouraged. Their house was a rather large, 5 bedroom, 3 bath house with a finished basement, acres of yard and a swimming pool that seemed to go on for days, with a huge hot tub right next to it with a kind of waterfall that spilled out from the hot tub and flowed into the pool! There were RVs, cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans parked all over the place, and hundreds of people walking around in various stages of dress (or undress, depending on your perspective). Pretty much everyone had something to eat or drink in their hand and it was just like any other "normal" kind of large party except for here and there you may see some woman on her knees giving some lucky guy a blowjob, or a couple (or threesom or moresome) fucking on the grass or in the pool, or a couple (or more) of girls eating each other out, and there was usually anywhere from one to a couple dozen people standing around watching them.

I had told Christine about this party and she told me that she would be sure to come to it. With so many people here, though, I just hoped that we would be able to find each other. I was reasonable confident that we would, though, since most people here knew me or at least knew OF me, and could point her in my direction if she just asked around a little bit. Still, I couldn't help but wonder. I made my way into the house to stash my beer and my food contribution, since that is the protocol at swinger parties ... you bring your own alcohol and you bring some food item to contribute to the party. These parties can get rather large, and it isn't fair to expect the host to provide everything for everyone. Some people have specific dietary requirements, or only like to drink certain things, or are "fussy eaters" (as George Carlin says, "that is just a euphamism for 'big pain in the ass'"), or whatever. That is the just the way that it is done, so I headed on inside to drop off my personal contribution and to say hello to the hosts and thank them for the invitation and for putting together the party. Again, that is just the way things are done, and it is both polite and common courtesy.

I put my beer in the nearest cooler that had some space left in it, and put the meat and cheese tray that I picked up on the table, then looked around to see who was inside. I saw my old friends Chris and Mary so I went over to say hello, since they were the closest people that I recognized, and we stood around talking about the latest bullshit about who we knew that had split up, who had gotten together, who had recently turned out to be a troublemaker, and found out that a guy we sort of knew that sometimes worked as a DJ at swinger parties named Paul had recently gotten caught slipping roofies into women's drinks. That isn't something that is tolerated anywhere other than high school football parties, that I am aware of, so we made sure to spread the word about him as much as we could to as many people as we could, to ensure that he would no longer be accepted at any parties that we could influence in any way.

Our party host, John, and his gorgeous wife, a former Miss Brazil, Paola, walked into the room at that moment, so our attention turned to them with the usual pleasantries about what a great party they were putting on, what a great day it was for it, and the usual bullshit. I brought up the unpleasantries about Paul, and John informed me that he was the one that brought it to Chris' attention. Apparently he had seen Paul slip one of those roofies into Paola's drink at a New Year's party that I had not attended, which had earned Paul an ass-whoopin' of epic proportions by John and 3 of his off-duty police friends that happened to be working security at that particular party, instead of just arresting him. Apparently the "mad" outweighed the "logic" at the time, and since Paul had no idea that the 3 were actually cops, that was just that at the time. It was decided that Paul and the swinger community at large would all be best served by just maintaining distance from one another, and word of mouth would work to make sure that distance was enforced. Well, that worked for me, and I said that I would do my part to help.

I told everyone that I had just gotten there and wanted to see who all was in attendance, so I grabbed a beer and headed outside to see who I could see. As I was just about to the door, Christine just happened to be walking in the door with her own beer and a dish of cheesy hash browns ... and no husband! Of course I was stunned to see her right there so soon in the party, but quite pleased, as well. We got her situated, got her a beer in hand, then made our way over to a couch to commence with the small talk that always happens when two people finally meet face to face for the first time. I found out that she had actually gotten to the party a good half hour before I did, but that she and her husband had been outside arguing over petty shit since they got there, and he stormed off towards the pool, leaving her to bring everything inside by herself. Well, that certainly worked in my favor and I intended to do all that I could to enjoy it. I asked her if she wanted to just relax and talk for a little while longer, but she said that we have been talking for months already and that we knew all that we needed to know at this point, then looked at me expectantly. I told her that I agreed completely and would like nothing better than to find a private room so that I could have my way with her, MY way. Her eyes lit up, she smiled wide, nodded her head, and said, "Let's go!"

I stood up, took her hand in mine and headed for the stairs. We made our way upstairs and to the end of the hall, and took the last empty bedroom on the second floor. I closed and locked the door, set my beer down, took her beer and set it down as well, then stripped her naked in about 30 seconds before taking her in my arms and kissed her soundly for several minutes. When we finally broke apart, she was breathless. Her face, neck, and chest were all flushed red, and her eyes were stil closed. She almost wordlessly mouthed, "Wow!", then slowly opened her eyes to look into mine.

"You need to be taken and controlled, little girl, and I am the man that is going to do it. Get on your knees, undo my pants, suck my cock, and show me that you know how to take orders", I told her. She immediately dropped to her knees, undid my pants, and took me into her mouth, exactly as she was told to do.

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